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GBS-V Scripting Tool Released

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To make up for the long lull that's in progress due to the significant amount of assets that are being created for this DLC, I have decided to release the scripting tools.

The GBS (Game Builder System) tool includes the following:

  • PREPARE: script parser (the interpreter is built into the game and runs in real time) 
  • BCSTUDIO: 3D model viewer
  • PTESTUDIO: Planetary scene viewer
  • Script sources for all scenarios included in UCCE 3.x
  • Sample scripts

It was original included in the latest Steam release, but I have moved it to the web so that it's quicker and easier to update. You can now download it from here.

For more info, visit the newly created Modding Tools Steam discussion forum.

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I have created a heavily modified version of this ACM scenario script (CMDR_C0005).

  1. Download the CMDR_C0017 file
  2. Extract to the same please where you have your GBS\Scripts folder
  3. Read the CMDR_C0017.NFO text file to see what changed, how, why etc

The archive also contains the parsed script, so you can just copy it to the correct path and run it. Then later you can read the NFO file to see how it was modded.

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