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Eve of the War


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OK all, things are beginning to get hot. Since Corsair Wing is down ÔÇ£southÔÇØ all by their lonesome, we have a 4d front going on (dont forget about Murphy)


COMMS: Commander, we are in Regulus System, Regis VI

GALLION: Excellant, TACOPS, anything on the scope?

TACOPS: ThatÔÇÖs a negative sir. Looks clear, with the exception of that Gam starbase, Rocon. Beginning minelaying operations now. Down to 20 Crab and 20 Leech mines.

GALLION: Good, Chief, how are we doing on Iridium?

CHIEF ENG: ATV 1, 2, 3, and 4 full, 300 left in Graf SpeeÔÇÖs tank.

GALLION: When we are down to 25, transfer ATV 1ÔÇÖs load to the BCÔÇÖs tank.


COMMS: Transmitting pre-recording message

Should have picked up more at that last Zelon base, Gallion thought, along with more mines. Sure hope Murphy is not around, the last thing I need is.... [bANG] [ZAP] {ZOW] BOOOOOOOM] [OUCH]. Flames, smoke, and fumes flood the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs bridge. Systems go on and off line. Bridge officers and crew scramble to put the flames out. Fire suppression and ventilation systems activate saving most of the bridge crew.


TACOPS: ALL systems OK, scope clear, minefield complete.


FLIGHT OPS: All systems OK, all ICs ready to launch.


CHIEF ENG: Engines OK, Shield OK, Transporter OK, Reactor OK, Cloak O....shit!, SIR, Cloaking device is down, mega damage, we have DECLOAKED!

GALLION: COMMS, COMBAT OPS, status report! <No answer> CHIEF, get the cloaking device fixed NOW!

TACOPS: We have been detected, ships launched from Rocon; 2 Aestrom and Warmongers; 5 Templon; 5 S Fighter; 5 L Fighter; 5 Sentinels; and 1 shuttle heading towards LV-184.

GALLION: CHIEF, how long until the cloak is fixed?

CHIEF: 20 minutes

GALLION: Check, we need that cloak chief! COMMS! WhatÔÇÖs your status?

TACOPS: Commander, COMMS down, transmitter is fried, primary systems are down, backups are down. Computer system looks OK but we need to do a serious diagnostics to be sure. Band-Aides have taken Lt Edison to MEDBAY, looks like she will make it though.

GALLION: <turns to the jarhead in charge> Find your Lt, leave three Marines in OPS, and send the rest on SEARCH detail. Report to me when you have completed this.

GALLION: FLIGHT OPS, Prepare to launch all ICs, orders are to defend the Graf Spee. NAV, plot a course to LV-184 prepare to engage on my command, TACOPS prepare to lay minefield at JP LV-184, DELTA 9 pattern, before we jump out of system.

COMMS are out, equipment and personnel; cloaking device up in 20 minutes, 4 warships and 20 fighters on their way in, ETA 3 minutes. Shield are full up, armor 100%, at least they were upgraded. Time to pull a rabbit out of the hat Gallion. Where is the rest of Corsair Wing?

TACOPS: Jump anomaly forming 10 klics away, looks like a Gam Aestrom.

GALLION: Target Vagrants, give-em 10 and reload missile bay. Transfer from SC4. PTA at 20% IOD at 40%, come around 90 degrees port, plus 5000m. WeÔÇÖll hit when they come out of hyper, fire missiles when locked. Keep the ICs in their pens until the Fighters get close then launch.

Aye Sir! The entire bridge crew said.

CALLION: <turns on ship intercom> Captain to Crew, things are about to get hot. We took some damage but that is being fixed. Watch for boarders. The Gams like to beam a squad aboard to create havoc and mayhem. Stay alert and stay alive people, Captain OUT!.

For the forth time today Gallion wondered what else could go wrong, that DAMN Murphy and his bloody laws.

TACOPS: Missiles locked, missiles AWAY. Range 8 klics and closing. Weapons system on-line. Fighters, range 45,000 klics and closing, ETA 2.5 minutes. 2nd Aestrom, range 8000 klics and closing, Warmongers 55000 klics, steady, looks like they are guarding Rocon Sir.

GALLION: ECM ON! <that should buy me some time>

They have a 5-1 advantage, why arenÔÇÖt they attacking? There should be 4 cruisers on my ass pounding away. What are these Gams up to? Gallion thought.

GALLION: Roger that TACOPS, same plan for the second Aestrom when they get in range. Chief, send one of your SysEngs to check out the computer, something doesnÔÇÖt seem right. I want a full diagnostic run ASAP!

CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir, will do. ETR of cloak now 25 minutes.

Damn! Robbing Peter to pay Paul, but if IÔÇÖm right, this just might be the rabbit IÔÇÖve been looking for. Now to find a hat.


CMDR Gallion, GVC Graf Spee ÔÇ£Run Silent, Run DeeepÔÇØ and donÔÇÖt get caught in a Rainbow........hopefully.

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The bridge of the newly minted TDV At All Costs was flooded with a pure white light as the ship entered the wormhole. A second later, darkness emerged and hung for one perfect moment of stillness and silence. The moment passed, and IOD fire and the sounds of explosions erupted as the entire body of Spectre Fleet joined the melee and opened fire on the Gammulan Fleet.

"Mr. Fenster, send a message to our Raider friends," said Commander Locke. "Tell them to move to the prearranged location and await my order."

"Yes sir. I've sent the message."

"Good. ICs One and Three, you are cleared for launch. Concentrate on keeping the big boys safe but if you can get a few potshots on a cruiser, feel free."

The battle was brutal. Missiles flew and PTAs fired relentlessly into the night. The Gammulans held their ground. Commander Rattler continued giving orders and assigning formations, but Commander Locke was preoccupied with arranging the upcoming reinforcements.

"Sir," said Mr. Fenster. "The Raiders are contacting us. They are in position."

"Excellent, send the signal. Indicate only the first wave is to join our attack for now."

"Aye sir, the message is away."

"Sir, this is Tactical. We are getting multiple bogeys coming from the wormhole. One, no, two StarCarrier Cruisers and 15 heavy fighters. Designation is... is TDV sir! Their ship names aren't on our master list though, Commander!"

"No need to worry, lieutenant. That's our backup." Locke chuckled, "I'll have to commend Engineer McCoy for his fine work rigging up those Raiders' IFF codes, though."

"Sir, the lead StarCarrier is hailing us."

"Put it on."

"Commander, this is Captain Naismith of the er..TDV Cruiser Silhouette. We're here to keep our part of the bargain. Send us some targets or send us home, At All Costs."

"Locke here. See that charred vessel over there, the GCV Predicant? You're to defend her with everything you've got. Anything happens to that ship while you're guarding it and I'll hold your pirate hide personally responsible. Once the Predicant's out of danger your job is to protect any other BCs in the area. Locke out!"

----Broadbeam Transmission to all TDV------

Commander Locke here. Gentlemen, the craft that just entered the system are reinforcements, under my personal command. For the meantime its not important where they came from, suffice it to say I have insured their loyalty to us. Commander Junkarri, I don't know if you have jump capability, but if you do get the hell out of here! I've assigned a good deal of escorts for you, they'll protect your retreat. If you don't have jump drive then sit tight, your courage is an inspiration to all of us and the Predicant won't be destroyed if I can help it. Good luck everyone, now lets go back to killing some Gammulan scum!

-------Transmission Ended----------

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Just a small excerpt from the battle at Jupiter...


"Where are these ships coming from?", Tactical Officer Bancroft yelled emphaticially.

"I don't know, the Sol perimeter defenses must have failed."

