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Hi there, I'm new at this so if I make mistakes please post it here.

I'm trying to tie in my character to the BC universe by giving him a a history. The RPG would include flashbacks and how Cmdr. Jeffery Eu obtained the UCV Rising Sun and something else which I'm not to sure yet. Anyway, feel free to join in to add or refine this RPG. There' no date or time stamp yet until I figure out or someone tells me where this RPG should fit in. I've not included any other commanders as I'm not too sure what roles they will play in this. Let's hope someone will gimme a clue

So I'll get on with it...

[/RP on]

Somewhere out there...

A chubby looking man of Asian descendant walks into a room known as the Command Center or Comcen for short and seals the entrance.

He scrutineses every man & woman in the room seating in from of briefing screen and nods at a Lt. Cmdr. sitting being a console as he walks up to the podium. Even before he reaches the podium the briefing screen begins to light up with information that starting from an orbit view of a planet and it's details including it's inhabitants sentient or not.

A blinking dot appears on the planet which enlarges into a metropolis view of a city as red dots being to blink showing the city's fixed and mobile defense emplcement and location.

"Alright boys & girls, settle down, here's the deal!!!" begins Cmdr. Jeffery Eu, "First up, Phoenix Wing, you're will provide suppression fire and then fly CAP for Dragon Wing."

A chorus of groans resound in the chamber as the Cmdr grins together with a good half portion of the pilots in the chamber and says "The coordinates and your mission plan has been loaded on to your PDA's. Read it, remember it and erase it. You'll have 24 hours to coordinate and sim it." The Cmdr wags his index figure at the pilots and says sternly "Remember no unnecessary killings. We're trying to impress these dirt suckers to employ us not wipe them out!!! Do you read me?"

"Loud and clear, Sir!!!" was the chorus.

"You're dismissed!! and a get a good night's sleep" barks the Cmdr.

There'a a clatter of noise as the pilots of Phoenix Wing clears the Comcen. As soon as it clears the Cmdr faces the remainig pilots.

"Alright you bright boys and girls of Dragon Wing, will come into the play exactly fifteen minutes after Phoenix Wing starts in on their suppression run." and points at the briefing screen together with zoomed in views of several objectives.

"You blokes are to isolate your objectives and to ward off all rescuers or reinforcements. No firing except with my express permission. Anyone of you bright boys & girls that fire will have to answer to me and I guarantee that you won't like it." says the Cmdr grimly. "Mission data is now loaded on your PDA's, same deal with Phoenix wing, sim it, sim it hard. Dismiss!!!"

Another clatter of noise as the remaining pilots procede to the Command Center entrance.

"Damn it, I hope this works out Bill, 'coz we sure need the extra funds," sayd the Cmdr. as he turns toward the slender youngish looking Lt. Cmdr.

"Don't worry sir, it'll go like clockwork and we'll secure the job," replies the Lt. Cmdr.

"I want you to sit in on their sims and make sure that they don't cockup like the Vegan fiasco," says the Cmdr. "I'll be doing some surprise simming and they better be doing as ordered."

"Yes, Sir!!!!" barks the Lt. Cmdr.

"You're dismissed." says the Cmdr as he gets up to leave the Command Center.

[/RP off]

[ 04-27-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

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