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The Independent Way - Part II

Guest Shingen

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Guest Shingen

Without furthur delay, I present Part II of The Independent Way.


23:06 May 16, 3008

UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier)

Admirals Quarters

The most hostile, alien set of eyes I had ever known, stared at me with such an intense piercing, that I felt that they were boring into my very soul.

I stood at attention in front of the very same Gammulan Fleet Admiral I had been ordered to assassinate! I don't think I've ever felt fear before, not like this...but standing there being scrutinized by those alien set of eyes, was the most frightening thing I've ever done.

He sat behind his desk, not saying a word. There was also of contingent of guards stationed immediately around me, and outside the door. I was completely unarmed and completely unable to do much of anything execpt stare blankly ahead. My knees felt like shaking, and my legs like rubber, but they did not betray me. It seemed like an eternity before the Admiral dropped his gaze and looked down at the data-pad the GalCom had given me. The data-pad that contained my 'orders', and my continued survival, or my immediate death.

"First Sergeant Shingen, is it?" The Admiral said with open contempt. He picked up the data-pad and stared at me again with those hostile eyes. "It says here that you are half-terran. I've never met a half-breed. Why is it that I've never heard of you?"

"I could not say, Sir. Maybe you need to get out more." I couldn't look him in the eyes, but stared straight ahead. I wasn't going to let him spook me though. I had to dominate my fear.

His great alien eyes flashed at me. "I've already thrown two worthless privates out the airlock this morning, First Sergeant! I'm not opposed to going up the ranks if you speak to me again with such disrespect!" He sat back in his chair and exhaled. "It says here that you've been in many campaigns throughout the Terran Quadrant. Sol, Polaris, Alpha Centauri. Tell me, First Sergeant, Do you enjoy killing terrans?"

"I do what is commanded of me."

"That's not what I asked you!"

"I have no love for terrans. Killing them is part of the job."

The admiral obviously didn't like my answer. He stood up and walked to the observation window.

"Your orders are suspicious, but I cannot contact High Command till after this mission is completed. Therefor, you will be instated as Marine Commander of 3rd Company, 2nd Battalion. Collect your gear and report to the LRT-10 military transport Gorath'meck."

He turned around and again cast his great hostile, alien eyes on me. This time I returned his gaze with an equal measure of resolve.

"If I find out that you are not who you say you are, First Sergeant, I can assure you that your death will be prolonged and deliciously excruciating." He turned back around, clearly dismissing me. I saluted and headed out the door with all dignified haste. I was surprised that I was still breathing, and that GalCom was actually able to pull off the bogus orders.

Now the fun would really begin.


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22 :45 May 16, 3008

UCV-StalkerIV, docked at the Barin merc. station

Herin, Trenis

My ship is undergoing severe repairs. I had a good combat with the credians a 2 days ago. 2 battlecruisers and a Questar showed up. They were good pilots. The warmongers have been damaged pretty badly too, but I don't know about the Deathstrike nor the Outlaw Star. We're all docked, undergoing repairs. Shingen is gone. He must be in the StormCarrier right now, or near it.

What do I do now Wait 'till the mission is done? Too boring. Could take days. Ah, yes, my orders are to wait great. My scanners have been temporarily upgraded to be twice as able to detect cloaked vessels. And if I detect one? I'm supposed to fight? Yeah sure, fighting gam super-carriers. I'd be signing my death.

So I'm in patrol in Herin, waiting for maybe nothing.


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23:06 May 16, 3008

UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier)

Admirals Quarters

I stared at Sargent Shingen, or that's what he called himself. I could tell he was scared, I smelled it, but I couldn't tell if he was telling me who he really was, I never thought the war council could give permission to a half-breed and I couldn't ask the council until this mission was complete. "It says here that you are half-terran. I've never met a half-breed. Why is it that I've never heard of you?"

"I could not say, Sir. Maybe you need to get out more?." Wrong answer, I was starting to get annoyed by his attitude. "Tell me, First Sergeant, Do you enjoy killing terrans?" "I do what is commanded of me." "That's not what I asked you!"

"I have no love for terrans. Killing them is part of the job."

He was really getting me annoyed. I stood up and walked to my main window.

"Collect your gear and report to the LRT-10 military transport Gorath'meck." I turned to face him and he stared right back at me. For a half-breed he was pretty impressive, showing bravery to face me. "If I find out your not who you say you are, I will kill you and your death will be prolonged and deliciously excruciating."

I turned around again and looked out the window. Sargent Shingen left the room and I told the rest of the guards to leave. I was alone in the room, except for the sound of the bubbles from my aquarium the room was silent. I looked over the data pad one last time to make sure I didn't miss read it. Everything was as it said, I was supposed to let Shingen on my ship as First Sargent. Well at least the politics were correct, but I wasn't sure how he was going to survive on a ship, or a fleet for that matter that was pure Gammulans. I haven?t seen a half-breed before and I was sure as hell none of my crewmembers have seen one either.

I went back to my chair and sat back, this was going to be a long and vital mission for the Gammulan race and no mistakes were allowed to be made. If Mr. Shingen showed any motion of betrayal, he was sure as hell not going to see the inside of the ship much longer.

This was gonna be a fun ride.


Keep it goin' Shingen

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23:06 May 16, 3008

UCV-Outlaw Star


This is it. The crew is on full alert and we are surrounded by my people who seem anxious to fight. Shingen has boarded a shuttle and made his way to the Admiral's flagship. Damn, if it were up to me I would have taken his place. It's all up to Shingen now. I just hope his half-breed appearance doesn't compromise the mission or were gonna b in for a hell of a firefight. I gotta stall my people for as long as I can so that Shingen can do his thing. They won't attempt to engage me since I am Gammulan but anything is possible now.


Were up close and personal now.

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Guest Shingen


23:18 May 16, 3008

Lydon, Krynon



Khur'an closed the Com-Link with the UCV-Apocolypse and sat back in the command-chair reviewing his options.

