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The Independent Way- Part One

Guest Shingen

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Guest Shingen


07:45 May, 12 3008

Centris, Alpha Centauri

Aboard UCV-Deathstrike

Docking at Orion starstation

"We're in, Commander. Mooring clamps are activating. Orion requesting permission to begin refueling procedures." Mariko said from tactical. She had had the opportunity to shower and change, and she was feeling much better.

"Mr. Kelar, engines to station-keeping. Mariko, disengage fuel-pod interlocks, and signal Orion's support-craft to begin re-fueling. Anyone wanna come with me onboard the station?" I asked from command.

Mariko was the first to speak up. "I'm in. I've got to get some personal items from the Tradcom here, and I haven't been shopping in forever. So you guys best get out of my way and let me do my thing!" She said with new energy and enthusiasm.

I chuckled to myself and said: "Anyone else? This is will the last chance for awhile, better not let it pass you by."

"Commander, I advise that we try to find some more personel while we're here. We are severely under-staffed down in Med-bay, and our engineering and flight support teams are also short on help. I'd feel better about going into Gam space if we had a full complement, or something close." Khur'an, always practical, informed me from the Operations station.

"I'll leave that in your capable hands, Khur. I've got some other things to take care of, so you see who you can scrounge up, ok? Oh yeah, tell Susan that if she wants to approve the new cloning module she had better be ready to leave when I am. I ain't waiting on her again."



I walked up to Smitty who was busy directing the repairs on the disabled fighter that was moored in bay-2. There were tools and gadgets and repair items scattered everywhere, and the whole affair looked completely un-organized.

"What's the word, Smitty. Do we got enough to get this bird outta my shuttle-bay or do we need something from Orion?" I asked the big Kandorian.

"Hmpf. We'll need more then a few things. We ain't got no repair kits for fighters aboard, but we've been using the shuttle repair kits. If you're askin' what I need to get her A+ ready, then I'll need about 7 Defender-class repair kits, 5 hull-repair kits, systems and diagnostic componant parts." Smitty half said to me, and the fighter. "It'd be faster to replace all the componants out-right, but I ain't in charge of the bank-account."

The Valkerie, Commander Falx, slid out from underneath the fighter. He looked a hellava lot cleaner then the last time I saw him, but it looked like he was starting to build the dirt back on again. He was holding several tools in his hand, and smiled up at me when he noticed I was there.

"We're headin' onto Orion in about 20 minutes, Mr. Falx. Did you want to come along?" I asked the Valkerie.

"If it's all the same to you, Commander, I'd prefer to be stayin' with my fighter." He stood up and offered me his hand. I shook it, even though it was rather dirty, and noticed he had a data-pad in his other hand. "I've got a list o' supplies here that I'd be grateful if you'd have someone pick up for me. Let me know what everythin' will cost and I'll see that y'all are reimbursed accordin`ly." He said.

I took the data-pad from the Valkerie and looked at the list of items. I handed it over to Smitty, who handed it off to one of the other engineers, who looked at the list and frowned. He looked up at me, and sighed, resigned to his fate.

When everything was said and done, over three-quarters of my entire crew left the Deathstrike to roam around the interior of Orion statstation.

My first stop was the bar, to see if there was anyone I knew hangin' out, willing to sell a little info to a fellow indie. I knew what Galcom had told me about this mission, but I wanted to see if there was anything else I could dig up. I liked going into a situation with all the info I could get. I was a hellava lot safer that way.

I walked into the establishment and sat down at a table towards the back, so I could see who was there and who was coming and going. I didn't see anyone I knew, though there were a few indie types playing a game of cards over at another table. I had a few beers, a Terran dark lager that was still brewed like it was supposed to be, slow and smooth, and sat around soaking up the local atmosphere. Several people came and went but no one I knew. There was a larger, older gentlemen who kinda looked familar, he was wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses in the bar, which I thought was rather strange, but he soon left, and I forgot all about him.

Nothing much else happened, some of my crew came in, but since I was towards the back, in the dark, they didn't notice I was there. I had a few more beers, enjoying the music and the relaxation. I was starting to catch a little buzz from the alcohol, so I decided to pay my tab and I left the bar. I walked around the station, not really going anywhere, just strolling, and I saw Mariko out of the corner of my eye. She had her arms full of packages and a droid that followed her was also loaded down with items. I decided to duck around the corner, because I knew that if she saw me, I'd be the one carrying all that junk!

I went to the Tradcom to check on the status of my supplies. The engineer from the shuttle-bay was there ordering repair-kits and other items. I walked up to the terminal and keyed in my access number. Up on the screen flashed my credit amount, orders completed and orders due. I saw on the list all the items that the GalCom commander and I had agreed on. I decided to trade out the complement of analog and sunflash missles we had, to make room for the vagrants and ralix. I ordered another 3000 units of radine, 3000 units of plutonium, and 25 units each of repair minerals. I ordered 50 more shuttle repair-kits, more tools, droids, machinery, system repair kits, shields, hull, computer, engineering, reactor, navitron, TacOps, weapons and other assorted repair and replacement items that I thought might come in handy in a hostile region.

I had learned long ago to hope for the best, but to plan for the worst.


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A bit late


05:42 May 12, 3008

Centris, Alpha Centauri

GCV-StalkerIV, undercover


"Sir, he's responding to our hails."

