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The Independent Way- Part One

Guest Shingen

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09:55 hrs, 12th May, 3008



I awoke from my unconscious state a few minutes later to find that the battle was over. Hauling my sore burnt body to it's feet I went back over to Tactical to find it still half working. I was so used to being a one man crew I had learned a thing or two about repairing my ship, so I began repairs on my station.

Commander Shingen stepped back onto the bridge and requested our status from Khur'an. Our status wasn't good, but we were still in one piece and the enemy vessels had been taken care of. I grabbed a tool from my utensil belt which I normally carried around with me.

After a couple of wires were fused back together I noticed something on Communications, "Commander, we're being hailed by that Sunflash cruiser UCV-Outlaw Star." I reported my findings, that name sounded familar somehow.

Not sure what to do about this I said, "They're part of the escort, but I don't think that they're part of GalCom or EarthCom. Do you want me to answer?"

I opened a commlink to the Outlaw star and I was immediatly forced to stop myself from saying something I might regret once I saw the Commander of this ship was a full Gammulan. However, I was unable to resist curling my lip up at the Commander, revealing my small sharp teeth.

I listened to the conversation between Commander Shingen and the Gammulan for a little while, they were merely saying things I allready knew for the most part. I soon got bored and started working on repairing Tactical again.

The hard part was ignoring the sharp pain in my shoulder everytime I moved it and the continuing pain from the electrical burns I had received during the battle.

My subconscious was busy recording the entire conversation into memory while I tore out the busted parts in the Tactical Station. Then I heard something about the Gammulan coming onboard, my anger came up like in a fury and my lip was back up. I shot a questioning look at Shingen, but he was busy, so I did the same to Khur'an. He simply shook his head, baically telling me that now was not the time.

As soon as the conversation was over I began to approach Shingen and as I did Khur'an was giving me the same 'not now' look, but I ignored him.


"What is it Falx?"

I probably should have said something about that Gammulan, something to stop him from allowing that scum onboard.

"Would you mind if I headed to the medibay?" as I asked this, Khur'an relaxed some and Shingen seemed to noticed my burns and cuts for the first time.


Think he's taken enough of a beating or should he get a little more before going to the medibay, maybe fix Tactical first.


Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary)

UCV-Thyella (Defender)

"You have all eternity to be cautious in when you're dead."

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09:55 hrs, May 12 3008

Pluto, Sol System


The Valkerie/Military Jenstar had jumped in system as soon as Colson was about to warp through the Earth jump anomaly. Before he had time to react, the ship pummeled him with streams of ion disruptor fire.

Jason-Aaron was almost bounced onto the back of his chair; his tactical officer had been thrown into the back wall, and out of the interface, at that. Colson rued to think of how the engineers and other members aboard the ship, out of sight, had fared during that brief second. He ignored his compassion for a minute and steeled himself for combat.

Rena Janyss, the TO, had scrambled back to her feet and slid into the interface. As the Military vessel flew over the Razorback, the gravity of the ship made the room tremble with the vibrations of its engines, while the contrails showered the Razorback in a spread of ion flame; the damage was negligible, thanks to the shields, though technically, Jay had violated Standard Operating Procedure by not ordering them turned off to conserve plutonium. Nonetheless, the bridgeviewer display went black to prevent overloading, due to the sheer brightness, even though it was just a triangulation of data.

The PTA locked-on-target as the vessel passed overhead, burning a hole through the Jenstar's shields and ripping some of the ventral armour to shreds, as the bridgeviewer depolarised. The Valkerie vessel twisted and rolled slightly, recoiling from the inertia while trying to bring itself about for a missile pass.

Colson looked through his virtual interface at Roman Louisi, his flight officer, and without needing to give him an order, Louisi spun the vessel around and lined it up for Rena to take a shot.

Colson didn't need much of a better opportunity. "Fire!"

Rena thumbed the button. Four full-power beams lanced from the Razorback into the Valkerie Military vessel. The first sliced into the Troop Deployment bay, turning solid metal into vapour and back to fiery liquid as the blast killed several prepped marines in a steaming energy inferno. The second struck the weapons pod, breaching it, and striking a Vagrant missile square in the detonator. Simultaneously, the third and fourth both struck the engines, melding shut one of the drive ports.