The Apocolypse would head to Zelana and cloak somewhere around the planet and send a covert squad of ground forces to take up positions around the starbase. They would be the eyes and ears of the Deathstrike on the planet. He knew that there was no way for the Gammulans to hold the region without also taking the planet. He was also wondering, if GalCom knew of this Gammulan incursion into the Zelana region, why had they not come to stop them in force? Why send a lone assassin to deal with the problem? Too many things about this mission just didn't add up.

Then there was the Outlaw Star. There had been no contact with them since Commander Shingen left on the Valkerie shuttle to rendevous with the Gammulan Stormcarrier. He didn't know where they were or what kind of devilment they might be up to. Were they in cohoots with GalCom, or were they legit? Another uncontrolable element in an already volatile situation.

For now, there was nothing to do but wait, and wonder. By pre-arranged plan, Commander Shingen would send a encoded subspace message to the DS by hiding it within the Stormcarrier's own hyperdrive energy signature. Khur'an would then be able to pick it up as a minor variance of the TacOps scan when the carrier passed through this region on it's way to Zelana. Hopefully he would then be able to decode the damn thing and find out what was happening. If it worked...and if the Gammulans didn't detect the variance as well.

For all he knew, his commander might already be dead. There was no way to be certain that the data-pad given by the GalCom commander would be able to fool the Gams long enough for Shingen to pull off the hit. And even if it did, there were a thousand other variables that could go wrong.

"Khur'an, the Apocolyse has left the region." Falx said. Khur'an turned in his chair and stared up at the Valkerie. He had proven to be a competent tactical officer so far. Better then even Benkei who was now recovering in sickbay after finally being cloned successfully. Maybe he'll stay on, and I can transfer Benkei to marine sergeant and finally get us a competent squad of marines. It was no good having to relie on engineers and medics to fight invaders.

"So the game begins." Mariko added, looking from Khur'an to Falx. "Do you think he's still alive?"

Khur'an turned back around and sighed. "There's no way to know just yet. But if anyone can put off this hit and stay alive, it's our commander. But I wouldn't want to be aboard that damn stormcarrier. Not if you gave me a billion credits and half the freakin' Emperion empire."


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23:17, May 16, 3008

Jupiter, Sol

UCV-Razorback, Officers' Quarters

Colson leaned back in his chair, while tapping the datapad. "Salary for this week." He looked at it, and looked at it again, and smiled.

20000 Galcreds wasn't much, but it was enough. What Colson had really earned was the bounty of a smuggler's vessel... one LRT-15 that appeared a few days ago.

And, after dicing a Jenstar, that LRT-15, and three Raider fighters, he felt pretty good.

But now was time for a nap, and he had a weak will when it came to relaxation.


23:18, May 16, 3008

Jupiter, Sol

UCV-Razorback, Library

Rena thumbed the monitor on the wall, confused. Those Warmongers... there were no such ships. No UCV-Dagger's Pommel, and no UCV-Runesque.

Then it hit her... they weren't UCV. They were camouflaging their IFF... GalCom. EarthCom, possible, but much less likely. No UCV puppies could get their hands on that amount of hardware that easily.

Something was up. Rena stood up, and went off to tell the commander that something was amiss.


Hope no-one minds that I named those Warmongers. If anyone disagrees (I remember something about UCV-NO NAME) I can always edit.

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23:25 May 16, 3008

UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier)

Admirals Quarters

I stood up, I got a duty reminder form Elpsion, seems I missed my duty 5 minutes ago, I guess time goes by fast when your under pressure. I walked too the sink to wash my face and walked to the airlift.

"Bridge." I told the computer, I felt the airlift rise and the doors slid open to the bridge.

"Admiral on deck." that was Tar'Nok my security officer. Everyone stood, faced me and saluted.

"Status" I roared out

"Sir the fleet is in halt position and we are ready for your orders to continue on to Lanix-IV". That was Trena my tacopps officer.

"Very good, set a course for Lanix-IV"

"Course set Sir."

"Excellent, Let's go."


hope I didn't go to fast

I wont be able to reply for a while becasue I have to study for exams...


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23:22, May 16, 3008

Jupiter, Sol

UCV-Razorback, Officers' Quarters

Colson lay on his couch. He preferred it to the bed; the bed was much too soft. It was nice to lie down on now and again, but he hated the absolute luxury.

The couch, essentially, was "baby bear's bed". Not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

He rolled over and closed his eyes, tugging up the tin and foam mesh blanket over him sleepily.


He opened his eyes at the sound of his quarter's door alert. He lied prone, waited, and ignored it.


"Go away!" he yelled.

"Sir, it's me, Rena," came the muffled voice from the other side.

Colson sat up rather quickly, having a dizzy rush as he swatted rather helplessly at the button on the wall to let her in.

As the door slipped open, Rena glanced over at him. She looked a little surprised at first, but started to speak. "Um, I've got something I have to..."

Colson interrupted her. "Dammit, Rena, how long have you been up?"

"...er, uh, around 26 hours, why?"

"Don't you think its time you've got some rest?"

"Um, uh, I can't rest, I've got too many things to do."

"Rena, we're on a ship, with 10 marines, and 10 engineers, and you have to do all of the petty tasks yourself?"

"Well, uh, no."

"So go to bed."

She sighed. "Uh, sir, I came here to tell you something important."

He blinked, and rubbed his eyes. "And that would be what?" He suddenly remembered he was mostly naked, excepting his underwear, and grabbed his robe off the wall sheepishly.

She tried to look away as he pulled it on, and said, "Remember those two Warmongers we encountered here a couple days ago?"

He slid his arm into the other sleeve. "Yeah."

"Those were military ships."

He looked at her. "But they said UCV."

"Camouflaged IFF signatures."

He looked at the floor, and rubbed his eyes a little. "Computer, lights." The room filled, slowly as he had programmed them to, with light. "Anyway, Rena, what does this have to do with us?"

"Well, it could've been EarthCom, or GalCom. EarthCom owns Jupiter, sure, but I think it was GalCom."

Colson sighed. "Rena, you still haven't explained to me why this should matter to either of us."

"GalCom has done some sneaky things in the past. And this looks like a textbook case."


