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Approaching Apocalypse

Guest Ron Wallin

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Guest Ron Wallin

Cmdr.'s, here's the current situation: A full scale battle is being fought in Jupiter space. Wraith, Orion, ISS, Spectre and some Raiders are fighting side by side under the designation TDV (Teran Defense Vessel) to stop the first wave of Gammulan warships.

Both the GCV Predicant and ICV Necromancer have been destroyed. But the fighting is slowing down and it looks as if the Terran forces will win this round but It's not all fighting that has saved the day. The Wraith's have laid a good deal of mines at the jump points between Polaris 2 and Jupiter saving countless lives in the process.

However, the remaining 50+ Gammulan craft have been steadily removing these threats and are about to break through to Jupiter. The relative calm will soon end as the Gammulans again try to push their way through Sol space.

This is not the only threat, though. Cmdr. Re'trat, one of the elite Insurgent Scouts, while checking on an anomoly at Mondial, witnessed an even larger Gammulan Armada comming through FLX-10. Unfortunately, all communications in this system are being jammed and he has yet to report this new threat on the other side of the galaxy. Fortunately, he will not be alone for long.

Cmdr. Akira formed Strike Group Raven while the Insurgents were still massed in Sygan. Fearing a possible back door attempt by the Gammulans he jumped through FLX-06 in hopes that he would find nothing on the other side. We have yet to receive a report from Strike Group Raven.

On the other side of the galaxy still, Cmdr. Gallion, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader, is having problems of his own. His group is located at Regis VI in Regulus. Although he has lost two ships already, Cmdr. Gallion is currious about why so few ships have appeared in system to meet his threat.

What he doesn't know is that the Gammulans are massed at Otura-6 in Omega Centauri, while they pass through FLX-10. Their ultimate goal being the base and refinery on Neptune.

Unknown to most, GALCOM and the Emperions entered into a joint venture to create a synthesized form of Iridium. That was the purpose of the base on Neptune. It's cold climate and near Earth gravity in combination with mineral resources not found anywhere else within the galaxy, made Neptune the perfect location for this new process. The Synth-Iridium was originally designed to better GALCOM cloaking devices. GALCOM had yet to realize its full potential.

EARTHCOM found out early in the process that this new form of Iridium was also a viable fuel source. It's properties allowed for quiter engines, and reactors, and more capable cloaking devices. This meant BC's could be made invisible to all but the most sensitive, rare, and expensive equipment. This new mineral was now their baby and no one was going to learn its new uses.

In addition to the ship applications, EARTHCOM weapons developers created specs for a new class of missles based on the new fuel source. The new missles would be noiseless, and have cloaking abillity. When merged with passive acquisition, these missles could rip through a craft, detonate, and obliterate any target with impunity. The ramifications were unmistakeable.

EARTHCOM would have a fleet of undetectable craft armed to the hilt with equally stealthy modified Vagrants. Any target they chose could be vaporized before a single communication left the system. Quiet in, quiet out, and no one would know ever know what happened.

By whatever means the Gammulans learned of this new mineral and mining process. Because of EARTHCOM's tight control on information leaving Neptune, they now had the opportunity to acquire a technology that would make them truly invincible no matter the cost.


That's it up to now, all. Cmdr. Ristar, DeSylva approved the base location change. I hope this doensn't affect your plans too much.

For those Cmdr.'s new to this story, please read the following threads in order before you jump in.

1. "Fun Part 4: More Fresh Meat!"

2. "-->Operation Snowball's Chance<--"

3. "Eve of the War"

Many thanks to all those Cmdr.'s that have joined in this RP adventure and to Derek Smart for allowing this party to continue!

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Guest Ron Wallin


"Raven Group, report," Akira barked.

"All Raven's reporting in position and awaiting orders, Cmdr.," Comm replied.

"Tactical, our position?"

"Standby, computing our location... We've pulled through to Majoris, sir. Droidan space."

"Full system scan..." Akira began.

"Cmdr. we have an incoming message from the ICV Lightspeed," Comm. broke in.

The Lightspeed? That's one of our scouts. "Who's the Cmdr.?"

"Cmdr. Yatzin Re'trat, sir. Record's show he's one of Scout Elite Corps," Tactical reported.

"Transfer his message to my datapad, Comm. Tactical, order Raven group to hold position. Things are quiet now. If the Gammulans were hear we'd be dead. Order Ravens two through six to begin upgrades. I want their shields, hulls, engines and reactors fully upgraded within the hour. I'll be in the conference room. Notify me when they're ready." Akira pulled his datapad from its resting-place on his thigh. What could be so important to cause Re'trat to break silence? He looked at the datapad. The transmission was still downloading. I can only imagine one thing, Akira thought. Gammulans.

"All ships reporting upgrades successful. Shields at 4000, hull's to level 5, engines and reactors at 100%"

"Establish comm-link with the Lightspeed."

"Communication established, Cmdr."

"Re'trat, this is Akira. Good to see your training has kept you alive."

"More alive than I have the right to expect, sir."

"Yes, our luck is holding. Let's hope it continues. Did you have enough time to catch up on recent events?"

"Yes, sir. I would have joined the others in Jupiter, but we've not received any transmission since our last check-in."

"I understand. You are now under my command." Which is luckier for me than you. A trained scout at my disposal means we may have a chance, Akira thought. "Your callsign is Raven-X, I've transmitted the TDV IFF codes but we're not using them just yet. Have you compromised the GALCOM codes yet?"

"Negative, I haven't needed them."

"Good, transmit one to each of our ships with my orders. For now, all will see us as a GALCOM group and we will not let them know otherwise. However, we are each to have engineers on hand around the clock ready to change the IFF back to TDV if necessary. You are to maintain your role as scout for this mission. I want you three jumps ahead of us before you return and report. However, at the first possible Starstation you are to dock and undergo full upgrades to all your systems. Take on a full load of Vagrants, fill your first two shuttles with Vagrants and Ralix missiles. Fill your third with mines and your fourth with Iridium."

"Sir, that's a little extreme. My ship and crew are fully capable of carrying out your orders without wasting the credits."

"You don't need to explain your capabilities to me, Re'trat," Akira barked back. "What we are about to face will require all that and likely more. This isn't a simple raid on EARTHCOM supplies. We are at war for the human race!" Akira's fists were tightly clenched. He forced open his hands and willed himself calm. "You have your orders, mister. Dismissed and good luck." Open space replaced Re'trat's visage. "Raven to Raven Group, engage cloaking systems. Maintain formation and make for the Xylan jump gate. Maximum thrust profile."

