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Guest Ron Wallin

-->Operation Snowball's Chance<--

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Guest Locke1

Brilliant idea Tac, I hadn't even thought of a connection with SDF but it seems so obvious in retrospect smile.gif. This is true BC3K history in the making, would make a nice novella in addition to some neat scenarios with GBS. My question is : do we have any idea when all this is taking place? I've been assuming the year 3000, but if this turns out to be the story of the start of the SDF, which I also thought was 3000 it might cause a contradiction of sorts. We really need a timeline for all this stuff smile.gif Oh speaking of timelines Desylva I've slacked off on that for a while but I'm nearly done with it, should have it in before Wednesday. Sorry for the delay but you know how the real world can be smile.gif


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This is the GCV Minos Corva of the ISS Tactical Support Arm, commanded by Cdr. C.G. Bader. As requested by my superiors, I am diverting my forces (7th OMB) from Uranus to Jupiter to join the fleets stationed there, in defense of the Terran sector. From there, I will await orders from my counterpart forces already on station.

Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People

Cdr. C.G. Bader, GCV Minos Corva, 7th OMB, ISS Tactical Support Arm


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*groan* I had my full reply typed and the browser crashed. Curse microsoft!.

Hey De Sylva, you should read a bit more carefully my man... this is the second time you misinterpret (did I spell that right?) my post. I am not sending 2 ships over the lines, im sending 2 WINGS. Corsair Wing will attack transports to kill off their land forces and supplies while they are in the void, while Delta wing harrasses their fleet. I do not intend to lose any BC's, my people are specialist in cloak manouvers. It is my intention to send these ships while the Cruiser force from Wrath Starstation attacks ships passing through the space lanes..this may clog the passage of Gammulan ships for a while, give us time.GCV Nemesis and GCV Hell's Fury will mine the Lanix-V side of the 'hole, jump into Polaris, mine that wormhole and join HellHound.HellHound Wing will station itself in Procyon and jump into polaris the moment a fleet starts to pop in, fight for a while and retreat to Sirius, mining the wormhole on our way out.

Corsair and Delta ships will go to Zelon stations as indicated to repair/refuel.

And dont worry, the mines can be set to ignore ICV IFF signals. That way we can mine the gates and 'holes and gain us MORE time :-).

"Once more, into the breach"


"Navigation, take us into the Saturn Region"

"Aye aye sir" responded the Norwegian navigator.

The Usagi's engines pushed her through the jump gate, the familiar, yet unpleasant sensation of dizzines followed the flash of light that signaled her entry into Saturnian space.

Tactical Officer Mia Kurazawa broke the silence.

"Commander, ISS requests the Othello to pick up Cmdr.Tringad"

"Acknowledge it, signal the Othello to beam him out, have Jacobi escort the Othello"

"Yes Sir...Othello and Jacobi complying... transmission coming in from Cmdr. Tringad...cant make it out, background noise interfering.. something about...rations?"

"The interference is bound to be his stomach growling Mia, have the Othello feed the poor man and then take him to his ship *G*"

*laughing*"Aye sir. Othello reports Tringad is on board and is now on full burn towards ISS HQ. *contained laughter* S s ir, the Othello's skipper says he'll give Cmdr. Tringad a lunchbox the next time he leaves ship"

"And they say the Irish have no sense of humor, Mia signal the Fleet to.."

"Incoming transmission from ISS HQ Commander, FYO(For Your Eyes Only)."

"I'll take it on my pad Mia."


The pad glowed into existence in front of Cmdr Londono's eyes, the holographic image of Gareth De Sylva materialized.

"Tac here."

(Orders from De Sylva's earlier post).

"Glad it was approved. I'm on it.Transmitting Wraith Battle Plan now (read above in this post).Dont worry about us, worry about that fleet old friend. Tac out."

"Jacobi finished its sweeps commander, no anomalies found in Saturn region. The other fleets may have been picking up the Nemesis and the Hell's Fury sir".

"Perhaps.. anyway its not our concern now, order Corsair and Delta wings to cloak and proceed to Gammulan space.Order Corsair to destroy as many troop and cargo transports as they can find, and to remain alive. Delta Wing is to attack any stray Gammulan military ship, harrass the convoys and engage if victory is certain. Tell them to mine the Polaris-->Lanix wormhole on the Lanix side as they enter Lanix and to mine all Jump Gates in that system, then proceed with their mission."

"Corsair Wing Commander Ian Tokai acknowledges, Delta Wing Commander acknowledges. The Wings are moving out."

