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A Starion is born

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A Starion is Born (RP Version)


The nite had been a long one. First Stickman had received word that Insurgent One had misteriously been absent from the last Earth stratagy briefing that all Insurgent Commanders attend unless they are deployed. Stickman, Chavik and Akira had been discussing the problems of maintaining their aging Constellation Class BC's. Parts had been scarce lately and even with the string of successfull station raid there were shortages. Tough shortages and their Birds have been suffering because of it. When 2200hrs came and Rattler did not appear there was a low mumble from the crowded briefing room. Akira then stood up and said that Rattler was involved in a very important mission and would be away for an extended time. "What kind of mission" asked Chavik? "Sorry, that is a need to know question and won't be addressed at this time" Akira states. Again the low murmer from the small room,"Quite" Akira says. We have work to do this evening, Important work.

So, here 6 hours later, Stickman walk the corridors Star Cutter, wondering if the mission he has been tasked with has even a remote chance of success, much less survival. The images bonded to the noses of his Ships complement of Intercepters are chipped and faded. Years of punishment by Earthcom and Galcom ships and station had certainly reduced the once colorful throwback to Earths WWII era planes noseart to a faint reminder of how hard the Insurgency had fought for freedom and equality.

"Commander" Sandy Crane the Comm. Officer calls over the intercom. You have a priority message coming over the commlink. "Where would you like to take it". "In my briefing room" Stickman replys and he proceeds there with an urgency weighted by a sense of forboding.

Five minutes later, Stickman sits at his commlink and enters his code to recieve the transmission.

"Akira here Stickman, we just received confirmation, the bird is in her nest. Time to go".

To be continued

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