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Eve of the War


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"Helm, take us out."

The deckplates rumbled with barely restrained power as the ICV At All Costs glided out of Velari Station and into the great black sea of space. Locke shifted in his seat and adjusted his VR display. He called up his PerScan system with a sigh. 22 new crewmembers to replace the ones lost in the collision with the Shining Star. He hoped they would prove as skilled and dedicated a crew as ones that had been struck down so unexpectedly. On the upside the ship was finally battle-ready again, a monument to the strength, power, and also grace of the Galactan class BattleCruiser.

"I'm gonna miss Velari," said Locke sadly. "They had some really good wine. Oh well. Helm, set us a rendezvous course with the Necromancer. Comm, tell Cmdr. Rattler that the megaphone's working again and we are moving into formation. He'll understand "It's good to be back in action."

Cmdr. Locke

ICV At All Costs

Terran Defense Fleet, Spectre Fleet

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As the last jump into Sygan space came into view Chavik was regretful he couldn't have offered assistance to the Nevermore and At All Costs. He was grateful to find them safe and sound in Sygan space, along with the Spectre fleet.

Begin Transmission ***

To: Rattler

From: Chavik

Sub: The Den

Commander Chavik reporting in belatedly. Mission accomplished however. Tringad is now in the hands of an official GCV vessel.

One question. How fares the Den?

End Transmission ***

"Miss Siamet, please send that narrow band to the Necromancer only"

Commander Chavik

ICV Phoenix

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Comms: Message comming in from At All Costs, Sir.

Rattler: What's it say Comms?

Comms: Something about a Megaphone, and that you'll understand, Sir?

Rattler: Aye, I understand completely. At All Cost has been repaired, and she's making Best Possible Speed to our Rally Point. Now get us there Nav!

Nav: We're going as fast as this beast can carry us, Sir!

Comms: Another message, Sir. This one's from The Pheonix. He's raising a good question. He's inquiring into the status of "The Den", Sir.

Rattler: Send this out, Broadband, Comms.

....To All Ships of the Insurgency. As of 20 minutes ago, Insurgent Bases and "The Den" had reported activity passing through our Home Sector, however, none had directed their attention in their direction. All Bases and Station were on Maximum Defense Posture with all Inteceptors already launched and orbiting. So far, Gentlemen, We still have a home to go back to when this is over. That is All.

Rattler: Send it Comms, and mark it Urgent!

Comms: It's gone Sir.

Rattler: Now let's get down to it, shall we?

Rattler leaned back into his chair and longingly thought about his childhood days out in The Great Plains, and remembered something that his Grandfather had once showed him. As a slight smile creased his face, he had to show it to someone. Very quietly, he summoned Tactical to his side and, taking his sketch pad in his hand, traced the outline of a rock on one side and a brick wall on the other. Above the brick wall he wrote the term "Hard Place", and deftly drew an X directly between them. Rattler: What's it's meaning, Tactics?

Tactical: I have no Idea, Sir!

Rattler: It means we are here, directly between a Rock and a Hard Place!

Tactical: Not for long, Sir. Weapons, launch 3 long range probes, One for Sygan, One for Poaris 1, and One for Polaris 2. We may be going in hot and heavy, but we don't have to do it Blind!!

Weapons: Three away, running Hot,True, and Talking that Talk.

Rattler smiled broadly this time. They're learning now. Just hope they learn quickly enough. Closing his eyes, he can see Akira, standing proudly on his bridge, barking to his troops, and them jumping at each order. Conversely, he can also see Chavik, cool and calmly coaching his troops, and letting them get just far enough away, before he coaxes them back in line. Damn he had made good choices when he selected this group. Now where would Jester be right now?> That's right, if he knew Jester, He'd already be in Polaris 1, cloaked and drifting very quietly. He'll have his weapons locked and loaded, targeted on that lead annomoly. He always know's the right target to go after first.

Rattler: Nav, Get that Engineer on the horn! You tell him that I wanted to be there yesterday, Understood?

Nav: Aye, Sir. I'll go down there and pull the levers myself if that Snipe can't get it done better than this!

Rattler thinks to himself again, "Damn, they're all learning!" Again, he closes his eyes and silently drifts off to sleep.



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Okay, things are going well. I don't know how this is going o end, but hopefully we can keep it together. Im about to make a command decision here.

I have the timeline, but the problem is, we are restricted to what the manual says - and according to the manual, there have been no major Gammulan conflicts before April 3000. The SDF was formed in...hold on a minute...May 2990. That's a big gap.

So, here is my take on the situation. Get ready for an executive decision.


The First Light met the Othello half way to Polaris. After a rapid exchange and an update on the situation, both ships turned to begin the flight to Saturn. Alun was in no mood to be denied his ship any longer, and DeSylva realised that, with Alun out of Polaris, it was now Wraith Fleet's territory, and their responsiblity. There was no point crashing their party - this was not a battle the ISS would be equipped for.

He watched the streaking of space debris - debris from countless battles with Insurgent forces, battles that now seemed so ridiculous - and thought of the future. A future that was as unknown as the endless darkness of space that remained unexplored.

He flicked a few buttons on the arm of his command chair, and the face of his communications officer appeared in his visor. He smiled. "Kerra - it's time to send off a few more communiques..."


TO: Daniel Londono, GCV Usagi

SOURCE: Gareth DeSylva, GCV First Light


You have the basic flight plan, Daniel, now customise it however you need to to make it work! Just remember where you reserve forces are, that's all. Insurgent communiques seem to suggest they're in this with us, so that should give you some valuable assistance. You are our first and possibly our best line of defence. Let's see Wraith prove themselves, soldier!

DeSylva out.


He looked down at the nav display. "What's our estimated arrival at ISS HQ?" he asked. The reply came back quickly. "Twenty more minutes, sir."

He smiled grimly. Perhaps it was time to fulfil a few more faded dreams. He tapped in a personal code on the commlink pad in front of him, and the screen pulsed for a minute, before lighting up with a familiar face...

"Fleet Commander Stone. I have an idea..."


"No! absolutely not!"

Desylva grinned. "Come on, Stone...logistically, it will keep us together, emotionally it will help foster unity between the two sides because God himself only knows that there are deep enough rifts as it is."

Fleet Commander Stone grinned mercilessly. "Damn straight. Which is why I am not going to approve this hare-brained idea! Fleet Command is still recovering fom your last little bout of reorganisation!"

DeSylva shook his head. "Don't make me pull rank on you."

"Ha! I outrank you, DeSylva."

DeSylva grinned. "Well, let's just talk to the Supreme Commander about that, Stone..."

There were a few moments of silence. Then, DeSylva's calm voice: "You know he'll agree with me. It makes sense."

Stone frowned. "Damn it, DeSylva, you don't know how much I hate them!"

DeSylva shook his head sadly, his eyes downcast. For a moment, he could not face the image that was being broadcast into his visor.

"Yes, Stone...yes I do."


TO: All GALCOM Vessels

SOURCE: Gareth DeSylva, GALCOM Fleet Command


Well, some of you have been clamouring for it, and in the interests of preventing another war on top of this one, I've arranged it. God help me, the Supreme Commander is going to have my **** for this, but if it keeps us alive, it's worth it.

All GALCOM vessels are about to receive a coded, encrypted transmission. This transmission will contain a data module that can be used by your Chief Engineer, along with your unlock codes, to alter the IFF sensors of your ship. This alteration will be sent twice, to account for any corruption that may occur during the first transmission. All GALCOM vessels are ordered to apply this data module immediately on receiving it!

The module will alter your IFF sensors to pick up all ships flown by Terran interests - that means GALCOM, EarthCOM, and yes, even Insurgents. It will code these ships with a designator of TER/DEF, and a ship designation of TDV - Terran Defense Vessel. This will apply during this battle only - afterwards, you may discard the data module and return your IFF system to normal function.