As the missiles in the Jenstar's pod began to alight, the ship began twirling crazily; in less than a second, the left half of the ship exploded into a shower of burning hot metal, and the remainder of the craft exploded from aft to front as the reactor overloaded.

Colson was shoved into his seat as the backblast from the explosion rocked his vessel, sending it into a tailspin. His pilot engaged the afterburner and maneuvering thrusters, rotating the ship and stabilising it.

Rena had managed to keep her footing, but she was bleeding slightly from a cut on the back of her hand. She looked at it and pressed her lips against it to stop the bloodflow. She silently tapped the button to order a medic to the bridge while her eyes flicked a harsh glance at Colson. Of course, her eyes were hidden inside her interface, but she was sure he knew exactly how she felt.

It was hard to determine why the vessel was such a weak opponent; the only thing she could think of was that there was recent combat in a nearby region, and the ship was badly damaged in the process. Then again, it was only a Jenstar.

Colson glanced around the bridge, shivered, and collapsed into his seat. It was too much. The sweat was pouring from his face. He was just fresh out of the Police Command Academy, and he was nervous as it was. The Valkerie craft didn't help things.

And next on his route was Earth, and then Jupiter.

His first assignment was not going well. More frightening, he hadn't even seen a single Raider or Insurgent yet.

In fact, his first assignment was a lot worse than he imagined.[/rp]

How's that? ;-)

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Originally posted by Spuzzum:

Still waiting for that danged fleet registration!

I never got mine but as far as I understood, indies didn't need "fleet boss approval" or whatever....

I registered there for about a month ago, and I haven't heard more. I don't think you'll find me in the "fleet database" either, I wasn't there last time I looked. But, I still use it in the sig, and I've given up waiting for something that's obviously not going to happen anyway

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Guest Shingen

Ok, let's see if we can get this thread moving again..


09:57 May,12 3008

Jupiter, Sol



I allowed Falx to leave his tactical station and head down to the Med-bay. I also ordered Mariko to go with him, because the cut above her eye was streaming blood down the side of her face. She grumbled something about not needing to see any damn docter, but she left her operations terminal and went with Falx. Khur'an walked up and took over the vacant Operations station.

"Commander, a shuttle has launched from the UCV-Outlaw Star, and is requesting docking clearance." Khur'an reported to me.

I walked over to the empty Tactical station and performed a TacOps scan of the region.

There were two Warmonger-class GVC vessels, the Sunflash UCV-Outlaw Star, and several attack fighters from the GCV vessels and the EarthCom starstation in proximity of the Deathstrike, but no hostiles.

Suddenly, the Megaron GVC-StalkerIV de-cloaked 750km aft. The carrier lumbered through the remaining battle debris and stopped just outside the approach to the Pluto jump-gate. After a few moments she launched a shuttle to scavange the few cargo-pods that were scattered through-out the area. The shuttle from the UCV-Outlaw Star took up a stationary postion 15km starboard.

I opened the Com-link to the shuttle-bay. An engineer I couldn't quite remember answered the link.

"Hey, Commander. What can I do fer ya?" He said. I could tell he was Credian, but didn't have time to get specific.

"What's your name, engineer?"

"Uh, Commander? I'm Chevik. Don't you remember me? I signed on about a month ago at Sygan."

"Sorry Chevik, I need to get up-to-speed on the personel roster. But right now I need you to do something."

"Sure, Commander. That's what I'm here for."

"Hop into the shuttle and launch, now. I need the space to dock an incoming UCV shuttle."

The Engineer paused for a moment, checking the shuttle's launch-status.

"She's green and ready to fly, Commander. Is there anything special you want me to do out there?"

"Nope. Just hold about 35 klicks out and wait for orders. If things get hot, head for that EarthCom station and wait till we can get you."

"You got it. I'll get launched in 1 minute."

"Thanks, Chevik. Shingen out."

I closed the Com-link and turned to Khur'an who was busy directed repairs through the Ops terminal.

"Khur'an, signal that UCV shuttle and tell them to dock in two minutes."

I set the tactical to auto and headed for my command-suite to prepare for the Indie commander.


I'll add some more today when I get time. Outlaw, I'm still trying to remember what we're doing with the meeting. What were your ideas? Post them in the notes thread, ok?