"Good, Order the HellHounds to cloak and proceed to Polaris. Mine the Polaris side of the Polaris->Lanix wormhole and move to Procyon."

"HellHounds moving out sir"

"Order the Nemesis and the Hell's Fury to wait cloaked by the Polaris side of the Polaris-> Lanix wormhole. They are to wait until the first wave of Gammulan ships arrive from Lanix,they are to wait until we engage them to re-mine the wormhole and then join the fray"

"Message sent. Nemesis and Hell's Fury moving out".

"Signal Wrath HQ, deploy the Cruiser Force in groups of 5 along the Gammulan-Terran spacelane, have them intercept as many ships as they can safely engage. Wrath HQ to full alert"

"Message sent... I hope the Gammulans dont jam it".

"Hope is eternal Mia. The message will get there one way or the other".

As the Usagi's engines flared to life, multiple flashes of light lit up the bridge, signaling the departure of Wraith and Insurgent vessels as the jumpgate to Jupiter continued to grow in apparent size. The time is near.


This is sooo cool!!!

I have sent a wave of e-mails to my Wraiths.. I know 4 or 5 of them are active at the moment (they actually reply!), others are on trips or working. I'll see how many I can get to participate in this. I have one from each Wing, so each Wings has its representative. If the others dont show up its their loss :-).

Forgive me for contradicting the "muster at earth" order, (seems I have some kind of Karma in that sense!), but I firmly believe the best defense is a good offense. If there is something you learn in paintball is that you advance no matter what. Ferocity alone can overhelm a superior force.Anyway, you got Prime, Earthcom (T.C. McQueen..where are you???), the ISS and Orion mustered there. In any case HellHound Wing will fall back to Sirius to join you. This way we fight the Gammulans in their Rear (Cruisers) in their Guts (Corsair and Delta) and in their Face (Sirius). If any of these 3 points collapses, the rest will follow.

Please note that the Wraith fighting will *NOT* be as planned as the Sirius battle you folks will fight.. Delta and Corsair will only attack targets they can take out, they wont be suicidally hitting a Warship convoy.Same goes for the cruisers.This is guerrilla warfare as the Wraith Fleet was created to fight. :-). I know the battle at Polaris will be unbelievably short..once we begin attacking the incoming fleet some of the cloaked Gammulans are bound to decloak to assist.. thus we can estimate how many we are dealing with.

Also, this thread is getting darn long to download, so I'm creating a new thread called "Eve of the War" where we can continue this. De Sylva: If the thread's name does not go with your planned RPG, you are free to change it.

Also, as to not clutter that thread with the list of participating ships in this "campaign", I will create a "TDF Roster" thread so people can post their enrollment there. Once again, if its not to your acceptance, feel free to delete it :-). Just doing my best to organize this (which means I may screw up somewhere hehehe!).


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Cmdr. Bader, good to have you here. I'll be joining you at Jupiter ASAP. Until then, you have command of the Tactical Support Arm. I'll be with you shortly, God speed.


Tac, I wish these iron tubs of yours would go faster! smile.gif Just kidding.

This is great. This is the stuff movies are made of. Derek, ever though of a BC3K movie? smile.gif We could call it: "The Tringad Saga" biggrin.gif

Later all.


William Ramsay, Jr., AKA:

Commander Alun Tringad

GCV Black Falcon ISS05

Tactical Support Coordinator, ISS Fleet

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"Commander, we have broad band transmissions coming in from almost every known Terran military vessel. Would you like me to pipe them through?"

"No Miss Siamet, run a filter and send the ones from Fleet leaders through my VR console," Chavik said. Listening intently he tried to get everything straight.

Thinking things through carefully he was not surprised when Mr. King reported," GCV Othello in system."

"Fine then, target her instead and Mr. Brom; initiate jump to her and drop Tringad off as soon as we are in range. Mr. Harrison as soon as that shuttle is dropped target the Polaris 2 jumpgate and plot a course to Sygan. We have been recalled."

In lieu of pacing Chavik sent his command chair into a frenzy looking over his officer's shoulders. However once the jump started he returned it to the central position. He watched as Tringad's shuttle (The Guardian's shuttle, he thought) was practically laid on the Othello's nose. Blazing by with weapons hot he hoped they would concentrate on the shuttle.

Entering Polaris 2 Mr. Harrison immediately plotted course for Sygan. The moments spent while the Hyperdrve engines recharged were tense ones as Chavik hoped they would catch up to the Nevermore and be able to provide assistance escorting At All Costs. Once plotted the Phoenix swung towards the jump gate and started accelerating. "Mr. Cooper, full power to the engines please, we need best possible speed."

