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Robert Maxwell

A story idea...

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Guest aramike01

Hey Maxwell, you ever gonna redo that story?


Commander Michael Kristophers

Spectre Fleet


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At present, I have been unable to work on a rewrite. This is for several reasons.

1) College.

2) Been doing LOTS of work on my website.

3) Concurrently writing one story, one series, and plotting another one.

4) The termination of my forum account here. I TRIED to change the e-mail in my profile, but apparently it's not allowed to be a Hotmail address (I thought that was just disallowed for registering purposes). So, I had to get a new account.

I MIGHT still rewrite it. I don't know. Depends on whether or not Parias is still up to it. Thanks for asking, though!


Robert Thomas Maxwell

GCV Something-or-other

"I got nothing witty to say today."

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Well, I DO still have a post that I spent 2 hours working on sitting on my HD waiting to be posted.. *shrugs*

If you're up to it, then I'll follow suit.





Staff member at HardNews

"I took this job because I just really love to blow sh*t up!"

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