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Ben Somerset

First Lieutenant's Curse

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This is a story I've wanted to write a long time. Perhaps some of you know where it'll end up going.


0130, 1 January, 2991

Home of Commander Angelique Trouseau

San Fransisco, California

She was always glad when she threw a successful party. Especially when it was a New Year's Party that she got to hold at her home. It was a very rare year when she could celebrate at home anymore. Being the Commander of a starship precluded it. More often than not she was aboard ship at this time. This year, however, she was lucky enough to be home.

Around her, the house didn't look too bad. Bottles were strewn about, empty cans sat in the oddest places, and trash covered some parts of the floor. As she sipped her glass of champange she looked at the man who had really made this party possible.

Her First Lieutenant.

He was a good organizer, and had proven to be the best XO she had ever had. He noticed her looking at him, and smiled. Though he was feeling the effects of the alcohol, Benjamin Somerset was still coherent enough to realize how beautiful his Commander looked.

Angelique stared right back at him, and said "Good party, eh, Ben?"

His smile grew at the French lilt that was only more prononunced when she had been drinking. "I think so. Everyone did seem to enjoy themselves."

"Except you," she said.

A frown crossed his face as he said, "How so? I had a good time."

"No...I don't think so. You would have more fun running decompression drills."

"I may love my job, but I don't think a decompression drill would be more fun. But there was that...guy you spent most of the evening with. What I'd do if I got that guy alo-" Somerset cut the thought off, before it turned into something else.

Instead, he looked at her and said "I was fine."

She sat the champange down and folded her hands under her arms. "Don't lie to me, Ben. You think I spent my entire evening with my head in the clouds? I looked at you. You played the part of host quite well, but I know when you're putting on an act."

He became indignant. This was not how the conversation was supposed to be going. "And what if I was?"

"Why would you? I can't think of a good reason why."

With the alcohol, and his annoyance, Somerset threw his caution to the wind. "I can. That beast that was hanging off your arm all evening, for starters."

"Him? He was nothing, and you know it. You don't still see him here, do you? Probably ended up on someone else's arm."

"And why was that?" he asked accusingly.

"Perhaps it was because I didn't want him to stay. Perhaps I'd rather have someone else spend the night here."

"Who? I'm the only one left."

She stared at him.

Realization came to him. He raised his hand, and pointed back to himself.

Slowly, she nodded.

"But, why?"

"Why not? You've been my First for almost 2 years now. I know you better than I've known any other man in my life. I've never had a finer friend. Don't tell me you haven't thought about it before."

He wouldn't.

The thought had crossed his mind often the last five or so months. Evening meals spent in her quarters, just the two of them. Long watches on the bridge, with no one else to talk to.

"But what in hell are you thinking? She's your Commander for God's sake! Stop yourself befo-"

It was too late. Before he could think anything else, his legs propelled him over to her, and he was in her arms. No words went between them as their lips met.

What was happening was more than against the rules. It was against tradition, their duties, and everything else they held dear. A Commander and her First Lieutenant were not supposed to become romantically involved.

For Angelique Trouseau and Benjamin Somerset, it was now too late.


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