"Onscreen. This is commander Epsilon 5 of the StalkerIV Megaron heavy-carrier. We have a contract that may interest you and your crew." Only then I fully realised I was talking to a true blood Gammulan. This mission is getting weird. Well, I must go on. "I will explain everything only face to face, but I can tell you right now that this is an escort mission and that the amount for the job has seven zeros. It's a take it, or leave it. What do you say?"

The gam commander sighted, looked at his fellow officers for their opinion. He stayed there thinking for a few seconds. In nothing he could know right now that the mission he would be involved in consist of the assassination of a respected gammulan officer. He wouldn't know anyway. Wel, I hope so, because it could cause some problems to the mission.

So he asked : "Are you a galcommie? Your ship says no, but your uniform and methods says yes."

I stood there, quite suprised by the question. "Yes, indeed I am. This is a high profile mission and for it's duration I must stay undercover."

"So be it. You can come in my ship, unarmed, and aboard a shuttle."


SC-1, still in shuttle launch bay of the GCV-StalkerIV.

"Lieutenant Carter, keep the ship running at full speed and await my command, lieutenant-commander Collins, you take command if anything happens."

"Right sir."

Depressurising shuttle launch bay done you are cleared for departure, have a nice trip.

Engaging hyperdrive

Emerging from hyperspace

I can see it clearly now, the Outlaw Star, a Sunflash class cruiser. Much cleaner than most merc vessel I've seen before. I make my approach to the shuttle bay, and start docking procedures. When everything is clear, I open the rear cargo door of this shuttle mk3. As I could have expected, they have been waiting me, but it's nothing of a marine bataillion. But I wouldn't have a snip of a chance against that bulky Mandorian.

"Come, he's waiting for you, in his quarters."

"I know the way."

"Don't play games with me, or I'll play one with your head."


That's one bulky Mandorian.

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08:00 hrs, 12th May, 3008



I looked up at the battlescarred hull of my fighter, opening an access panel I discovered various scarred cables, wires and circuits. First things first I fused all of the broken wires back their proper companion.

As I started to remove anything beyond repair or that needed to be removed in order to fix, I began to think about my mission. How many weapons and other equipment did I currently have with me? Only one way to know...

I slid out from under my ship and rolled off of the piece of board with wheels I had been occupying. Standing, I walked around to the front of the defender, noticing the large Kandorian patching up one of the wings. Leaping to the top of the cockpit, about seven feet, I climbed in through a roof hatch.

There was a small, hidden, storage compartment in the cockpit where I kept some weapons. Inside I found a sidearm with no energy cells, a rifle, very low on power on it's last energy cell, some light armour and a Combat Helmet. I frowned at this and checked the other three places on my ship in which I hid weapons. All I came up with was a fully powered wrist laser, two empty rifles, three emptied, one half emptied sidearm, a combat suit, a stealth suit, two grenades, and a battle axe with 8 blades, 4 on each end.

On my way out of the Shuttlebay Smitty called after me, "Where are you heading?"

"I changed my mind about going on the station," I replied as the turbolift doors closed.

I had to steer clear of any Commies as best I could, although most of them couldn't tell one Valkerie from the next. I couldn't risk purchasing anything with my account, they'd know I was here, would have to do some under the counter shopping.

As I approached the bar I spotted Commander Shingen walking away from it. Inside my became much easier as I spotted a Mr. Hanslo at the counter purchasing some scotch. I sat next to him and told the barkeep, a robot, to give me a glass of water. I didn't know drunken boxing so I prefered not to get drunk because I could be in a fight at any moment.

"Are you here for the floor show or just a drink," Hanslo asked him in a low voice without turning from his drink.

"Both," I replied quietly. The floor show meant I came to him to purchase some weapons.

"How have you been doing, friend?" this was just chatting in order to distract attention from us.

"Not bad, a lil' action here and dere, notin' big. Stayin' wit some friends right now," this basically meant that we couldn't meet on my ship and had to stay away from security.

"I heard rumor that you got in a fight with some Kandorian in Docking bay 7. Heard he wiped the floor with you," the human said smirking.

"Aye, but I put up a good fight," this meant we were going to meet in Docking Bay 7.

"Well, I need to be going now. Got a deadline to meet," Hanslo said and left the room.

I finished my water and headed for docking bay 7 several minutes later.

08:30 hrs



The turbolift decended with me and a crate full of goodies, heading for my fighter. I had managed to purchase a jamming device which worked just like my stealth suit but could fit right onto my combat suit. I purchased numerous energy cells and grenades, a missile launcher with five missiles, magnetic gloves and boots with voice recognition capabilities, several door charges, throwing knives, a jetpack, and some C-4.

After I placed all of these items on Thyella Smitty said, rather sarcastically, "Hope you had fun shopping. Now help me patch up the big gash on this hunk of metal you call a ship!"


Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary)

UCV-Thyella (Defender)

"All we are asked to bear we can bear."

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Guest Shingen


08:43 May, 12 3008

Centris, Alpha Centauri

Aboard the UCV-Deathstrike

Docked at Orion starstation

I returned to the Deathstrike feeling a little tipsy from the alcohol I had consumed in the bar. I hadn't found out any of the information I had wanted, but at least the Deathstrike was re-provisioned and ready for whatever awaited her in Gammulan space.

I headed for the cargo-bay to make sure everything was being loaded, and that everything was were I wanted it. It was experience that fleet personnel held a contempt for most Indie craft and generally did a shoddy job of transfering cargo items, as they generally just threw things around and left. I entered the cargo-bay and noticed that everything looked reasonably arranged. I checked the cargo manifest and went through the list. Everything was there so far, except for the cloning module and the missles. I looked around, trying to find one of my crew to find out what the deal was, but the bay was empty of people, so I headed for my command-suite instead.