"Maximum thrust, aye," the FO reported.

Akira stared at the stellar cartography displayed on his datapad. Let's hope the Vesperons and Emperians do the job for us, he thought.

Strike Group Raven jumped into Xylan space. Debris blanketed the space as far as the sensors could read. Empty shells of various attack carriers floated among the debris, their beacons still emitting a SOS. The crew remained silent as the tactical officer announced each name of the fallen Vesperon protectors. But the Vesperons did not die alone. Fifteen Gammulan warships faired no better. Akira checked the numbers. That left 75 warships and 30 cargo craft according to Re'trat's report. Still too many!

"Best speed to Arima, FO." Akira took one last look at the carnage the Vesperon's suffered and quietly wondered if this was the same fate dealt Earth.



Cmdr. Akira

ICV Nevermore

Spectre, Command Staff


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Well, no preamble here...


The blaze of the fallen Predicant lit up the bridge of the GCV First Light like a second sun. Like the sun itself, the expanding ring of bright white light sent out many searing beams, stretching the shadows of the bridge crew to breaking point before blasting them into oblivion. The bridgeviewer filters struggled to compensate with the blinding light of a reactor core breach. The last missile had finally hit. The first Battlecruiser was down.

DeSylva was stunned silent for a few critical moments. For a few seconds the PTA was the only fire coming from his ship. Then, he felt himself slowly unwind. The pressure of coordinating an attack on two fronts, of maintaining some semblance of order in this plethora of chaos, of trying to tell GALCOM what to do, had maintained him up until then. Something else was taking over. He grinned, a fierce, dangerous grin, before growling. "All ICs defend the Predicant's shuttles. Tactical, Nav - give me the helm."

He knew he shouldn't - he knew the temptation so well, and had fought it for so long. He knew how wrong it was, but at that moment, with the expanding wreckage and debris of the ship that had housed his friend and colleague, the brash, young, and brilliant commander Antti Junkkari, it felt so right.

That was the problem - it felt so right, and so natural. Combat. He had never been trained for it, never been taught it, but he had a natural aptitude - for killing. He hated it - hated himself for it. He had trained as a Combat Medical Officer, not a warrior. Deep down he knew that the reason for choosing EarthCOM Academy for his training had not been because of it's high standards. It had been because of this darker side of him that craved the forbidden and illicit thrill of power, of the ability to bring death and destruction.

But for the moment, it felt right.

The customised Battlecruiser controls rose from the sides of his chair, to fit smoothly into his hands and around his legs. As the visor closed completely around his face, the outside faded away, and he felt the thrill of being his ship.

He felt the control in his hands, jockeying them slightly to get the hang of them - they flew a little differently each time - and then wrenched the ship around in a full-burn to face the nearest attacker - the Violon that had been responsible for destroying the Predicant. He smiled, and feeling himself do so, his heart cringed.

God forgive me for what I am about to do.

The metal of the controls felt smooth and cool in his hands as he depressed the firing switches and after-burned towards the Gammulan ship spewing fire and death. A few deft movements converted his forward momentum to deviate his ship upwards and around. The ship did a three-dimensional "tailspin", firing all of the time. By the time the momentum of the First Light carried it around the arc and the Gammulan ship was disappearing from the firing screen, the Vagrants he had armed on the FATAL system had all found a lock. With a single thought, all three fired, and DeSylva could almost feel the blast of energy like a hot wind on the nape of his neck as the cruiser exploded violently. But he could not afford to gloat - that was not the true warrior's way. He was already rolling the ship to bring the two top PTA turrets to bear on a lighter Gammulan cruiser below him, trying to flee the site of the Predicant's destruction. He watched the shield reading on the cruiser dropping slowly, as he brought the ship around. Knowing the cruiser would roll and try to drop out of the way, he hazarded a guess as to which direction the cruiser would break and completed the roll and drop facing that direction. His guess was right, and he exulted as the ship flew through the firing arc of his IOD. His eyes scanned the screen intently as he followed the ship, raking it with IOD bursts. The shields feel quickly, and he could see the expanding clouds of molten metal and released gases from the impact points on the hull. As the engine drifted through his sights, he switched the IOD to a lower intensity, and stepped up his firing rate, this time tracking the ship to conentrate his blasts on one spot. His diligence was rewarded and he grinned again as the craft exploded, in another blinding flare of light.

A burst of incoming comms flooded his ears, along with the voice of his Tactical Officer. "I think you should hear this, sir," came the quiet voice. Suddenly, the sounds of screams and the evacuation sirens of a Battlecruiser were filtering through the comms interference, caused by the massive energies released by the clashing fleets. With a start, DeSylva realised the voice was that of the Insurgent Leader, Commander Rattler.

"All Hands Abandon Ship!!!! Computer, Initiate Self Destruct Sequence on my Mark."

He willed the targetting system to highlight Rattler's ship - the TTD display indicated that the Necromancer was behind him. For a moment, the battle-fury faded long enough for him to wonder why he was feeling such dismay and anguish at the death of an Insurgent.

Rattler...my old friend...

The TTD line seemed to drag the GCV First Light around like a rope. The range on the Necromancer was 350 kilometers. The jump engines were still charging. He willed the ship forward, and felt the surge of energy, through the ship and through himself, as the mighty engines roared to life. The First Light kicked forward, shuddering as DeSylva urged every ounce of energy from the engines. His voice - the voice of the ship - was transmitted to the Engineering section, deep in the bowels of the mighty carrier.

"I need these engines putting out every ounce of thrust you can give me, people!"

He watched the tiny speck of the Necromancer draw closer. At the bottom of his field of vision, the CVD showed the blackened ship, large parts of it's infrastructure exposed, one enormous engine pylon destroyed - appearing much like the Predicant had so recently. He pushed harder, feeling the engines surge forward once more, as star-bursts of explosions and flares issued forth from the hull of the Necromancer. He saw four tiny flares, and his heart sunk as he realised what they were - shuttles. The crew were leaving. the Necromancer was doomed. He watched the ship continue to roll. The first major explosion came from the back of the ship, towards the center-line - a weapon pod by the looks of things. There must have still been a few live warheads on the thing. A line of explosions traced their way across the hull, drawing closer to the back and center of the great ship. DeSylva swore - he knew what was about to happen.

They reached the center. The ship seemed to change direction for a moment, as the explosive forces within began to shift it. For a moment, it pointed directly towards Sol, the star that every single Terran fought for.

