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Line Of Defense Live On Steam Early Access

Supreme Cmdr

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DId you read this? http://lodmmo.com/faqs/what-is-early-access/

  • Aside from all the items which you will receive when you purchase an Early Access tier or which you will be able to buy once the in-game shop is enabled, everything else accumulated during this phase for testing purposes will be removed and reset in the full version of the game. Similarly, all consumables (ammo, grenades, energy cells) used up will not be replenished and their counts will remain unaffected.

    Examples of what happens to your stuff after Early Access period is over and the final version is released:

    If you got a machine gun as part of your Early Access tier purchase, you get to keep it.

    If you bought a sniper rifle and ammo in the cash shop, you get to keep them (aside from whatever ammo you used up).

    If you gained or purchased Combat Experience Points and Combat Training Certificates, you get to keep them.

    If you have in-game currency (GALCREDS) in your account, you get to keep them.

    If you got a free item (e.g. jetpack, vehicle, aircraft etc) for testing purposes – and which you didn’t purchase or got via an Early Access tier, it will be removed.

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