This is now war. We have to fight alongside the Insurgents if we want to survive - they have ships, and they have the resources in the right places, to help us win this war. With the number of Gammulans out there, we aren't just looking at a conflict - we are looking at a war and the possiblity of complete racial subjugation. Just think Falkerie.

As a result, coded transmissions are being sent and Insurgent delegates are being invited to GALCOM HQ, where we will coordinate our forces together. Yes, that's right, Insurgents at GALCOM HQ working with your command staff. I had to tread on some big toes to organise this. this is whay only a select handful of commanders, including myself, will be liason officers for the Insurgents. All other commanders who are carrying nice juicy prejudices, keep away or risk inciting a civil war that will surely destroy us in the midst of this racial war.

Welcome, then, everyone, to the Terran Defense Fleet. The SDF has been fairly inactive, lately, so the TDF will be temporarily installed in it's place in fleet Group Tactica, just to keep things tidy.

I can't make any promises about what form this state of affairs will persist in after this war is over - if we survive it - so let's just live for the day, and get ready to turn back this Gammulan tide.

DeSylva out.


TO: Commander Chavik, ICV Pheonix

SOURCE: Commander DeSylva, GCV First Light

SUBJECT: Terran Defence Fleet

ATTACHED: Previous Transmission

Some dreams come true.

Well, perhaps our little party managed something after all, old friend. Come to GALCOM HQ, bring Rattler and your command staff, and let's see if we can't turn back this tide. Welcome to the TDF.

Oh, I can guarantee your safety while you're here. As much as it pains me to say it to a group I so recently condemned as dishonorable - you have my word of honour that no Insurgent personnel in our little TDF will be harmed while under my protection.

I hope to see you here.

DeSylva out.


The bulk of ISS HQ loomed large on the viewscreens as the First Light entered a parallel orbit to the behemoth. The Black Falcon was already approaching, and DeSylva smiled as he saw a single tiny flare of engines as a shuttle launched form th Othello towards the Black Falcon. Alun was going home.

Outside, the threat of war still loomed heavy. DeSylva fought back a surge of panic that threatened to choke him. It was time to face up to it. Perhaps, with the deal he had struck with Fleet Command to get Terran ships recognised under a new IFF, they could keep relations between Insurgents, GALCOM, and EarthCOM, good enough to win them this war. And although it hurt in his guts to defend a group which had spawned the likes of Neman Vorne, he knew that, for the Terran race, it was now, or never, to put away their prejudices and look to the future.

Towards tomorrow...when the war began.



So, the TDF will take the place of the mostly mothballed SDF, in, let's say...November 3000 - this places it far enough from the game's opening ACM of April 3000 to account for the ACM itself. I hope. The SDF has fought it's one major campaign (ie. the first and second ACMs that the game ship with) and has been mostly ignored since. Now that the Gammulans have showed up, it's time for it to be resurrected - and with no choice but to take Insurgents in as well.

Now, before we go any further - Derek, I HOPE you have time to read this, because I'm flying in the dark here. I know this is RP stuff, and technically my responsiblity, so I've made the decisions on the new, makeshift fleet (the TDF, remembering that it may well, and probably will, fall to pieces once this conflict is over) and - horror of horrors - a new designation! I decided to do tis before someone else who doesn't know as much about your universe as I do came up with something even less consistent. Please forgive me! *grin*. TDV makes more sense than TCV, because the entire reason of having "Command Vessel" was that ECVs and GCVs WERE "Galactic Command" and "Earth Command". There's no such organisation as "Terran Command", so - Terran Defense Vessel.

Well, time for me to take a break. Derek, give me the nod to make sure what I've done is ok. Man, GALCOM Fleet Command are going to want DeSylva's head by the end of all this...*grin*.

Also, I've got dibs on writing the novella...or at least edting an anthology based on the War of Polaris...*grin*.

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Guest Antti Junkkari

From: GCV-Predicant

To: All Terran ships

We are at Jupiter, and we need help. We have bad damages, and we may have to evacuate. I think there is a Viola after us, and over 10 smaller ships. Two of o ur IC's have been destroyed, and we are trying to get those two others to get docked and then leave the system. We were excorting commander TwoBombs back to Jupiter. We have destroyed several ships, but there are just too much of them. We could survive if we could use afterburners, but they are damaged. We can't take this long. Please, all available Terran ships, could you give some assist.

I repeat, we may have to evacuate. We do not know how much there are GALCOM ships here, all systems are banged..

Please give some help in advance.

Commander Junkkari, GCV-Predicant

Orion Fleet Leader

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Comms: Incomming SOS from the Predicant!! Seems he's getting beat up out there, Sir.

Rattler: Where is he? Antti's a friend from a long time back, so we're going to assist.

Comms: He's at Jupiter, and He's in real trouble. Lost 2 of 4 IC's and is trying to run without Afterburners.

Rattler: Get a message to the Valentine and Sagan. Tell them to get to Jupiter and lend assistance. Also tell them to "Not spare the fuel rods" while they're at it. They needed to be there an hour ago. Hope Antti's still there to greet them.

Comms: Message Sent, Sir!

Rattler: get a second message together. Send it to All Insurgent Command Staff. Message is as follows....Gentlemen, looks like we have been invited to return to Terra-Firma, or at least GalCom HQ. I'm waiting on Confirmation from GalCom Supreme Commander, but if it's true, we'll at least smell earth again smile.gif

Stand by for further orders and developments.

Rattler: Send It!

Comms: Gone, Sir.

Rattler: What's our Exact location Nav?

Nav: Sygan, Sir. Just exited the jump.

Rattler: Tactical, Talk to me.

Tactical: We're all here, Sir. The entire Insurgent Fleet. Valentine and Sagan just pulled out like there was no tomorrow. They're going Cloaked now, and fading away like a Shadow, with Teeth! smile.gif

Rattler: Guess they'll acknowledge the message when they get around to it.

Rattler settles back into his bridge chair and lets his mind start wandering again. Yes, Powercow and Agro were part of his original Balm as well. Damn fine choices, and he'd never forgotten them.

Rattler: Get a message out to Predicant. Simply say "Hang on Antti, Cavalry's Comming!"

Comms: Sent, Sir! Hope he's still out there to receive it.

Rattler: If I know him, he's still there. He's a survivor. He'll find a way 'till help gets there!

Rattler: Now, get the Command Staff over here, minus the two that we just sent into Harm's Way! We've got business at hand!

Comms: Message Sent, Sir.



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Guest Antti Junkkari

Comms: Commander, we've got a message from Insurgent One, Rattler. They are coming to assist, with couple BC's.

Junkkari: Good.. but we can't take much longer. Send this message to Insurgent one and to those ships which are coming into our aid.

Comms: Sir, not possible. We can only reply to Insurgent One's message.

Flight officer: Sir. With all respect, this ship is going to blow if we do not do something now. We've got some radius at S-Deck, engineers are being sent to clear it. There are not very much engineers in good condition for work after this... roll.

Junkkari: Shit. All right. Send engineers which are left to clear it.

Nav, how's it going?

Nav: Not very good. We've run out of missiles.

Junkkari: Shit. So let's reply to Insurgent One┬┤s message:

Thank you for your assist. We really respect it. I see you still are humans. I guess in this battle it┬┤s humans against those bloody Gammulans.

Right. Our situation is this: We are still alive as you noticed. We have run out of missiles, our afterburnerengine has blown out, critical radius at subdeck. And those Gammulans are really pickin' on me. We cant send any messages, we can only reply. This is really serious. Those Gammulans are here to kill.

I'm getting the ship to my controls again, hope you'll get here soon, Rattler.

That's it. Send it!

Comms: Sent.

Junkkari: ..right.. let┬┤s get back to business. IOD 40%.