Then, it lit up the sky as it exploded.

DeSylva slumped. He had been too late. Despite his fury, despite his "courage", despite his destruction of several Gammulan ships - the Necromancer had still died.

The visor receded. He sighed. "Tac, Nav - you have the helm. I've done all I can do."

A transmission was already coming through. The First Light's computers intercepted it and, scanning the source, passed it straight to DeSylva. His heart, weighed heavily with the knowledge of what he was, what he had done, and what he had failed to do, was lifted slightly by the contents.

"...Locke1, let me aboard, and get me to DeSylva..."

DeSylva grinned.

I'm already on my way...old friend.

Other transmission were filtering through. The first from Commander Ristar. He swore as he read it. He had had a hunch that there was something bigger going on. Gammulans in other systems? If they were in Earth, then the fledgling TDF was doomed - and he would forever be known as the man who had led Earth into subjugation and slavery. He swore again. "Comms. - another message to Ristar. Tell him there is no way we can move from here, all ships are engaged, we are taking heavy losses. Tell him to either encrypt and transmit his information or come here and deliver it personally. Either way I'd better have it within the hour or there'll be trouble. Whatever he's found might be the key to this disaster!"

More transmissions were filtering through. Chavik was in the system! And he had brought Antti a new ship. He smiled wryly. Insurgents giving GALCOM ships - now THAT was a turn-around. Especially from their quartermaster himself, Chavik. As he watched the Pheonix picking off fighters, he realised that he was looking at a lot more than a store-keeper.

"Comms, what is the report from our forces at Pluto?"

there was a pause. "Sir, latest reports are...sir...there are no latest reports."


"Sir - they have been silent for the last twenty minutes."

DeSylva's heart sank further, and he felt the prickling at the nape of his neck that was his personal danger sign. Something was wrong. It was his worst fears come true. It was Pluto - the place was bad for his soul. First the return of Vorne, and now this. He ached to know what was goin on in Pluto, but probe transmissions would not get through the interference. Whatever had happened to the forces there, it meant trouble for this war.

More transmissions were filtering through, and looming large in his sights was the bulk of the At All Costs - with Rattler on board, presumably. Perhaps it was time to meet an old friend, once more....


Man, that was FUN! That is the most fun I've had writing since the Pluto Insurgency.

Ristar, I've spoken with Akira and vetted his ideas. They're good. Accordingly, I'm asking that you modify your post and have the secret GALCOMEmpirian research facility located in Neptune - placed in orbit there because Sol was considered a more defensible position than Alpha Centauri (well, we're learning the truth of that now, AREN'T we...*grin*). It will very much enhance the story which is coming. I'm sure you'll understand. OH - and marvellous work tieing in our ISS campaign from two months ago with this one, as well. You're a bloody genius. You all are. *grin*.

Man, I am realy enjoying this. Don't stop. I'm currently working on a major improvement of the ISS website, considering we are getting new members (yay!) and I am going to situate both the GALCOM Intel report and the First Gammulan War (also known as the TDF War, ie. this one) there. This is gonna be cool!!

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Guest Antti Junkkari

[rp on]

From: Commander Junkkari

To: Commander DeSylva, First Light

ICV-Necromancer destroyed?

Man this is getting pretty serious.

Could ya ask from GALCOM for a new BC? I guess I have the right for it.

Then we could save that Guardian one for Tringad when we got him.

I heard there is something big going on. Is there? How's the situation there?

Man I hate to be on a shuttle.

Just keep your BC up.

[rp off]

You all want not to destroy BC's anymore, I think we have lost enough now.. wink.gif

Hey DeSylva wait to see for new Orion Fleet sites as I got them up, man they look cool with IE4.

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This will be tricky, havenÔÇÖt received any ÔÇ£plotÔÇØ guidance off-line. Made some minor corrections to last post in 'Eve of War' thread. Shouldn't effect anything by much



CHIEF ENG: Shield repairs complete and holding, beginning repairs on cloaking device, <ÔÇØagainÔÇØ ChEng Scott said to himself> ETR 25 minutes, Hull 100%, Armor 89%.

GALLION: COMMS, run a complete system sweep on the computer systems. Make sure that we have no more infections hiding in any bit-buckets. Also, check the computer logs to determine the source of the Virus attack. Locate the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and download the files. COMMS, open a channel to the Prinze Eugen and pipe it to my console. TACOPS give me an update.

TACOPS: Prinze Eugen has engaged the remaining Aestrom. 18 Gam fighters are concentrating their fire on the Prinze. Seven ICs, 3 of ours, 2 from Prince, and 2 from the Deustchland are nipping away them. All ICs have depleted their missile loads.

GALLION: NAV, plot a course to WRM-15 and prepare to jump on my MARK. <activates commlink on his console> Prince Eugen, plot a course to WRM-15, and prepare to jump on my MARK. Graf Spee OUT. COMMS, notify the ICs that we are making a jump. They are to keep the fighters occupied as long as they can. At my MARK plus 1 they will jump to WRM-15. Any progress on that system sweep?

ÔÇ£ Course Plotted to NAV Location:ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£Lt Edison reporting for duty Sir!ÔÇØ

GALLION: Good to have you back Lt, now whatÔÇÖs going on with that system sweep? Graf Spee to Corsair Wing, three.....two......MARK!!

ÔÇ£Hyperdrive ActivatedÔÇØ

This should buy us a couple of minutes, Gallion thought, time to get dirty. Gallion checks his TACOPS display, the remaining Corsair Wing ICs have taken a beating but can be repaired. The Prinze EugenÔÇÖs shields were recharging, and the Gam Aestrom took the bait. It missed our jump by 10 seconds, a costly mistake on their part.

GALLION: Helm bring as about 108 degrees, TACOPS target the Aestrom, IOD 100%, when the Aestrom returns from Hyperspace give two follies, then reduce IOD to 40%. Set PTA to 20%, put the Gam fighters on the Priority List. Relay this to the Prinze Eugen. When the Aestrom has been destroyed, we both go on a fighter sweep.

COMMS: Commander, Prinze Eugen acknowledges, computer sweep complete, and the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox has been beemed aboard.