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09:59 May 12, 3008

Jupiter, Sol

Hangar, UCV-Deathstrike

We made our final approach to the DS and set down on the hangar. I brought along Seether for backup.

The hangar was bustling with activity as engineers performed a variety of fuctions from diagnostic checks to welding battle scars on the hull.

As we stepped down from the shuttle, we were greeted by a half-breed alien. He sported an assasin's garb but the thing that got my attention the most was that his features hinted of Gammulan but not entirely.

His eyes were blood red which glowed like an engine. It gave him the demonic look that our people were so famous for. Yet the rest of his features looked terran.

"Greetings commander, I am commander Shingen. While your on my ship I expect u to behave yourself as well as your Kandorian friend. Let us go into my office."

The Deathstrike was a big ship indeed. As we made our way to the turboshaft I had eyes all over me and it didn't feel too good. U expect this often as a Gammulan because all the known races perceive u as their enemy.

We finally were in Shingen's office and got our business in order.

"Thanks again for the help out there with the fighters. I didn't know if my ship would've lasted any longer if u hadn't been there."

"It was no problem. Always glad to help a merc."

"Commander Shingen, our galcommie escort ain't gonna be there for us and it really pisses me off. They have been cloaked the whole time as we battled those fighters. They have been observing us and I suspect their lead ship, the Stalker 4 is cooking up some bad intentions for us when we reach our final destination."

"We gotta stick together if were gonna survive this mess. Our ships combined have the firepower but I need to know now if u will join me. U have Gammulan blood in u that I know. Let's teach these galcommies a lesson they'll never forget!


There u go Shingen. Things are certainly getting interesting!

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10:12 PM May 15, 3008

UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier)

Admirals Quarters

"Admiral, Admiral, ADMIRAL!"

I woke up with a sudden shock that I over slept. I opened my eyes and looking down on me was my first Commander Tar'nok. "What is it Tar" I growled, I hated being woken from a good dream, I was slitting the throat of a Terran commander and then, I couldn't finish the rest… I also especially hate it when people come into my quarters and wake me up.

"Sir it is time to depart from Gamma-1" I quickly glanced at the clock and it read 10:12 "What are you talking about Tar? We have another hour and 30 minutes before upgrades are done! And why didn't you just call me on the coms link?" "I know Sir, we tried but you wouldn't answer, also from the message sent form the War Council the upgrades were put to a priority one and we will be ready to depart in 5 minutes!"

"Damit, why didn't you tell me sooner Tar? Maybe I should slit your throat if you ever delay stuff like this again I'll Gah, Nevermind! I'll be at the bridge in 3 minutes." Tar turned and left for the airlift.

I quickly got ready and left for the bridge…


UCV-Angel of Death


"Status" I roared when I entered the bridge. "Fleet will be ready in one minute sir." Did Trena have to say that so nicely? Especially since I wasn't in a good mood? And that I didn't get my sleep? she probably didn't have enough sleep ether and yet she can act like that? shes just as bad as the terrans...

"Sir, Fleet is ready to depart" "good, tell the fleet to set a course to Cyron VI, there are 2 shuttles filled with the newly recruited Marines there, I was ordered to take them with me to Lanix V."

"Coarse set Admiral, waiting for your signal…"

I took a deep breath

"Alright then, Engage!"


lol I just had to say "Engage"

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Guest Shingen


10:15 May 12, 3008



I watched the Gammulan commander; Outlaw, as he spoke. I sat behind my desk, leaning back in my chair, also watching the large Kandorian out of the corner of my eye. Khur'an took up a position behind the two visiters, directly in front of the access door with his arms crossed in front of him. He was ever alert and vigilent.

"Let's teach these Galcommies a lesson they'll never forget." The commander said. He sat back in his chair and took a long drink from the mug of Terran dark-lager I had ordered from the mess. He grunted with approval as he finished the swig and looked into the glass. "This is almost as good as Gammulan Ale." He said. "Maybe when we're done with our business here, you'd be willin' to trade me a case or two."

I sat for a moment longer, contemplating the situation. The room grew quiet, but there was no tension in the air. Khur'an, obviously satisfied with the demeanor of our guests, walked over and sat in the chair to the right of my desk. He leaned back, crossed one leg over the other, but didn't break the silence of the room.

