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Guest <font color=red><b>DeSylva</b></

Welcome, everybody, to the new Commlink Forum, and our brand new RPG forum.

In the lead-up to Version 2.0, I would like to take this opportunity to thank eveyone for their support and ideas in bringing this RPG Battlecruiser world to life. When the game is finally released, I predict a flood of activity to this site - a flood of new minds, and new ideas. And, after all, it's ideas that keep this world alive.

But down to business. For those of you that are new here, my name is Commander DeSylva. For the past six motnhs or so, I have been kicking around GALCOM, and my work has so far brought me to the stage where I am a semi-expert on the matters of Role Play in the Battlecruiser world. Well, I'm the only one stupid enough to set aside large amounts of my time to help coordinate it, anyway. *grin*

This, my friends, is what we call the Battlecruiser Online Universe. When you step into the RP section of this forum, you cease to be the person you are, sitting at your keyboard. For a little while, you become a dream - you become a GALCOM, EarthCOM, or Insurgent commander.

Currently, the Battlecruiser Online Universe supports three castes - you guessed it, Galactic Command (GALCOM), Earth Command (EarthCOM), and the Insurgent splinter group. Galactic Command is a three way alliance between the Terrans, the Vesperons, and the Empirians, and as a GALCOM Commander you are part of it's military branch. Earth Command is the military arm of Earth itself - the military forces of the United Free Nations of Earth. EarthCOM and GALCOM are supposed to be on the same side. Sometimes, it's hard to tell.

The Insurgents sprung up long before GALCOM even existed. They began as a political group bent on wresting control of the planet's resources away from the UFN, who continued to direct resources at space and the space military, while ignoring problems with the home planet, such as the degraded Ozone layer. they also vigorously opposed spending on alien nations, and the residency of alien life forms on Earth.

Each of these three groups accepts members. GALCOM is the default group (this is the group you play in the game). Commander Moritz can be contacted concerning EarthCOM membership - visit their site at http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hall/6297/.. Rattler is the leader of the Insurgent faction (and also my co-moderator of this forum) and can be contacted at [email protected] . If you want to join either of these groups, contact them and make sure they approve.

A quick word on protocol. Discussions here can get pretty heated. If you think that anything you are going to say, in the spirit of roleplaying, might offend someone, then enclose it in RP tags , such as <RP> and </RP>, so we know you areonly role-playing. This is your responsibility. If you say something that offends another person and you didn't make it clear you were not being serious, I will have words with you.

As moderator of this forum, I expect all personnel to act responsibly and civilly while they are here. In the <RP> tag, you can say anything you want, as long as you don't swear. But outside this, offernsive remarks will not be tolerated. Don't worry. You'll get a warning.

People who are new to this RP wold, I suggest you lurk for a little while before declaring yourself part of a group. Also, I suggest you visit this address: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arena...iss/pbeexc.html . This contains a segment from a document I am working on - the Official BC3K RPG. I urge you to read it all, including the section on "Online Guidelines". these guidelines have been crated to help newbie commanders get by in this forum, without making mistakes or breaching some of Derek's pet hates.

Any enquiries concerning role-playing issues should be sent to me at [email protected] . This is my "work" address. Other enquiries, comments, or anything else, can be sent to [email protected] My homepages are at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arena/9206.. The Fleet Operations Page can be founs at http://metz.une.edu.au/~mjones3/login.html . When you have decided on which side you want to be on, you may send me an email to the "ops" address, and I will give you the appropriate login and access code for the Fleet Ops site.

There you have it! Welcome to the team. May your stay be a long and happy one. I expect to see LOTS of good quality role-playing in here.

And remember, Uncle DeSylva says, just say NO to Insurgents...*grin*

Commander Gareth DeSylva, ISS Fleet Coordinator

GCV First Light, ISS01

"Serve with Honour"


Official BC3K Tester

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Guest Blackwell

I had posted this note earlier so I apologize if it has already been fixed.

When we register our commanders we are forced to pick a fleet that may not represent our interest (i.e. ECV that in a GalCOM fleet).

Will this be fixed?

Carlos Smith a.k.a.

Cmdr. Joshua Blackwell


"Do unto others... FIRST!"

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I don't have any suggestions for a thread from the past, but how 'bout an old face?

I'm pleased to say that I can finally come back. Between job searching and rendering my 3D stuff, I intent to make my second home here once again.

Good to see there are still a few familiar faces around.

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