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Guest Steve Naylor

Comms re-established... Cruiser disabled...

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Guest Steve Naylor

Greetings Commanders,

After too many months in deeeeeep space, the GCV Rising Star is once again returning to the Sol System, although this time it's for some serious repairs. The BC should be at operational status within a week, while full 100% readiness will take two at least to acheive.

Glad to see all the fleets doing so well, and especially glad to see the SC doing his usual "damn fine job!" wink.gif

See you out there, somewhere...

Steve Naylor

Commanding, GCV Rising Star

Wraith Fleet

(Note to Tac: Sorry for the non-response, I've been off the 'net since early October and am just now getting back online.)

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Glad to see you back Commander! *takes his MIA list and scratches one name out*.

Report to http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Harbor/5297/wraith/index.htm' target=new>Wraith HQ href> after repairs and R&R for your next assignment. :-)

E-Mail me buddy, gotta assign you to a Wing.


Fleet Leader

Daniel "Tac" Londono

GCV Usagi (Wraith Flagship)

Hell Hound Wing Commander

=Wraith Fleet=

"Hard,Fast, Furious...FIRST!"

"The World is tired of Words.It wants Examples"-Shoghi Effendi

[This message has been edited by Tac (edited 03-10-99).]

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