On the way I was intercepted by the Valkerie, Commander Falx.

"Commander Shingen! If I could have a word with you." The Valkerie said, jogging towards me with his arm raised.

"How are repairs going?" I ask him as I continued on my way.

"Fine, fine. Everything is goin' great." Falx said as he caught up with me and joined me in stride. "I want to thank you for your help. I must admit that you are the first Gam...err..well, ya know what I mean.. the first Gammulan I've met that I would even begin to trust." He said as if trying to appease me of something.

"I've told you before, I'm terran, not gammulan. I was born and raised on Earth. I've never even been to Gamma-1. I only have a partial gammulan blood-line." I said, beginning to get a little peeved.

"Oh, I see. Can I ask how you got your gammulan blood? If you'll excuse me, You do look more gam then terran..." Falx smiled at me, tring to reduce the my obvious tension.

"I've no clue where I got it. I was adopted by a Terran when I was very young. He was a ecological engineer who worked on Earth. He never told me where I came from, and I never asked." I was beginning to like this prying Valkerie less and less.

We got to the door of my command-suite. I stopped in front of the door and turned to Commander Falx. "Was there something specific you wanted?"

"Well..er..yes, Commander. Perhaps we can sit awhile and talk. I've got the final cost-list for my repairs and I would like to make arrangement for full compensation." He stood in front of me, and stared. He was no longer smiling.

I sighed and entered my command-suite. I offered him the chair in front of my desk and sat down in my chair. I sat silently for a moment and let Mr. Falx start the conversation.

"Total repair-costs from my vessel have come to around 495,000 Galcreds. This includes the 7 repair-kits and 5 hull/armor kits. The main reactor, shields, weapons, and CVD systems had to be completely replaced. There were a few extras I wanted but that seems to be the total costs. This doesn't even address the labor of your crew, or any other compensation, or the several shuttle repair-kits that we used." Commander Falx handed me the data-pad that held the entire inventory and costs list.

I read the list and waited for Mr. Falx to continue. When he remained silent, I looked up from the data-pad and knew exactly what the this conversation was about.

"Let me guess, you don't have enough to cover costs, is that it?" I asked the Valkerie.

The Valkerie smile and blushed all at the same time. "It would seem that my accounts have been frozen by those GalCommie bureaucrats. I'm afraid I can't go into details, but needless to say, I had made a few personal purchases from a friend of mine with the cash that I had, unaware of my financial crisis. Now I have no access to my accounts, in this region, thus no way to get the credits to pay you." He looked down at the floor and everywhere except at me while he was explaining. He was obviously embarrassed by his financial short-fall.

I sat quietly of a while thinking. "How long before your fighter is ready to launch?" I asked him. I handed the data-pad back to him.

"I'm going back there after we come to some kind of arrangement, but I shouldn't be more then 3 or 4 hours. Now that I have all the parts, I can fix my vessel by myself. There's no need to trouble the rest of your engineering staff."

I sat there for a minute wondering if Falx might be interested in a tactical position...


I had to improvise a little with your character Zeke, go ahead and finish the conversation if you want, I don't have enough time right now, but you can play around with it if ya want.. I don't know if we are the only ones left in the RP or if Epsilon is still in or not...

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Let's keep it running but I have a timeline to catch.


05:55 May 12, 3008

Centris, Alpha Centauri

Merc. Vessel UCV-Outlaw Star

Deck 1 fore corridor

I'm almost to the commander's office. People have been watching me all the way from the shuttle bay to up here, especially that big Mandorian assigned as my escort. I'm sure he could chop me in pieces in 5 seconds I've never seen a specimen like him. Bones and muscles. I wonder if he have a brain better not try to find out.

The office's doors open. The commander is on his chair, showing me his back. Oh yes, this one is a true Gammulan unlike mister Shingen.

He turn on his chair to face me. I don't feel very good at the sight of his face.

"Sit down", he says.

"I prefer to stand", I reply.

"So be it. Now speak. My time is precious."

"Soon enough, there will be a mission departing. The main ship has an escort of 5 ships, 3 warmongers, 1 garid and my vessel. A warmonger was lost in a battle earlier today in the Tau Ranis system, and, as mission coordinator, I'm in charge of replacing the vessel so the mission can go on as planned."

"As you may see, this vessel is not a warmonger."

"Yes, I've noticed, but a nice anti-fighter cruiser would pe practical."

"What are the mission parameters?"

"The mission itself will stay secret, but your task will be easy. There is a Solnar cruiser in the region :you must defend it from here to the Trenis system. Your contract will end when we will be near the Barin merc station. The Solnar will then go on alone. I will always be one jump behind, and remain cloaked whenever I enter a region. I will be used as a support vessel. You'll be paid 20 million credits, no bonuses, 5 millions will be deposited in advance, the rest at completion If the Solnar survives."

"Let me think about it"

"You've already accepted it. I said before take it or leave it, and my presence on this vessel mean that you've accepted."


Outlaw, I'd like you to come back and say something say how you think.

[ 05-05-2001: Message edited by: Epsilon 5 ]

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09:00 hrs, 12th May, 3008


Commander's Suite

It had never occured to me that Galcom would freeze my account, how foolish of me. Damn Commies, they can't fight fair so they go and take away my money. Probably a standard Galcom tactic, cut off the supply lines then move in for the kill. Anyway, fussing about it wasn't going to help me pay Commander Shingen. I would have to work it off, wouldn't be the first time I had to do some labor work to pay off a dept.