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Comms: Strange message comming in, Sir!

Rattler: Strange? How So?

Comms: There are instructions from First Light, telling us to modify our IFF Transponders. He's made a command decision to blanket all Terran Ships under one force. Can he do that, Sir?

Rattler: Don't know if he has that kind of horsepower, but to be on the safe side, we'll modify but not activate the codes. Get these instructions out to Spectre, and attach the data file we received from DeSylva. Go Narrowband, pinpoint directional, with double repeater. Paint every ship that we have out there with it. Understood? Now transmit the following message....Spectre, install attached modifications, however do not go active with it until fully cleared by Necromancer. That is all, Rattler sends.....

Comms: Message being painted, Sir!



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Tactical: Sir, I'm picking up a GalCom Probe transmission from Jupiter, video Included!!

Rattler: Put it on screen Tactical.

What the Necromancer saw next was simply amazing. Rattler and crew could not have been prouder, even if it had been an Insurgent performing the feats that Predicant was engaged in. They could clearly see the damaged Battlecruiser, scorch marks on her hull from the shield collapses and missing tiles of her hull armor from the continuous assalt that ensued. But she was fighting, and winning. Her PTA was fully active, painting her attackers with the most vicious barage that Rattler could ever remember. Her main batteries were systematically destroying each smaller vessel that got into her path. Maybe she couldn't run, but she sure as hell could fight!!! Turning their attention to the object of Antti's attention, the watched with a newly found respect as Predicant salvoed her PTA and IOD at the Intruder. Her energy danced on the shields of her target, like fireflies on a moonless night. On the third barrage, the Intruder's shield collapsed, leaving only it's armor to bear witness to the attack. The foruth salvo did the trick. It pierced the armor and, with the blinding light of a sun going supernova, the intruder ceased to exist. Everyone on the bridge of Necromancer caught thier breath at the pure spectical of the event, save Rattler. He simply smiled, and under his breath whispered "Damn proud to know you, Antti!"

Predicant next wheeled on the closest hostile in her region, taking up flanking position, then commencing that deadly barrage on it.

Rattler: Where the hell are Sagan and Valentine? They need to be there NOW!!!

Tactical: They just came through the gate into Jupiter Space, Sir. They are soon to be in the thick of things, if Predicant can hang on.

Rattler: After what we have just witnessed, Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING had better happen to the Predicant.

Rattler: Comms, send this message to Valentine....Get Predicant out of there NOW!!! I don't care if you have to tractor her and tow her out against her will, Just get her out Now!!!... Send It!

Comms: Gone, Sir!



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Guest Ron Wallin


"Comms, send the following on a tight beam command coded transmission to the Necromancer. She is the only ship to receive this meassage. Is that clear." Akira raised his command chair to the comm station and handed Lt. Ericson his datapad.

"Aye, aye, Commander," he said as he linked the datapad to the communications port. "We have received new IFF codes from the Necromancer. They originate from ISS HQ, seems DeSylva has taken command of this situation. Orders, sir?"

"You have your orders, mister. Mine and Rattler's. Follow them." His tone was sharp.

"Your datapad, sir." Lt. Ericson returned the Commander's datapad.

"Back to work, Lt," he replied. Appreciation was understood on the Nevermore. The assignment may seem hard to the crew at times, but Akira was always careful to reward his people at every chance possible. Because of this the crew knew him better, trusted him more, and realized that no other Commander out there would appreciate them or their skills more than Cmdr. Akira. The crew's loyalties were unwavering.

Akira knew this just as well as the crew, but his crew wasn't the only one involved here. With DeSylva in control we could be in for more problems than I anticipated, he thought. Rattler has spoken highly of Cmdr. DeSylva, but I've seen weakness in many of his actions. Not hedging our bets during these actions will prove fatal to our cause. Akira brought up the communications software on his datapad and began to speak into the sensor.

Finished, Akira rose back to the comm station. "Relay this to Insurgent One with the same protocols as the last. I'm headed to the briefing room. When you're finished, I want the secondary bridge crew at their stations. You, the remainder of the primary bridge crew, and the marin squad leaders are to meet me there. I have some plans to finalize and need sounding boards."

"Aye, Aye, Commander!" Ericson began issuing orders throughout the ship.

***Begin Transmission***

Insurgent One, this is Raven. Things are going too smoothly. I've been studying the system maps and have found a back door that no one has been watching. I am requesting a five ship strike group be assigned to my command. However, with or without the support this threat requires that I leave system to investigate immediately.

I have sent you encrypted details of my plan and my fears. If I'm wrong, I will meet you at GHQ. However, If I'm right, we may never see each other again. Good luck, Insurgent One. Raven out.


Cmdr. Akira

ICV Nevermore

Spectre, Command Staff


Rattler, I have emailed you a Top Secret plan. You will need to read it to understand my actions. smile.gif

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Commander Cook lay back in his leather coated command chair as the ICV-Valentine slowly approached the jump gate to the Jupiter System. Impatient, Commander Cook relived the auto pilot from duty and hit the after burners, the low hum of the thrusters echoing through the ship and giving the commander most satisfying feeling of power.

'Verifying Location' chirped the battle cruisers computer.

'Shinji, Get a lock on the GVC-Predicant and hyper jump to her position ASAP' Ordered Commander Cook to his flight officer,

'Engaging Hyper Drive!' Replied Shinji, as the ICV-Valentine bevelled round to face the battered GalCom vessel.

Commander Cook swiftly moved out of his chair and faced his tactical officer,

Commander 'Remain cloaked until my mark.'

Tactical :'Sir - The enemy craft have detected the jump anomaly and are systematically sweeping the area, The GVC-Predicant is heavily damaged, but up and fighting sir!'

'Good. Engage engines at mach 3 and proceed with evasive manoeuvres, tease them Shinji' Ordered Commander Cook, smiling to himself as he intensely watched the seconds count down until the hyper jump engines were fully powered up,

'8..7..6..5..' Read the display on the main screen..

'Establish a tractor lock on the Predicant and engage the jump engines at the Earth jump point' Commander Cook rose from his chair, calling up the Tacops computer, he watched the many enemy ships swarm around their newly acquired target. The Valentines shields hit 0 as the Predicant was locked in the tractor beam, like clockwork, the hyperspace engines engaged, and the GVC-Predicant was town across the sector and placed next to the jump point to Earth.

'Dis-Engage the tractor beams, raise shields, and pull a 180!' Ordered Commander Cook as he sat back down.

Silver circles of light began to highlight the black space that was in front of the ICV Valentine,

'Where are you Sagan?' Asked Commander Cook to himself.

'Deploy the Interceptors - Shield this jump gate. I don't want ANYTHING passing through here except the Predicant'

Vincent turned to his communications officer,

'Comm, Send a message to the Predicant'

****Out going message

To: GVC-Predicant

From: ICV-Valentine

Sub: No Subject

Make your way through the jumpgate, Antti, if unable, I'll ram you through wink.gif

Cook out.


<rp off>


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Well, that was a surprise...*grin*. Here we go...


As the pulsing light of the jump point faded, DeSylva was astounded by what he saw in Jupiter space - the blasts of laser fire, the trails of missiles, the sights of war. He jabbed several buttons on his command chair.

"Where the HELL did this come from! Tactical, do we have any reports of fighting in Jupiter already?"

There was a moment of silence before - "None, sir. Scanning now. I have...I have combined Gammulan and Valkyrie military craft sir, cruisers, heavy cruisers, and carriers sir. This is a BIG advance force. They've only just jumped in."

"Damn," spat DeSylva. "Lets go fully ballistic here. IOD on 50%, PTA on 20%. Move in and engage some of those capital ships, PTA on point defence for the fighter cover."