I waited a few moments longer, staring the Gammulan commander in the eye. He returned the gaze but did not waiver.

"Commander," I started. "The Deathstrike has an active contract with GalCom, and at present, I see no reason to break it. I have no love for the organization, but I have no great dislike for them either. They serve a purpose, and that purpose is the stability of the Terran quadrant and protection of allied colonies and assests."

I paused for a second to give the Gammulan a chance to reply. He just sat there so I continued.

"I don't trust them either. Never have, Never will. Their idea of freedom and mine are mutually exclusive. But GalCom, along with EarthCom are needed to contain the advancing Gammulan military hordes. I believe the Gammulans are bent on galactic domination and the destruction of GalCom and it's allies and the extermination of the Human race! I can't allow that. I won't allow that!"

"I have no alleigence with the Gam military anymore. I served 4 years in that hell-hole before I went independent because I have no taste for wholesale slaughter." Outlaw scowled. "But they're all fleets to me, and I don't trust them. I don't trust that GalCom fleet riding on that Megaron...and I'm thinkin' maybe you might need an ace in the hole where you're goin'. For a price of course. The Outlaw-Star doesn't do charity work."

"You're contracted to escort me to Trenis, right?" I asked him.

"Yeah, Trenis."

"Well then I'll tell you this. My mission starts in Cyron-IV, where I'm to infiltrate a shuttle of marines as their CO. If you can help me get aboard that shuttle and run interference for me, we might be able to make a deal."

The Commander thought about it then said: "I know enough to get you aboard alright. But if they find out who I am, we're both dead-men-walkin'!"


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10:15 hrs, May 12, 3008

UCV-Razorback, Bridge

Colson blinked. And then blinked again.

He had just entered the Earth region. As the data filled the viewscreen, he wasn't sure how to interpret the information; carnage, or a massacre.

Two Raider Spacestars were tearing apart an LRT-15 transport.

"What in sam hell?" Colson asked, though his bridge crew were just as surprised as he was.

"Roman, hit the hyperdrive and fly us above the transport."

"Yes, sir." Roman Louisi, a corporal in the Police Academy, and well-trained at that, thumbed the button with ease as he guided the ship to a stop, and made it fly out of realspace. Roman cared little about his own free will, and would gladly die to stand up for someone who was oppressed.

Instants later, the Razorback flung itself out of hyperspace, immediately in front of a salvo of IOD fire from one of the Spacestars. As the Razorback weathered a few beams rather harmlessly, it launched a volley of beams at the source. But before a battle could break out, the cruisers ceased fire.

"Rena, put that trader ship in a tractor." She complied.

"Sir," she said, "the Raiders are hailing us."

"Well, by all means, put 'em through."

The face appeared on screen. A very angry face. In fact, an very angry and very ugly face. "What the hell do you think you are doing?! This ship is carrying a supply of goods stolen from our benefactors!"

Colson tapped the console. "No, it isn't. In fact, it's quite empty."

Rena glanced at her console as well. "Sir, they're acquiring us. Looks like they're trying to be sneaky about it, too."

Colson sat and waited, staring into the face of the Raider commander. He was still rambling on about how the ship Colson was covering was involved in numerous amounts of Insurgent trading runs, and where it had subsequently picked up a drop-off that was intended for the end of a "gang war". And that was assuming that Colson cared, or even wanted to care.

Colson had had enough. He activated the PTA, and the beams lanced out from the Razorback at the two enemy targets simultaneously. Less than a second later, the FO hit the hyperdrive, and as the beams from the Raider ships coalesced around his fading ship, they did nothing; the Razorback was already in nilspace.

Colson smiled. The Raider ships wouldn't dare to come any closer than they already were to GalCom HQ. Five GalCom fighters were already speeding on their way towards the Raiders.

The Raider commander growled through the still-open communiqu├®. "You'll regret that." The image fuzzed as the Spacestars exited the system, and then the face vanished entirely.


I like my posts clean and crisp. Like my lettuce. Oh, wait.

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10:16 May 12, 3008



"Alright Shingen u got a deal, I'll do what I can to stall the oppposing force but when u get on the shuttle, do your thing and bug out. The galcommies may or may not intervene if the shit hits the fan."

Shingen obviously wasn't too worried by the look of his face. "Don't worry, I got a few surprises of my own. They'll never see it 'comin."


