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August 2015 Insurgent Fleet Muster


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Hi guys!

Well, another month as flew by, rapidly making Fall just around the corner.

Line of Defense (LoD) is moving along nicely. Most of the weapons have been unlocked. Yesterday's build unlocked the different types of grenades that will be available. I especially liked the effects of the smoke grenade and flash bang grenades. Obviously, the smoke grenades are going to be great from a tactical point of view. And when those flash bangs grenades go off, you're going to know it! And those grenade launchers.....wow!

Universal Combat: The Lyrius Conflict (UC:TLC) is also coming along nicely. It's nice to see Universal Combat CE (UC:CE) itself, is starting to get a following, much like the old days. It's also nice to see a "new generation" of UC players that appreciate the game and how to play it.

Ok, let's see who is still with us!


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