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Battlecruiser 3000AD v2 For Windows 10

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You can run it in Windows 10, but only with DOSBox

1) Download the latest version of DOSBox and extract into a folder


2) Download the ZIP archive version of BC3K209 and extract to a folder e.g. C:\


3) In Notepad or any text editor, edit BC3000AD.INI and change cdrom and home parameters to this, then save the file.


4) Run DOSBox 

NOTE: ALL the following commands are all from within the DOSBox console session. Press ENTER after each console command.

5) Mount the folder from step #2 as a virtual drive e.g.

mount c: c:\bc3000ad 

6) Run the setup program by first changing to the drive above, then running the sound setup program. 



7) Sound setup options:

Audio: select AUTO-DETECT. If it shows anything different from SoundBlaster 16/AWE32 with PORT:220, DMA:1, IRQ:7, then you must set those manually.

Music: select NO MIDI DEVICE

Select OK to write the SETUP.CFG file and exit

8) Run the game as normal. You can add /n to bypass the intro, or press ESC to cancel intro playback

BC3000AD /d1



1) Command line parameters

/d1 = debug mode (if enabled in distribution. Also required to bypass CD check)
/n   = do not play intro
/v? = display list of 2D video cards supported in native mode
/v1 = play it safe and use VESA mode
/vn = use specific 2D video card where n=card num displayed in /v?
          use /v1 for VESA mode if card not supported directly
/g  = run 3DFX Glide version (v1.07C or higher)

2) Any frontend UI option (e.g. New Game) will take a few seconds to load. This is normal due to emulation. You will experience the same delay when trying to access any Frontend UI systems (Logistix, Tactical etc), including the save/restore game options.

3) You can run the game in a window or full screen using DOSBox.

4) You can use a DOSBox frontend such as Dfend Reloaded which gives you better setup options and more control over the DOSBox config. You can download it from here http://dfendreloaded.sourceforge.net/


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