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Prime Fleet Website Offline Starting July 12th

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Hey all, this is a notice I am sending out to all Primers.

On July 12th, Prime Fleet's main site will be offline. The reason is because the site is hosted off my server, a server run by BurstNet. Derek might already know what is going on, but for the rest of you - BurstNet has decided in their infinite wisdom to cancel 'all' contracts with their business. At first I thought I had until the 25th of July before I'd lose the server, but then I was reminded that the company has been having a lot of problems with their payment systems, IE the system my friend and I use to pay for our servers... well, because of that I will actually lose the server on the 12th instead of the 25th.

Thus until I can find a new home for Prime Fleet's site, it will be offline starting on the 12th.

Suffice it to say, I am NOT happy with this... given how much I pay for the server (my friend pays much more, and he's even more angry)

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I suggested a free hosting service at least momentarily. Free, easy to swap for another so even if it's not 100% safe it can be a viable option.

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