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Guest John Hawk

An adventure begins...

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Guest John Hawk


John Hawk rubbed at his chin briefly, out of nervousness, then knocked soundly on the antique oak door. He heard a deep voice call out from within the room "Come in!". Turning the handle and walking into the room he was surprised to see it lined with shelves of books. Real books. Many of them were actually leather bound and must have been worth a great deal of money even if (as he suspected) they were only reproductions of the original titles.

"Ah! Come in. Come in Commander. Close that door behind you."

Hawk did as he was bid and turned to face the other occupant. The man was well past middle age, his grey-white hair thinning noticeably on the top of his head. He stood a few inches short of JohnÔÇÖs height (six foot dead) and was carrying a good deal more weight, as his ample gut testified. The living as a member of the upper echelons of GalCom must be good indeed decided Hawk.

You of course have no idea who I am, oh and congratulations on getting your BattleCruiser by the way

ÔÇ£ThankyouÔǪerr Sir. And ÔÇÿNoÔÇÖ I have not met or seen you before to my knowledge.ÔÇØ

well answered, Commander, well answered. You have seen me before though, at the academy. But you wont remember me. I like it that way.

Hawk racked his memory trying to place the strange old man, but gave up quickly deciding that if he wanted to be inconspicuous he likely had succeeded.

ÔÇ£It is your new BattleCruiser I wanted to speak to you about actually. You are aware that GalCom has a bit of a crisis on at the moment. That being the reason so many new BattleCruisers have been built and handed to relatively inexperienced and untried Commanders, not unlike yourself.ÔÇØ

Hawk nodded, hoping this was not just another ÔÇ£The Galaxy is counting on brave young men like you!ÔÇØ style speech he had heard repeatedly over the last few weeks.

ÔÇ£You are a little different to most of your peers however. For a start, you went to the academy recently in order to ÔÇÿbrush upÔÇÖ your skills, in the hope of being found worthy of command of one of the new BattleCruisers, rather than joining as a bright eyed 16 year old cadet facing five years of training and dreaming of what it would be like to command a starship.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£Your record on the Unbroken Dream was, on the whole exemplary. Indeed I am told the only faults that could be listed were a tendency to argue against decisions you felt were wrong and a dislike of formality which led on occasion to you upsetting higher ranked colleagues by not observing rank protocols.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£Yes sir. I have to agree with that assessment.ÔÇØ

So, now you are wondering what all of this has to do with you being here, correct? Dont answer that, here is the answer.


Ok, if you would like me to continue or have other comments, please let me know :¬)


Cptn. John Hawk

UCV Avalon

"Do or do not! There is no try." - Master Yoda to Luke Skywalker

[This message has been edited by John Hawk (edited 10-28-2000).]

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