"And, that usually means that something illegal is going on. Mercenaries, assassins, smugglers, whatnot. All in the interest of gaining equipment or information."

Colson looked at her. "Rena, you look like hell."

She blinked. "I hadn't noticed. Anyway, I think we should check it out. Those Warmongers jumped outsystem. I'm suggesting that we go check it out." She handed him the datapad, to which she had copied her conclusive evidence.

Colson yawned, touched the button a couple times, and then shut it off.

"Sir?" she asked.

"Go to bed Rena."


"Don't make me make it an order."

"Yes sir. ...But what about that datapad?"

"I'll sleep on it. Computer, lights." And with that, he tucked it under the cushion, and slept on it.


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I've been gone for a while, but hopefully I will have more time to write now.


23:22 hrs, 16th May, 3008



Did I think he was still alive? I had been pondering this question for a few minutes, although I was uncertain to why. Maybe I was beginning to consider these people friends or at least trustable colleages, or maybe it was because I currently had nothing better to do. Although I was now coming to the conclusion that he was still alive, because in the short time I had known Commander Shingen I have found him to be an intelligent, endurant person who could at least last this long. Whether or not he could accomplish his mission and make it out alive all depended on circumstance and being in the right place at the right time.

Two days ago we had gotten in another scrap with some ships and with the help of Galcom and my crewmates we had managed to escape with minimal damage. I was even more impressed that I had not injured myself again.

Although with all the damage from the previous fight it had put back the repairing schedule on my ship. She was still sitting in the docking bay and I was starting to think she was rusting. It had been a while since I had gone this long without flying her, but she still needed fixing and I still needed to pay off my dept to Shingen.

We were currently in no danger of being shot at, according to the TacOps screen anyway. A few ships drifted about lazily, and one made a brief appearance before continuing on through a jumpgate.

"So, why did you all decide to go Indie?" I asked boredly, looking around the bridge.

Khur'an presented a quizzical look before replying, "I had no where else to turn."

An odd responce.

Mariko simply smiled and went back to her work. An engineer who had been fixing a computer console looked up from his work and said, "If I want to be attacked by someone, I'd prefer it'd be because of somethin I did and not cause I am in a fleet they don't like. How about you, why are you an Indie?"

This question surprised me for some reason, I should have realized that if I asked a question like that someone would want my reason. Why had I left the Mandorian military and become an Indie, why was I now trying to figure out a way to lift a certain piece of equipment from a military stronghold.

"I guess I jus' got sick an' tired of watchin my friends die," I said finally. The engineer seemed to nod absently and go back to work, but I was still considering this question of his. If I left for this reason, what was I doing on this ship making friends and trusting people again.

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I spotted a flicker on TacOps, like that of a ship signature, only when I looked it was gone. Might have been my imagination, but I decided I'd better double check that.


There, I'm caught up now


Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary)

UCV-Thyella (Defender)

"There is perhaps nothing so bad and so dangerous in life as fear."

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Time to say hello to the Admiral.


23:22 May 16, 3008

UCV-Outlaw Star


"Sir, the Admiral's flagship is leaving the system! Looks like their making their way to Lanix V, should we follow them?"

"Yes, but stay as far away from it as possible. We don't want to startle its escorts. It's time I talk to the Admiral."

"Course set for Lanix V sir!"

"Alright, let's follow them."

The sleek UCV cruiser hastily sped away from Lydon and made its way to Lanix V unbeknownst to the Gammulans that a surprise visit awaits them.


Zelana, Lanix V

"Suzuka, hail the stormcarrier. It's time we made our move. Now remember folks, we gotta stay cool. My people won't hesitate to fire on us so we can't make any mistakes now."

"Channel open sir."

"Put it on screen."

It's been a while since I have spoken to the brass of the military but now I'm gonna b talking to the Admiral! I'm sure he'd recognize me but I'll have to smooth talk to the guy to buy Shingen some time.

The bridgeviewer materialized and there stood the Admiral himself looking stern and upright with a perfect posture. His uniform was decorated with numerous medals from countless battles and wars. His eyes opened wide with surprise as he looked at me.

"This is commander Valdemar of the UCV-Outlaw star. Admiral, its been a long time. I am greatly honored by your presence. May I come aboard your ship? I was hoping that we can talk and have a drink. I saved some of the finest Gammulan ale during my military service."


UCV-Angel of Death


"Valdemar! By the glory of the empire, it's so good to see u again! Of course u may come aboard!" With a devilish smile on his face, the plan was working as expected.

"Tar'nok, prepare a welcoming party for our guest."

"Aye sir. Who's coming aboard if I may ask?"

"Colonel Valdemar of the Gammulan special operations division. He's retired now but I expect u to behave and make him feel at home."

"Of course sir. I'll have my men standing by on the flight deck."


Alright Herro, u can play my character as u wish since I'm now on your ship.

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Let’s rock!


23:20 may 16, 3008



"SIR! We have them! They are here!", said Lawrence from the TacOps screen.

"Maintain cloak, charge weapons and put all available vagrants and ralix in the missile tubes! Battlestations! Open a channel with the warmongers!"

The mission wasn't finished, but I have orders : refrain them from invading Lanix-V, whatever the cost. At least the tachyon sensor array worked.

"Channel opened!"

"Message to all warmongers, await my signal to undock and prepare for battle!"

I had to go fast… My scanners revealed at least 20 ships… We won't win like that… I pressed the "red" button…

"Secured channel opened, sir"

"This is Nat Mason, what is going on?"

"I need those reinforcements NOW!"

"On my way."

I closed the comm channel. Yeah, I thought Shingen wasn't good enough for us. I feel sorry for him, but orders are orders. I kinda liked him. As I looked on my little screen, I saw the Outlaw-Star jumping to the Lanix-V gate. What is he trying to do? Commit suicide? Wait, he is a gam… he is one of them… one of them… what if betrayed me? What if he was in fact buying me time?

He'd better be fast, 'cause a 60 capital ship furball isn't a place to talk.

But maybe…

I pressed the red button again.