DeSylva pressed a few more buttons on his chair, watching as his Battlecruiser slowly rotated to face the battle and their jump anomaly began cycling up. Within seconds, it would be at full size, and they would fly through it to jump to the edge of the battlefield. To begin the war that was about to consume them.

DeSylva tapped the edge of his visor, bringing up a commlink with GALCOM Fleet Command.

"Fleet Command, Fleet Command, this is DeSylva, I repeat, this is DeSylva. We have heavy fighting in the Jupiter region - I repeat, heavy, heavy contact! We are engaging now. What is the story with Wraith Fleet? They were supposed to fall back!"

The message from GALCOM Fleet Command was quiet and crackly - Gammulan forces seemed to be attemtping to interfere with the signal. "We haven't heard from Wraith in the past hour. Reports are filtering in from the ships we sent to the Jupiter area that these ships YOU are facing were cloaked when the entered the area. Looks like they managed to overwhelm Wraith - or at least stop them from falling back - and sneak past the Insurgents. We've got them on two fronts now."

DeSylva shook his head. "Damn! Authorise all forces, if possible, to fall back to Jupiter. We need to stop them here, this is a huge strike force we are looking at!"

He shook his head again. It just didn't make sense! After all of their time spent cloaked in Polaris, hoping they wouldn't be seen, why did they uncloak and make a full-on rush the minute they entered Terran space? They could have reamined cloaked and made a play for GHQ, or any of the other colonies. They could have tried for a hostage situation. Why would the Gammulans waste so many ships in a frontal attack?

He had no answers to these questions. He turned his full attention to the front as he heard the first shots fired. The fuzz and hum of interference as his shields were struck came through his comms channel. Minor strikes - PTA fire and fighter craft. He knew it was time. It was time to make the decision he hated most.

"Tactical - scramble all pilots. They're to provide cover for the First Light and SAD all Gammulan and Valkyrie vessels. All TDVs are to be defended at all costs."

He knew that, below him, on the Flight Deck, young men and women were suiting up, climbing into their Interceptors, and getting ready to fight a battle, that none of them might return from.

The battle continued to rage. A minute later, he saw his four interceptors streaking out from beneath his ship, before turning to engage other fighter craft who were in turn engaging the First Light. The first explosion could be seen within secons - a lucky strike on the part of IC-2. Then the battle was joined in earnest.

It was only a few more minutes later DeSylva saw the image that would chill his soul forever. As they rounded the hulk of a Gammulan Stormcarrier, one of the first capital ships to fall, he witnessed a spectacle he had hoped never to see in his life.

At first glance, the ship was unrecognisable - it was difficult to even discern it's class, but the single remaining outstretched solar panel and the two long engine pylons gave it away as a Galactan Battlecruiser. The shields were obviously non-existent, or compressed beyond belief - every hit caused a shower of molten metal and gaseous oxides to flare from the hull, as the small amount of shield energy died in a brief flare of bluish-white energy. The hull was already dotted with scorch marks, and as the First Light drew closer, Desylva could see a gaping hole where the sub-deck was meant to be. His heart dropped when he saw the name on his CVD.

GCV Predicant, Orion Fleet. Antti Junkkari commanding.

He watched in amazement as the Predicant turned towards her latest foes, two heavy cruisers. Antti's IOD concentrated on one, the functional PTA turrets on the other. DeSylva couldn't believe the ship was still fighting, the crew were still pushing. Fighter craft continued to fire on the Prediant, and he saw another component of the ship - looked like the engines, this time - explode in a flare of light. Three more cruisers, and a Stormcarrier, were closing on the stricken ship - closing for the kill. He reached for the commlink.

"All IC pilots, I repeat, all IC pilots, take my target. Escort and defend. She is foundering now and hasn't got much time. Get out there!" Realising the enormity of the situation, he switched to broadband. "All GALCOM fighter pilots, take my target. The Predicant is foundering, we need your help out here!"

As he watched, a PTA blinked out, but not before the cruiser it was firing on exploded in a flare of orange light and an expanding, reddish ring of energy. The Predicant was beginning to list - maneuvering controls must have been lost in that last explosion. He could only hope it wasn't too late...


TO: GALCOM Fleet Command

SOURCE: Gareth DeSylva, GCV First Light

SUBJECT: Continued Fighting

Battle has been joined in Jupiter. Get onto Wraith immediately and find out what happened, and why they haven't fallen back when Gammulan forces have made it as far as Jupiter. I sure as hell hope they're not being bailed up there, because if the fleet in Jupiter is any indication of size, we haven't got the resources to fight this war in Polaris AND Sol. Where the hell did they get all these ships?

The Jupiter battle continues to be fierce. We have reports of one Gammulan capital ship down, with the GCV Predicant about to join her unless we can stop them. Over forty Gammulan fighters have been destroyed, along with thirty two of our own. I don't know how long we can hold out, several capital ships have already taken damage - we should see cap. ships falling soon, and let's just hope they aren't ours.

I have ordered several Prime Force Battalions - the 8th and 9th SMBs (minelay) to mine all further jump points into Sol system. Our worse fears have been realised - Sol is so criss-crossed with jump points, we're having a difficult time holding them back. They know it, too, because they've split up and are assaulting all three jump points that lead further into Sol system.

We need Wraith here now, and the Insurgents. All Fleet Commanders I marked as Insurgent Liason officers, get onto Sygan now and get Rattler here! We need his forces like never before.

DeSylva out.


TO: Alun Tringad, ISS Tactical Support Arm Coordinator

SOURCE: Commander DeSylva, ISS Coordinator

SUBJECT: Jupiter

We are in deep trouble here, Alun. Supervise the minelayers and cover them as much as you casn. Then rotate through the jump points. We've got to stop them getting through - if they get to more than one place in Sol, we'll never hold them back. We can't divide our forces any further.

Godspeed, my friend. Hope you enjoy your first assignment as TSA Coordinator.

DeSylva out.


Well, we weren't supposed to see battle in Jupiter until Tac had fallen back, but I am assuming he is facing even higher odds then expected in Polaris and has been somehow prevented from jumping out.

I'm off for the day. This war is going well...despite the fact that Sol is under more danger than ever before. I hate to think what will happen if the Gammulans and Valkyries divide into Sol...our forces aren't strong enough to divide again, which means they'd be able to conquer anything they landed on...while we withdrew to Earth and GHQ to wait for their final

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De Sylva:

Remember the SDF was originally intended to be a Galcom only fleet, but it was only AFTER the other fleets formed that the CIC made it into a mulipolar fleet.

Thus, you can have this battle take place before that transition period, giving Galcom a good reason to open the SDF to Insurgents. In a way, this "TDF" happened when the SDF was still Galcom only, and it was the precedent that pushed the SDF (an organized fleet by that time) into becoming multi-polar. :-)Could this solve your problem?


"The Othello reports Tringad on board the Black Falcon Commander."

"Good, have the Jacobi and the Othello join Orion Fleet at Sirius"

"Aye.. Sir, Cmdr. Junkkari has been heavily hit at Jupiter!"

"What? Darn it, send the cruisers to.."

"Insurgents are sending reinforcements to Orion Fleet" The disbelief in her voice was clear.

"Survival instincts override any political agenda Mia, we need all the ships we can get. Have the cruisers escort the Predicant, let the Insurgents do the fighting."

"Jacobi acknowledges, Othello... Othello is already about to jump to Jupiter sir"

"They must've anticipated my order Mia, send them my best wishes".

"Sent sir.. incoming transmission from ISS. I cant believe this!"

"Ms. Kurazawa!"

"Sorry sir, we are to change IFF transponders to match "TDF" signals, Insurgent vessels too! Dammit,are we are joining those b.."

"Its humanity the Gammulans are after Lieutenant. Change IFF to the TDF specs, but dont activate it until we get an all clear from the ISS. Lieutenant Kurazawa, you are relieved of duty until we enter Procyon"

The young officer gritted her teeth, she did not like the insurgents, her fiancee had died in the Pluto Insurgency.That was why she had transferred from Earthcom to Galcom.