ÔÇ£Leaving HyperspaceÔÇØ

As one, the Graf Spee and the Prinze Eugen came out of Hyperspace. The Gam Aestrom was still 8000 klics away, the distance shortened by the millisecond. 7000...6000...5000...4000...3000...2000...1000...BINGO! It materialized in the jump anomaly, motionless and temporarily defenseless. Four fully charged IOD follies strike the Aestrom within seconds bringing down its shilds followed by the Prinze EugenÔÇÖs last Vagrant missile. The Aestrom tried desparately to evade the avenging missile of death, to no avail. The Vangant found its mark right up the AestromÔÇÖs six. Time seem to stand still, miniature flashes of light began to radiate from the rear to the front of the striken Gam cruiser, like the ancient sparkler fireworks of old Earth. Suddenly, the Aestrom burst into a mini super-nova, filling the Bridge Vid in light and scattering debris thoughout the cosmos. GallionÔÇÖs reville of the moment was interupted by his COMMS Officer Lt Edison.

LT E: Sir, we have completed and analyzed both computer system sweep and the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox files. Both the Graf Spee and the Deustchland experienced simular system failures AFTER activated the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF code modules. I contacted the Prinze Eugen to see if they experienced the same thing, they havenÔÇÖt because they did NOT activate the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ modules forwarded by Wraith HQ.

GALLION: Excellant work Lt Edison, tell the Prinze NOT to activate the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules. As a matter of fact, we will not activate them either. I donÔÇÖt think we will run across any INS ships this far south. Seems everyone is occupied back home. Speaking of which..

TACOPS: Commander, the six remaining ICs are enroute, they caught the Gam fighters off gaurd and are 5 seconds behind them. ETA 8 seconds.

GALLION: How many Gam fighters are left?

TACOPS: 12 Sir.

NAV: ICs have left Hyperspace.

GALLION: COMMS send message to Corsair Wing, engage Fighter Sweep Now!

Gallion returned to his TACOPS display. The odds were even now, but at a price Corsair Wing could not afford to pay. 1 BattleCruiser and 6 ICs lost. The dance began slow. The ICs broke off into 2 fighter ÔÇ£wingsÔÇØ and engaged the same target, driving the fleeing fighter into the murderous crossfire of two Galatan Battlecruiser PTA systems. 10 Gams left, 7 Gams left, 6 Gams left, to Gallion it was a sight for sore eyes, 4 Gams laft, 2 Gams left, and finally one. IC4 of the Graf Spee delivered the crippling laser blast to the last Gam Fighter. Its SOS beacon activated automatically. Gallion sent the Prinze Eugen in to tractor the disable fighter. Time to get some intelligence, Gallion thought, when just before the Prinze Eugen was to activate her TRACTOR beam the fighter self-destructed. The shields on the Prinze held, a couple of seconds later it would have been a different story.

CHIEF ENG: Cloaking System repairs complete Commander, will begin repairs on the ICs when they have docked.

GALLION: GOOD WORK CHIEF; FLIGHTOPS have the Pilots rest up after debrifing them. I what a full report within the hour. COMBAT OPS, <where is that Lt at?> stand down your marines, TOO ALL HANDS, Yellow alert, activate cloaking device. NAV; Launch a probe to Regis IV, put it on SILENT mode. COMMS prepare to copy:

TO: Wraith HQ


GVC Deustchland and 6 ICs lost in battle with Gams at Regis VI/Regulus. GVC Graf Spee and Prinze Eugen sustained heavy damage from both the Gams and a Computer Virus received from the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules received from you. GVC Prinze Eugen has not activated the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules and sustaing minimal damage while engaging Gam forces. Still no Gam reinforcments in the Regis VI system. Corsair Wing cloaked, Probe launcehed into Regis IV system. Continuing mission to Gammula 1. Gam craft destroyed: 2 Aestrom Cruiser, and 32 mixed fighters. Starbase Rocon still operational. JMP-47 mined.

GVC Graf Spee OUT.

SEND Message, Tightbeamed, Priority ONE!!

Give the probe some time, donÔÇÖt jump in blind, do not repeat the last mistake, Gallion said to himself. Time to think this situation out. Something big is going on and I intend to find out what it is. Terran forces have their hands full at Jupiter and who knows where else. Corsair is on their own. Stay alert and stay alive.......


So-far so good, my time line should be pretty close to everyone elseÔÇÖs now.

CMDR Gallion

GVC Graf Spee

Waith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader

"Too err is human, just dont do it when the Gams are around, at least not twice!"

(Need a spel checker here I think)

[This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-17-98).]

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The Black Falcon went up in an explosion that bordered on supernova. All four shuttles raced to escape the blast, but they were not fast enough. The shuttles were consumed in the firey death. All hands lost. Next came the ICs, they were not fast enough either. All three went up in huge pulsating explosions, probably from the Vagrants that were on board.

As IC-1, the only remaining support craft of the Black Falcon, raced to get away from the blast, Alun Tringad hoped he could make it, but he didn't, he was too slow. Then, that instant, the Intercepter went up in just as big a fireball as the rest.

Cmdr. Tringad woke up at the sound of Danz Borin entering the room.

"Sir, we are receiving an urgent message" said Borin

"OK, pipe it through to my visor. I'll be on the bridge in a sec, just let me get dressed"

"Yes sir" said Borin, then he left the room.

"Wow, what a dream" said Tringad to no one in particular.

"Was it a premonition? I sure as hell hope not"

-----<RP OFF>-----

Scared ya, didn't I? smile.gif

-----<RP ON>------

Cmdr. Tringad walked on to the bridge as Borin left the Con.

"Commander has the Con" said Borin in the normal Galcom fashion.

"We're almost to Callisto, sir" said Borin

"Good," replied Tringad, "ETA?"

"Five minutes, sir" replied the Nav officer.

"We received some messages while you were asleep, including the urgent one, sir" said the Comms officer.

"Put them all through to my visor" ordered Tringad

After reading the messages, he wondered how Rattler was doing, as well as Antti.

"Those darn Gams HAD to start something, didn't they" he thought to himself.

"Sir, coming up on Callisto" said the Nav officer

"Good, take us out of hyperspace" ordered Tringad

"Aye sir" said Nav.

"Alright, send a message to the Shugun, tell him I'm here, and ask him what this whole meeting is about"

"Yes, sir, message sent" said Comms

"Stand by to launch shuttle one" ordered Tringad.

"Yes sir" replied Borin.

"Now," Tringad thought to himself, "to wait until Ristar replies"


Like my little "dream"? Scared ya huh? smile.gif

Later all.


William Ramsay, Jr., AKA:

Commander Alun Tringad

TDV Black Falcon ISS05

Tactical Support Coordinator, ISS Fleet

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[This message has been edited by William Ramsay (edited 12-17-98).]