"Wait in polaris-1, near the Lanix-V gate. You might not have to fight yet"

So nobody but me and my officers had the knowledge that the Stategic commander and 37 ships were about to fight for the fate of the galaxy.


We'll see if we need to fight.

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lez do it...


23:29 May 16, 3008

UCV-Angel of Death (StormCarrier)


"Sir, Colonel Valdemar is onboard, should I tell him to meet you in your quarters?"

"Yes, tell him I will be there shortly. Ok Elpsion you have the bridge"

"Aye sir"


UCV-Angel of Death

Admirals Quarters

As the door slid open to my quarters I saw Colonel Valdemar sitting down at my desk with the chair facing towards me.

"Ah Colonel, how long has it been?"

"4 years and counting Sir... here I brought you a drink"

"Gammulan ale... its been a while since i've had some, I never really had the time to sit down and enjoy a drink, here..."

I walked to the front of my irragularly shaped desk and pulled out two glasses and poured some of the ale.

"Here you go, so tell me, what are you doing in this region of space?"

"I'm just off to Credian region, I heared that something on, so Im going to check it out, what ever it is it equals credits, alot of it"

"ahh yes I forgot that your a mercenary, well I haven't heard of anything"

"I see, oh well. So what are you doing all the way over here at Lanix V?"

"Well im not suppose to tell but..." I was starting to feel abit drowsy "I'll let you on a little secret, were here on a mission to siege Lanix V so we can cut the galaxy in half, then we will be one step closer to annailating the Terrans and conquring the Galaxy..." I then fell uncouncious...


ok outlaw you can finish the rest of the show...

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Guest Shingen


23:35 May 16, 3008

UCV Angel of Death (stormcarrier)

Troop Deployment Bay

The Gammulan marines that made up 3rd Company stood at parade formation, waiting for me to conduct my inspection. 3rd Company had within it's ranks 4 platoons of 5 squads, each with 7 marines, for a total of 140 battle-hardened Gammulans. The deployment bay had been made into a make-shift barracks, because (I had been informed) there wasn't enough billet space in the regular troop quarters to hold so many marines. The Marines were all in full battle-dress, with rucksack and weapon, and were much more organized and professional then I had first thought. There wasn't a misplaced hair, or unbuttoned strap among them.

I stood to the extreme front of the company, with my four platoon sergeants behind, and tried my best to put on my best poker face, showing nothing but hardcore disipline and military tact. I tried best to ignore the bead of sweat that ran down the back of my scalp, and the thousands of butterflies in my belly.

Most of the formalities had already been commenced with. The change of command had been easier then I thought, as I was not required to say much of anything. I was introduced to the platoon sergeants, given the company roster, and invited to inspect the troops. There was a thick veil of hostility in the bay, eminating from everyone, which I assumed had to do with my terran DNA, but otherwise I was treated like who I was supposed to be: Marine Commander of 3rd Company, 2nd Battalion. So far so good.

I learned very fast that I was not much more then a figurehead for the rank and file soldier as most of the daily management of the soldiers fell to the platoon sergeants. They followed behind me as I walked among the collumns of Gammulans, and stood in front of their respective platoons. I played my part as best as I could, but being entirely out of my element, I knew that the longer I was among them (as I was also being inspected), the greater risk I was taking.

I needed to get to engineering and find out how to get a message to Khur'an, and I needed a reason for a Marine Commander to be snooping around the hyperdrive power conduits.


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Ok, time to signal the Epsilon 5's forces.


23:37 May 16, 3008

UCV-Angel of death

Admiral's quarters

Looks like the Admiral's gonna b taking a long nap for some time. Damn, where the hell is Shingen? I can't risk contacting him on the ship because I'll blow my cover. My only hope now is to leave the ship and signal Epsilon 5's forces to take control of the system. Time is running out. I have to leave now.

"Guard, the Admiral needs to go to medbay."

"What's wrong with him sir?"

"He's a bit drunk. We had a nice relaxing talk and the Admiral must have gotten so tired from the exitement."

"Alright, I'll go get some medics right away."

I was walking towards the flight deck when Tar'nok saw me.

"Colonel, how did everything go?"

"Very well Tar'nok. In fact I was about to go back to my ship. Good hunting to u out here."

With that said I boarded my shuttle and went back to the Outlaw Star. The fireworks were about to begin.

"Melfina, plot us a course to Lydon."

"Course laid in sir."

"Alright, let's bring in the cavalry!"

The Gammulan fleet maintained halt position in Zelana unbeknownst to them that a galcommie strike fleet was about to jump in and attack.


Lydon, Krynon

"Suzuka, open a channel to the Stalker IV."

"Channel opened sir"

"This is commander Valdemar of the UCV-Outlaw Star. Commander, the time to strike is now. The Admiral is outta the picture for a while and this is your chance to hit them with everything u got. They don't know your here."


Alright Epsilon, time to show us how the big guns fight.

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23:40 May 16, 3008

Jupiter, Sol

UCV-Razorback, Officers' Quarters

Rena lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling. She couldn't sleep. Too much was going on.

She sighed and rolled over, glancing at the clock. '23:40,' she mouthed to herself.

Suddenly, she had a tiny bit of inspiration. She sat up, slowly, and turned on the lights with one-quarter intensity.

Walking over to her dresser, she pulled out the SCAT-1 pistol. Sliding the release out of position, she inspected the clip, before popping the ammunition back in and attaching the whole to her holster, which was still connected to the uniform which she hadn't yet changed out of.

She sighed, and frowned at the same time, before she pulled the pistol out of the holster and replaced in its place. No, she thought, No need to be drastic.

Rena was struck with some inspiration. She hit the communiqu├® to the bridge.

"Bridge," came the familiar voice of Roman Louisi.

"Hey, Roman, I need a favour," she said.

She heard him slide around. He probably wasn't too comfortable with that little request.

"Well?" she asked.

He sounded slightly exasparated. "Rena, this would be the third favour you've asked for this week."

She smiled to herself, but knew he couldn't see her, so she pretended to plead. "Please? For me?"

"Gah, Rena, don't pull that!" he laughed. "What do you want?"

