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March 2015 Insurgent Fleet Muster


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Wow....these months just keep going quicker and quicker! I don't mind that though, it just means spring is coming quicker so I can get out of this infernal cold weather! :)

Earlier this month, the SC released Universal Combat CE for free on Steam. So if you don't have it, or just want to put it in your Steam library, be sure to grab it. There's also a few new players that discovered this game on the forums over there. It might be nice for the old-timers to share some of their experiences there with the newbs. :)

This week in LoD, some infantry weapons have been unlocked. I'm looking forward to trying them out against other players. The game is certainly shaping up, that's for sure!

That's all I have for now, so with that....please report in!


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