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Universal Combat - The Lyrius Conflict v3.00.04

Supreme Cmdr

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A new minor build is up. See the full changelog

Going to release one more patch for the remaining (see changelog) known issues in the coming weeks. Then we're going dark for a few months; after which the first major 3.0 update lands. 

As previously mentioned in this update, this and all future builds are for The Lyrius Conflict DLC only. So if you are looking for on-going patches to the base (freeware) Universal Combat CE v2.0 game, you need to buy the DLC. It's cheap. Don't be cheap. Are you cheap? 


In the next few months to final 2016 release, there are going to be on-going fixes, tweaking etc to the underlying game engines. 

During that time, all the new content (art, models, terrain textures, fx etc) will be replaced with the more recent ones. As most of this content cannot be used in the current legacy game engine, once the game, graphics, space & planetary terrain engines have been updated, the replacements will start being implemented. 

Because of the critical nature of upgrading the aforementioned engines, at some point, there will be a huge gap between updates; and some of those updates will have various features disabled, or just plain broken. But as this DLC is a separate add-on, if this happens, you can uninstall the DLC, and still be able to play the base game. Then when things are back to normal, you can just re-install the DLC. All this can be done from within the Steam interface, and no messing with patches and such.

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