[This message has been edited by William Ramsay (edited 12-17-98).]

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Guest Blackwell

<rp on>

Orbital dives where always tricky, but this one was nearly suicidal. As he entered the upper atmosphere his proximity detector could no longer pick up the remainder of his team and visibility was near zero. Even with thousands of dives of experience, this would prove his most chalenging and hopefully not his last. Between the moments of terror and extreme physical exertion he focused on the task at hand. The order had been clear and direct from a man he had not heard from since the development of his unit.

"No one else can do this Commander. Get it done. Quietly."

He managed a rare smile at that last word. Cmdr. Joshua Balckwell was only called upon when "quiet" was a necessary ingredient to mission success. No one would ever know of his divisions involvement in countles other "incidents" just like they would never know of this one - on Neptune.

<rp off>


This is by far one of the best role-playing sessions I have experienced on-line in a long time. Keep up the good work.

I'm back! wink.gif

Cmdr. Joshua Blakcwell


"Do unto others... FIRST!"

[This message has been edited by Blackwell (edited 12-16-98).]

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I am going to send messages to this forum a little later, but I wanted to let DeSylva know that I sent him the plans for the Starpoint Station, and the text files. As soon as he looks at them and approves them I will send them to the other ISS members.

Out for now, back on in an hour or so.


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Guest Hellstar


Hellstar: Comms, send confirmation message to the Usagi of their last transmission. Inform them that we are falling behind to cover their flank. Cloaking in D minus 3 minutes.

Comms: Aye sir.......... message sent.

Hellstar: Ready all marines for combat and deploy to engine room, flight deck, bridge, and transporter room. Security Officer, follow me to the transporter room. Davis you have the bridge.

*Hellstar and Security Officer Johnson exit the bridge*

*hellstar and Johnson enters the transporter room. Marines snap to attention.*

Hellstar: At ease men. Your mission is plain and simple. Your objective is to transport over to an enemy vessle and take control of it. You will beam directly onto the bridge, and secure it. Two flight engineers will beam over when the bridge is secure. They will then carry out thier objectives. Their objectives are: 1) Download all information from their computers (flight log, nav charts, tactical information etc) 2) disable all communications aboard the ship 3) disable all emergency and space craft that can be used for evacuation 4) finally plot a course for its home base with a timed self-destruct. With the activity around this area lately, we are expecting some type of sneak attack on our fleet. So be ready.

!!!Beep Beep!!!

Davis: Sir, an unidentified ship is decloaking on our six. Scanners show shields are down and weapons are activated."

Hellstar: Roger that Davis. Sheilds to max and set IOD at 100% and PTA at 100%. On my way

*Helstar exits*

*Hellstar enters bridge*

Tactical: Do want me to deploy the marines sir?

Hellstar: No! I figure that with their shields down and weapons fully armed that they are planning to take out the Usagi with one shot. We don't have time for ground pounders. Load missle tubes 1 and 4. Lock on and prepare to fire on my mark. Comms, any response from the unidentified ship?

Comms: No sir, there has been no response to our hailing. There are also no markings on this ship, except that its actions are indeed hostile.

Hellstar: I don't have time to guess that its friendly. Fire missles 1 and 4! Fire IOD twice aim at the aft section. Let see if we can't disable it and get some information. Transporter room, inform the marianes of our situation.

Tactical: Sir, the ship is disabled, all weapon systems are off line and engine is shot.

Hellstar: Good! Comms, send a priority 1 message to the Usagi informing them of what has just occured. Requesting advisement from Commander Tac in person if possible. Advise him that marines are on standing by ready to transport over to the disabled ship."

Comms: Message sent and recieved sir.



Commander Hellstar Kagato

Wraith Squadron Leader


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First, let me say the change to Neptune is fine with me. Leave the meeting place that we need to meet as Callisto for now so I can officialy brief everyone. I want to coordinate everyone to be there tomorrow night, that would be Thursday night Dec 17th, or your equivalent if you happen to live in Australia. This way we can all get together at one time and start coordinations and send ships out to strategic areas and conduct operations.

Cmdr.Gallion, I got your email, your status sounds great I could use your help, but I need permission from Cmdr.Londono and Cmdr. DeSylva to take charge of you and your forces so I can deploy you in support of my ground forces. So I am formally asking for temporary assignment of Cmdr.Gallion and the ships under his command. At any time if Wraith Fleet needs he or any of his ships just let me know. He is in the vacinity to provide space and air support for my marine ground units on the planet surface. Some of his craft are equipped with OTS weapons. I have intelligence that says the Gammulans have ground forces around the surrounding planets, and I could use his support so I don't have to split my defenses.

I am going to list the main participants that I need at the meeting. Consider this a subspace transmission invitation from the Shogun to your respective ships, I know Cmdr. Tringad is already in the area.

I need Cmdr.DeSylva (who might be in the area already)






Cmdr.Locke (only if he is in the area)



There are other participants on this role play, I did not mean to exclude anyone, I just need these personnel because they are fleet leaders or Arm Coordinators,etc or they are in key areas that have activity or they have skills vital to the role play. All fleet commanders can use their discretion if they want to have the ships commanders at this meeting. There is a small settlement on the surface of Callisto that we can use as the meeting area. For role play purposes it will have a type of auditorium for us to use to conduct the role play meeting.

I have begun the transformation of this auditorium for this meeting, I am using some of the marine detachments to provide security and I have a detail on Callisto now preparing the meeting area right now, setting up the briefing area with projectors, seats, tables, etc.

Cmdr.Tringad, if you can come to the Shogun, dock your shuttle with the Shogun and I can brief you in advance since you are the Tactical Arm Coordinator, and we can go to the meeting together. I'm not trying to bypass Cmdr.DeSylva by not briefing him first, there are just some tactical issues I want to work out before my briefing so I can have everything in order for it.

Please put a transmission on the commlink tonight saying you are on your way if your name was on my list above. If it wasn't contact your fleet commander and see if he/she wants you to come.

I know this is not in the traditional role play format but I just need to get everyone here, and at that time if people want to introduce their ideas for the role play they can introduce it as intelligence data they have come across and want to suggest as a way to solve the problem, etc. I just need everyone on Callisto at one time.

I'll sign back on later to see who has responded and I'll start writing personal communications to them explaning where to go on Callisto and what is going on when they get there.

Take care and until later.