"FO, bring us about to engage the nearest Gammulan cruiser and engage at close range. Tactical, bring IOD systems to seventy and continue firing."

The situation appeared grim. Fighting around Jupiter was intense, with dozens of fighters vieing for superiority, as well as the carriers and cruisers on both sides attacking each other at point blank range. Missiles streaked across the spacial abyss while the debris of fallen ships burned in space with an quiet erethral white glow. While the ferocity and number of ships dropped, it appeared that the Gammulan invasion force maintained it's numerical superiority. Despite this, the Terran fleet continued to ravage the invasion force.

"Status, officers!", the Commander yelled.

The GCV Minos Corva was operating at an average integrity of 72%. In itself, this was not bad. However, her sistership, the GCV Leviathan was a Constellation class BC, currently operating at 33%, lost all of her fighters, and was emitting an SOS signal. To that end, the Minos Corva desperately focussed on both staying in the battle as well as escorting the Leviathan to safety. Now with the Leviathan out of action, the Minos Corva would have to assume the role of minelayer, and act quickly, while they still had a chance to fight back.

"Tactical, divert remaining interceptors to escort the Leviathan outside of the battle perimeter."

"Aye." Bancroft pointed to Comms officer Bouissou, who opened a comms channel. "IC-1 and 3, divert to escort Leviathan out of combat zone".

"Sir," the communications officer chimed, "Incoming communications from Command, requesting that we deploy remaining mines.."

After hesitating for a second, Commander Bader replied, "Very well. Navigation, set a course to the jump point and prepare to engage on my mark. Officer MacNeil [combat officer], prepare to deploy mines once we are in position. Comms, inform the Leviathan to hold close, and follow this through. Inform the Cdr. Lambert on the Minos Feres to provide cover fire and flank the incoming force. Also, send a message to Cdr. Tringad, inform him we are establishing a minelaying profile unless ordered otherwise."

Suddenly, the SAS switched to condition red. MacNeil, the Combat officer, said in a stunned voice, "We have an intruder alert on deck three!"

The Commander quietly acknowledged, <i>perhaps this will be our day</i>"


Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People

Cdr. C.G. Bader, GCV Minos Corva, (OMB 7)

ISS Tactical Support Arm

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Well, this thing is really jumping...*grin*.


TO: GALCOM High Command

SOURCE: Gareth DeSylva, GALCOM Fleet Command

SUBJECT: Further Orders

I am making the following recommendations, and I advise that they follow immediately. Conflict continues in the Jupiter region.

1) All civilian colonies in the Pluto, Mars, and Earth regions should be prepared for evacuation, and be evacuated in underground bunkers if possible. Detail all unused 7th Fleet craft and personnel to aid in the evacuations.

2) The remnants of Wraith, as well as the Insurgent fleet (and for some crazy reason, a bunch of raiders with TDF IFF signals) are all now in Jupiter, and so is the rest of the Gammulan fleet. It is huge, but for some reason I still have my doubt that this is it. I have intercepted transmissions that tend to agree that the Insurgents are ahead of us on this, and that they believe that EarthCOM's radio silence is as a result of some kind of attack. If this is true, we may be fighting on a second major front.

The magnitude of the Gammulan attack in this area has tied up all of our readily available forces, and I am loath to withdraw any forces from Jupiter space to provide security at Pluto, the other entry into the system. However, w4e need to act decisively, for any Gammulan force using the Pluto entry point at the moment would find their way to Earth unopposed. As a result, I am recommending that both GALCOM HQ and Starpath's security forces, as well as any reserve forces in the Fleet stations, be launched and relocated immediately in Pluto space to patrol the area, and in particular the wormhole there. As Jupiter is well covered, the only other external threat would have to come from Pluto, so we will keep this covered as well.

All ships thus relocated are to stay in touch with GALCOM Fleet Command at all times; any loss of contact should be reported to me immediately.

Apart form this, I have no further orders but for our personnel in Jupiter to keep fighting...


The rescue of the TDF Predicant had moved him. The sight of Insurgent craft and GALCOM craft cooperating to move the Predicant out of danger had been something he would never have expected. However, the First Light was turning to follow, as were the cruisers and carriers that had been attacking the Predicant in the first place. Young antti was not out of the frying pan yet...

The appearance of Wraith Fleet had been a relief, and the surprise cooperation form the Pixan raider band had been a shock, but a welcome one. The odds were slowly evening - the Gammulans' superior numbers were being eroded by the new arrivals. Perhaps there was a chance. Perhaps...

Intruders had already made on play at the First Light - Gammulan Shock Troopers had been intercepted en-route to Engineering by a Marine detail. The battle that had ensued had seen all Gammulans cut down, and one of his marines severely wounded. One IC had been recalled - lucky IC-2 had managed to limp back to the First Light with no armour, systems at 14%, and both lasers blown away. but it had survivied, and the pilots were recovering in Medibay now. The other ICs were in various states of repair, the lowest being IC-4 with an integrity reading 42% after an unlucky missile hit. The debris from damaged capital ships and destroyed fighters was eginning to becopme a hazard itself - the First Light had taken a serious hit from a spinning turret that some poor cruiser had lost. One fighter had already been abandoned when it collided with a piece of decking that another cruiser had lost. Space aroun Jupiter was getting crowded.

DeSylva ran thorugh the jumble of plans in his head once more. GALCOM had turned this affair over to him, and by god he was going to win through if it killed him. With the civilian evacuations commencing, that was one less worry. Starpath, GALCOM HQ, and the Fleet Stations were already staffed by military personnel as the mainstay, and so would not need to be evacuated. No matter which way the breach came from - Jupiter or his hunch about Pluto - GALCOM ships would fall back to defend the stations who had just had their security forces commandeered to protect Pluto. there was always the option of dividing the forces at Jupiter to try and more evenly cover Sol space, but thy were spread thinly enough as it was.

No. It was time to be decisive. To strike hard and with fury.

He watched another figter flare into a brief fireball as it screamed past the bridgeviewer. He fervently hoped it had been a Gammulan. The First Light was still orientating itself for a jump towards the Predicant, still almost dead in space. Transmissons were coming in from the ISS ships that were mining the jump points - mining was in progress, but the ships were taking heavy losees. He swore. "Kerra, get this out: 17th and 18th SMBs are to cover the minelaying operations. We have to mine those jumps, otherwise it will be all the harder to stop the Gammulans here." Kerra acknoweldged the message, before bending over her console.

He knew what Akira was thinking. He had felt uncomfortable about the situation all along, but it was not until he was informed by Chavik of Akira's plans that he had realised why. One side of Sol itself was gaping wide open.

They would soon see whether it was an enticing enough target...


Well, time for some sleep. Keep posting, gentlemen...

Oh, BTW Akira..."I've seen weakness in many of his actions?" *grin* Wha'd I do to deserve that?? *big grin*.

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As soon as the Navcomm computer got on-screen, the proud Orion Flagship of Cmdr. Junkkari was visible, on screen, full detail. I heard: 'He's coming to get us out !' People remembered the words from the Chief Orion Commander when they were put in their duty's on a renewed mission and ship; "With such a fine crew, I will come and help you out myself, you people are of great value to this Fleet!"

Back on visual, all hands on the bridge could witness the GCV Predicant, with no shields, explosions but still with automatic PTA-fire. as soon as our PTA system picked up the bogeys that where in the neighbourhood, they started firing, with two BC's in the same area, it created a nice firework!

-Sir! there are more ships here in this area, some of wich are Insurgents!

-All hands to the battlestations! We can't go back into the flux-field, and sure we're not going to be defeated by those puny Insurgents!

