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Into The Fire : ACT TWO - Choices

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I think I'm starting to lose the plot here. Anyway, lets see what comes next ...


The room, although dimly illuminated from the overhead lighting, seemed just as threatening and foreboding as it had done in total darkness. What Savage couldnt see before was the huddled figure of Akuma Minako. What he now saw was more familiar, yet still not Akuma Minako.

At least, not the Akuma he knew.

When she spoke to him, he felt his stomach tighten and his heart increase it's rythmic thumping. By the time she had finished, he was sweating, his throat dry with nervousness.

Whats wrong with me? Why do I feel like I've just been caught scrumping apples?

Didnt you hear her, dumbass? came the ever present voice of doom and gloom in his head. She's a wreck, and a good portion of that is because of the way she feels for you.

Savage shrugged the voice away. Now wasnt a good time to have this debate.

Yet, it seemed to strike home with him. His physical reaction to hearing what she said was evidence enough of that.

"Akuma," he started, trying to find the words in his brain to put things to rights.

She looked up at him when he spoke .... and waited for him to continue.

He lost the momentum before it had started. Suddenly, the things his instincts told him to shout out were beaten swiftly to death by the voice of reason. Or at least, the moments voice of reason. He couldnt offored to get into this discussion now. It was the worst possible time for it.

But at the same token, if he didnt do this now ... resolve this issue, there might not ever be a chance to do it again.

Fate intervened once again.

"Bridge to Savage! Comamnder Savage, please respond!"

The Orion Fleet commander hesitated for only a moment. Just long enough for Akuma to lower her eyes and stare at her feet. He whipped the comm unit from his belt and spoke into it quickly.

"Savage here. Did that planet explode already?"

"Not quite sir, but theres been an incident in medbay. You are needed down there immediately."

Savage closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Anymore of this and Im gonna fire myself out of the nearest airlock ...

"Understood." he said, killing the transmission and turning on the spot.

As the door whooshed open, he halted and looked back over his shoulder. "Akuma, I need you. I'll seeyou on the bridge in ten minutes."

With that he left and made his way back down the corridor. He could hear some kind of discussion going on from behind him, right where the burly shadows had passed a few moments before. This didnt concern him though. Neither did whatever emergency lay ahead of him in the medbay. His thoughts were occupied by Neena ..... and now, after all this time .... Akuma.


Lets try and tidy some of these sub plots up a bit. We need to get on with the main plot, so if you want to take some liberties, feel free to do so.


Fleet Cmdr. Karl Savage

GCV - Tsunami, Orion Starstation (CENTRIS)

Fleet Leader, ORION FLEET


'Here cometh the storm!'

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Ayi Ayi sir!


Akuma straightened. Blades...

She straightened out her uniform and her hair then walked into the hall. Risking a glance behind her she saw Blades walking stiffly away.

She made her way to the bridge and sat down at the navigations center...Just by fluke of course. Ayi Ayi sir. She thought to herself as she wiped away the last of her tears.



Commander Akuma Minako

GCV - Tenchi, Orion Starstation (CENTRIS)

Deterrence Battle Group


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Well, I'll try and the liberties that I take hopefully won't be too out of character. Sorry Blades for getting off plot (though i'm not real sure what it is right now), just attemting to develop the character a bit.


03:49 hrs, 19th May, 3008

SS Vulture


The sharp snap mobilized the MA into action. Reaching his side she began slamming various narcotics into him to knock him back out and get his vital signs back down. All the while swearing under her breath about the lack of presence from her CMO. Just then it dawns on her that she hadn't paged him. Turning her head to an orderly, "Page CMO Foss and tell him we need his bu** in here!". why couldn't Commander Savage leave well enough alone...we already had a good CMO....

Commander Foss was in his quarters. He hadn't really been sure that Savage was going to give in and give him the CMO position. Just a few more touches and I'll be ready to start working with Akuma... Turning his concetration back to the task at hand CMO FOSS, GET YOUR BU** TO MEDIBAY NOW! blasts through his quarters as the orderly had taken the MA's orders a bit too literally.

Jumping at the unexpected blast into his concentration a 32oz cup of launched across the workspace. A quiet ffzziipt sound followed by a slightly louder pop as the computer digests a bit of coffee greets Foss next as the project goes up in smoke.