Cmdr.Jeehun Ristar

TCV Shogun,ISS03

Intelligence and Espionage Arm Coordinator

ISS Vice Fleet Coordinator

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<rp on>

"Comms, send a message to Cmdr.DeSylva in addition to my previous message about the meeting. Let him know we monitored the Necromancer's demise and I have alerted the ISS's 702d OMB(Medivac) unit and they have surgical teams standing by on the Shogun, and at ISS Fleet HQ if the Necromancer has wounded that need to be tended to. I have also sent a team of the 702d to deploy in a shuttle to search the area for any survivors that might be alive in disabled shuttles and then will rendezvous with you to render assistance to survivors that you or others in the area picked up. Tell Rattler that I'm sorry, myself and the crew of the Shogun will pay tribute to the lost crew and our hearts are with him and his remaining crew, and we will avenge your loss. I will give condolences in person at the meeting on Callisto. Ristar out"

"Send that now."

Comm Officer: "Yes,sir"

</rp off>


TCV Shogun,ISS03

Intelligence and Espionage Arm Coordinator

ISS Vice Fleet Coordinator

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Guest Blackwell



The three round burst found its mark. A tight cluster on the chest killed the target instantly.

"Target down!"

The snake continued moving with purpose and in silence. It's members in close proximity ideal for CQB. All five had survived the dive with out injury and with only one goal in mind. Their carefully coreographed movements would apear comical if not for it's intent. Knees bent, weapons up and ready moving with their heads. They held position over the body while #3 quickly searched and taged the corpse before moving on. As the 'snake' slitherd away the corpse apeared to disapear in thin air. With no smile -this time- #2 rememberd his nickname during pre-op training for The Squads.

Mr. Clean

<rp off>

Cmdr. Joshua Blackwell


15th Planetary Defense Force

Omega Battle Group

"Do unto others... FIRST!"

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Whew you guys are fast I've gotta catch up!


Yazin:"Helm ETA to FLX-06"

Nav:"We should be there within two minutes Sir"

Yazin stared at the every larger Flux Field with a growing sense of dread and anticipation.

Tac. Officer:"Sir! I'm picking up new fluctuations near the Flux Field new ships sir........."

Yazin: "It doesn't matter, we have to get through, Earth is depending on us"

Tac. Officer:"Yes Sir!"

With a bright flash a fleet of.....Galactan Battlercruisers appeared!

Yazin:"Well Gentlemen it appears the calvary has arrived, Tactical I.D. those ships."

Tac. Officer:"Sir! I'm sure its the Nevermore but she has a different IFF signal....TDV"

Yazin:"TDV....hmmmmm, It doesn't matter. Comm send a transmission to the Nevermore marked "Urgent", I want it to read as follows "Akira, Damn good to see you Sir, attached to this transmission I have encoded some very frightening new data, it's the Gammulans"

Comm. Officer:"The package is on its way sir"

Yazin: "Good, Helm adjust course to join the fleet"

As he observed the new ships enter the system Yazin felt a new sense of hope, and determination.


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I forgot one person that I would need at the meeting on Callisto,that is Cmdr.Blackwell. If you are involved in a battle Cmdr.Blackwell and can't get to the meeting I need you to send me an email detailing your situation and an evaluation of the situation and recommendations of what you need, if anything.

Thanks, take care


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Guest Ron Wallin

Blackwell, I sent you an email to the address on your profile. If you don't get it, I need to know (not my character) what your plans are. Some nasty things are about to happen on Neptune and I'd rather not have you killed off in the process! Email your reply to: [email protected] thanx

Ristar, my character is on the other side of the galaxy. have you been reading all the posts. do you need me (the author) at this meeting or Cmdr. Akira? Please email me at: [email protected]

Ron Wallin


Cmdr. Akira

ICV Nevermore

Spectre, Command Staff


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Yazin: "You heard Akira, lets get moving! Helm set a course for Xylan. Its time to earn the name Elite Scout. Engage Cloaking device and Tactical start searching for the Gammulan trail."

The ship glided forward and headed toward the Flux Field and with a bright flash disappeared from the Location of Raven Fleet.

Yazin:"Get me from my readyroom once we reach Xylan"

Charles:"Yes Sir"

Yazin went through the reports he received on the Jupiter conflict with a worried look. "This looks bad, and with two such fleets heading for Terra..........."

A knocking came from his readyroom door as charles stepped in, "Sir, we are 5 minutes from Xylan, and sir, things don't look very good."

Yazin:"Things are looking bad for all of us, but we must not lose hope, now on to the Bridge."

An unbeliable sight met his eyes once he reached the bridge, destruction......unbeliveable destruction.

Yazin:"It appears the Gammulans have been through here, but we cannot stay to help, Helm full burn we have to catch up."

Helm:"Yes Sir, All ahead full"

Many jumps followed as the Lightspeed neared Sol, but everywhere destruction.

Helm:"Sir the next jump will take us to Centris"

Tactical Off.:"Sir the hulls here are still warm, the Gammulans cannot be more than 15 minutes ahead of us, we should reach them in Centris."

Yazin:"Good, Tactical prepare a probe to be sent back to Akira once we reach Centris"

With the last jump cleared Yazin entered Centris and saw the Gammulan fleet heading through the Flux Field toward Pluto, and then his eyes fell upon Centris station.......

Yazin:"Tactical put all the data we have on the destruction up to this point, and inform Commander Akira that the Gammulans......"

Tactical:"The Gammulans have what sir?"

Yazin:"Tell him, the Gammulans have entered....Sol, and to get here as fast as possible. Inform him we will wait here for his arrival, and may God have mercy on us all...Tactical, Launch"

Tactical:"Probe launched, and Sir how long will it take Akira to catch up?"

Yazin:"Too long soldier, too long"

As the probe faded away, Yazin turned his attention to the last of the Gammulan craft as they disappeared into the Flux Field, headed for home, his home.

Yazin:"Godspeed Akira, Godspeed"

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As Commanders Rattler and Locke made their way back to the bridge of At All Costs, a drama was unfolding with the fate of the ship in the balance.

In the absence of its Commander the ship's leadership was passed to the Tactical Officer, Mr. Wiggin. At the moment Wiggin was a very troubled man, Gammulan fighters had just scored a successful hit on At All Costs shields, damaging the PTA and IOD systems and rendering the shields inoperative for the meantime. Engineers were struggling to repair the damage, but the ship was going to have a very vulnerable window of time.

Helm officer Anderson cried out, "Sir, we have a contact, a large one directly to port! It must have slipped in during the Necromancer's destruction and was running on low energy. Oh my God."