"If ya want, I'll become a member of yer crew til a time that I have payed off my dept to ya. My ship and my life will be at yer disposal," I offered the Commander.

Commander Shingen gave me a quizical look, "You read my mind Mr. Falx. I just happen to have a Tactical position open right now. Do you have any experience in that field?"

I grinned at the man, "I used to be a Tactical Officer on a Mandorian Military Vessel. Although I might be a lil rusty, I'm sure it won't be long before I'm up to par."

He seemed surprised by this and asked, "What was a Valkerie doing on a Mandorian Military Vessel?"

He probably didn't believe me, it did sound pretty coincidental. "I was born on Rinaal, where my mother died, and raised by a family of Mandorians. That is why I hate my own species and Gammulans so much." I didn't mind telling him this little incite into my past, as long as he didn't dig too deep.

"Allright then, I will allow you a chance to prove your Tactical skills to me. This is only temporary though, until my old Tactical Officer is completely cloned. Do not let me down Mr. Falx," he paused before standing up and saying, "Now if there is nothing further that needs to be discussed, I suggest you get yourself familiar with 'Operations'."

"Gotcha," I replied and left the room.


There, not much but I took care of Falx's money dilema

BTW, will Falx have any authority on your ship now that he is the Acting Tactical Officer or will everyone only take orders from you or other officers. I know there is no real ranking structure on a merc ship, but everyone will follow orders from certain people.


Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary)

UCV-Thyella (Defender)

"The impossible is often the untried."

[ 05-06-2001: Message edited by: Commander Zeke Stone ]

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Guest Shingen

Falx, as tactical officer you'd have all command authority afforded this station. So I would guess that whatever is encompassed within that station, you'd have command over, except where I over-ride you. My only other dilimma is now that you're aboard with your fighter, since a Solnar has room for only two shuttles, what do I do with my second shuttle that's in the debris field? (I'm assuming that I won't have room for 2 shuttles plus a defender-class fighter...)

Oh well...


09:15 May 12, 3008

Centris, Alpha Centauri


I introduced Commander Falx to Khur'an and sent them off to get Mr. Falx all squared away with his new duties. I activated my Perscan to see you was here and who was still on Orion. Everyone registered as aboard, so I rose and went to the bridge. For the first time in many days I had all stations manned. I sat down at my command-chair and signaled to Mr. Falx.

"Falx, can I call you Falx? The 'mister' can get tedious." He nodded consent so I continued. "Would you please tell Orion that we are ready to depart." I turned back towards the bridge-viewer.

"They are giving us clearance to depart, Commander. Docking clamps are releasing. We are now on our own berth." Falx said.

"Kelar, back us out and put as at station-keeping around the starstation. I want to see what kind of escort they got for us. I really don't like the idea of so many GalCom ships around, but it seems that we've no choice till we get to Trenis."

The UCV-Deathstrike exited Orion starstation and positioned itself relative to the massive orbital city. The immidiate area was swarming with support-craft and several carrier-class starships were also in proximity to the station.

"Whoa, Sheeeesh!" Falx said

I turned to my new tactical officer. "What's up?"

"We got a regular GalCommmie party going here." Falx threw the TacOps scan on the main viewer. There were 3 GCV Warmonger carrier, 1 Garid carrier and a UCV Sunflash cruiser. The megaron had it's IFF designator as GCV-StalkerIV

The hair on the back of my neck stood up at the sight of this armada. My first instinct was to screw the mission and get to hell outta here with all possible speed, but like I said earlier, I really needed to have my head examined.

"Falx, hail the megaron. Let's see what the deal is."

After a few seconds, the GalCom commander I had met earlier came up on the screen.

"This is Commander Epsilon 5 of the GCV-StalkerIV. Ahh.. Commander Shingen, I take it that you've finished with your business on Orion and are ready to head out?"

"I agreed to an escort, not a war-armada. Why the hell do you need all of these carriers to escort me to Trenis?" I asked the GalCom officer.

"Just a precautionary measure, Mr. Shingen. I assure you. There have been elevated Insurgent raids in the space-lanes between Sol and Trenis, and we want to insure that you make it out of the Terran quadrant in one piece." The GalCom commander flashed his most diplomatic smile.


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Arrgh! I'm trying to catch up! Wait for me!

Outlaw, since that, I will go on and forget a bit about your feelings, 'cause I'm not good enough at that.



Centris, Alpha Centauri

UCV-Outlaw Star

Commander's office

"Hmmm then I accept. I haven't been very busy lately. Contracts in the Terran quadrant have never been very prolific for a Gammulan merc. I suppose you can understand that", he said, slightly smiling.

"True. Just give me a comm-pad and I'll make the transfer right-away. The mission will depart at 2230 Galcom time, today. If you need to ressuply, Orion is there err I think you shouldn't go in the station by yourself, if you want to stay alive."

"Indeed. Seether, escort our friend to his vessel."


GCV-StalkerIV, Bridge

"Commander on the bridge!"

"Lieutenant Carter, set a course for the Orion station. Engage docking procedures."

"Aye aye sir."


Orion starstation, Lounge

"Barman, a cooler please. Citrus flavor, please."

Strange day. I have a headache I start with dealing with a half-terran, half-gammulan merc, then a true blood one. If it wasn't of that Mandorian, I'm sure I would have nah, I wouldn't for the sake of the mission.

