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December 2013 Insurgent Fleet Muster

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Where is this year going? It seems like we just had the muster yesterday! Before you know it, we'll be in 2014 and playing LoD. :)

I want to thank all who responded to last month's muster. It's even nice to see some the old-timers (Gallion) pop in and acknowledge the muster. I am pretty proud to say that our fleet seems to have more people than the other fleets. We are not where we were years ago, but I look for that to change when LoD is released.

As you all probably know, LoD Tactics is on the verge of being released. This game will hold you over until LoD is released. It's pretty simple, not complicated and comes on a variety of platforms such as mobile devices and Windows. For more information, please check out SC's post in the LoD Tactics thread.

Ok...on to the main event! Please check in and let me know if you are still with us! :)


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I will probably give tactics a go after finals.

Don't know if it's going to hold me until LoD is released, though. I haven't spent spent full price on a game in years so it's likely I will just stick with the free version and give a review. College students can't afford to spend money on video games lol.

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