At All Costs slowly maneuvered to port, and found itself face to face with a sight that turned every member of the bridge crew's spine to a column of ice. A Gammulan Stormcarrier, perhaps 100 meters away from At All Cost's bridge. Wiggin stared directly at the command section of the Gammulan ship, and cursed the entire species to Hell. The IOD of the Gammulan vessel slowly turned to bear on At All Costs, and the entire bridge turned away in prayer.

Light filled the bridge as missiles collided with the Stormcarrier, and Wiggin looked up in shock and relief. A squadron of GalCom Interceptors and the Raider Cruiser Silhouette had just unleashed a barrage on the Stormcarrier, firing all their missiles and severely damaging the vessel's hull. The Gammulan's PTA came to life, destroying 3 of the interceptors and scattering the rest. It fired a spread of missiles at the Silhouette, destroying its weapons system and leaving it venting gas. As the Gammulan vessel charged its weapons and turned again to At All Costs, a message came on screen.

"At All Costs, this is Naismith of the Silhouette. Commander, I joined this fleet only for my gain. My entire crew is wanted either for connection to or conviction of crimes ranging from smuggling to murder. Volunteering for this mission was our last hope of continuing our miserable existences for a little while longer, and with a little less fear. However my life has not always been like this. I have a family on Earth, I was born and raised there and though it has been far from kind to me I love it. Maybe this battle has changed me, I don't know. But neither I nor my crew has anything worth living for anymore, and we embark on this action with no reservation. We have been hunted by Earth for years, we now give our lives for her. Farewell, Captain, make our deaths worth something!"

The StarCarrier slowly turned to face the StormCarrier, and oriented itself toward the weakest spot of the vessel's shields. With its last drop of energy the Silhouette lit its engine and rocketed straight into the Gammulan Carrier's hull, just as it prepared to fire on At All Costs.

After the dust had settled both vessels had been destroyed beyond recognition, and Wiggin was moved beyond words. The crew stared out of the viewport in silence, and Wiggin imagined there was a new star smiling back at him, redeemed in death of his failures in life.


Let no man say they were only pirates! smile.gif

Courage comes in the most unexpected places.

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Rattler, with all his military training, hadn't been prepared for his welcome onboard "At All Costs". He was accustomed to the respect given him from the Insurgency, because he had earned it. This was something else. This was far beyond those boundaries!!

As IC1's engines whined down to a stop, he became fully aware of what was happening on the IC Bay. Tears welled up in his eyes, blinding him for a moment. Not tears of sorrow for losing the Necromancer, nor tears of joy at being safely aboard a friendly vessel. These were Tears of Pride for This Ship! At All Costs had come a long way in the past 72 hours. She had been transformed from disabled and down-trodden, to a Mean, Lean, Fighting Machine, turned sanctuary for a tired and maybe even a little confused "Snake", and showed no signs of slowing down. Again came the tears, and Rattler could only manage a smile for another short moment. Gathering himself, Rattler removed his helmet and gloves, climbing down the boarding ladder under shaking knees, still not quite recovered from the +14G pulling arc that he had just performed to escape the explosions of Necromancer and those that She had taken with her. Steadying himself on the last ladder rung, and looking directly into Locke's eyes, he managed to get his voice back, and in a loud, thunderous salutation so that all on the Hangar Deck could hear, exclaimed:::::

Rattler: Request Permission to come aboard YOUR fine vessel, SIR!!!

With that, the Bay errupted into total chaos, each person momentarily forgetting protocol and cheering wildly. It might have gone on for several moments had not the Master At Arms called everyone back to attention. The Marine Honor Guard rendered Rattler the most precice honors that he had ever witnessed in his entire life. It was a spectacle that would remain Legendary with the Insurgency for Centuries to come, Rattle was sure of it.

Rattler: Locke, you sure are a sight for these tired old eyes. smile.gif Did any of my crew make it out to other safe havens? If so, send them my Best Regards, and thank the other Commanders out there for taking them in.

Locke: No word yet on others, Sir. My ship is Yours.

Rattler: I'll transfer my flag here for a short while, with your permission, but I can't stay long. I have to get to DeSylva and the First Light!! That's one man that I can't leave this place without seeing once again!!! Now, where's your cabin, Son? Rattler's Thirsty!!

Rattler slapped Commander Locke on the back, then shook his hand, and FOLLOWED Commander Locke 1 off the Hangar Bay. This in itself was unheard of. A Fleet Commander walking BEHIND one of his subordinates? Realizing what was happening, Locke's chest inflated with justifyable pride, and he strode on in the manner befitting his title of "Lord and Master of At All Costs!" Personnel on the Hangar Bay snapped to attention, their arms ripping into Salute, and their boot heals slamming together. The sound that they made can only be appreciated by those who have truly witnessed this action. It's indiscribeable. As they left the gantry, the crew heard Rattler's voice boom out again, and truely knew that "The Old Man" really was all that they had heard about and maybe even a little more.

Rattler: Comms, Send a message to First Light! Send it clear, and send it fast!

DeSylva, My "Old Friend", Get your Butt over here!!! smile.gif

Rattler: Now make a hole, Make it WIDE, Thirsty Men coming through!! smile.gif


[This message has been edited by Rattler (edited 12-16-98).]

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Cmdr.Akira, I really need you there at the meeting, if at all possible, if you are unable to attend because of a battle, then you can't but if you are on patrol and Rattler wants you to come, then it would be a big help for you to be there, if not we might be able to rig up some sort of teleconferencing system for commanders who cannot be there in person to participate and obtain the information that needs to be put out.

<rp on>

"Open a frequency to Cmdr.Rattler, I want to know how he is."

Comms Officer: "Sir, he is aboard the ICV ship At All Costs. Shall I send the message there?"

"Yes, and send our condolences on the loss of his ship and inform him of the medical unit on station. Have him contact me when he receives this transmission to find out what his status is, and if he needs escort for him or any of his ships"

Comm Officer: "yes, sir"

</rp off>


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Onboard At All Costs, Rattler watches intently as Locke's crew deftly go about their business of killing the enemy. Suddenly message traffic comes in from Pheonix.

Rattler: Comms, what was that last message?

Comms: Commander Chavik has assumed command of Spectre, Sir! I guess he figures that you are out of commission, and we needed another Leader.

Rattler: Well, he's grabbed this hot potatoe, let's let him juggle it for a while. He's a strong tactician, and we could have done worse!! Send him a message acknowledging his authority and prepare to follow his lead like your life depended upon it. IT DOES!!

Comms: Message Away, Sir!!