"Aye sir"

The bridge was silent as she left her post, a relief crewman taking her place at Tactical.

"TDF transponder modified as per orders Commander. ETA to Polaris 2 minutes."

"Full speed, have all IC pilots ready, marines to search duty"

"Marines ready for combat deployment, all pilots in their fighters and standing by" came the reply from the Combat Officer.

"Send message to Wing Commander Gallion of Corsair Wing: Deploy your Wing along the Gammulan-Terran space lanes.Take no prisioners"

"Y-yes sir" replied the crewman

They know so little about the true nature of cruelty Tac thought.

"Have Delta Wing engage enemy ships as soon as possible"

"Messages sent, awaiting reply from the Wing Commanders"

"Order Cruiser squadron B to load OTS missiles from Wrath HQ. They are to nuke any and all Gammulan ground targets they can find."


"Do I have to relieve you too crewman?"

"Uh, no SIR. Message sent."

Tac's thoughts wandered to the plight of the Predicant. It had all been a planned, the cloaked fleet, the Jupiter strikes.. who knows how long they had been preparing for this. As ironical as it may seem, all hopes now lay on the once ludicrous idea of fighting along the Insurgents. The Gammulans had deployed their fleets but not attacked, it could all have been a show of force or a mere set-up for something else, there had been hope for a negotiated peace, but with the attack on the Predicant their intentions were clear. Unconciously, he muttered a phrase from a book he had read long ago

"A shadow streaks across the universe, evil follows its path... and death shall come from the sky"

Written so long ago, and it still applied today."


Heh, ok people, I can summarize this in one little word: "INCOMING!!" *G*

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This is great! I love it!


Cmdr. Tringad sat as the huge bulk that was the Black Falcon grew ever closer.

"ETA to the Black Falcon 1 minute, sir" said the shuttle's co-pilot.

"Good," replyed Tringad, "I need to get to Jupiter and cover those minelayers". One minute later, when the shuttle touched down in the Black Falcon's shuttle bay, Tringad stept out onto the deck for the first time in only God knows how long. It was good to be home. He watched as the shuttle left the bay, headed towards the Othello. Then he proseeded to the bridge, where he was greeted like a long lost father.

"Welcome home, sir" said Danz Borin, the Black Falcon's Tactical officer.

"Thank you, Danz" replyed Tringad.

"We have to get going to Jupiter, now"

"Aye, sir, Jupiter" said Borin.

"Well, lets go"


The hull was shakeing as the Black Falcon emerged from hyperspace. The huge mass of Jupiter loomed in the distance.

"Comms, open a channel to the minelayers, tell them we are here and ready to assist." said Tringad.

"Aye, sir" replyed the Comms officer.

"Now, wh..." Tringad stoped short as he saw the battered ship that was the Predicant.

"My lord," exclaimed Tringad, "Comms, open a channel to the Predicant, see if they need assistance"

"Aye, sir" replyed the Comms officer.

"Lets hope they're OK"


I love this. Later all.


William Ramsay, Jr., AKA:

Commander Alun Tringad

GCV Black Falcon ISS05

Tactical Support Coordinator, ISS Fleet

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Holy momma! all this happened while I typed my previous post! I was replying to De Sylva's IFF post.

Talk about sticky situations! Well, I'll try to link up stuff as best as I can.


(Note: This happens after PowerCow's post..I gotta catch up! Sorry if this is chronologically confusing)

HellHound Wing jumped into Polaris cloaked, the peacefullnes in the system was eerie and unreal.

"Usagi to all Hounds: Mine the wormhole and regroup at the Procyon Wormhole."

"Wing is moving towards the Lanix Wormhole Commander, scanners show no activity yet"

Out of the never, small metallic objects appeared in the void that surrounded the Lanix wormhole. The mines were being transported into their locations, avoiding the need for decloaking the ships, but straining the reactors of each vessel.

"Mines laid in Sir, all ships falling to Procyon wormhole. Nemesis and Hell's Fury remaining behind"

"Excellent, any word from.."

Light filled the bridge

"SIR! THE MINEFIELD IS GONE! Scanners show massive debris, ships are decloaking!"

"Identify class and numbers! Kurazawa to the bridge NOW"

"Unknown, the wormhole is interfering with the scanners, increasing resolution.."

"Forget that, go visual, Comms: turn the hounds 180 degrees, have them decloak at my command"

Tactical Officer Mia Kurazawa burst into the bridge, taking her station.

"Optics are online, message sent" screamed the crewman as he left his post.

The holoscreen flowered in front of Tac's eyes. The wormhole grew in size as the optical sensors magnified the area. There was debri all right, lots of it.

"Have the Nemesis and the Hell's Fury re-mine the place, All ships, full burn towards those ships. Prepare for a slash manouver"

"I advise against it Commander"

"Explain lieutenant"

The Tactical Officer spun her station around to face Tac.

"Sir, the debri is being shifted in different patters. I believe more cloaked ships are coming into the area."

"Agreed Mia, all ships, burn to the decloaked vessels, Nemesis and Hell's Fury to mine the Polaris=Sirius wormhole"

"Hounds complying Commander" replied the officer, glad to be called once again by her first name...it was a priviledge in the strict military world.

Two minutes later, HellHound Wing was almost on top of the Gammulan vessels who had been lucky enough to survive the minefield,but not lucky enough to not be affected by it. 8 ot of 10 vessels were disabled.

"Message coming in from Corsair and Delta Wing, they have begun operations"

"Perfect. Hounds: load Questor missiles and prepare to salvo, dumbfire mode. Target the space between the wormhole and the disabled ships."

"Hounds acknowledging"

"Open channel to all ships, continous transmission."

"Channel open"

"All right Hounds, on my mark decloak and fire, reload vagrants and head full burn towards Sirius, EMD ON"

The disabled Violons loomed over the wormhole as their distance was being ticked off in the Usagi's holodisplay. 10 kliks,9,8,7,6,5,4


Missile trails fumed out of the decloaking Wraith Battlecruisers by the dozens. The disabled Violons tried in vain to turn to face their unexpected visitors.

"Sir! We have multiple contacts! Reading...gods! 30 vessels decloaking..Violons,Stormcarriers,warships.. "

"All right people! Lock onto the heavy ships and broadside them with all Vagrants, follow me to the Polaris-Sirius wormhole!"

As the Wing fired the Vagrants the Questors had begun to rain upon the Gammulans. Most of them streaked through, missing their targets, but a few were lucky enough to hit cloaked vessels, forcing them to decloak.

"We got carriers on scanners!"

"Full burn towards the wormhole, send a message to ISS, send them all our sensor logs!"

"We are being jammed Commander!"

"#[email protected][email protected][email protected] Have the Nemesis and Hell's Fury mined the Polaris-Sirius wormhole?"

"Yes sir, the mines are in place."

"Order them to jump out and mine the Sirius side of the wormhole"

"They heard you commander, they're jumping out"

<Ok, now is where De Sylva asks where we are!...still with me?>

As the Wraith vessels headed for the wormhole the distinctive roar of exploding Vagrants and vaporizing metal burst through space.

"Send my regards to Davy Jones haha!" hollered Mark Mc.Tarlain, the Scottish Research officer.

Mia broke in "reading 8 vessels destroyed, 18 heavily damaged (hull), 12 disabled.No significant damage to the rest"

"Unreal... All right, lets get out of here, lets hope Gallion and Brian can buy us some time"

The Polaris-Sirius worhmole rotated lazily as the Wraith vessels approached it. Inside the wormhole's maelstrom however, a cloaked squadron of Gammulan Violons waited. When the Wraith ships entered the rotating field, they decloaked and began firing.