A double tap on the commander-console brought the vagrant armed and ready on-screen. Almost immediatly the charming voice of one of the comm-crew said: "Sir, I'm picking up an IFF signal from that target" , and the ICV-Valentine is about to put a tractorbeam-lock on the GVC-Predicant !

After she spoke the word Predicant, the space between the Valentine and the Predicant got a greenish colour, and two moment later both Vessles where gone, only leaving a white Hyperjump-mark.

- Sir, the Navcomm computer indicates that both vessles are now at the jump gate to Earth.

Set course for that same destination, we're not going to stay here, and we'll have regroup, and get an update on those Insurgent IFF's.



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As Spectre entered Juptier Space, all ships assumed Delta-Vee Formation and commenced attack upon the invasion forces. Seven ships stacked vertically, and obliqued aft from the lead ship, thusly assuming the appearance of a flying wedge. In this formation, none save the upper and lowermost craft could be attacked from above, or below without encountering a murderous onslaught from all members of the formation. Those unfortunate enough to be directly in front of the formation didn't have time to realize their error, as their shields and armor were pulverized before their commanders could issue helm directives to attempt escape. Rattler had witnessed the destruction of none less than 15 Gammulan Ships of the Line when things started going South! The younger members of Spectre, thinking Victory was close at hand, had started to abandon battle tactics. They were systemmatically vectoring away from their assigned positions to chase a wounded Gammulan, then return to formation when their ships were jeopradized by superior numbers.

Tactical: There goes another one, Sir!

Rattler: What the !##~$~~ is going on out there???

Rattler: Comms, get a message out there!! Any ship breaking formation will be Courtsmartialed, should they be unlucky enough to survive this campaign!!!

Comms: Message Sent, and Acknowledged from Spectre, Sir!!!

Rattler: Gentlemen, we aren't winning YET, But they sure as hell know that we are here!!!

Comms: Incomming message from First Light!

First Light has transmitted back to EarthCom/Galcom, advising them to watch their Back Door!!

Rattler: About Damn Time!!! I thought Akira was the only one who could read a Star Chart there for a minute smile.gif Now Where's Chavik? Got to keep an eye on StoreKeeper. I WON'T lose a Base Commander out here!!


Time to go to work now, See you guys later on this evening smile.gif


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Guest Antti Junkkari

To: All terran ships

From: Shuttle3, Commander Junkkari

GCV-Predicant destroyed.

Reason: Serious damage from Gammulan ships, serious engine damage and hull breaches. Possible engine explosion or empty ship destoryed by Gammulans.

Left crew evacuated with left 3 shuttles.

Returning to Orion HQ, if possible. Shuttles are damaged, and it is not easy to get to that station. Possible escort is being asked from all friendly ships.

Commander Junkkari,

Orion Fleet Leader

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Ok folks just so you dont get confused: The Fleet the GCV Graf Spee detected was the one that jumped in Polaris when the fighting began... we have a little chronological mess here.. anyway, here goes:


"Hostiles inbound! Fleet jumping in from Barnard's Star!.. wait... TDF IFF signals sir!"

"TDF? So the order came through.. activate TDF transponders!, ID the inbound ships"

"Transponders active, targets identified as Insurgent vessels.. the lead ships is Rattler's ships commander.They are hailing us"

"Lets hear it"

"Greetings Members of Wraith. Care to join our party? Or cover our Six? The battle Line is now drawn at Jupiter. We proceed at Flank Speed! Give 'Em Hell Wraith!!!!....Rattler Sends his Best Regards"

"Seems we will be on their six, Comms, hail Rattler: "We are out of missiles, shuttles sent to Pixan to get more, will join you in a few minutes.How bad is it at Jupiter? We have incoming craft from Polaris, I estimate it will take them 4 hours to clear the 3 minefields we left on our way here.Tac out"

"Message sent Commander"

"Where are those shuttles??"

"Shuttles report full and heading back, ETA 3 minutes"

"Receiving tight-beam message from Wrath HQ. They are fowarding a Corsair transmission: 40+ Gammulan vessels in transit to Polaris...they are time indexed 3 hours earlier sir"

"Well, it seems we ran into them all right, send reply, tight beam to Wrath HQ:"Foward this to the Graf Spee: We got the info a bit late, but we got some of them on our way out. From now on use Wrath HQ to foward messages via Tight-beam. HellHound wing about to enter Jupiter.Good hunting Gallion"

"Message sent"

"Send him a copy of our sensor logs and give them an update on the Jupiter situation."

"Compressing logs.. transmitting.....sent."

"What is the status of the Cruisers?"

"Uploading from Wrath HQ... Cruiser Force A has observed little Gammulan trafic, they have destroyed a few transports and fighters, 1 cruiser was damaged and has returned to HQ for repairs... Force B has.. nuked 1 Gammulan and 2 Valkyrie outposts???"

"They are loaded with OTS Mia, you werent here when I gave the order. Comms: Order Cruiser Force to set a rendezvous point with the Graf Spee. Inform Gallion he now has command of our 10 cruisers."

"Message on its way sir."

"Commander, GCV Hell's Fury reports heavy fighting in Jupiter, linking TacOps computers now"

The blueish green holodisplay of the powerful TacOps computer materialized on Tac's display grid.He didn't like what he saw.

"Antti got himself banged up...wow. Where are the Jacobi and Othello?"

"Jacobi and Othello report engaged, they are drawing fighters away from the TDF fleet"

"Comms, have the Othello and Jacobi report to Shawn Kinzel, they are under her command now. Order the Hell's Fury to make its name be remembered there."

"Message sent, Othello and Jacobi awaiting orders from Cmdr. Kinzel"

"Any word from Delta Wing"?

"Attempting Tight-Beam comms... no response."

"Shuttles are docking sir"

"Perfect, as soon as the last one docks order the Hounds to full speed to Jupiter,cloak before jumping, drop our last mines on the Sirius side of the Sirius->Sol wormhole, set mines to let any TDF IFF go through. Only friendly ships will pass through. Drop a probe in front to the wormhole, have it transmit a blockade message:"Only ships with GCV,ICV,ECV or TDF IFF transponder codes will pass, any ship entering Sol system will be fired upon and destroyed. No civilian traffic allowed"

"Programming probe... probe launched"

The probe screamed as it made its way to its designated sentry location just outside the minefield, as the Wraith Battlecruiser's afterburned towards Jupiter.

A few minutes later, the beauty and awe of the gas giant was robbed by the furious energies that streaked across its space as fleets of ships engaged each other for supremacy of the giant. Wraith Fleet, HellHound Wing had entered Jupiter.

"Comms: Have De Sylva feed us targets. Include a copy of sensor logs and update him on whats going on with Corsair, Delta and Cruiser Force."


"Missiles have been loaded, Wing reports ready for action" came the bark from the Combat Officer"

"Marines ready for.."

"I KNOW. Thats the 10th time you've said it"

"Sorry sir, following protocol"

"I know, it ought to be re-written" (DEREK: HINT HINT HINT HEHE)


Ok HellHound wing is on Jupiter. De Sylva, Rattler: Any targets on Gammulan space you think must be taken out transmit them to the Graf Spee. How's Antti? :-)

Shawn: If you're reading this, start posting lady! *G*

The remaining Gam fleet is still stuck in the Polaris side of the Polaris->Sirius wormhole, we left mines all over the place. They may take a day to get rid of them. Lets squeeze the Jupiter Gam's till their brains pop out their... err.. well, lets say they wont pop out their heads hehe.