Rattler: Locke, she's your ship, now fight her!!

With that, Rattler faded back into the shadows on the bridge, becoming the all seeing, but silent member of the bridge crew, smiling broadly at the turn of events.


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"Has the Guardian come into position yet?" Chavik asked, concentrating on the target list.

"Yes sir, almost," replied Mr. King.

"Good Miss Siamet, transmit that they are to make room for Antti's personnel. Evac them into shuttles so that they won't waste time with the transporter. Be sure to bring the System and flight engineers here. We are short since At All Costs required our assistance. Anyone wishing to stay may do so but not that they crowd them. Antti has a good crew and he's used to them. Request other ships make room for the rest."

"Message from the Necromancer sir," reported Miss Siamet.

"Speakers," said Chavik.

"Chavik, take care of the fleet."

"What?!? Put the necromancer in the CVD now. See where he's headed." The sight chilled him. While the small image appeared whole, the indicators told another story. No Shields, no armor, and only 2% integrity. Her target a Gammulan capitol ship. Sight followed thought as Chavik pulled up Tacops in his VR visor. Quickly zooming to the Necromancer he watched and breathed a sigh of relief as the support ships evacuated. Then he gasped it back in as she plowed into the central cap ship in a group. The blast took them all out. The Necromancer had lived up to it's name and had performed magic in her death.

"Send out more evac orders for the Necromancer's support ships. Anybody able to take them holler out. I want all ICV IC's to break off and form up. Seven per squad, that will leave enough left over for repairs. Each Squad will choose a jump point for manuever Maelstrom. Target the Stormcarriers and take them out. One at a time. BC's will target other caps. Stay clear of the GCV's unless asked for assistance or a clear opportunity arises. We don't want to step on anyone's toes but maybe they'll get the hint. Mr. King target Orion ODS and bring us in, perhaps it will take out a few also."

Chavik watched as the Maelstrom manuever took effect. One whole side of the battle seemed to clear of friendly ships. The Gammulans were confused and only a few fighters decided to follow but they were to late. By the time they chased the IC's down they had recharged engines and the net drew closed like a star going nova. With the firepower of over a hundred interceptors the Stormcarrier did not stand a chance. Support interceptors did not have time nor resources to defend. By the time support ships jumped in the Maelstrom had expanded to suck up another ship.

"Miss Siamet, please transmit this to all ships. The Maelstrom is working. The odds are shifting more in our favor. Two more runs than back to standard tactics with the Delta Vee flight pattern. Time to mop up."

"Send now."

Chavik leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes. How long had they been going at this? The stray thought was picked up by the VR and he groaned as a clock came into view. No time to get careless he thought. "Mother, systems check please." He almost groaned again at the status of the Phoenix. Several systems were at the point of collapse. But hearteningly many were also still green. He hoped his System engineers would arrive soon to take the load off his crew.

"One more message: DeSylva how goes it with you?

Commander Chavik Temp Fleet Leader Spectre

ICV TDV Phoenix

"We Shall Arise From The Ashes"

Send now."


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Guest Antti Junkkari

The bridge of Guardian looked as his one. Of course. There was no problem of using this ship. It's all computers still worked. Great load of weapons, too.

No problem. Allthough there was not much of his own crew left, it was enough.

"All right ladies and gentlemen. Let's kick some Gammulan ass."

He took the ship under his controll, gave officers some instructions, and ran into the big battle at Jupiter.

- - -

From: GCV-Guardian, Commander Junkkari

To: Chavik

Thanks for the ship delivery.

Well fight well now.

From: GCV-Guardian, Commander Junkkari

To: ICV-At All Costs

As you may know, we are now at GCV-Guardian.

For Rattler, sorry for your ship, I know how does it feel.

I think we all meet once again, so have a good one.

From: GCV-Guardian, Commander Junkkari

To: GCV-First Light

I've taken the Guardian over, and we're running into the battle.

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Here we go, have a couple of loose ends to tie up, then things should be OK ÔÇ£down underÔÇØ (Pun intended) in



COMMS: Commander, incoming message from Wraith HQ.

GALLION: pipe it through Lt.


TO: CMDR Gallion, Corsair Wing Leader

FR: CMDR Tac, Wraith Fleet Commander

SUBJECT: Cruiser Squadron B Assignment

Ten Cruisers from Cruiser Squadron B are assigned to Corsair Wing. Five are equipped with OTS weapons. Target Gam surface targets of opportunity. Notify Wraith HQ of rendezvous location. CMDR Tac OUT.


GALLION: COMMS Prepare to copy


TO: Wraith HQ

FR: CMDR Gallion, Corsair Wing Leader

SUBJECT: Rendezvous

Cruiser Squadron B will rendezvous with Corsair Wing at Regis VI/Regulus. Squadron will depart Wraith HQ cloaked. Upon arrival at rendezvous location, Squadron leader with transmit sqwack via Corsair Wing TACNET await further instructions. CMDR Gallion OUT.


Send Message.

COMMS: Message sent.

GALLION: TACOPS, situation report!

TACOPS: Two Warmongers still within 5k of Rocon Commander, maintaining GAURD posture. Several cargo pods floating around battle locations, Gam and GVC ID.

GALLION: FO, launch SH4, have them transfer cargo to the Prinze Eugen, they must be running low on missiles. When cargo transfer is completed, SH4 with recover anything salvageable from those cargo pods. COMMS send message to the Prinze, DECLOAK on my Mark. On my MARK we will DECLOAK also <wonder if the Gams will respond?> 3...2...MARK!

In the middle of Gam territory, two Galatan Battlecruisers DECLOAK, awaiting some type of response from the Gam starbase Rocon. CMDR Gallion eagerly awaits, fingers poised over the...

COMMS: INCOMING message from Wraith HQ Commander!

GALLION: Read it Lt.

COMMS: Wraith HQ acknowledges last transmission, C-Sqd B ETA 1 hour.

GALLION: OK, now we wait people, COMMS monitor Corsair TACNET, let me know when you hear a sqwack. Contact the Prinze, prepare to CLOAK in 58 minutes. Graf Spee to SH4, you have 45 minutes to complete your mission, move it! NAV, what is the ETA of Probe 1?

NAV: 38 Minutes Sir.

Now the hardest part of war begins; the waiting game.


Loose ends are tied up, the plot may thicken and go anywhere from here. Awaiting comms from off-line. Lots of fun in the sun remain. Gotta luv it.

CMDR Gallion

GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader.

[This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-17-98).]

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