I drink fast. I want to see how things are going on with mister Shingen, So I head for the docking bay, where his ship might be. Docking bay 12, I've been told. The woman looked at me with some repulsion when I asked where was the ship. She must know he's part gam. Wait until she learn I dealt with a gam and it wasn't a fight. Hehehe gotta put that on my personal log.

I log in a logistix computer nearby, and check about the transfer. Hmmm everything he asked is done, except for the missiles and the cloning module. What's going on? It should have been done by now, and I don't see any bot rushing to complete the order. I head for the logistix department office.

"I want to know what's going on with the UCV-Deathstrike cargo transfer."

"Huh, sir? Let's see. Ah, yes, bad account. He cannot afford these items."

"What do you mean he can't afford that? He's not paying for it, at all"

"Right sir, but then who's paying?"

"Order 10264823-alpha-StalkerIV, the transfer goes on Galcom's account."

"Oh, but I see here Case-102843, Terran assassin involved in the killing of diplomats all around the Terran and Credian quadrant. Does that trigger something to you? He's wanted. He should have been picked up by security long ago. Heck, he should have been executed on sight as soon as he entered the region."

"You have a respected commander of a successful warship in front of you, and by direct order or Galactic Command, I summon ( ) you to COMPLETE THE DAMN ORDER. Do it now, and I promise you that I will forget this altercation."

"Huh, yes sir. Right away, sir"

I check the operator's file on a datapad, Intelligence level of 7%. That explains it. Only some of my marines are stupider than that. And my tactical officer has an intelligence level of 36%. Much better. But I can't remember mine.


The next reply is near.

I'll have to put placeholders...

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Oh, we're going on sooner that I thought. Anyway



Centris, Alpha Centauri

Orion starstation

Comm. Terminal

"What?!? He's leaving?!? Already. Prepare launch procedures! As soon as I'm in, launch. Contact the escort!"

"Yes sir!" My first officer's face disappears of the screen. I start running like hell to my ship. I said 2300 to everyone, except him.


GCV-StalkerIV, near Orion starstation


"Commander on the bridge!"

"May I have my seat? Intercept course with the Deathstrike.", I start.

"Yes sir.", responded the two concerned officers.

Kate yelled a : "Sir, he's hailing us!"

"Onscreen! Ahem. This is Commander Epsilon 5 of the GCV-StalkerIV. Ahh Commander Shingen, I take it that you've finished with your business on Orion and are ready to head out?"

His answer then come out fast : "I agreed to an escort, not a war-armada. Why the hell do you need all of these carriers to escort me to Trenis?"

This is kinda suprising. "Just a precautionary measure, Mr. Shingen. I assure you. There have been elevated Insurgent raids in the space-lanes between Sol and Trenis, and we want to insure that you make it out of the Terran quadrant in one piece." I try to lower the tension with a good diplomatic smile, but I do feel ridiculous.

"Listen, in a few seconds, I and the warmongers will be going back "undercover". They will escort you, and you are asked to keep them close enough. I'll always be one jump back, and stay cloaked whenever I enter a region. I'll be backup. I'm also asking you to wait for me I'm slower, but my firepower is not to ignore. As you may know, the Sunflash is a merc vessel. You musn't tell anyone details about the mission, they know what they need to know, especially for the Sunflash. Oh, and I'm the only carrier here, so it mean the mission will only have 4 fighters, since we could not keep our special fighter escort. Don't worry, they're good pilots, but they ain't war gods. We exit Centris in 5 minutes exactly. Be ready."


Back in the timeline. Those placeholders will pop in as needed.

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Guest Shingen

Ok, I'm not quite sure how the escort is arranged, but we'll go with it. Zeke, feel free to jump in any time.


09:20 May, 12 3008

Centris, Alpha Centauri


"Kelar, set a course for Trenis."

"Course plotted from Nav coordinates, Commander."

"The megaron is falling back, Commander. The other ships are falling into a standard escort pattern." Falx reported. He was getting used to the Solnar's tactical controls. His fingers flew over the console as he tried to keep a tab on every ship deployed around the Deathstrike. He did not like so many GalCom fleet ships around. He didn't like it one bit!

The Solnar twisted and aligned with the Sol worm-hole. With the hyper-jump engines fully charged, it didn't take long for the computer to activate the hyper-drive. The Deathstrike was the first to jump. When she came out of the hyper-flux field, Kelar manuveured the cruiser so that the other ships following wouldn't jump on top of them. Soon there were 4 massive starships heading for the Sol worm-hole and towards the the unknown.


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09:35 hrs, 12th May, 3008



"We have reached the point of no return," by that I meant that we could not get this ship turned fast enough and the engines roaring loud enough to escape the wormhole. Just before entering I re-checked the status of the Galcom Vessels, still in standard escort, not reassuring.

The Universe was condenced and the ship now seemed to be moving at a million miles an hour as we were wipped accross the system to Sol. I was backtracking now, but there wasn't much I could do about that at the momment. It wasn't too long before our escort arrived right behind us.

"Space lanes are all but clear of two Interceptors, Earthcom/Military. Looks like we just missed all of the fun," I informed Commander Shingen.

"Set a course for Jupiter," He ordered.

"Course Set."

I looked around at my new shipmates, all doing their work quietly. They all seemed to have a lot of respect for Commander Shingen, probably been through a lot together. Thinking of what adventure they must have seen I began to miss my former crew, wondering if anyone else escaped the Inevitable before the Gamulans took her life. It had been a long time since I had been a part of a group and I was beginning to enjoy it. Forget it, Forget it, you won't be here for too long so don't make yourself comfortable.