Rattler: The sensor logs and updates should inform you that Wraith Fleet is broken up, not "whats left of it" *grin!*. Mia Kurazawa hopes you break a leg. She sounds sincere in that *evil grin*.

Antti Junkkari: My sentiments for you loss. I just wanted to remind you that Orion Fleet's bases and starstation are in Jupiter, and they have TONS of fighters and cruisers and some extra BC's.. now that you dont have a ship, you may want to commandeer them :-).. Have FUN! :-)

"..right to the moment where the heart for battle cries, take me just one time where the legend lies" -Europe-

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To: Cmdr. Cody Bader

From: Cmdr. Alun Tringad

Sub: Mines

Proceed with mining operations, the harder it is for the Gams to get through, the better. Tringad out.


"Comms, switch IFF codes to TDV signal" said Tringad.

"Aye, sir," replyed the Comms officer, "IFF codes switched".

The mining operations were almost finished. A few more minutes and the Black Falcon could jump back to Jupiter and provide support. (I know, I sorta jumped from being in Jupiter to being almost done with the mining operations. But you guys did so much that I had to! smile.gif)

"Comms, send a message to Cmdr. Junkkari, tell him we can pick his shuttle up in 10 minutes." said Tringad.

"Aye, sir, message sent"

"Helm, as soon as the minelayers are done, I want you to jump back to Jupiter and lay a course to Cmdr. Junkkari's shuttle."

"Yes, sir" the Flight officer replyed.


After the minelayers were done, the Black Falcon was just about to jump back to Jupiter when the SAS switched from yellow to red. There were five Gammulan fighters setting up for an attack run on the minelayers.

"D***! Launch ICs 1, 2 and 3! NOW!" yelled Tringad.

"Intercepters launched, sir" replyed Borin, the Tactical officer.

"Tell them to protect those minelayers at all costs!" Tringad all but screamed.

"And send another message to Cmdr. Junkkari, tell him we will be a little late"

"Right, sir, message sent" replyed Comms.

"Put PTA on 30%," said Tringad, "and get us between those fighters and the minelayers"

"How the hell could five fighters get through?" Tringad thought to himself.

"Could a whole cloaked carrier have got through?"


Well guys, there's my two cents for the hour. This should be called "The Battle of Jupiter". Nice name, eh?

Later all.


William Ramsay, Jr., AKA:

Commander Alun Tringad

TDV Black Falcon ISS05

Tactical Support Coordinator, ISS Fleet

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Guest Hellstar

Greets, Please forgive me first time to post.


Hellstar: Helm, position us on the Usagi's low 3 and match target's speed.

Helm: Aye sir, inputing navigational corrections.

Hellstar: Comm, send tightbeam transmission to the Usagi. The message shall read: Tac, Hellstar reporting in for duty sir. Requesting situation report and orders. The GVC-Tsuing is fully operational and awaiting command. Its good to be back by your side Tac.

Hellstar gives the command to uncloak, and waits a response from Tac. He thinks back to the hold days when Tac and him were wing buddies at the academy. Man those were some good times.


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The explosion of the GCV Predicant filled the viewscreen of At All Costs and was bright as a supernova even with filters on.

"Damn!" cried Commander Locke. "This is what happens when you expect pirates to do a man's job. Fenster get the Raiders online and tell them to render all possible assitance to Junkarri's shuttles on the way out of the system. The remaining Raider vessels are to continue protecting the BCs in the area. Remind them if they expect to have a home to return to on Pixan and if they want even partial pardons from UFN they better start racking in the kills!"

"Message way sir," returned Fenster.

The battle continued, going well for the TDF. Locke wanted to feel triumphant, but there was something slightly wrong about the circumstances that wouldn't allow him to accept victory quite yet. The Gammulans were now slightly less in numbers than the entire massed TDF in Jupiter, and they were beginning to lose more engagements than they won. It was clear that if the battle continued at its present pace TDF would, albeit at a very high cost, win out, but the Gammulans fought on, seemingly without a target, goal, or master plan. They were destroying TDF vessels, yes, but they had yet made a move that would imply an attempt at staking a claim on territory.

Locke thought of the ships heading to intercept a possible attack from Pluto, and thought of how weak the TDF Fleet in Jupiter would be by the time the engagement was over, and he hoped fervently that Akira would find nothing.

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LB2 academy *laugh*.

Good to see your post old buddy!


"GCV Tsuing reports ready for action Commander"

"I was wondering when Kagato would get restless...very well, Comms: message to the Tsuing: Long time indeed! You are weapons free old friend, target any heavy ship you find. I will need your fighters soon, so dont launch them yet.Tac out"

"Message sent Sir"

"Tactical, access Wraith Tactical Database, apply the "Swarm Offensive" to those Stormcarriers near the dark side of Jupiter."

"Im on it commander" replied Mia

"Comms: Message to HellHounds: Load IC's with the heaviest missiles you've got. Standby for Swarm"

"Wing complying Sir"

The battle in Jupiter was taking its toll, Gammulan vessels were beggining to dwindle in numbers, but the cost the Terrans had paid was almost as heavy, and there was another fleet coming in in a few hours.

While he waited for Mia's work to be done, Tac concentrated on the TacOps display, trying to find some weakness in the Gammulan ranks.There were a few, but it was suicide to attempt to exploit them, the enemy could easily shift some ships and anihilate anyone who would try.The Gammulan leader was not dumb.The leader!

"Comms! Message to all Fleet Leaders: Find their Fleet Leader, we are jamming their comms as well as they are jamming ours, their leader HAS to be here. FIND him, KILL Him."

"Message away"

Tac continued to stare at the TacOps display..where was that SOB? A few shifts in the display showed him another problem... Insurgents breaking off and rejoining Rattler's Fleet

"Comms: Message to the Necromancer:"Rattler: Seems your boys are having too much fun, request permission to cover your flanks"

"Message sent Commander" growled Mia, her dislike of the Insurgents was getting the best of her.

"Are you tired Ltnt?"

"No SIR". She snapped back.

"Good, get that flight plan then, I want it in 2 minutes."

"Working on it Commander" She buried her head inside the displays.

"Helm, move us in a tangent to the Insurgents, If Rattler is planning something we better not get near his ships, we might give him away."

"Aye sir" replied the helm.

8 Wraith Galactans, 32 Interceptors. Estimated 380 missiles would soon be fired upon that Stormcarrier group. For once in history,thougth Tac, Jupiter will have no dark side.

"Comms, tie me in to all Hound IC bays"

"A second sir... linking... done."

"To all Pilots: You will soon Swarm into a combined Violon/Stormcarrier group. I want you to ignore all fighter cover and unload your missiles on those ships. We will be right behind you giving you PTA cover and firing our own missiles.Go in, get out alive and dock &reload. Show no Mercy.Tac Out"

Tac glanced at Mia, her eyes were blinking fast, her hands were moving almost as fast."So much stress on a green officer, but she's the best I have now" Tac thought.


Ok people, you got to wrap this battle up quick, you only got 4 hours 'till the other Gam fleet breaks in. 4 hours=4 days? (any thought as to time here???)

Hellstar: Your IN-THE-FACE cannon attacks WORK in this game, you're gonna have a blast :-).

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Guest Cmdr Kinzel

Sorry Tac, been busy. (Side notes: Cmdr Kinzel is a man wink.gif

Forgive me also, this will be my first post.


Kinzel: "Tactical give me a Sitrep on the Jacobi and Othello!"

Tactical: "Aye sir, Jacobi and Othello are heavily engaged sir they are drawing fighters off of the TDF's main fleet."

Kinzel: "ETA to contact?"