"Since our commander is a little indisposed at the moment, I was wondering if you could find it in your caring, generous heart to jump into Lirius."

He sounded suspicious. "Pirate hunting?"

She remembered that only her and the commander had received her datapad. "No," she countered. "Just something worth investigating."

"Rena, I swear, if you make me do any more favours, the CO will huck my ass out the airlock." She knew he was grinning.

"Well?" she asked.

No response.

"Well?" she repeated.

He sighed. "Okay, Rena, but tomorrow, you'll have to do me a favour."

"Oh? What'd that be?" she asked, a little worried.

"I haven't decided yet," he laughed.

"Okay, thanks," she said. Jokingly, she added, "Pookie."

Whatever was bothering her wasn't bothering her anymore, because after changing into her nightgown, she fell asleep almost instantly.


23:40 May 16, 3008

Jupiter, Sol

UCV-Razorback, Officers' Quarters

Colson sat on the bed and breathed heavily, before waking with a start.

What the heck? he thought to himself. I haven't ridden on a ship in two years, but I sure as hell know when the engines start up.

He rolled over. A voice inside of him said, Nah, forget it. Louisi's probably doing Split-S'es to pass the time.

Colson glanced at the clock. '23:40,' he muttered. For some reason, that number seemed very significant. He thought about it before drifting off to sleep again.

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23:52 May 16, 3008

UCV-Angel of death


"....Huh?..Whats going on? Where am I?"

"Calm down Admiral, your in Medbay-you were poisioned, I revived you with an antiste-"

I cut my docter off "What was the cause?"

Annoyed as he was he said "it seems it was something you drank...are you trying to commit suicide Admiral?"

"Haha, not anythime soon...something I drank...WHERES COLONEL VALDEMAR??"

"I don't know sir...I'm only a docter"

I opened a comm link to Elpsion "Wheres Colonel Valdemar??"

"He left to Lydon sir, about 10 minutes ago"

"ok I can't be bothered by that, even tho he tried to kill me... Send a probe to Lydon, I wan't to see why hes there."

"Aye sir... probe dispatched"

"Sir, I have someone here who wants to talk to you"


"Its a Valkery Trader, he says he has some important information you might like to know..."

"Alright, send him down to Medbay-and if he has no valuable information...I'll throw him out the air-lock..."


Update: I just wanted to update my post so it fits in with shingens reply...

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Guest Shingen

Herro, I had to take a little liberty with your character to move the storyline along.


00:07 May,17 3008

Hydar-9, Cyrian

UCV-Angel of Death (stormcarrier)


The Valkerie cowered on his knees in front of the Great Gammulan Admiral. He shook with all the fear he had ever felt, cursing himself for being so foolish as to come to the Gammulans in person. He should've just sent them a subspace message from somewhere safe and far away. But his greed had gotten the better of him, and now he was face to face with Death Incarnate!

"This little valkerie trader has come from Centris with some rather intriguing news, my admiral." Elpsion said, mocking the shivering valkerie. He took his boot and shoved the little man, sending him reeling towards the Gammulan admiral. "Speak, you foolish dungheap! You think we have all day to watch your sniveling!"

"Yyyeess my l-l-lord. W-we-ll, you see your greatness, I was doing a little trading with the humans in Centris and well, humans have a way of loosing their tongues when they drink too much. They have no control, you know." The little valkerie smiled a frantic smile, trying to ease the hostility that surrounded him. When all the Gammulans did was stare unmercfully at him, he continued. "T-tthere were these two mercenarys, eer prehaps they were assassin caste, anyway, we were drinking a they got to talking about some ungodly contract to kill a Gammulan officer, something that GalCom had cooked up..." He looked up from the floor waiting for the fury to strike. Again, the merciless Gammulans just glared. "Well your greatness, I tried to find out as much as I could, buying them more drinks and offering them women and such, but all I could get out of them was that they were about a UCV Solnar cruiser."

The Gammulan admiral, already in a foul mood, placed his fury squarely on the little trader. "Valkerie, are you saying that the humans are planning to assassinate one of our officers and the assassin is aboard a UCV Solnar?"

The trader cowered again and bent lower into the metal floor. "I don't know, your greatness. If the assassin is aboard the cruiser or not, they just said that they were onboard a UCV Solnar. I think that they were assassin caste, or mercenary... I can't remember."

The Gammulan admiral ran his hand down his face and growled. He head was splitting and he could taste the blood of that traitor Valdemar! Why the poison? Where was the assassin? All of a sudden it hit him. The new marine commander! That half-breed terran! Could he be the one?

"Elpsion, take this worthless piece of Valkerie out of my sight before I feed him to the crew!"

Elpsion grabbed the valkerie by the neck. "Come with me, little trader. Let's see what your information will buy you!"

00:10 - Deck 3, Aft Corridor

The whole freakin' ship was crawling with Gammulan secruity. Everywhere I went, I had to show my pass and wait for permission to proceed. Christ! No way into engineering. No way to get to the power conduits. No way to send a message to Khur'an. I had to think of something else.

I was unprepared for the hostility of the Gammulans. They were even hostile to each other! Being half terran made it exceedingly worse. I almost had to kill one of those damn secruity guards because of his big mouth. I've got to control my temper or I'm dead for sure! How to get a message out? Think!

I headed to my quarters and tried not become over-exposed. The less anyone knew about me, the better off I would be. As I reached the door to my room, a squad of secruity marines came running down the corridor. They shoved pasted me without a salute or any recognition of my 'rank'. Better to get this job done, and get the hell outta here!


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00:09 May,17 3008

Hydar-9, Cyrian

UCV-Angel of Death (stormcarrier)


I steped out of Medbay and walk to the commlink and messaged Tar'nok

"Tar'nok I want you to set the ship on a priority 1 alert, I wan't there to be Identification checks at every corridor!"

"Aye sir! But if I may ask...why?"