Not much, but I'm not sure how quickly you want to jump around or whether or not you are always going to be using the Hyperjump Drive.

[ 05-16-2001: Message edited by: Commander Zeke Stone ]

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Guest Shingen


09:41 May, 12 3008

Jupiter, Sol



Retrieving Data...

The second after the UCV Deathstrike entered the Jupiter region, all hell broke loose.

Battlecruiser aquired! Battlecruiser aquired! Hostile launch detected!

"Commander! We got multiple bogies!" Yelled Falx from the tactical station. His fingers flew over the console and brought the TacOps scan up on the main viewer. The screen was filled with red hostile blips. "I'm reading mostly Valkerie military vessels. Intercepters. vandals, and defender class fighters are swarming us! It looks like they're trying to blockade the region! MINES! MINES! PORT AND STARBOARD!"

Before anyone could react, a massive explosion rocked the Deathstrike. I was thrown clean out of my command-chair, and everyone else was also thrown around. I instantly flew back in my seat and yelled: "Kelar! Evasive manuveurs! Falx, what's our shield status? Mariko, damage reports? Come on people, talk to me!"

Mariko hurried back to her station. She was bleeding from a cut above her right eye, and she was still shaken from the jolt. She quickly keyed up the damage report and looked up at me. "We've got several hull breaches! Weapons are off-line, shields are at 45 percent of max!"

"Damn it, where's our freakin' escort?!" I yelled to no one in particular.

"They haven't came through the jump-gate yet!" Falx yelled. "Inbound! Inbound! We got 3 vagrants locked on us! Activating EMD, but it's going to be close!"

"Intruders!" Mariko yelled. "We've got intruders onboard!"

I flew out my chair and turned to Mariko.

"How many are there and where the hell are they at?" I asked her. I was no longer in a very good mood.

"I'm reading ten in all. It looks like they're heading for the reactor-core! Main engineering."

"Khur'an! You, Falx and Kelar stay here and keep us in one piece! Mariko, your with me! Send the alert down the wire to Smitty! Tell him I want at least one left alive!"


This should spice things up a bit!

[ 05-11-2001: Message edited by: Shingen ]

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Guest Shingen


09:47 May,12 3008

Jupiter, Sol


Deck 3, fore corridor

There were two bodies on the floor up ahead. The one belonging to us was Rejar M'uk, a little Vesperon medic we had picked-up in the Alpha Majora region. His chest was hollowed out by blaster fire. The other body was Valkerie. There were no obvious signs of the cause of his demise. I assumed he had been taken out by the internal secruity systems when he fired his blaster. The Deathstrike had been configured to allow only a certain weapon's energy signature. Anyone who fired a energy weapon that didn't meet that signature was instantly neutralized.

Mariko went over to the Valkerie and looked over his corpse. The dead Valkerie was dressed in what I assumed was a standard Valkerie combat kit. It roughly resembled every other combat kit I'd seen, but there were several other gadgets that I hadn't seen before.

Sounds of combat came from furthur down the corridor, so we left the dead for later inspection and proceeded towards the mayham.

When we reached the junction intersecting corridors, Mariko was jumped by two Valkerie intruders. She reacted instantly.

The first Valkerie swung his rifle at her head, trying to knock her head off. The other went for her mid-section and tried to grab her around the waist. Both failed to make contact. She moved as if she could read the minds of her attackers. She grabbed the rifle that was heading for her head, and threw the first attacker ten feet down the hall, and without stopping her fluid motion, brought the butt of the rifle to smash open the back of the other attacker's skull. It all looked like a macbre dance.

Before the first intruder could gain his feet, I ran over and snaped his neck. He fell back on the floor with a final thud.

When we were both sure that the two intruders were dead, we proceeded towards engineering.


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I am both happy and saddened at the same time. Happy because we won 19 awards at a drama festival, funny how no one even noticed my handicap during the performance . I am saddened of course by the loss of one of the family, by that I mean sci-fi writers. In my opinion he is the best of us, Mr. Douglas Noel Adams . But the story must go on...


09:45 hrs, 12th May, 2008



"We've got three jump anomalies forming dead ahead!" I cried out the second the data hit my screen, I didn't bother bringing it onto the main viewer. I targeted the closests vessels as the computer announced that the current target had been destroyed, "We got two more Vagrants and three perseus coming in from multiple sources!"

Khur'an was moving about the bridge with me, yelling out orders as he did, "Kelar let's get behind someone and try to get close to those mines without actually detonating. Falx, I want the turrets firing at anything behind us that moves, fire missiles at any hit and runners."

I did this, firing the main guns at a Vandal in front of us and targeting two Defenders behind us. The ships rocked and shuddered from laser fire as I watched the shields dropping. Then help arrived, a warmonger alas came through the wormhole and immediately opened fire on the enemy vessels.

"Help has arrived, shields are at 27% and dropping!"

"Target destroyed, Target destroyed" the computer announced as one last blast from the mains shattered the hull of the Vandal in front and one of the Defenders behind us took one last blast from a mine we barely avoided. The Deathstrike dove under one mine and weaved between two more before the second defender broke off.

An incoming Vagrant impacted with us and I was thrown backwards as my terminal erupted into sparks. Landing on my back I felt a sharp pain echoing through my skull. I felt dizzy and things started to blur, but I tried to get up anyway and managed to stumble over to another panel. I managed to fire a missile at an Interceptor before collapsing to the floor, unconscious.



Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary)

UCV-Thyella (Defender)

"The lights went out in his eyes for absolutely the very last time ever." --Douglas Adams

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Lets do this.

09:49 May 12, 3008

Jupiter, Sol

Bridge, Outlaw Star


"Outlaw, were in Jupiter".

The Outlaw Star has exited hyperspace only to be ambushed by enemy ships.

"Outlaw, the Deathstrike is under attack and shields are falling fast!" The Deathstrike was being swarmed by Valkerie fighters and continued to be pummeled.

"Suzuka, raise PTA strength at 30% and target the closest fighter attacking the Deathstrike and select Questor missiles.

Those damn galcommie ships are slow as hell compared to my ship so I gotta run point for the Deathstrike to compensate for the galcommie's speed.

"Curameng, I want u to get as close as possible to the Deathstrike and position the ship so that its blocking the Deathstrike in view from the fighters so it can evade them."

The Outlaw Star accelerated at full speed to the Deathstrike and as we moved into position, the fighters immmediately turned their attention towards us.

"Target locked and firing missiles!" The ship opened up with a flurry of death as the questor missiles hit their targets and shaked the fighters in a spin while more missiles sent them into a fiery oblivion.

"Activate main guns and PTA systems and fire!" The turrets swiveled in different directions aiming themselves at their targets and as the yellowish beams contacted their target, the fighters shields faded and the hull melted like hot butter and then burned.

"That's it boss, All fighters have been destroyed and the Deathstrike is intact!" Suzuka smiled with orgasmic pleasure.

"Hail the Deathstrike I wish to speak to her commander".


Well this should take care of those pesky fighters.

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Guest Shingen


09:53 May, 12 3008

Jupiter, Sol


Deck 3, Mid corridor, Engineering

Engineering was complete pandemonium. It looked like a large bar-brawl. Engineers were fighting with the intruders, the intruders were trying to get to the reactor-core. There was four Valkerie marine intruders against three merc engineers. The Valks didn't have a chance.

Smitty had one Valkerie marine by the back of the head and was pounding the helpless intruder' skull against the bulkhead. Valkerie blood ran down the slick surface of the wall and pooled on the floor.

Rofl and Vance had another double-teamed by the main computer terminal. They were taking turns smashing the hopeless marine with their fists.

That left two for Mariko and I. But before we could engage our targets, the Deathstrike shuttered violently, knocking everyone to the floor. Sparks and explosions flashed around the engineering bay, and main illumination went out.

I could see through the dark and smoke that there was only one Valkerie still conscious, and he was headin for the main reactor's access-port. He never made it. Smitty had snuck up behind him and grabbed him, picking him up like the marine was a rag-doll, and broke the Valkerie in half with his bare-hands.

I could see the blood-lust in Smitty's eyes. He had the look of a homicidal maniac that enjoyed his work. I left Smitty to regain his composure, and surveyed the situation. The damage to engineering was extensive, but not critical. There were several blown terminal, and sparks flew out of exposed wiring.

We inspected each Valkerie body, but found none of them alive. I ordered the bodies ejected out the airlock and Mariko and I headed back to the bridge.

I took back my command-chair and said: "Khur, give me the status." Mariko took her back her place at Ops.

"Our escort finally arrived, all immiediate threads have been neutralized. Damage is extensive, but manageable. It's a good thing you got all of those extra parts at Orion." Khur'an reported. He was still pacing around the bridge, checking displays and sending repair orders.

"Commander, we're being hailed by that Sunflash cruiser UCV-Outlaw Star." Falx cried. "They're part of the escort, but I don't think that they're part of GalCom or EarthCom. Do you want me to answer?"

I thought about it for a second. Why would GalCom hire a merc ship to run escort when they have big-guns like Megarons and Warmongers to throw around. This mission was getting weirder and weirder.

"Sure, let's hear what he has to say"


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09:54 May 12, 3008

Jupiter, Sol

Bridge, UCV Outlaw Star


"Sir we have commander Shingen onscreen!"

As soon as the screen materialized, I got a first look at this particular merc and was surprised that he looked very much like a Gammulan but some features were very human to me.

Before he could respond the expression on his face was with shock and disbelief as he stared at me for a few seconds. Their crew looked at me the same way.

This merc looked a lot like a Gammulan but certain features on his face looked human to me.

"Greetings commander, thanks for the help. I didn't know if I could hold off those fighters any longer."

The Deathstrike's bridge was a mess indeed. Wires and cables were hanging down and sparks erupted left and right from the attack.

"No problem. I'm not supposed to say this but I'm gonna tell you anyway 'cuz I don't trust these galcommies for a second. I'm here to escort you as part of a group consisting of galcommie ships and me. One of their warmongers was destroyed and I have taken its place instead. Commander Shingen, you have Gammulan blood in coursing through your veins and I can put my trust in you. Their's something fishy going on here and I suspect that you knew it by now. Would you mind telling me what's going on?"


[ 05-17-2001: Message edited by: Outlaw ]

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Jupiter, Sol

Bridge, GCV-StalkerIV

retrieving data

The sound of the computer wakes me up. I didn't got much sleep lately, but I must stay awake for the rest of the escort mission.


I can see rubble everywhere, parts of ships and remains of evac shuttles. A Valkerie escape pod pass by and makes it to the wormhole.

The others ships are about 40 kilometres from where I am. Maybe I should follow them closer Most ships are in good shape except the Deathstrike. The Gam Sunflash is close to it. They must be speaking to each other. Bad idea, I'd prefer they wouldn't.