Tactical: "10 minutes sir!"

Kinzel: "Shields to full! Activate PTA system, have the Inteceptors stand-by for launch."

Cmdr Kinzel shifted slightly in his VR command interface and mentally called up the icon for Major Dean McGawan, GCMC. "Major ready your troops in transporter room 1 and shuttles 1 and 2, prepare for possible boarding action and counter-insurgency..."

Cmdr Kinzel stared at the tactical display hanging before him.

Cmdr Kinzel:"Comm encrypt a message to the Jacobi and the Othello, tell them we will swing around their position and catch their current targets in a hammer and anvil move between us. Helm lay in a course for these coordinates."

Cmdr Kinzel reaches up into the virtual tactical display and traces a course in the 3D space. At the same time this information is relayed to Lt. Farringer at the Helm.

Helm:"Coordinates received Commander, plotting course."

Cmdr Kinzel:"All ahead full. Comm encode and send this message to the GCV Usagi:


TO: Cmdr GCV Usagi

FROM: Cmdr GCV Hell's Fury

We are moving to engage the enemy. Once we have elminated the immediate threat to the Jacobi and the Othello we are going to fall back and regroup at grid coordinates: 230,150 mark 30 and attempt to establish a forward rally point for the rest of Wraith fleet. Once in place I will attempt to rally any unattached Terran craft and push towards Spectre in an attempt to link up with them.

Commander Shawn Kinzel

GCV Hell's Fury

Wraith Fleet, Hellbound Wing


Comm:"Aye sir, encoding and transmitting now."

Cmdr Kinzel:"Weapons free, shields to maximum, ready interceptors for launch."

The Hell's Fury's engines come to life as the BC lurches forward.


Tac, what I am planning to do is link up Jacobi and the Othello and clear the immediate area of ships and try to establish a "beachhead" in space. Once in place I will try to rally any unattached fighters or craft around the Hell's Fury and push towards Rattler's position.

Rattler: sorry about not linking up with you earlier

Well I too am off to work.


Cmdr Shawn Kinzel

GCV Hell's Fury

[This message has been edited by Cmdr Kinzel (edited 12-15-98).]

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<rp on>

The marines of Alpha Team of the 103d Orbital Marine Battalion (OMB) (Covert Ops) were trained in intelligence analysis, counterintelligence and espionage. They were deep in Gammulan space doing surveillance on a chemical weapons factory and military complex maintained by the 2d Crimson Guard War Division, and the 24th Crimson Guard Heavy Assault Regiment. During the surveillance they monitored communication traffic emitting from Empirian space but these transmissions were being sent in a Vesperon code, probably by Vesperon spies or Vesperon sypethizers. These Vesperon agents were sending messages about some sort of Iridium process that the Gammulans wanted to complete a chemical weapons arsenal that the Gammulans were building. This process was the part of the secret of the devastation of these chemical weapons that the Gammulans wanted. This process was almost ready, and these Vesperon agents were making preparation for the Gammulans to commense "Operation Arch Angel"

Lt. John Ramsey, the Alpha Team team leader sent a message with an audi-taped copy of the transmission to ISS Fleet HQ. He wanted to send them directly to Cmdr. Ristar on the GCV Shogun, but he didn't want to risk giving away his teams position or them being intercepted by some rocket jockey getting lucky while stumbling on these transmissions. So he sent them to ISS HQ on their reserved encryption frequencies for ISS use only. Lt.Ramsey then split his teams into two squads so they can monitor other Gammulan activity and sent a steady stream of pictures and intel to ISS Fleet HQ.

"Sir, we are receiving a secure transmission on the special ISS encryption frequency from ISS Fleet HQ," reported Tim Callahan, GCV Shogun's Communications Officer. Callahan knew something important was going on because the encrption frequencies must go through ISS Fleet HQ and then relayed to the intending source, and these are only used for the highest Top Secret notices, usually for the various ISS Fleet Arm Coordinators.

Cmdr.Ristar looked up from the chart table where he was discussing the tactical situation with his Tactical Officer, Ty Rittal. "Download all transmissions and place them in the encryption decoder and store them on channel 415Alpha, and set it on security switching frequency 3," ordered Ristar. Cmdr Ristar had to finish his conversation with his tactical officer and get these messages soon, because if he didn't begin to download the information in 5 minutes they would begin a series of frequency shifts to ensure people wouldn't stumble onto the transmission, while it was waiting to download. Once the download procedure began the frequency shift would still begin to protect the information but the information wouldn't be lost to the downloading party.

"James, what is our location?" asked Ristar. James Broch, the Shogun's Navigation Officer pulled up the Naitron and put it on the main viewer. "Sir, we are approximately 1.5 hours away from the GCV First Light's last reported position."

"Tim, have we received any further updates on the First Light's situation?" asked Ristar. "No Sir, they have not replied to our transmissions, the Gammulans could be jamming all requencies coming in and out." replied the Comm Officer. "Charles, have you received that IFF transformation file yet?" asked Ristar. Charles MacIntosh, the GCV Shogun's Chief Engineer, spoke into the commmlink "Yes, sir and we just finished instaling it."

"Good, we don't need our own side shooting at us. Thanks Charles, Ristar out."

Ristar began to walk to his Command and Control Center (C&C) and saind "OK, continue on the same course and heading, notify me of any communications from any vessel and alert me when we are close to the Jupiter system.

As Ristar sat down he activated the ships computer encryption security system.

"State your name and password" the computer stated

"Jeehun Ristar, password is 53XQM1T13"

"Stand by for retinal scan"

A red scanning laser emitted from the top of Cmdr.Ristar's computer terminal monitor, scanning his retinal pattern.

"Retincal scan confirmed, Welcome Cmdr.Ristar"

"Bring up the messages waiting on 415Alpha"

"Verifying security level," after a few seconds, "Security level confirmed, access granted."

Cmdr Ristar pulled up the messages and began to read Lt.Ramsey's report and began to view the pictures sent along with the transmissions. After a few minutes a voice sounded over the intercom, "All Staf Officers, this is Cmdr.Ristar, I want all of you in the C&C center, right now. This is priority one!" As the intercom crackled off the Staff Officers left their areas and began to filter into the C&C center. As they entered Cmdr.Ristar greeted them and told them to take their seat where folders stamped "Top Secret, For Your Eyes Only" was placed in front of each chair. "I had copies made for each of you, these folders or the information that they contain are not to leave this room and discussed with anyone." ordered Ristar.

"A few months ago, I sent the 103d OMB(covert ops) to monitor the planet Gamma-1 in Gammulan space. We had received reports that the Gammulans were developing chemical weapons at a new Biological Weapons Processing Facility. We had estimates that they were behind on developing the technology to create such massive destructive weapons. We received reports that a large armada of Gammulan vessels was building up and conducting space and land war games in preparation for an invasion of some sort. Earlier today Alpha Team team leader, Lt.Ramsey sent these images of the facility, and what's worse is they have found some sort of missing ingrediant at a processing facility in the Procyon system at a joint GALCOM/Empirian research facility. I don't know what this process is, but evidently whatever it processes it is the missing link that the Gammulans have been looking for."

Cmdr Ristar opened the folders and each Staff member began to shuffle through the papers.

"Sir," William Kirkpatrick, the Shogun's Research Officer sounded, "I have read about this joint GALCOM/Empirian facility. A few years ago the SC wanted to find a way to synthesize Iridium to cut down on the amount that BC's needed, and maybe increase the power output of the Iridium itself. So the GALCOM Research Facility opened a joint venture with the Empirians to research this. Evidently they have come up with this process, and the Vesperon agents have passed information and the Gammulans have determined that this is a more applicable fuel source for their weapons."

