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A new beginning

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Alright my other attempts at Rping haven't gone over so well, so I'm gonna make another attempt, cautiously >) Here goes..


Parias gazed up, stunned, dazed, and confused. The last of the cruisers had hypered out of the system, whereever it was, leaving him for dead. His Interceptor was crippled, and he hadn't the slightest idea what he was doing there. His last memory was some people in black lab coats standing over him in a dark room. One of them held up a tiny sawblade, and his memory cut off there.

Most of his Interceptor's systems were either fluctuating or gone. Looking up, as if for the first time, he saw a planet in the distance, slowly moving towards him. No, he was moving towards it!

Still dazed, feeling as if he was the most tired person in the galaxy, Parias shunted a bit of his remaining power to his navigation systems to find out where he was. It stated he was over Mars, and it predicted a crash landing in about 2 hours, far away from any outposts or cities that may be on the planet. There was insufficient energy to break free of the planet's gravity, all he could do was put the rest of his energy into an SOS beacon, in hopes someone would find him.

After doing all he could do, Parias leaned back into his chair, and thought hard, wondering why he was sitting out there, why he was in an Interceptor in the first place, wondering just WHO he was, other than his name, and just why he was where he was. It seemed like everything up untill this point was a pure blank, like he had been asleep the whole time untill now.

Trailing sparks, the Interceptor was slowly pulled towards the planet, the pilot inside stuggling to find answers.


There's a good start, I'm encouraging you guys to build upon that any way you want >)

Just so long as it doesn't involve

a *bump* a "What was that?" and "Woops, I forgot I filtered out SOS signals from the radar!"



Cmdr Parias



"I took this job because I love to blow sh*t up!"

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