After a complete scan of the region, I decloak and start my approach to the other ships. I receive reports from the warmongers. There were many enemy ships, as I can read. I send my shuttle to retrieve all cargo pods and salvageable items. I hail the Deathstrike.


Short, but adequate.

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Guest Shingen


09:57 May,12 3008

Jupiter, Sol



I stared up at the Gammulan commander that filled the main bridge-viewer, thinking how strange this mission was working out. First I get hired by GalCom, when I know that the Deathstrike is wanted by the Terran government.

I don't get a regular contract to take out a lowly official or ship's captain. No, they want me to knock-off a Gammulan Fleet Admiral, on a Gammulan Fleet Stormcarrier, in the middle of a Gammulan war-offensive!

OK fine, I say. I'm all for stopping the Hordes from splitting the Galaxy in half. I'm all for stopping the Hordes from exterminating every Terran in the quadrant. I'm even game for taking out a Fleet Admiral, but now I'm surrounded by GalCom capital-ships, I've just been practically blown to hell by a Valkerie blockade, and I'm talking to a Gammulan merc who's been hired by GalCom as a escort, who wants to know what my mission is, 'cause he doesn't trust the people who hired him!

This is one weird-ass mission!

"I appreicate the help with the Valkerie, Commander, but quite frankly, I don't know you from Adam...and I sure as hell am not in the habit of revealing sensitve information to people I don't even know."

I thought for a second then added: "Perhaps you can tell me how you got involved in this whole affair, and maybe we can go from there."

The merc commander had the appearance of a full blood Gammulan. His dark red eyes focused on me, and I could tell his wasn't used to being questioned. He shifted in his chair and said:

"Look, I was hired to escort you to Trenis by some little Galcommie fleet-type who came on my ship and basically said 'Take this mission or else'. Now, we're in the middle of EarthCom space being attacked by the freakin' Valkerie, and I don't like it. Something doesn't smell right. I was just wondering what all the fuss was about. I don't think I've ever been hired by a Fleet to escort a Indie, when the fleet has it's own escort."

"I thought that was strange, myself" I said the the Gammulan commander. "Everything about this mission is screwed." I thought for a while, then decided a course of action.

"Mariko, how long till we get our hyper-drive back?"

"Looks like about 15 minutes. I have all availiable engineers working on weapons and shields right now, we're running on impulse engines. Hyper-drive isn't priority."

"OK, that sounds reasonable." I turned back to the Gammulan merc.

"Looks like I got some time to kill if you want to come over and chat. Maybe we can figure this damn thing out..."


[ 05-17-2001: Message edited by: Shingen ]

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This looks like a dang good place to "interrupt" the story with another scene. Just like many writers who write for a living write their books.

I'll be coming up with something soon!

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Hey all, okay here goes the admiral post. Tell me what you think.


10:05 PM May 15, 3008

UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier)


Second Deck-Admiral Quarters

I woke up suddenly to the sound of the door beeping. Man that gave me a heart attack, I got to stop being so jumpy. But I have to be, especially in the last few stages of our plans; That's not all the reason why I'm jumpy too, this is my first time being in command of a fleet this big, so I have to set a good example

-Sound of door beeping again-

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

I walked up too the door and pressed a button on the keypad, and the door slid up. It was Elpsion, my first officer and close friend.

"Admiral YuY, I have urgent news to tell you!"

"Spit it out Elpsion, I need to be on the bridge"

"Yes sir, sorry sir for disturbing you, but the Valkarie deploy fleet that we left at Jupiter has been destroyed!"

"WHAT! By who?, and when?"

"Reports have shown that it was by a GalCom attack fleet."

"Okay is there any more news that I need to know?"

"Yes Sir there is but this news is good, the fleet is almost ready to depart form Gamma-1."

"Okay very good Elpsion, take a break and report back in 2 hours to the bridge"

Elpsion bowed and walked down the corridor to the airlift. I stood there by the door and thought about what was going on I needed to make sure that everything was well, and with the loss of the Valkarie fleet meant that we were opened for attacks I just hoped that some lowly GalCom fleet wouldn't destroy our plans.

I turned a left and went down to the airlift. "Bridge" I told the computer, a slight beeping sound was made and I started to rise. The doors slid open and I walked onto the bridge. "Commander on deck!" yelled Tar'nok. Tar'nok is my security officer, I knew him for a long time but we really didn't become close. I guess it was because he was more aggressive then the average Gam, but I didn't really mind, he was a good security officer and a good gunman.

"Status" I called out, "fleet is almost in position, were just waiting for the last Storm Carriers to finish upgrading sir, ETA-2.5 hours". "Good" I called back to my tactical officer Trena, she was also good in her field and the nicest personal on the ship, I don't really know how she could stand a ship with so many people that are aggressive but I guess she can manage

"Okay all of you can come off duty for 2 hours, report back here no laterÔǪ now try and get some rest all of you" everyone agreed and left the bridge, I had it all to myself, I set the ship to auto pilot and gave it the halt command. I looked out the main bridgeviwer and saw all the ships in the fleet, 12 StormCarriers, 7 Firestorms and 3 A├½stroms, we'd be getting more on our way to Lanix V, a lot more.

I decided to go back to my quarters to get some more sleep. I assigned a few co-pilots to the bridge and, returned to my quarters, for the nicest sleep I'll be getting in a long time


ok, give me feed back, please. I fixed the prefex prrblem(changed it to UCV, hope thats correct..)

[ 05-20-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]

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