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Guest Ron Wallin

Cmdr. Joshua Blackwell READ THIS!!!

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Guest Ron Wallin

I tried posting in the RP thread but it looks like I was ignored!

You have put a group of marines on Neptune in the middle of the Gammulan attacks. I have no problem with that, in fact I'm glad someone did.

However, unless you contact me ASAP they will all die in my next post!!! No crying about this, I've given you a few days to contact me, and I've tried email'ng you on multiple ocassions with no results.

So here it is. You have until Saturday morning (it's now 5:30 PM CST, Friday Evening) at which time, if I haven't heard from you, your marines will be obliterated.

Contact me soon. I can't wait any longer, and I have no problems stepping on your toes on this one!!!

email: [email protected]

icq: 13379858


Cmdr. Akira

ICV Nevermore

Spectre, Command Staff


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Guest Blackwell

Good Day Cmdr.

I apreciate your concern and I am aware of the time table. We will either coplete our mission... or die.


Cmdr. Joshua Blackwell


15th Planetary Defense Force

Omega Battle Group

"Do unto others... FIRST!"

[This message has been edited by Blackwell (edited 12-18-98).]

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