03:56 hrs


Medibay door wisks open admitting a fuming CMO Foss. He makes three giant strides into the medibay before the scene registers, causing him to stop and take a slow look around. The scene greeting him was shattered glass, a couple of mercs with gins sharing some private joke, another merc being fussed at by an orderly as she taked to, Savage?, and MA Carlene with a rather harried look on her face next to someone else.

Commander Savage nods at the merc as she finishes her story. Looking up he sees Foss, sporting a new coffee stain, standing there taking in his charge. Commander Savage, having more urgent matters, heads out with a brief pause with Foss. Jerking a thumb over his right shoulder, "That's Insurgent Wold. Seems that one of the Mercs recognized his DNA scan and tried to collect him. Somebody wants him, possibly the same group we're already after." Savage looks at Foss for a long second then continues on his way.

"And if we get into serious trouble, how do I know that you'll work just as hard to save an Insurgent's life as a Galcom officer's?" Savage's question and his own answer echos through his mind. He had ment it, but..... He looked at the commander who had fired on Akuma's ship and the one responsible for the current mess....

Taking a deep breath he walks up to the MA who extends an updated bio-chart to him. Looking at it he barely keeps his jaw from dropping. "You sure this is accurate?"

"Quite sure, I've taken 3 and they all come up the same and 90% of the drugs we have don't work on him either. When he wakes up he starts mumbling 'no experiments' and then FREAKS. That broken bone just happened. Anyway, he's all yours, I have better things to do. Orderly, get that glass cleaned up," as she heads off to her station.

He looks like a jigsaw puzzle. Every joint, every muscle, sinew, tendons, all of it reworked. Why? Looks normal to the naked eye, but these scans! Punching a few buttons... HAHA, that's why...enhancements, biological enhancements. Thinking for a minute Foss decides to check his phsyc scan. After connecting a few probes and watching the monitor... haven't seen something that ugly in a long time. Mental barriers must have been broken. Rebuild them? .... 'No experiments' and hunted... Bet those bio-enhancements were forced....Huh, wonder what would happen if he woke up somewhere..neutral. His thoughts stop cold as he notices the words on the bioscan that the index finger had been tapping: WARNING: 75% CHANCE CLONE WILL FAIL, 23% CHANCE CLONE SUCCESSFUL W/O BIO changes, 2% CHANCE CLONE 100% SUCCESSFUL

The tip of his tunge touches the suddenly dry lips. The Hippocratic oath Just as a war of ethics begins to build in his mind. A voice whispers in his left ear."

The female merc had seen the scan as she walked up to Foss. Whispering to Foss, "The dead merc had caught him and decided some torture would be fun. That's what made him snap. BTW, if he keeps his enhancements we'll have to train him 'cause he can't fight worth cr**. Your choice now." She finishes quietly and walks back to her quarters.

Foss's thoughts whip through the options...Psych damage so imbeded the clone would have it...but the enhancements...they could go... but could he deal with it? Do I care?


Okay Foss, it's up to you. take it any way you want, I'll work w/ it which ever way you go. I was going to wing it but since you took the CMO slot I'm leaving it up to you. If you really don't want to deal w/ it let me know via ICQ and I'll think of something.

Sorry all for writing soo much, I'll work on keeping things much shorter from now on.


Commodore Wold

ICV-Drakr, Spectre HQ (Antis)

Commanding Officer, Spectre HQ

Spectre Fleet

ICQ 4669033

"You can only love or hate something you truly understand"

[This message has been edited by Wold (edited 02-07-2001).]

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Sorry, guys. This is just a placeholder. An emergency has had me swamped with work all week long. However, I'm going back to my normal routine tonight, so I will either revise this post in 8 hours, or I will revise it tomorrow.

Again, sorry for the delay.

Wold, you are one MEAN insurgent, trapping me with a situation like this! smile.gif Though personally, I enjoy reading the longer posts. Just to let you know, I am enjoying the little ethical dilemma you have placed before me. I'll deal with it, don't worry smile.gif I had a response typed up before you posted this, but I think I'll enjoy dealing with this situation even better smile.gif


Commander David Foss

GCV - Deterrence, Orion Starstation (CENTRIS)

Wing Leader, Deterrence Battle Group


'This far, no farther!'

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