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December 2016 Vanguard Fleet Roll Call

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Teknocack Prime reporting back in after a long absence:jam_on::salute:

I'm looking for possibly the only other fleetmember Emylights to come back!  I don't know if Quazar is still sniffing around. The last time we talked he was telling me he was out indefinitely.

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On 12/13/2016 at 10:30 AM, EmyLights said:

EmyLights Reporting In!

Rock 'n Roll....woooohoooohoooohooo!!


On 12/13/2016 at 6:47 AM, Supreme Cmdr said:

Looks whose back!! Do you have The Lyrius Conflict DLC for UCCE 2.0 yet?

Yes, I just went and did it.  So great to play that again.  I will admit I wanted to get the scenarios that were dropped so you will be getting a forwarded email from BMT Micro where I requested new keys for the Ultimate Space Combat Bundle.  I was really Jonesing though so I downloaded UC and BC Millennium free versions.  When I get my SATA DVD drive though I will try to install every version of BC/UC I can.  I like them all.  UC is the most advanced but BCM and BC3K have that added character in their HUDB)  I'm getting some artifacting with BCM so I may cobble together a XP computer with spare parts to run it some time.  I've checked out LOD a bit but it makes my PC huurrrrt!;)  You wouldn't want to give me a key for UC:AWA would you, or is that just trying to circumcise the mosquito?:D


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