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Ben, I'd like to tell you I read a few of the last entries in the round robin story, ending with your engine room disaster scene, and your style is good. It read like one of the better star trek episodes, but much better grounding technically. (I noticed in your profile afterward you liked star trek)

Am I right in assuming that you're mixing the storytelling of trek with a little Honor Harrington for realism? smile.gif It's a great combo. Felt like I was right in the middle of a decent novel. Not too technical, but not so vague that you feel like you're on blind faith either. Good work.

Everyone else - You're all doin a great job, I just noticed a style I particularly liked and wanted to comment.

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Thank you for the compliment. smile.gif Yes, I'm combining a little bit of ST and a little bit of Honor Harrington. I've been a big fan of ST since I was little, but I've found that HH suits me much better.

Somerset has always been a Horatio Hornblower like character, and Harrington is also based on the same makeup. I absolutely love the way Weber writes, so I did what any decent writer does. "Borrowed" his style. wink.gif I appreciate the compliment. Feels nice to know someone enjoys your work. smile.gif


Commander Benjamin Somerset

GCV Swiftsure, Wraith HQ (Lyrius)

Wing Leader - Wraith Fleet/SIN Wing

Stealth is the only thing between you, and your enemy's guns.

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