"Gammulans decloaking in front of us! They are blocking our way out!"

"Fire at will, PUNCH THROUGH! Ram them if you must!"

-DAMN the mines cant touch them inside the wormhole's rotating field- Tac cursed to himself,

Shields flared as the speeding Wraith BC's screamed towards the wormhole, spitting IOD fire and missiles as if there was no tomorrow. The distances were closing... 6 cliks..

"Hounds! Set one of your shuttles on remote control, send them to slam into those ships! Give them something else to shoot at. Prepare to release mines inside the rotation field"

5 clicks...

"Shuttles are away sir. Violons targeting shuttles"

Missiles hit the leftmost Violon, erupting into a ball of fire.


"All hounds report some shield damage. Violon craft same condition.. sir, the Gammulans behind us are moving to box us in"

Tiny novae flared in the wormhole.

"3 Violons knocked out sir, they are spinning inside the field, they took out one of our shuttles"

"That leaves 4 more... all ships, concentrate fire on the top-left Violon. Full PTA and IOD at max. FIRE"

3 kliks

The Violon craft had no hope, the IOD fire ripped its shields apart, the PTA fire finished it off. The remaining 2 Violons headed towards the Wraith, hoping to ram them to prevent their escape.

"Incoming! The Violons are burning towards us Sir"

"Concentrate fire on the lead ship"

"aye sir"

A second Violon was ripped open...

1 klik

"Stardust fan out! Tractor him off as you go over him"

.5 kliks

Seconds before impact, the Stardust fanned out, pulling the Violon away from the Wing with its tractor beam, its weapons screamed in anger as it was robbed of its last chance at victory.

When the Stardust released the Violon, its momentum was regained, as was the rotating field, the Violon was thrown out of the field in a tangent like an insect washed away by the wind.

HellHound Wing jumped out of Polaris.

"We made it!" screamed Mia in battle ecstasy.

Victory cries echoed through the ship.

"Not yet Mia, contact ISS, tell them we just kicked the devil in the nuts, and that its mighty pissed off and after us."

"Message sent Commander".

"All ships, mine our way out of here 'till we rendezvous with the Fleet at the meeting point."

The Gammulan ships started flowing into Sirius.


Ok fellas, this is what happened, I hope you havent typed anything different while I was typing this!.

De Sylva: Where the heck do I meet the Orion Fleet or whomever is supposed to be blockading Sirius???? we have Orion fighting at Jupiter? I'm a bit lost now.

Anyway, Sensor Info:

<Sensor log starts>

<mines detonate>

Debri consistent with at least 7 big ships.

Violon squadron of 10 detected, 8 disabled.

<Questors fired>

30 Gammulan ships decloaked:

12 Stormcarriers

8 Violons

10 Various Cruisers (sensors corrupted by Debri)

<Questors impact>

New objects:

6 Stormcarriers

12 Heavy Cruisers (unable to ID)

2 Disabled Violons destroyed by Questors

<Vagrants Fired>

<Vagrants hit>

4 Stormcarriers Destroyed

2 Violons destroyed

2 Heavy Cruisers destroyed

10 Cruisers hit

3 Stormcarriers hit

5 Heavy Cruisers hit

6 Violon disabled

4 Cruisers Disabled

2 Heavy Cruiser disabled.

<end log>

Just to remind some of you folks: All this was done with the combined firepower of 8 Galactan BC's which fired ALL their Vagrants and Questors and we are about to run out of mines.


"Mia, add the following note to De Sylva to the sensor logs: "I believe this is some kind of follow up fleet old friend, they were not organized for combat... they were hiding...possibly waiting for a signal to re-inforce. More ships were coming into the Polaris system when we began firing, perhaps the last portion of this gathering armada. My research personnel are staking their reputations that the cloak anomalies detected coming in were a few, 8 or 9 they say. We detected no more ships coming in as we pulled out. I hope this message gets to you through all this interference."

"Send this to the Hell's Fury, have it remain cloaked and deliver this to De Sylva's ship. If we do not contact it ordering her otherwise Commander Shawn Kinzel is to assume the interference is still blocking our signal and she is to remain with ISS until we can make contact."

"Aye, message sent to the Hell's Fury"

"All right people, now we wait at the Barnard's Star wormhole and await orders. Move out".

"Hounds on the way Commander."

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I am trying to coordinate with some of the other commanders on ideas where this role play is going, I have sent a couple of emails to some of the commanders involved, the people involved please respond as soon as possible.

<rp on>

Comm Officer: "Sir, we are picking up transmissions emitting from the First Light.

They are involved in a large scale battle with many capitol ships"

"Nav Officer, lay in a course to their location and Comm Officer, let them know we are on the way. Send a personal message to Cmdr. DeSylva that I have a possible reason for this invasion. If he can get the Insurgent leadership together I can brief all of us together. Let him know we are on the way so to be expecting the Shogun in the area."

Nav Officer and Comm Officer: "Yes, sir"

"Tactical Officer, sound red alert, cloak the ship and we will try to find the lead ship and surprise her when we come into the system. Be prepared for mines around the jump gate."

"Shogun crew this is Cmdr. Ristar, we are preparing to enter a battle with a large Gammulan task force, man your battle stations and God bless you all."

Ristar mumbles to himself, "I hope Alun and Gareth are still alive to see us"

</rp off>

I am going to introduce a reason for this attack, so be patient with me, I believe there are other ideas forming out there, please let me know what they are and we can work all them in.

Take care,

Cmdr Jeehun Ristar

GCV Shogun,ISS03

Intelligence and Espionage Arm Coordinator

ISS Vice Fleet Coordinator

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Rattler: Comms, a message to Akira on the Nevermore.....God Speed "Crow", Send them to Hell and back. Take ICV's Europa, Alethia, D'URBAVILLE, Phalanx, and Armageddon along, just to keep you warm on those cold nights. See you on the other side!!....Rattler

Comms: don't you mean Raven, Sir? That's truely going to make him mad at you!

Rattler: I want him mad, send it just as I dictated it! He works better when he's already ticked off!

Comms:Message away, Sir.

Comms: Incomming message from First Light, requesting all possible assistance in Jupiter Region, Sir.

Rattler: "All Hands to Stations!" Lay in a course to Jupiter. Tactical, get a probe out there in front of our advance. Comms, send broadband transmission to every ship still in range of our transmissions. Just say this....

"Rattler's going off to kick some butt in Jupiter Region. Anyone want to join the party?" Send it...NOW!

Comms: Message away!

Rattler: Nav, do we have Hyperjump abilities? If so, JUMP....NOW!

Necromancer shuddered and accelerated like a Titan Missle, running headlong into free air after having been in confinement for what seemed like centuries.

Rattler: Tactical, what's the remainder of the fleet doing?

Tactical: They almost ran us down before we jumped, Sir! Two more seconds and we'd have been Space Junk!!

For the third time today, Rattler allowed a smile to creap across his face. No these Insurgents weren't cowards! Now it was time to go earn some of this newfound respect given to them by GalCom Commanders. It surely was high time that we give some of it back in their direction as well.

Rattler: Comms, get this out to DeSylva.....Gareth, My "Old Friend", Help is on the way! If you have them by the nose, hang on!! The Insurgency is coming in to kick their butts!! If you have managed to save Antti, along with the Valentine, Make sure that nothing happens to him. After what I saw him do today, That man will never buy another drink in his entire life. Empirian Ale is his drink of choice and mine to buy! We're comming in now, so duck and cover!!!!

Rattler, Out!!

Comms: Message....Away, Sir!!!