"Miss Siamet, please transmit the following."

Begin Transmission ***

To: Commmander Gareth DeSylva

From: Geryg Chavik

Sub: Mission accomplished

DeSylva: Yes, I understand your regret and I send my own. Operation Snowball's Chance has genuinely gone to hell in a hand basket. But unlike that proverbial snowball it is gaining momentum tremendously. Perhaps hell is freezing over.

However my original objective is accomplished. I told you I would do it if I could. I have delivered Tringad to the GCV Othello. In haste but done. Now he is the Othello's responsibility.

When all this gets sorted out I will buy you a drink at Centron. My duties aren't so limited that I can't disappear for a day or so. smile.gif We still need to talk, you and I.

Perhaps luck is a Terran trait. Had I not offered to bring Tringad back to you and had you not accepted, we would not of known of this. I sincerely hope it turns out for the best. I am here.

End Transmission ***

"Miss Siamet, send that out as soon as possible."


Commander Chavik

ICV Phoenix

Ok a couple of ships have just mysteriously moved. I can live with this. smile.gif If it ever gets written this will need to be cleaned up though.

This should catch me up to current events. Chavik is enroute to Sygan after having delivered the spy to an official GCV.

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Moving right along smile.gif


With a pounding like a thousand hammers on AuroraII's hull, the Orion BC came through the Flux-Gate, back in the SOL-system.

<Computer voice-over>

Cloacking device de-activated.

Shield strength modified.

Verifying current location.

We're back, boys and gals, set immediate course for Earth, put PTA on 50%. And contact Cmr. Junkkari on the double !

To: Cmd. Junkkari, Orion Fleet Commander.

Commander, I hope there are going to be more Orion vessles in the Sirius-area. My crew micht start to glow in the dark, when we need to encounter the whole Gammulan armada cloacked ! But then again, we will go and fullfill our duty, to defend our territory.

I am awaiting commands, especially about the redezvouspoint that Cmdr.Tac gave to us.

-- EOL


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Guest Antti Junkkari

From: GCV-Predicant

To: All Terran ships

We are at Jupiter, and we need help. We have bad damages, and we may have to evacuate. I think there is a Viola after us, and over 10 smaller ships. Two of o ur IC's have been destroyed, and we are trying to get those two others to get docked and then leave the system. We have destroyed several ships, but there are just too much of them. We could survive if we could use afterburners, but they are damaged. We can't take this long. Please, all available Terran ships, could you give some assist.

I repeat, we may have to evacuate. We do not know how much there are GALCOM ships here, all systems are banged..

Please give some help in advance.

Commander Junkkari, GCV-Predicant

Orion Fleet Leader

[This message has been edited by Antti Junkkari (edited 12-14-98).]

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As soon as the Navcomm computer got on-screen, the proud Orion Flagship of Cmdr. Junkkari was visible, on screen, full detail. I heard: 'He's coming to get us out !' People remembered the words from the Chief Orion Commander when they were put in their duty's on a renewed mission and ship; "With such a fine crew, I will come and help you out myself, you people are of great value to this Fleet!"

Back on visual, all hands on the bridge could witness the GCV Predicant, with raised shields, explosions and automatic PTA-fire. As soon as our PTA system picked up the bogeys that where in the neighbourhood, they started firing, with two BC's in the same area, it created a nice firework!



[This message has been edited by twobombs (edited 12-14-98).]

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Guest Ron Wallin


This thread has been continued in the thread titled "Eve of the War". ALL MESSAGES RELATING TO THIS RP MUST BE POSTED THERE OR THEY WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED!!!

DeSylva, If your reading this, please lock this thread and the prior. This will force the others to post in some type of order so that we may all enjoy to unfoalding of this event.

Cmdr. Akira

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Guest Deadboy

ATTN: Antti "Commander J."

Whumpus1 will be late following you back to earth. We had a serious cashflow problem a while back and had to borrow a large amount from a rather tough loan shark. Well... payment is due and I have to make it in person, so we must detour for a while. If you need assistance let me know on the private(icq) channel and i will get back to you as soon as possible. I can't tell you where we are going because you wouln't approve of the location .....



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Guest Ron Wallin

Deadboy, have you been reading this thread?!?! Catch up and get to the Eve of the War thread. Antti is almost dead and your flying around paying off bills!!!

Cmdr. Akira

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