Sorry 'bout the delay. Been trying to set up a new PC but still no luck.

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10:02 hrs, 12th May, 3008



Mariko and myself had walked down to the medibay together but neither of us seemed to be the talkitive type as a conversion never arose. The only thing that was said was, "Thanks for keeping the ship in one piece." from Mariko and from me, "Thanks for keeping the scum off the bridge."

In the medibay we were ignored at first by the people who seemed to be working on a cloning module. Mariko went over to one of them and offered her assistance. The woman she was speaking to took one look at her and said, "Not while your bleeding, that's the last thing I need is you bleeding on the equipment." The woman then directed one of the other people to treat her.

I took it from this that she was the ships CMO and the rest were medics. I waited patiently, in no real danger of death and in no hurry to leave. That Gammulan may be onboard, and I did not trust myself to be near to him, even just passing in the halls.

I was still straining my brain to try and discover when and where I had encountered the Outlaw Star before. I could feel the answer just barely beyond my reach yet right under my nose the whole time. I would have to check my ships database, after my wounds had been treated that is.

After a few minutes of listening to them and the occasional passer-byer with my acute hearing I became bored and decided it was about time I treated myself. I searched for what I always called an organic regenerating simply because I did not know the actual name. There was one on my ship but it was an older model and was probably broken right now. I spotted something similar and was about to grab it when I was suddenly noticed by the CMO.

"Don't touch that! Who are you?" she said this almost as if it were one word and then she approached me, looking at me oddly.

"My name is Falx. I am this vessels Acting Tactical Officer, that is until I can pay off my dept to Commander Shingen."

"Mariko, is this Valkerie telling the truth?" she demanded without removing her gaze from me.

Mariko confirmed my statements and the woman eased up a little before ordering one of the medics to treat me. She walked away, mumbling something about not being informed about anything.


Hope I played your characters out allright Shingen


Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary)

UCV-Thyella (Defender)

"As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time."

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I’m back !!!

One detail: the warmongers have their IFF emitters modified so they are seen as UCV ships.


10:00, 12th may 3008



“They are still not responding”, said Kate, after about a dozen hails.

“I had enough. Let’s…”

Lawrence interrupted me.

“Sir, the Outlaw star launched a shuttle in direction of the Deathstrike!”

This is bad! They are meeting! I must not let him know about the mission…

“Take us close! Lawrence, charge weapons and lock onto the Outlaw Star! Shields at maximum! Launch all fighters, strike load, and await my command! Ariane, get 10 ready marines into the transporter! Kate, hail them, strong signal!”

If he get to know about the mission… argh… it could go wrong… they might band up togheter, and fight back… or something!

Stress control ON…


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Guest Shingen


10:16 May, 12 3008

Jupiter, Sol


"Commander, that GCV megaron is powering weapons and closing in towards the UCV sunflash!" Khur'an voiced blared through the com-system.

I glanced over at Outlaw who practically jumped out of his seat at the announcement. His big Kandorian friend stood up with a real mean look in his eye. His fin-like ears flapped in agitation. I rose out of my chair and raced for the bridge.

"They've been hailing us, but with all the EarthCom chatter, and all the repair requests, I just now noticed them!" Khur'an sat in the command-chair, physically linked into the virtual interface terminal. His was busy delegating three seperate duties, tactical, operations, and command.

I walked onto the bridge, and went directly to TacOps. I logged back into the terminal and performed a scan of the region.

The two GCV warmongers were now emitting a UCV signature. They were both moving in a roaming sweep pattern in support of the massive carrier, closing fast on the UCV-Outlaw Star!


I have more to add later, but run with it if you guys want.

[ 05-31-2001: Message edited by: Shingen ]

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10:16 May 12, 3008

Jupiter, Sol


"Damn, their on to us earlier than I thought." Seether was furious as ever as he was ready to pounce on those galcommies.

"Seether get to the shuttle now! Prep for launch and open a channel to the Outlaw Star!"

"Shingen, I might need some help on this one. The Megaron might try to board our ship and we currently dont have any marines to stop intruders. Will u provide some for us until this situation is over?"

Shingen, paused briefly thinking if he should let the Gammulan "borrow" some of his marines.

"Alright, I'll beam over a squad of 10 marines and have them on search duty. U better hurry to the shuttle, they might attack any moment."