"Oh my God, that probably means that this battle that GALCOM and the Insurgent forces are fighting are probably a decoy. Ty deploy 2 teams of the 103d OMB and 1 team of the 82d OMB(recon) to Procyon. Send another team from the 82d to one of the moons in the area to monitor incoming space activity. Send them in unmarked shuttles, if they are questioned, they are on a cargo supply mission from Starpath. Once they get there they are to establish comms with ISS Fleet HQ and begin operations. They are to keep me posted on any new developments no matter how minor. Also have Lt.Ramsey's team monitor any further fleet build up and try to determine their destination."

Ty Rittal: "Yes, sir"

"Tim, get a message out to all the Terran Defense Fleet that we are on the way, and that at some time I need major figure heads from all fleets to set up a meeting time and place so I can brief them on the situation. Try to set up the meeting place on the moon of IO."

Tim Callahan: "Yes, sir"

"Everyone back to your posts, and get us to the First Lights position ASAP. Sonja, Stand fast"

Everyone except the Flight Officer, Sonja Ristar, who happens to be Ristar's wife, left and took their positions on the bridge.

When everyone had left, the two embrased, "I want you to be careful when we get to Jupiter."

"I will Jeehun, you just take care of yourself."

"I will, Sonja. Have your best flight and system engineers work on these shuttles, give these guys a good chance to get in there. Try to install a tracking beacon so we can monitor these shuttles even when we get out of normal sensor range."

"Will do sir, let me get back to the Flight Deck."

"OK, take care" They emrace and kiss one another, and then Sonja and Jeehun return to their respective duty areas.

</rp off>

I'm going to try to coordinate a meeting with all the major players to give out this information within the role play, I am going to try to get the Shogun to Jupiter to help out with this battle, but when it's over we all need to meet to give out this information so we can plan a defensive strategy and a plan to eliminate this threat. Email me at [email protected] if you have any ideas you would like to introduce into the role play through intelligence gathering means.

Take care all, hope you enjoyed this.

Cmdr Jeehun Ristar

TCV Shogun,ISS03

Intelligence and Espionage Arm Coordinator

ISS Vice Fleet Coordinator

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"Necromancer leaving system followed by the rest of Spectre," reported Mr. King.

"What?" Replay those last messages Miss Siamet. Listening again even more carefully Chavik cursed under his breath. "We got our invite a tad late it seems. Mr. King, Mr. Brom, target the Necromancer and follow her."

"She's gone sir."

"Mr. Harrison is that course still laid in for Jupiter? Good. Mr. Brom, best speed. Miss Siamet put the taclink of probe-02 on the HUD please." They all watched a battle well in progress. The numbers of ships so great the sensor readouts were undecipherable. Simply a splotch of friendly green in a sea of red. "Ok people time to help. Return to main viewer."

The main viewer returned just in time to see the Syrian wormhole looming ahead. The transition took less time than a thought yet longer than forever. "Ships sir," reported Mr. King.


"I don't know sir but they are transmitting the TDF code. IFF shows green."

"Remain on course. Ratttler couldn't have gained that much time. Late picking up Tringad, late delivering him, and now this. Rattler's gonna have my hide."

As they enered the last jump into Jupiter space Chavik again ordered Tacops. "Rattler has the Necromancer in a Delta Vee and the Valentine and Sagan were engaged alongside the Predicant. But not close enough or too late. They watched as the Predicant exploded, first the engines blew and then took the reactor core with it. Pieces of shrapnel, more like small meteors, blew out in a tremendous blast sphere. The only thing good that was that it toook out several smaller fighters with it. But not the evac shuttles he noticed.

"We've been targeted," said Mr. King.

"Are our jump engines up yet? Transfer targeting to me for a moment," said Chavik, apparently lost in thought. A plan formed in Chavik's mind. "Miss Siamet, send a message

to the Guardian. Tell her Flight officer I need her here ASAP."

"Fifteen small fighters within weapons range sir."

"Are they jump capable yet?"


"Just keep those shields up, I don't care if you have to sit on the controls keep raising shileds. And tell me when they are jump capable," said Chavik.

"Yes sir, in 5,4,3,2, now sir."

The Phoenix's shield had held, barely. The jump gave them time to recharge a little. Chavik hoped he was right in his guess. Antti was trying to sneak past a Firestorm but it was coming about. They streaked towards the Firestorm and came out a couple of clicks in front of it. The Phoenix afterburned past it and cut her engines. They swung about and began firing at the Firestorm. The Fighters that had targeted him had been as dogged as he had hoped. They all of them slammed into the Firestorm's shields, crippling most and taking out four of them altogether. The Firestorm had not faired well in the exchange either. Her shields mostly gone the Phoenix was able to cut her down shortly. IOD at 20% for rapid firing and PTA's at 30%. "Now Launch IC's and tell them to defend those shuttles. Antti has no where to go."

The Phoenix's PTA's took out several more of the damaged fighters. There were only three left. "Now target those last three and send a Vagrant up their tailpipes." That done Chavik concentrated on Antti's shuttles. He had managed to clear a good bit of space around them and others were beginning to notice. Chavik continued to escort Antti's shuttles while his IC's defended them. The few fighters that appeared were taken out quickly. Chavik being late had one advantage; he and his resources were fresh.

Chavik had been lost in the skirmish and wass surprised to hear Miss Siamet announce,"The Guardian has arrived."

"Good tell them to get over here and evac these shuttles. Commander Antti Junkarri will be her commanding officer if he will have her. He won't be surprised this time and I am sure he has a small grudge. He'll do well with her. We may even get her back in one piece. Copy that to Antti's shuttle to please. Tell him Orion the Hunter has a new bow."

"Yes sir, message sent."


Commander Chavik

TDF Phoenix

Well that brings me in with one skirmish under my belt. I went into the game and scanned tacops so everyone could get a feel for where they are. http://members.aol.com/clind10107/Jupiter.html . Especially those that haven't played yet. They are the exact same map just rotated so the perspectives may be a bit skewed. Hope they help.

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<rp on>

"Tim, open a frequency to Cmdr.DeSylva, Cmdr.Tringad, Cmdr.Rattler, Cmdr.Akira, Cmdr.Junkkari, and Cmdr.Londono let them know we aren't sure if he is receiving our transmissions as the Gammulans might be jamming comms in and out of the sector. Tell him we will be in the area in 10 minutes, and that we have information for the Terran Defense Fleet, and we have updates on other Gammulan activity so we need to meet with them and their Staff Officers. There are more Gammulan activites happening throughout many systems, this is worse than we thought. Tell them that we need the meeting place moved to the moon Callisto, as we have detected land based Gammulan and Valkyrie forces in the Jupiter area, who have just landed. Tell them I need a reply as soon as they get this message."

Comms Officer: "Yes, sir, sending now"

</rp off>

I hope you guys like where this is going

Cmdr Jeehun Ristar

TCV Shogun,ISS03

Intelligence and Espionage Arm Coordinator

ISS Vice Fleet Coordinator

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ICs 1 through 3 had just finished landing after taking care of the Gam fighters when the message from the Shogun came through.

"Priority one message from the Shogun, sir" said the Comms officer.

"Patch it through to my visor" replied Tringad. After reading the message, he turned to his Flight officer "Set a course to the moon Callisto"

"Yes sir" replied the Flight officer.

"Danz, let me know when we arive, I'll be in my quarters"

"Yes sir" said Borin.

"Oh, and have a shuttle ready when we get there" added Tringad

"Yes sir" repeated Borin.