Insurgent Commanders, I hope you do not mind my using your ships in this thread, but I figured you wouldn't want to be left out. Let me know if you would rather not be a part of this, and I'll discontinue useage of registered Insurgency vessels smile.gif


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Okay, maybe I'm a little crazy but I thought it was about time someone introduced a new element into this space opera smile.gif


Silence filled the bridge as the bridgeviewer of At All Costs continued to play live images from the Battle of Jupiter. Space was lighted with IOD and PTA fire and the explosions of cruisers and fighters were novae against the black backdrop. What we need are fighters, thought Charles Locke. Fighters and more cruisers. BattleCruisers are wondrously powerful starships, the best in the Fleet, but against such numbers they need more escort than they are getting. Locke was reading the latest GNN report when he began to think of a plan.

Massed with the bulk of the Insurgent Fleet at Sygan, At All Costs was a tiger restless with anticipation for battle. Waiting was the worst part for Commander Locke, and it was his boredom that led him to take an action he wouldn't consider at a normal time.

"Lieutenant, I need a flight engineer and 6 marines on SC-1 ready for launch immediately. Also, get as many Nutripaks from our stock as you can fit on Shuttle 1.

Now, lieutenant!"

Less than 10 minutes later SC-1 was away and on course for Pixan Station. Locke hoped he was doing the right thing.


Commander Troy Powell was a tired man. It had been 3 weeks that he and his ship, the Sentry class GCV Geronimo had been guarding the jump point from Lyrius to Lennen. It was well known that Pixan station was a haven for raiders, pirates, and criminals, and GalCom had decided to crack down. Powell's job was to monitor traffic both entering Pixan's region from Lyrius and, through probes, keeping track of vessels entering the Lennen region from Polaris or Sygan.

Alerts rang as Powell's probe relayed information on a shuttle entering Lennen from the Sygan system. Powell checked the designation - TDV Shuttle. He had been ordered to let all vessels carrying a Terran Defense Vessel designation go without any trouble. Powell logged the contact as it docked with Pixan, then went back to reading the latest GalCom news on his datapad.

His eyes immediately jumped to an article about the GalCom blockade of Pixan. Good news; the Fleet had successfully interdicted food supplies going in Pixan, the station's nutripak supply was down to an estimated 75. Agents on the surface of Lennen had also prevented supplies from leaving the surface. Powell silently congratulated himself; the raiders were starving thanks to his hard work. He felt like a true hero.


"Commander Locke we are receiving a transmission. It's from Pixan, sir."


"Sir, this is Engineer McCoy from Shuttle 1. Mission accomplished Commander. The raiders have agreed to your terms, they await only your signal. They were a little hesitant at first, but once we reminded them that the entire Insurgent Fleet was one jump away and battle ready, they gave in in pretty easily."

"Excellent, Mr. McCoy. That'll be all, you are ordered to RTB immediately. Locke out."

Locke settled back in his seat, only time would tell whether the decision he had just made would prove to be a cornerstone to Terran victory against the Gammulans or a fatal error in trust. Only time would tell...

Cmdr. Locke

ICV At All Costs

Spectre Fleet

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Hehe, its a crazy universe where reality depends on the level of individual insanity eh? :-)

Rattler: Im so happy things are fixing up, your fleet will jump into Sirius scaring the hell out my ships (which are guarding the wormhole to Barnard's Star).. we may go together to join the battle at Jupiter :-).

Locke: Talk about working for peanuts *LOL*.SOunds like fun!


HellHound wing had arrived at the Barnard's Star Wormhole, the tired Galactans positioned themselves around the wormhole in circular formation.To an outside observer it would seem that the Galactans were encompassing the twisting maelstrom.

No sign of any TDF vessel.

"Comms, open a channel to the Wing"

"Channel open"

"Gentlemen, we are short on missiles and we have a bit of time before the Gammulans remove those mines in the Polaris->Sirius wormhole, so lets make the best of it. I want you all to send shuttles to Pixan and get yourselves some missiles. Ralix and Starfires and Vagrants.Shuttles remain radio silence, there may be Gammulans cloaked in there, we dont want them to know we are out of missiles.Usagi out"

"Shuttles are being launched Commander"

"Send our own shuttles Mia"

"Shuttles 1,2 and 3 Launched."

"Launch a probe to Earth, I need to know whats going on...why are our Comm's being jammed.. could Earth be under attack?"

"Probe launched... possible sir, there are very few alternatives that could explain otherwise" replied Mia.

Jump flashes lit the void, indicating the jump of Wraith shuttles on their way to Barnard's Star.

"Where is the Hell's Fury?"

"Jumping into Jupiter in 5 minutes"

"Probe ETA?"

"1 hour to Earth"

"So we wait"

"Seems so Sir".

Two minutes later, the shuttles were docking at Pixan.


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Work with me people, a twist approachest and could be interesting.


COMMS: COMMANDER! Incoming message from GCV Usagi.

GALLION: Put it thru COMMS.



TO: GVC Graf Spee

FR: GCV Usagi


Deploy your Wing along the Gammulan-Terran space lanes. Take no prisoners!


GALLION: What the.... ÔÇô Get CMDR Tac on-line, pipe it through to my console.

COMMS: Aye Sir! COMMS officer replied. This is getting weirder and weirder CMDR Gallion thought to himself. First a message from De Sylva to change IFF modules, now this. Communications have been out for two days. Get it fixed and now what, wish the damn thing was still....

COMMS: Commander, negative contact with GVC Usagi, too much interference.

GALLION: Thank you Lt., ENGINEERING! Chief, have you completed the shield and armor upgrades yet?

CHIEF ENG: AYE sir, shields upgrade is complete. Armor upgrade will be completed in 5 minutes.

GALLION: Good work Chief, when the Armor is done, start the engine upgrades,. Navigation, plot and set course to Cygan. Activate cloaking device, all jarheads prepare for combat, TAC put 2 in each shuttle, 10 in OPS and the rest search mode, MED get the Band-Aids up, expect the worst. All staff report to the briefing room in 10 minutes, Captain OUT.

NAV: Commander, arrived at Pravis, nothing to report.

TAC: HOLD IT! Jump Anomalies forming, I count 10, 20, 30, 38, 42, Gam ships, Battlecruisers, Strike Carriers, itÔÇÖs the whole damn Gam fleet!

GALLION: Any stragglers?

TAC: No Sir! They have just cloaked.

GALLION: Verify that ship count TAC!

TAC: No can do Sir, they cloak before we could get an accurate count.

GALLION: Look in the bloody computer, it works now!

TAC: No can do Sir, that last software package we loaded had a bug in it, fried a couple tetrabytes of memory before we fixed it.

COMMS: Commander, we need to warn TDF!

GALLION: NO! Maintain radio silence. ENGINEERING! Status report!

CHIEF ENG: Armor upgrade complete beginning Engine upgrade.

Gallion: BELAY that chief, weÔÇÖll do it later (if we can). Have your system engineers get some rest, we are going to need them soon.


GALLION: NAV, continue course to Cygan, TAC when we reach Cyron I want 20 Leech and 20 Crab mines laid in a DELTA pattern. NAV, plot a course to Regulus and jump when the mines-laying is complete. TAC, repeat mine-laying pattern after we jump into Regulus.

COMMS: Send a message to GVC Usagi, narrow-beam, when we reach Regulus. Include GAM ship count and the following: Cygan, Regulus mined, proceeding to Gam 1. Maintaining radio silence, next transmission 1 hour. Got that COMMS?

COMMS: Yes Sir, message loaded, will transmit when we reach Regulus System.

I hope Usagi makes it, just got use to TAC as Fleet Commander. Hate not giving him any warning but IÔÇÖm just following orders, arenÔÇÖt I? A strike fleet is not supply convoy. Two more systems and the Gams will know that the Graf Spee is in town.


The best laid plan lasts until the first contact with the enemy. Hope murphy is not in this gig <grin>

CMDR Gallion

GVC Graf Spee, "Run Silent, Run Deeep"

Somewhere out of the rainbow

TAC Check your Inbox!!!!!