"Why? becasue I have gotten word of someone that is trying to kill one of the officers and I have a strong feeling that its me their after"

"Haha, I pitty the fool who tries to kill you"

"I don't... and neather should you. Someone already tried to kill me and that someone was Valdmar-we let down our defences and he attacked, We will not let that happen again or else your going to see the outside of the ship Tar'nok... Oh and as a side note, keep an eye out for that Half-Breed, make shure he doesn't do anything foolish"

With that I turned off the commlink and walked to the airlift.

"Bridge" the same acknolaging sound that i've heard a thousand times sounded...


"What is the status report of the ship? where are we?"

"The ship is on a priority 1 alert and were approching Tyrus-2 sir!"

"Good, wheres Elpison?"

"He's escorting the valkery to his shuttle"

"Naw, tell him to throw that excuse for a trader out the air-lock, then check his shuttle for anything valuable,if theres nothing, throw it out with the rest of the garbage"

"Aye sir"

I sat back in my chair and looked around the bridge...There was Tar'nok at security, Trena at tactical, Elpsion's seat beside me was empty, Lexi-my operations officer was at his counsol and there was Ryi'Veer my helms man, all of them were working hard at their stations... Just the way I wanted them too.


Just thought I would brush up on things... and I introduced the rest of my officers

[ 06-27-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ]

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00:12 May 17, 3008

In Orbit of Lennen, Sirius

UCV-Razorback, Officers' Quarters

Colson woke up again, sweating. The same nightmare, where he was doomed to watch each of his crewmembers systematically shot in the back of the neck before he himself was done in. Even though that it wasn't likely to happen, it still scared the wits out of him.

He gasped, rolled over, and sighed, putting his hand on his wristlaser, which lay without ammunition on his nighttable, for moral support.

He glanced out the window before returning his gaze onto his uniform on the wall. Then, suddenly, he whipped his head around and stared out the window.

"What the bloody HELL?!" he very nearly shouted.

The planet was not Jupiter. Not big enough, no giant red spot, and worst of all... it was not Jupiter.

"BRIDGE!" he screamed into the comm.

"Gah!" came Louisi's surprised reply. "What the hell are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?!"

"WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?!" shouted Colson.

Louisi stammered. "Uh-- uh, you don't know?"

Colson could feel Louisi's fear. That made him feel oddly good inside. He wasn't used to domineering people; in fact, he was rather timid, most of the time.

Colson dropped his voice off dramatically, and calmly said, "No, I most certainly do not."

"We're in orbit of Lennen, sir."

"Under whose orders?"

Louisi stayed silent.

"I'm the commanding officer on this ship, so I'll ask again, who gave you the order?"

Still silence.

"Are you protecting someone?"

Louisi paused, before saying, "...No."

"Why the pause?"

"Uh, because I wasn't expecting the, uh, question. Sir."

Colson sighed. "That's the worst excuse I've heard in a long time, Roman."

Louisi said, quietly, "Okay, I'll tell you who, as long as you don't punish either of us."

Colson nodded, but knowing that Louisi couldn't see him, he included, "All right."


"Rena Janyss?"

"How many other Rena's are there on this ship?"

Colson had an inkling why she would do such a thing. He slid the datapad out from under the cushion, and turned it on.


Three Undesignated Command Vessels, two with IFF signatures and a third with a camouflaged signature, all without central Police identification entries, were spotted within the Jupiter, Sol region on the evening of May 12, 3008.

A ship without a central identification in Terran space is either a xenological vessel, a criminal, or a raider. Also, all xenological ships are encouraged to register their ship in the Police databanks for better tracking and safety of all parties.

With the proximity to the Sirius/Sol wormhole, there is no major surprise if they hadn't yet registered their ships, but the evidence is that the vessels contained human lifeforms.

However, the equipment accessible to Raiders and Criminals, however extensive, is unlikely to include an IFF masking device and two top-condition Warmonger vessels.

In such a condition, I am lead to believe that the vessels are GalCom craft, illegally contracting work outside of the bounds of the Terran Employment Law.

With such a conclusion, I propose that the nearest Police vessel, the Razorback, should follow the possibly guilty parties to their destination, which seems to be located somewhere within Raider space along the Terran/Credian boundary (as it is unlikely that merely three vessels would attempt to assault the Insurgents at Sygan)."

Colson shook his head. "Dammit, Rena, you're too caught up in your work."

Louisi, over the still-open comm, said, "So you're not going to punish her?"

Colson said, "I'll punish her."

"But! But you said---"

"I lied." Colson switched off the comm.

If he was going to get this crew working together, he couldn't have people running around doing vigilante work for a 'potential illegal activity'!

Colson put on his uniform, slid his pistol into its holster, and walked out of the room towards Rena's quarters, not in the least bit happy.

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Well, I haven't noticed any activity, so I'll get the talking over and done with before something fun happens.


00:13 May 17, 3008

In Orbit of Lennen, Sirius

UCV-Razorback, Officers' Quarters

Colson didn't press the quarters' doorbell. Rather, he balled his fist and slammed it into the door. He instantly regretted that, because the door was made of a ferro-titanium alloy, and he skinned the base of his palm. While he recoiled from the pain, he attempted to keep his compositure and yelled, almost at the top of his lungs, "JANYSS!"

She jumped out of bed without even realising it, gasping. A loud thump was heard at her door again, as this time, Colson smashed the door with his heel. "OPEN UP!"

She had a dizzy rush and tripped, but she managed to get back on her feet, a little disoriented, and tap the button.

Colson kicked at the door once more, just as it opened, and almost fell in. "Whoa..." he murmured.

She yawned, with a massive frown on her face. Uh oh, he thought, I've never actually been in this kind of situation before. She looked at him expectantly.

"Well?" she asked.

"Uh..." he muttered.

"Uh?" she mocked.

His face got even redder than it was before, but this time, it was red from anger.

He finally gathered up his courage. "Okay, missie, let's get one thing straight! I'M the CO of this ship. YOU are not!"

Jefferson, the chief engineer, bashed the wall. "Shut up in there, huh? I just got to sleep."

Colson yelled back, "Mind your own goddamn business!" Silence. Good.

Rena looked at him, bored. "Are you finished?"