"Danz, you have the Con"

The entire ship shuttered as the Black Falcon entered hyperspace.


Chavik! You just HAD to bring the Guardian in on this one, didn't you?!? smile.gif I love it! Great work!

Later all.


William Ramsay, Jr., AKA:

Commander Alun Tringad

TDV Black Falcon ISS05

Tactical Support Coordinator, ISS Fleet

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Guest Ron Wallin

Ristar, I suggest you move the secret base to Neptune. I've sent you an e-mail detailing my reasons. Please read it ASAP. I've got a large post that will need to be modified, depending on your reaction. Thanx.

To any Cmdr.'s that would like to know my reasoning for this request, please contact me via email at: [email protected]

Until Ristar has a chance to reply, I request that all posts dealing with Ristar's storyline be put on hold. Thank you all for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Cmdr. Akira

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Guest Antti Junkkari


We've got the message. Thank you for the loan of the ship. We are still in one piece.

And coming into battle again. First time we were alone, with all of those gammulans ships attacking us. Now there are friends.

I'll take over your plan ASAP when I get to the ship.

Commander Junkkari,

Orion Fleet Leader

[rp off]

[This message has been edited by Antti Junkkari (edited 12-16-98).]

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They came like a swarm of bees, intent on doing as much dammage as their designers had intended. The Bridge Crew had been so intent on finding that Lead Ship of the Gammulan Armada, that they had forgotten the basics. "If you're shooting at them, they most certainly are shooting back at you!!"

Tactical: Incomming, Incomming!!!

Comms: Holy Mother Of.......

She never finished the sentence. As the computer screamed "Shield Integrity Breach, Hull Integrity Breach!!!", Norma Brown's screams went unheard, and she died in agony, but suddenly. Half of Necormancer's Starbord Nacell died with her. Necromancer healed to starbord, starting to roll on her axis.

Rattler: Damage Report, NOW!!!

Engineer: Sir, I'm afraid it's bad. Shield generator is down, PERMANENTLY!! Our Armor is at 37 percent, and falling.

Rattler had always liked 20th Century Country Music, and had spent many hours watching the hollovids of the old TV, as they used to call it, and the commercials that came along with it. His two favorites from those categories came rushing back like old friends, echoeing through his consciousness. How Appro-po at this very moment.

Rattler: All Hands Abandon Ship!!!! Computer, Initiate Self Destruct Sequence on my Mark. Verification.....Eisenhower,......MARK!!!!

Computer: Initiating Self Destruct Sequence!!! Clock Counting at D minus 10 minutes.........

All hands, those that were still alive, proceeded to their assigned stations, and were off the ship in less than 6 minutes. A small feat in itself, considering the damage that had been done to Necromancer. All save Rattler. He'd be the last to leave. He had one thing left to do, and wasn't about to let his ship just die out here. She was going to give meaning to her passing.

Rattler: Computer, Target Mother Ship!!!

Computer: Ship Targeted....

Rattler: Collision course!!! Afterburners ON!

Computer: Acknowledged.....

With his final order to Necromancer given, Rattler raced down the corridors to the flight deck, where IC1 was waiting for him. Deftly donning his visor, he hurredly launched from Necromancer and started singing his favorite Country song. That one that he likened himself to at this moment. "Your got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, and know when to RUN!!!" IC1 streaked across the sky and as Rattler pulled it into an arc, just to get one last look at his Proud Necromancer, he saw her collide with the Leader Ship of the Invasion Armada. Necromancer died an honorable death, breaking the StormCarrier in half, then exploding, taking 5 other Gammulan Capital ships with her. Now the second memory came rushing back in, and he uttered his favorite line from his favorite commercial.

"UH-Oh, Better Get Macco!!" Smiling to himself, he now focussed his attention to any possible haven close at hand. From out of the darkness, came a glorious sight!!! One of his own was within 25 clicks of him and heading his way.

Rattler: Greetings, AT-All-Costs!!! Request Permission To Come Aboard, Sir!!!


Well, Tac, you were right. I was planning something. Now go get the rest of them smile.gif

Locke1, let me aboard, and get me to DeSylva smile.gif

Chavik, take charge of the fleet smile.gif

Rattler smile.gif

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Cmdr. Yazin:"Tactical get me a lock on that jamming source, we cannot waste another minute, I have to get through to Akira"

Charles:"Sir we will have lock in 5.. we have target lock"

Yazin: "On my mark destroy that probe"

Yazin: "Mark"

A slight shudder went through the ship as the main IOD array began to draw power from the reactors.

Charles:"Sir, I'm reading a fluctuation in FLX-10"

Yazin:"Belay that order Tactical! and try to siphon as much power out of that IOD as quickly as possible"

With a bright flash a horrifying sight flashed before the eyes of the bridge crew of the Lightspeed, an armada of ships, fighters, carriers, battleships, nothing was missing.

Charles:"Those are Gammulan craft! What are we going to do!" A look of fright was etched clearly on the Tactical Officer's face.

Yazin:"It is now imperitive we get in contact with Commander Akira, Nav set a course for FLX-6, with luck we can get a message to Akira, Engineering I want to have as little a trace as possible, if that means shutting down some environmental controls then do it! Tactical keep an eye on those ships, if we cannot get a message to Akira then we have no choice but to follow them and do what we were trained to do"

Crew: Yes Sir!

More and more of the enemy vessels streamed from the Flux Field, but they were steadily getting smaller as the Lightspeed headed for Flux Field six......and hope.


Commander Yazin Re'trat

ICV Lightspeed

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Things are getting dicey here, so bear with me people. I have received some info off-line that may play well once I get out of this predicament.



CHIEF ENG: Computer diagnostics complete, we caught a virus from somewhere. WeÔÇÖll have to replace everything. Transmitter is not bad, just a blown fuse. Will be up once I find a replacement. Cloaking system should be on-line in 20 minutes.


TACOPS: Unable to give status Commander, with the computer down the scopes are unreliable.

GALLION: reassign all your SysEngs to COMPUTER repairs I need that up yesterday!

CHIEF ENG: Aye SIR! Cloaking sytem repairs halted, COMPUTER repairs commenced, ETR 8 Minutes, Engineering out.

ÔÇ£Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Marines assigned to SEARCH DUTYÔÇØ came over the ship intercom.

NAV: JUMP ANOMALY Forming Sir! 2 klics off our port aft. Ships decloaking, itÔÇÖs the rest of the Wing SIR! Deustchland and Prinze Eugen made it!

Finally, something is going right, Gallion thought to himself. Maybe Murphy is not all that he was cracked up to be. If only the Gams wou.....

Chief Engineer Scott (Pun Intended) was searching his office and engineering frantically for a 4 amp fuse, unable to find one. Frustrated, he pulls out and unwraps a stick of chewing gum. Suddenly an idea came to him, ÔÇ£My Gramps told me about this when I graduated the academy, I wonder...ÔÇØ

CHIEF ENG: Marshall, take this to the transmitter station, and put it in FA101 and turn on the power,

<Chief hands SysEng Marshall a fuse wrapped in a chewing gum wrapper> then report to the computer room. BRIDGE, transmitter should be back up in one minute.

GALLION: Acknowledge Chief, Good work.

Commander Gallion checks his PERSCAN display to track the Marines progress in eliminating the Gam squad running around on his ship. They were holed up on deck 3, not good. He turns to the remaining Marines on station in OPS. ÔÇ£GO, get the Gams then report back here, donÔÇÖt let them get anything.ÔÇØ Suddenly the Graf Spee shook and groaned from stem to stern.