"Thank u Shingen. I'll beam them back to u when this is over."

The Gammulan raced to the shuttle with all his strength and finally got on board.

"Channel open boss."

"Suzuka, fire up the weapon systems and prep missiles. I'm heading back now but I'll be an easy target for the galcommies. Target and destroy any vessel that attacks me. Watch out for those fighters."

"Curameng, match speed with the Deathstrike and maintain escort profile."

The Outlaw Star hastily maneuvered towards the Deathstrike while the shuttle glided its way into the hangar.


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10:23 hrs, May 12, 3008

Earth, Sol


"What do you mean?" Colson asked. In actuality, Colson well-understood what the Mandorian told him, but he didn't like what he had heard.

"Sorry, officer. No can do."

"All I'm asking for is a supply of Vagrants," Colson continued.

The Mandorian centred his eyes onto Colson, saying, "I don't have to repeat myself, do I, sir?"

Colson narrowed his eyes. "The Tradcom says you have a huge supply of Vagrants. I want five. That's all. No more, no less."

The Mandorian blinked. "Unfortunately, the Vagrants are under temporary confiscation. An LRT-15 that docked here a few minutes ago stole a whole bunch of 'em and hi-tailed it out to Jupiter."

The Mandorian grabbed the nutripak that had been sitting on the desk. He consumed it, looked at Colson, and left the room.

Colson stared at the vacant seat.


10:30 hrs, May 12, 3008

Earth, Sol


Colson growled. Now, not only had he made an enemy with a Raider group, but he had also been tricked by a Trader.

"Roman, bring us out to Jupiter. I want that bugger's reactor in my cargo bay."

Duped by someone who was about to get ripped to shreds. What a wonderful galaxy it was.


Hee hee, sneaky little traders.

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Guest Shingen


10:19 May, 12 3008

Jupiter, Sol


"GCV-Stalker-IV! GCV-Stalker-IV! This is the UCV-Deathstrike! Stand Down! Stand Down!" I yelled at the bridgeveiwer, trying to get the Megaron carrier to reply to my hail. Suddenly, the face of the GalCom commander jumped up on the screen.

"Commander Shingen! What's going on there? Why was that mercenary Outlaw onboard your vessel? This mission has the highest secruity! You are not to discuss it with anyone! If I find out that you've..."

"What I do and who I have aboard my ship is none of your damn business!" I returned, cutting off the GalCom fleet in mid-sentence. "Commander Outlaw and I are old acquaintances, and what I discussed with him is also none of your damned business, but it had jack to do with you or this freakin' mission! Now stand down your damn weapons!" I lied to the GalCom commander about the merc Outlaw, because I didn't trust this overbearing fleet. So I was going to make sure that the deck was stacked in my favor as much as I could.

"I knew you damn mercs couldn't be trusted! You are all the same! Undisiplined! Unkept and untrustworthy! We should've kept this matter internal and dealt with it ourselves!" The commander was half yelling at me and talking to himself. He turned to his T.O. "Stand down all weapons and order the fleet back into escort pattern!"

I looked at my TacOps display. The UCV shuttle was just now docking with the sunflash cruiser. The two GCV/UCV warmongers were veering off back into a stand escort configuration. The Megaron also changed it's vector.

"Commander, engineering has reported that hyperdrive is now operational." Khur'an said. He looked like some grotesgue cyborg hooked into the V.I.T.

"Kelar, Get us the hell outta here and on course to Trenis so we can get this god-awful mission over with!" I ordered. I looked back up at the GalCom fleet that was still filling up my bridgeveiwer. "We're jumping to Syrius! Make sure you cover our ass through Raider space! We can't take on another freakin' blockade by ourselves again!"

"I've already sent ahead an defender scout. They've reported that the region is clear, for now." He said. "Make sure you stay on course and keep your end of the contract! I'll be watching you, Commander! GCV-Stalker-IV out!"

The megaron carrier slowly vanished from my TacOps display as she went back under cloak.

"Kelar, get us the hell outta here, now! I ordered.

"Aye, commander."

Hyperdrive Activated!


This is essentually the end of Part-One. Please close this thread and I'll start Part-two. Thanks to everyone who participated in the very first Indie RP, and of course, everyone who's following it!

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