Colson was even more furious. He grabbed her wrist. "Until you pry the commander pins out of my cold dying hands," he said carefully as he pointed at her palm, "I am in charge." He let go. "Understand? Don't think that I can't demote you, Rena, because I can. If need be, I can transfer you to another ship entirely."

Rena suddenly sobered, pulling her hand back and rubbing her wrist. "You wouldn't..."

"I would, and I just might for what you did right now."

She looked down at the floor. "I'm sorry."

Uh oh, that's not right. I expected a reaction... an argument. But that didn't happen... what the heck should I do now?

Janyss looked up. "Commander?"

"Yes?" he asked, slightly confused.

"I'm sorry I asked Louisi to fly us towards this region."

He glanced at his chronometer. "What exactly is making you so anxious to pursue this 'possibly illegal activity'?"

She stayed quiet for a second before responding. "I have no idea. I wasn't thinking."

He looked at her, smiled, and narrowed his eyes. "Are you trying to act soft to make me go away?"

She looked at him before the tension broke into a smile. "...Yes."

"Doesn't work. You don't think I was the chief of the Mars Planetary Support Police for nothing, do you?"

She looked at him. "You were?"

"Yeah, but... something happened."

"Oh," she asked, "what was that?"

He stiffened a little. "I'd rather not say."

"Oh, well, that doesn't matter, I guess." She blinked slowly and yawned.

He looked at her again. "You didn't answer my question."

She looked at him quizzically. "What question?"

"Why are you pursuing this 'potential illegal activity'?"

"Oh, that question."

"Yes, that question."

She looked at him, a little annoyed. "I dunno... I just have this gut feeling, you know? Like something very big is going to happen."

Wait a minute... "A hunch?" ...she's hiding something.

"You might say that."

Ask her. "Any other reasons?"


"You're sure?"

She peered at him. "Is something wrong?"

"Well, aside from the fact that we've wasted a couple hundred units of radine, no."

"You aren't going to report this, are you?"

"I have to."

"Do you?"


She sighed. "Why?"

"Because, Janyss, if I didn't report it, what's to make you learn not to do it again?"

"Well, if I do it again, I'll have you coming into my quarters kicking the door and..." she looked at his hand, "skinning your palm."

He looked down at it. He had basically forgotten about it.

"Here," she said, "I have a bandage." She walked over to her dresser. When she opened it, she saw her SCAT-1 pistol, wrapped carefully.

She glanced at it, apparently making a decision, before she pulled it out, unwrapped it, and cast the weapon back into the drawer.

"Here," she said, wrapping his palm where it bled.


"Thanks," he said. "But, I don't dodge the subject. There's another reason why you're doing this, isn't there?"

She looked out the window. Technically, it was just a hemispherical viewscreen, but it functioned the same way.

"Yeah..." she mumbled.

He walked up beside her, facing the 'window', and looked at her. "What would that be?"

She glanced at him. "I want to find my father."

Huh? "Your father?"

"Yes, my father."

"Is he lost?"

"Not exactly..." she murmured. "More or less, defected."


"From the Terran military to the Kandorian military, and then he vanished."

Kandorian... oh, hell, I forgot that she was half-Kandorian! She looks so... so... human. And feminine... no, don't think about that.

"What's wrong?" she asked as he stared at her.

"Oh, nothing." Yeesh, you're a commanding officer, constrain yourself, dammit.

"Anyway, the last time I saw him, he blew up a diplomat ship and hightailed it through the wormhole to Polaris."

He put his hand on her shoulder. "And you want to find out why?"


He walked out towards the doorway.

"Sir?" she asked, "Did I say something wrong?"

"Take a nap. We'll fly towards Krynon at 0200."

She smiled. "Thank you, sir."

"Next time, let me know when you want to go off on a wild goose... er, gander, chase." He grinned and stepped out into the hallway as the door shut behind him.


Heh, heh, sexual tension. Gotta love it.

(Long post, yeah, I know. )

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00:10 hrs, 17th May, 3008



Ah-ha there you are. I had indeed seen a flicker out of the corner of my eye, and after repeatitive scanning I had finally managed to come up with some evidence to support this. There was a large energy reading emanating near to the Arenis Wormhole. Large enough for an Attack Carrier and judging by the readout it was most likely a Nightstar or a Violon

Either they had managed to track me here somehow, this ship was not who I thought it was or pure coincidence. Whatever the case was, I was hoping they did not know I was onboard the Deathstrike. If they found me, I knew exactly what they would do to me and the Deathstrike and that was to make us disappear.

"Khur-an, I need to go down to my ship for a momment, it's urgent."

"Okay, but make it fast."

I hurried down to the Shuttle bay where I found my now fully repaired Defender. There was a lone engineer in there with me, he seemed to be running a scan on the shuttle in there. I approached him, he seemed nervous in my presence.

"Could I borrow that for a momment?" I asked, indicating the tool he was scanning with.

"For what?"

"I need to make sure we are not being followed."

"Huh?" he offered before I snatched the tool from him and headed for my ship.

I ran a scan of the outter hull, remembering being hit by one missile that didn't seem to explode. At the time I had thought it was a dud, but now I had something else in mind.

When I got to the landing skis I detected a small object hidden within the trap door. The scanner could not identify exactly what it was, but I had a pretty good idea. I tossed the tool back over to the awaiting engineer, who continue with whatever he had been doing.

After five minutes of searching I finally asked the engineers back if he knew where a drill was and he told me to check the storage compartment over there and pointed towards a wall.

Crawling underneath my ship with the newly discovered drill I spotted a small hole in the hull, something easily overlooked unless you were looking for it. That was where I started drilling and I commanded the drill to stop after 3 inches, which was how deep the scanner indicated the object was.

After another minute or so the object fell out and I immediately recognized it as a standard Insurgent bug. Luckily, I knew how to disable it, and that was dropping it on the floor and stomping on it.

I would have to fill that hole later, for now back to the bridge.

"Khur'an," I said as I got off the turbolift, "We may have company."


Don't worry Shingen, everything's under control....for now


Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary)

UCV-Thyella (Defender)

"The impossible is often the untried."