ÔÇ£Damage, Shield Integrity BreachedÔÇØ

GALLION: Damage report!

TACOPS: Shields down, Hull 98%, IOD on-line 30%, PTA activated 20%, transmitter operational.

GALLION: Prepare to copy

TO: Corsair Wing

Graf Spee crippled by computer failure. Launch ICs, weapons free. Avoid Rocon starbase. Priority targets are the fighters. Finish off the crippled Aestrom and engage the 2nd one. Graf Spee will assist when able. Gallion OUT.

SEND Message. Launch ICs, defend the Graf Spee. COMBAT OPS, Get those Gams OFF MY SHIP NOW!. CHIEF whatÔÇÖs going on with the shields?

ÔÇ£Shield DestroyedÔÇØ was heard throughout the ship. I hate those damn autogen messages, always tell me what I already know.

ÔÇ£BattleCruiser Acquired, Missile launch detectedÔÇØ

GALLION: EVASIVE MANUVERS, I donÔÇÖt care which one just do it! NAV target something out there and jump to it NOW, we need some breathing room!

TACOPS: Tactical display back on-line, COMMSLINK up. Only one Aestrom left, 31 fighters left, the Aestroms must have launched their fighters Sir!.

CHIEF ENG: Computer repairs complete, moving to cloaking device now!

GALLION: Negative Chief! Reinstall our ÔÇÿoldÔÇÖ shield generator NOW!

CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir, ETR shields 8 minutes.

ÔÇ£Missile Pod is Empty, Missile Pod is EmptyÔÇØ

Commander Gallion surveyed the battleplan from is TACOPS computer link. The Deustchland and Prinze Eugen were mopping up the crippled Aestrom and beginning to shift fire to the remaining one, when suddenly the Bridge Vid-screen was engulfed by two blazing lights. Glare shields were not able to screen the Aestrom and the other craftÔÇÖs final moment. Gallion rechecked the TACOPS display and pounded his fist on his command chairÔÇÖs console, shattering the display screen. The Deustchland was no longer there. In its place was the ever-expanding ring of debris from the Deustchland.

GALLION: NAV, belay the jump. TACOPS target the all weapons on the remaining Aestrom and reload the damn missile pod. IÔÇÖm tired of hearing that bloody recording!

TACOPS: Yes Sir, Aestrom placed on Priority List, moving to engage. 25 Gam fighters remaining, IC3 destroyed, 8 GVC ICs are engaging the Gam fighters.

This just might be the Hat I was looking for. The Marines finally eliminated the Gam intruders, things are beginning to go our way. Why hasnÔÇÖt Rocon launched their remaining craft at us. Two BCs engaged in Gam space facing minimal opposition. What gives?

GALLION: COMMS, prepare to copy message:

TO: Wraith Fleet HQ

FROM: GVC Graf Spee

Have engaged the Gams in Regulus/Regis VI. Suffered minimal damage and casualties, 1 BC and 4 ICs destroyed. Gam force consisted of 2 Aestroms and 32-mixed fighter craft, 20 from Rocon Starbase the rest from the Aestroms. ONLY HALF of the StarbaseÔÇÖs ship complement. Something is amiss. No Gam reinforcements have arrived in system to support/defend Rocon Starbase. This goes against standard Gam procedure. Normally every nearby available ship is sent out when a Gam installation is under attack. Will advise when more is known.

Graf Spee OUT.

Attached a copy of the wingÔÇÖs status and TACOPS Display COMMS and send it.

CHIEF ENG: Bridge, Shields will be repaired in 3 minutes.

GALLION: Roger that Chief, keep me informed.

Why would the Gams NOT defend one of their starbases? Why only send half of a starbaseÔÇÖs ship complement. Is that all that is left at Rocon? I wonder? GallionÔÇÖs train of thought was brought back to reality as a pair of missiles racked the Graf Spee.


This is getting deep, a setup for things that may come. I havenÔÇÖt forgotten about the 10-cruiser gift that Corsair will be receiving shortly, stay tuned.

CDR Gallion

GVC Graf Spee

Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader

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Commander Locke grinned broadly and the entire bridge crew burst into laughter and cheering as the message from Rattler came on screen. Seconds ago they had witnessed the glorious end of the majestic flagship of the Insurgency, the Necromancer, as it sacrificed itself and took down a Gammulan squadron with it. The moments following it were each an eternity of their own, as every member of At All Costs' crew suspected the worse. Thus it was quite a relief to find Rattler and his crew alive and well, and requesting to be brought on board.

"Comm, clear Rattler's Interceptor for landing at Bay-1," said Locke. "Tell him we're holding the wine and are most honored to have him on board and that command authority will be transferred upon his arrival. Send a message to our own interceptors and Captain Hook's little fleet to defend the rest of Rattler's ships until they can escape the system. If possible get Rattler's other IC aboard our other empty bay, there may be more survivors of the Necromancer on board it. Ms. Kim I want the entire marine complement waiting for Insurgent One at the interceptor bay. Full 21 gun salute with yourself leading it! I shall meet him myself at the Bay to personally transfer command of the ship. This is a rare honor people, I want a smooth operation ready to meet our Fleet Leader! Understood?"

The bridge crew, nervous themselves at the occasion, quickly confirmed their grasp of the importance of the situation. Rattler was a legend among every Insurgent, and for that matter anyone who had a cursory knowledge of modern space warfare. His own ship and crew operated as a fine-tuned and perfectly coordinated machine, and he was known to be very critical of other Commander's and their charges. Perhaps it was this perfectionism that had turned the Insurgent Fleet from a disorganized but determined band into the professional fighting force it was today.

Either way Locke was determined to make a good impression. He made his way down to the Bay in time to meet Ms. Kim and her marines standing in front of Rattler's IC.

The hatch popped open, the pilot pulled off his helmet, and Commander Rattler stepped onto the launch platform. With only a twinge of nervous hesitation Locke's marines fired off the best salute of their lives, and after it was over Locke saluted Rattler again.

"Rattler, sir, it is my utmost pleasure and honor to receive you on board my humble vessel. The ship is running at full capacity and we are currently on a rendezvous course with the GCV First Light. Sir, I officially transfer command authority to you. Computer, transfer Control Authority to Commander Rattler, Insurgent One, authorization code Omega 7-0-5. The ship is yours, Rattler. Welcome aboard!"

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Guest Ron Wallin

OK folks, we all love this little war. But this thread has become VERY LARGE. It's time to move to a new one.

Post all new messages to the thread titled "Approaching Apocalypse".

Be warned! All additional posts to this thread will not be recognized as part of the current RP.

I have requested that DeSylva lock this and the other threads to preserve their integrity. Until that time, please post to the new thread so that all Cmdr.'s may enjoy and build upon your post.

Thank You for your cooperation.

Cmdr. Akira

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-Sir, the NavComm computer indicates that the ICV-Valentine is the only BC at the Jump-point, only some shuttles of the GCV-Predicant are there. No trace of the GCV-Predicant itself!

-Sir, we've got an incoming vid-channel from Annti, he's reporting the loss of of the GCV-Predicant to all ships!

-Belay that order to set course to the jump-point, we're going into battle, launch all IC's and Shuttle's, set the shuttle's to evasive manuevers to divert Gammulan missiles aimed for the BC. And give orders for the IC's to defend this ship for incoming Gammulan Fighters, and join the attack-formation set up by Wrath fleet.

<computer voice-over>

-shieldstrength modified

-PTA system activated

-weaponssystem activated

-Hold on to your seat, we're going in!

Cmdr. TwoBombs CGV Aurora II

Member of the Orion Fleet


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