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Ben Zwycky

I've published a poetry collection

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Not sci-fi, but now that I'm trying to build a writing career, just last weekend I uploaded my first poetry collection to amazon, it's now live on Kindle and is available for 99 cents for the rest of this week (the price will go up to 1.99 on Saturday evening GMT).


It contains 52 poems previously posted on my blog, but polished up and reorganized, with one section telling the story of how I met my wife and of our subsequent marriage and family life.

Since it's a relatively short book (a little under 9,000 words), kindle hasn't enabled the look inside feature (the free sample only includes the table of contents, first poem and a little bit of the second), but here are a couple of poems from it to give you an idea:

Drained, and Yet…

Another interrupted night,
Another day half-zombified.
Concentration all but gone;
Tempted to just drift along.

No will to attempt what needs doing,
Yet worth it for that heavenly viewing
Of little faces filled with glee,
As they bounce upon my knee.

Eyes full of wonder, taking in
An ordinary mundane thing.
Seen afresh its beauty glows
As they turn to one who knows

And ask for confirmation
(And a simple explanation)
of this magical delight
that sets their world alight.

So please another sleepless week,
with head that aches and joints that creak,
If it means more of these joys,
From our little girl and boys.

A Simple Gate

I stand before a simple gate,
Hoping it is not too late
To be summoned in to see
The answer to my mystery.

What power lies beyond those beams?
What images will haunt my dreams?
What truth too great for mortal men
Is housed within that stone-walled den?

I hope it will renew my mind,
Touch my heart with gestures kind,
Soothe my soul where it still aches,
Calm my hand when it still shakes,

Satisfy my deepest need,
Help me see, inform my creed;
Find my place in life and death,
Put the right words on my last breath.

The bolt unlocks, the panel swings,
My soul begins to spread its wings.
Filled with joy, my eyes behold
A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Amazon Kindle Link

A paperback version is in the works, which will cost $5.99, though in theory I might be able to arrange small discounts on that.

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I'm not really much of a poetry reader (more into sci-fi), but I'm glad to see you expanding your writing into the genre. I'm sure you'll do just fine, Ben! Thanks for sharing!


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