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Chavik had entered Sygan space and sent his message to Rattler and sent his message only to hear several more reported by Miss Siamet. He asked her to pipe them thru and was happy to hear DeSylva's reply. Before he could send again he heard another from the Predicant. "Miss Siamet, please initiate contact with the probe we sent to Jupiter and see if it is still active, if so pipe it though Tacops. Mr. King please target Sygan station and take us in. It's time we had a talk with Rattler."

"More messages sir."

"Put them through my visor," said Chavik. Chavik listened carfully to the barrage of incoming messages. "Ok, Miss Siamet get the transponder code to Mr. Cooper and install those new codes. On everything. Mines, missiles, shuttles, interceptors, everything. If it can leave this ship I want that code on it. We will wait for Rattler's command to transfer. Mr. Brom are we at Sygan yet?"

"Aye sir."

"Sir the Necromancer is leaving system," reported Mr. King.

"A message from the Necromancer sir," added Miss Siamet.

"Looks like we are part of the TDF people. Mr. Harrison plot a course for Jupiter. Change codes one jump away. Looks like we've been invited to a war."


Commander Chavik

ICV Phoenix

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Rattler: Comms, Initiate TDF Transponder switch and get the message out to Spectre, straight away!

Comms: We're now TDF singing, Sir! Message sent to Spectre. They're answering back the new code.

Rattler: Get this one out as well to Spectre.... Upon entering Jupiter space, initiate formation Delta-Vee, pre-assigned ships fall into formations, and Good Hunting!....Rattler

Comms: It's gone ,Sir!

Nav: Entering Sirius Space, Sir.

Tactical: Multiple Boggies on screen, NO, Wait, It's Wraith, or what's left of them, laying mines. I'd sure liked to have seen their faces when we appeared on their screens!!

Rattler: No you wouldn't have, and you wouldn't have wanted to be there to smell it either smile.gif

Send them a message.....Greetings Members of Wraith. Care to join our party? Or cover our Six? The battle Line is now drawn at Jupiter. We proceed at Flank Speed! Give 'Em Hell Wraith!!!!....Rattler Sends his Best Regards.

Comms: Gone, Sir smile.gif

Nav: Initiating Hyperjump sequence in annomoly forming.....

As if correographed in an ancient Broadway Play, the entire Body of Spectre initiated jump as one, dashing across Sirrian space, heading headlong onto a path that not many would have the stomache to follow.

Rattler: How long to Jupiter?

Nav: One jump and we're gonna be knee deep in it Sir!!!

Rattler: Initiate Cloaking Device. The other guys will see us do it, and follow our lead. We can't take the chance of message traffic, we're too damn close now.

Tactical: Cloaking Device Activated, Sir!

Again, as one, Spectre started disappearing from sight, like a city going dark, one house at a time.

Rattler: Tactical, time to start earning your keep. Now get me a full load of missiles ready. All Hands to Battle Stations!!!!

Rattler disregarded his own advice just this one time, and had Comms send one last message to Spectre, and one message sent broadband out in the direction that he had last seen the Nevermore disappear into. It was a short one, but carried the Fate of the entire Human Race in the Ballance. It simply said.....Gentlemen, Today is a good day to die, so let's let those Gammulan [email protected][email protected]#[email protected]$s die TODAY!!!!


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Guest Ron Wallin


"That is all. Now get to the galley and take a break. You have fifteen minutes. They may be your last fifteen for a while. Enjoy them while you can." The group stood to attention. "Dismissed," he said as he grabbed his datapad. He started one more review of the plans for his small strike group. Shuttle 1 has docked... The computer reported the docking shuttles across the top of his datapad.

"Tactical, report," he ordered.

"Our shuttles have returned from starstation Sygan. Comm's reports the other twenty shuttles have docked with their BC's also," she said. By the speed of her speech and the vibrato Akira knew she was nervous.

"Lt. Neems, are you handling your post?"

"Yes, sir," she fired back. Neems recognized the question for what it was and pulled herself together. "We have everything you requested. Sygan was able to provide us one shuttle with 80 Vagrants. Shuttle two is loaded with 40 Ralix and 100 Questar missiles. Shuttle 3 has 2000 unites of Iridium. Shuttle 4 reports 10 OTS Bugnor's, 250 Crab, and 250 leech mines. The Bugnor's have been transferred to ATV 4 for safe keeping. And the mines have been cleared to WB1 and ATV 1. Shuttle 4 is clear for other duties. Comms reports the same from the other 5 craft on our wing." Her tone was considerably more professional.

"Thank You. You will be relieved in 15. You and the rest of the secondary bridge crew are to review the mission parameters and then get back to sleep. I want all of you fresh and ready to step in should the need arise."

"Incoming message from Insurgent one," the comm officer broke in.

"Patch it through to my location." Akira read the message. Crow, he thought. Rattler is going to get it for that one. He attached the datapad to his right leg and made for the galley. I'd best follow my own advice, he thought.

Fifteen minutes later he arrived on station to meet his primary bridge crew. They had standing orders not to stop their work when he arrived, but he could sense the pause as they all seemed to remind themselves not to follow standard protocols. Akira took his place in the command chair and centered his position with the large view screen ahead.

"Comm, I'm transferring a message to your station. Broadcast to the remaining Insurgent vessels."


To those commanders of the ICV's Europa, Alethia, D'URBAVILLE, Phalanx, and Armageddon: Should you wish to join Insurgent One in the battle of Jupiter, say so soon! I have yet to hear any word from any of you and will be putting words into your mouths as necessary. So, this is your chance to go with the others. I will simply change the craft name to a fictional ICV designation. Otherwise, you are under MY command and now part of STRIKE GROUP RAVEN.


***Begin Message***

Cmdr.'s this is Raven. We are a strike group tasked with finding out why the Gammulans have not sought other means of entry into our sector of space. From this point forward (until I release you) your callsigns are as follows:

Armageddon = Raven02

Alethia = Raven03


Phalanx = Raven05

Europa = Raven06

You will be addressed and are ordered to broadcast with the above callsigns only.

We will be taking FLX-06 out of Sygan. Depending on our luck we will arrive either at Majoris in Droidan space or Ramis in Vesperon space. Our objective either way is to stay cloaked and gather what information we can on our way to Earth.

EARTHCOM has been too silent during this crisis and we need to know why, so we'll be stopping at Centris to see why starstation Warmage has been receiving only.

Raven02-06 form up on me. Pattern C3

[/rp]For those historians, the C3 is an expandable and contractible star or flower pattern. Head on it's a 5 pointed star with the command ship in the center. Each cloak field overlaps and strengthens the other. It also allows for simultaneous jumps into a region and protects the center craft (usually a command ship) from side shots and allows the ships to concentrate the firepower of as many as 12 ships on a single target.


"Message received and acknowledged, Commander." The Comm officer was busy relaying log information. It would be necessary for each ship to have DeSylva's orders on file should the EARTHCOM forces be selectively unaware of the current situation.

"Strike Group Raven in position, sir."

"Nav, relay the flight plan. FO, you are clear to make for FLX-06 once we have acknowledgement from SGR."

Strike Group Raven collapsed its ranks and made a precision jump for the flux field. Loaded to the max, Akira hoped it was enough. The Gammulans had a backdoor in FLX-10. If they used it, and he had his suspicions, there might not be much left of Warmage. Centris is the only backdoor entrance to the Sol system. Akira hoped T.C. understood its importance.


What will happen when Strike Group Raven makes its way to Centris? Have the gammulans already made their way to Pluto or is this an elaborate plan by Cmdr. Akira to exact revenge on EARTHCOM while Terrans everywhere are focused on events at Jupiter? We shall soon find out. smile.gif

Cmdr. Akira

ICV Nevermore

Spectre, Command Staff


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