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Guest Shingen

..sorry for the delay guys... more to follow...


00:45 May 17, 3008

Hydar 9, Cyrian

UCV-Angel of Death

Deck 3, Mid-Corridor

The medic died instantly. Quietly. With the correct amount of force aimed at the point just above his shoulder blades I had severed his third vertebrae with the edge of my palm. I caught him as he fell, dragging him back into my quarters. I quickly stripped out of my Gammulan uniform ad changed into the medics. I had learned that medics could go anywhere on the ship, and I needed his access.

It was fortunate that the lone medic was patroling the corridors, and that no Gammulan guards had seen the attack. I knew that he would soon be missed, but I hoped to have completed my mission by then and to be off this god-cursed ship and back on the Deathstrike.

I had spent many productive minutes prior to discovering the medic, hacking into the Gams computers systems. They might be Masters of War, but they were lousy at computer secruity. I had been able to hack not only the perscan, but also, TacOps, weapons, and secruity protocols. This would make my job lots easier.

I had also found out so other, interesting things. First, I knew that they knew about me, or at least suspected me. I caught the communique about the Valkerie trader from Operations, and the fact that they knew about the Deathstrike. I also knew that we were almost in Krynon where the DS was supposed to be. I'd have to be ready to rock and roll by the time we got there. I had already planned where the hit would be, and how it would happen. All I needed was to set it up.

Another interesting thing I discovered, hacking into the mainframe, was the appearance of Outlaw. I thought I had been betrayed until the alert went up about the Admiral being taken to medbay. I knew Outlaw was probably responsible. He left all of a sudden like.

I gathered up all my 'little gadgets', leaving one of my special shuriken underneath the pillow of the bunk. That would slow down anyone who came in here, and if it was long enough, it would stop them dead in their tracks!

I checked the room and made sure that everything was in order, then headed out, leaving the door locked by a voice command. That would give a little more time for the nerve-agent to disolve into nerve-gas.

I headed for the personel lift and towards engineering...


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00:48 May 17, 3008

Hydar 9, Cyrian

UCV-Angel of Death


"Sir, we have 16 minutes left untill we are at Tyrus-2!"

"Good, Trena do you detect anything at Tyrus-2?"

"No sir, just some trader vessels-I can't get a good reading while were in the worm hole."

"Ok, Tar'nok any luck at finding our assassin?"

"No sir, the ship seems to be ok, maybe that Valkerie was just bluffing it?"

"Maybe, but who would have the guts to come and enter a stormcarrier full of high trained Gammulans, just to bluff something?"

"Good point sir, i'll tell my security team check again."

"Good, what about our Half-Breed? Any status on him?"

"Yes sir, he checked into his room, 1 hour and 15 minutes ago, i'll send another troop to go check again."

"Ok. Trena engage cloaking, I don't wan't any more traders knowing where we are, oh if they get to close.. Shot them."

"Aye sir, cloaking engaged-we're comming out of the wormhole sir, continuing on plotted course"

I nodded slightly and wen't into my quarters, and sat down at my desk.

-00:53- Bridge

"Commander Tar'nok, there seems to be a gas in Lt. Shingens quarters, I have also found a dead medic, his cloths wer..." the officer fell quiet from the nerve-gas, never to breath again...

"Rex'sha?, REX'SHA! come in please!" I knew it was hopeless calling him, but I needed to make sure- "Lexi-reventilate Lt. Shingens room and send a medical team there"

"Yes sir, Mr. Tar'nok, should I also send a computer analyst to see if he also accessed the security logs?"

"What? Oh yea, sure"

I opened up a commlink to Admiral Herro Yuy.

"Sir I have some news for you"


Don't worry Shingen, with Tar'noks thick skull he still doesn't realize its you...yet

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  • 4 weeks later...

1:04 May 17, 3008

Hydar 9, Cyrian

UCV-Angel of Death


...Shingens not in his room, theirs no trace of where he could be. I knew he was trouble when he first came onboard this ship, he's jepordizing this mission and I will not allow that...

I pushed the button to open up a comms link to Tar'nok.

"Tar'nok, any luck at finding Shingen?"

"No, I sent out a warning to everyone on the ship to look out for him, but we assume he has disguised himself".

"Ok, keep me updated on this, Herro out"

...Where could he be? Where is that blasted Shingen? He's going to have to contact his people, but that means he would have to be in the comms room, or does it?...

"Admiral Yuy, we have just cleared hyperspace, sheilds are at maximum, cloaking is on, and we're entering the Tyrus-2 region."

"Ok halt here, wait for the rest of the fleet to join up, Lexi-get anything from the probe?"

"Negitive sir, it seems the prob has been damaged and its sensors are malfunctioning".

"Ok, wait for the rest of the fleet to come and tell them to set there sensors to max and scan this region for any signatures, anything! Vapor trails, whatever I wan't to know whats here and whats been here"

"Aye sir, sending instructions"

"Admiral Yuy, we may have figured out where Shingen could be, he's probably in enginering, we secured all the decks except this one, we dont know if hes in there already or not..."

"Good Tar'nok, secure the area and get Shingen, gas him out if you have to... Just don't kill him, I want him alive..."

"Aye Sir"


There that might start the thread again, oh well, theres no rush...

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Just a side story



1:04 May 17, 3008

Gamma-1, Gammula

War Council room

Darien Mane yelled at the top of his multiple lungs, "Get out of here! and don't come back untill you have sufecient information on Galcoms defencive system!"

"Yes sir, but please remember that I'm only a Tacops commander and have control of only a few areas in Galactic command, I don't have the right access codes for all the information your looking for".

"SO!? Get them! I didn't let you live so that you could stand here and object to what I order you to do, you lousy TERRAN! If you cannot comply to my instructions I will feed you to the Mandorian slaves!"

"Yes sir, I shall do as you wish"

The Terran known as Randy Karynia turned and headed towards his shuttle.

Darien Mane turned and headed into a room where the rest of the Gammulan War council was located with some vital information that the terran left him about the defencive system at polaris-1...


Hey I just wanted to add a few twists... if I cannot have this tell me

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