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Line of Defense Tactics - Thoughts


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I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Line of Defense Tactics and played through several of the missions. I'd like to post my comments here along with a few screenshots. Please remember, all of these comments and opinions are mine and no one else. :)

Ok, I actually had a copy for my iPhone and Windows. I played the game on both, but I prefer to play it on Windows because playing on my iPhone where everything is too small was giving me headaches. Then again, it was probably due to my bi-focals! :) Anyways, I'm sure people that don't wear glasses would be just fine. I want to stress, that I'm in no way complaining here. :)

Don't get me wrong, it still plays good on the iPhone, just a bit tiny for my tastes, even with zooming in. Playing on the iPhone entails you having to use your finger to drag movement paths for your team, pick actions, etc. It works very well on the iPhone iOS environment. I encountered no slow downs or problems and It ran extremely well.

A nice touch is on the Main Menu screen where you will find a Database button which allows you to view various information on aircraft, androids, carriers and characters. When you select any of those, you can select different assets to see their loadouts, life, etc.



The copy I played on my Windows 7 system was very good as well. I played the game at my resolution of 1680 x 1050 and experienced no slow downs. For selecting movement paths and actions, you use the mouse by clicking on each team member. You can also click on the map and move it as well as roll your mouse wheel to zoom in. The first mission serves as a tutorial to get you up and running. The second mission also has some tutorial elements to it, such as using a medic. The second mission took me 2 tries to beat. The game definately is tactical. You just can't run your team haphazardly around and expect to win. You must make tactical decisions as to where to put your team, when to attack and what weapon to use.


One thing I have noticed, that I hope will be changed, is that when the mission ends, there is still loot to be collected. It'd be nice if you could collect the loot and then end the mission. In the third campaign secenario, I successfully stormed a ship's bridge and killed the Insurgents in it. But before I could collect the loot, a message pop-up saying the mission was over. Not a show-stopper, but it would let theplayer feel a sense of total accomplishment if he could grab any remaining loot.

The fourth mission introduces the player to space combat with ships. I was really impressed with the asteroid and ship graphics. Your ship is pretty much controlled like you do with your team in the earlier missions, click on the ship and give it orders. In this mission you needed to get your capital ship to destroy an Insurgent ship and dock with Arkangel starstation. All the while doing this, you are fighting off waves of Insurgent fighters. Docking with the Arkangel starstation in Mission 5 also gives you a sense of accomplishment, especially after fighting you way through waves of fighters and other ships just to get there.


Mission 8 starts you off with a couple of missions on Arkangel station. They play out pretty much like the first 3 scenarios. Mission 6 takes you to the surface of Lyrius. You have a few scenarios there that you have to use your tactics to accomplish the missions. Mission 16 takes you back into space where you have to defend a Jump Gate and neutralize Insurgent ships.




Throughout the game, you earn Combat Experience Points (CEPs), which allow you to purchase upgrades for your team members. In the space battle scenarios, the CEPs allow you to resupply your ship. There are a total of 16 scenarios in the game.



All in all, I like the game. The game is not your typical "run and gun" variety. As I stated before, you have to think and use tactics to accomplish the scenarios. You may end up replaying scenarios a few times until you accomplish them. There is also a Skirmish mode that you can purchase for $1.99. In playing this mode you have to defend yourself from endless waves of Insurgents. Any CEPs and salvage will transfer over to the main campaign. This is a good way to upgrade your team members.


To me it brings a different view on the Battlecruiser universe. It would be a fine addition to any 3000AD fan's library of games.


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The game was recently completed and has now been submitted to all three AppStores (Apple, Google Play, Amazon) and will also be appearing on Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 marketplace (with touch controls for those of you with touch laptops and tablets) as well as the usual digital distribution suspects, Steam, GameFly, Gamers Gate etc

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Hey I just want to say this is the first I've seen of the game, for some reason every time I saw Line of Defense, I missed the tactics part on the end of the name since I assumed it was just the other one.

But this is sure to be a hit! Subject to correct but I don't think the mobile market has a game on this level (which hasn't been a hit). I will definitely be getting this for me and my son to play, congrats and a lovely looking and definitely fun looking game. I just watched the training videos.

I am still eagerly awaiting LOD as well. Also is GalCom Online still a thing or indefintely on hold?

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