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Wraith Fleet Issues

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Hope I can put this here!

To all Wraith Members & those wanting to join Wraith Fleet:

The Wraith Fleet web site will be up very soon, but I need some info from you folks to make it as complete as possible.E-mail the following to me, do not post it here, I do not want to clutter this thread. You will see your date in all its glory on the Wraith site once its up! :-)

All I need from you people is:

1)Cmdr. Name and Ship name

2) Your ship's insignia (logo, whatever you want to call it)

3) Cmdr. Profile (a short description of your character... look at the ISS web site if you need examples)

4) And finally, if you are willing and have the time to lead a Wraith Wing (aka, squadron).

Its not much, but I need it ASAP... the Wraith site is IT and its about to be unleashed!


Fleet Leader

Daniel "Tac" Londono

GCV Usagi (Wraith Flagship)

-Hellhound Wing-

=Wraith Fleet=

[This message has been edited by Tac (edited 11-11-98).]

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