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Cheat Menu for Universal Combat


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well it wont work tried that stuff.

tried to modify assets file to give to my ship more cloak fuel that i can grind for money , but when running game i get error that authenticatio failed or something, game is checking integrity of files right? how to override that. just want to mess with free roam flying.

on battlecruiser milenium gold edition and normal battlecruiser millenium , can mod the assets file and can afford planty of missiles . without cheat command line,

windows vista ultimate

4gb ram

1gb geforce gt 430

motherboard asus

intel core 2 quad 2,33ghz x 4

directx 9.0c

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adding command line /opt_cheat_on is not adding cheat menu, how i can activate cheats other way? i completed the game and would be cool to see how it looks with "extra powers"

That's because that's not the correct command. It should be /opt_cheats_on if supported by your game. And I'm assuming that you know how to add command line parameters to a shortcut.

Which game do you have anyway? You have been posting in various forums about this stuff.

Also, tampering with any of the game files with the wrong tool will cause those problems. So don't do it.

All these games use a different kernel. So the tools (e.g. Playmod) have to support them. And if not, they won't work.

  • Universal Combat
  • Universal Combat Gold
  • Universal Combat Collector's Edition
  • Universal Combat Collector's Edition v2
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