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Into The Fire Act Five - Operation Golgotha


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This thread is to be posted in by both teams when they are both together. When the teams are seperated, use the appropriate threads.

Heres the briefing you have been waiting for.


Briefing Room


Operation Golgotha T - 2 hours

Savage entered the McKendricks briefing room amidst the chatter of assembled mercs, Insurgent and GalCom officers. A cursary

glance indicated that everyone, bar those that Chavik had selected for his team were present. He noticed Rattler sitting

quietly at one end of the briefing table, looking over the assembled officers from behind those damned glasses of his.

Savage wondered what it was the old warrior was thinking. They hadnt spoken properly since before the evacuation from the Vulture.

Things had (as they so often do) got in the way, always another emergency that took him away from much needed discussions with

his ally. But he wondered why Rattler hadnt approached him himself.

Why so quiet, old man? wondered Savage as he took his place on the podium.

Whats goin on in that brain of yours?

He didnt have time to further ponder this issue. In time, he was sure he would have an answer, but for now, it was time for

the briefing.

Stay cool ...

"Gentelmen and ladies, thank you for comming. We are two hours from Earth orbit, and are on schedule for the assignment. From

this point forward, there is to be no further speculation or discussion regarding the mission. If you have any questions

regarding the mission details, they will be addressed at the end of the briefing."

Savage paused a moment, and looked over the room. Unlike before on the Vulture, there was no signs of open hostility between

any of those assembled. Perhaps the shared experiences on the Vulture, and to a lesser extent the immediate chaos surrounding

their presence on the McKendrick had bonded them somehow together. Maybe they just realised finally that there was somthing

more at stake than pride and predudice.

Maybe, despite all the differences, they had come together in fellowship - even if it

was only tempoary. Whatever it was, for the first time since leaving Orion HQ, Savage felt safe.

"Team one is charged with breaching the Earthcom Facility, codenamed Golgotha, and securing the outlying security station.

Team one is also charged with locating and destroying the transport inhibitor facility located nearby to allow team two to

beam deep into Golgotha and locate Akira. Once the TI's have been deactivated, team one is to hold security until team two has

accomplished it's objective and returned to the extraction point. In principle, simple."

"Now," started Savage, stepping to the left of the podium and thumbing a datapad. "this is Golgothas layout as detailed by one

of our operatives on the surface."

The display unit behind the fleet commander lit up with schematic details of the outer facility. It indicated a small mobile

infantry barracks on the surface, guarding a tunnel enterance that led into the main underground facility. The display was

updating in realtime, and as Savage zoomed closer into the top down image, individual lifeforms could be soon going about

their everyday business.

"As you can see, there are between twelve and twenty troops on station at any one time. They have to be eliminated before we

can gain enterance to the facility access tunnel. Team two will neutralise them quickly, and quietly thanks to Commander

Chaviks box of toys. For those who havent been paying attention to the rumor mill, Im talking about several stealth suits that

team two will be using in the operation. The strike on the barracks has been timed to occure immediately after a scheduled

security update from the main security centre inside Golgotha. The timing here is critical. Team two will have 5 minutes to

neutralise the guards, take control of the barracks security monitoring devices and reconfigure them to fool the centre below

that everything on the surface is peachy. Our surface operative has access to a rather clever piece of software that once

intergrated, should keep the security centre below ignorant of what has transpired on the surface - at least long enough for

us to get below."

Savage thumbed the datapad once again, and the facility map changed to a side view of the access tunnel.

"Now then, once the barracks has been taken, both teams will board a mag carriage just inside the tunnel and use it to gain

enterance to the inner facility. The tunnel itself is 15 kays long, and descends almost four kays into the earth."

This revelation produced several gasps from everyone in the briefing room. Hushed discussions began to break out, and it was

only with Rattlers melodic shushing that finally quelled the noise.

"Like I said," began Savage, looking over at Rattler and nodding thanks his way. "we will descend almost four kays into the

earths surface to penetrate the inner facility. When we arrive, we will be in the main hangar portion of the facility. The

tunnel itself is large enough to allow access to both mounted mag carriages and AG mobile units. In short, it's big. The

tunnels enterance itself is big enough to allow a small naval destroyer to pass through. Inside the hangar, we'll probably

find an assortment of surface and air capable craft. We dont know for sure."

"As soon as we start our little jaunt down the tunnel, their systems are going to light up like a christmas tree. Mag carriage

travel up and down the tunnel is tightly controlled for security reasons, so we're expecting to be queried at some point on

the trip. We'll try and fool them with a cock and bull story of some sort, but I doubt they will buy it. Be ready for a hot

exit. As for numbers, we have no idea. Our best guess puts enemy troops at the security facility to be anything from five to

thirty in number. Whatever the numbers, we have to take control of this facility fast and lock down their access to

reinforcements. If we dont, we'll be over run and this mission will be over."

Savage thumbed the datapad once again and brought up another image.

"This," he started, "is the transport inhibitor facility. We know it is somwhere close to the security centre, but not a lot

else. There are six seperate access tunnels to other sections from the hangar/security centre, and all of these will hopefull

be locked down the second we take security. You'll need to establish exactly where the TI facility is and take it out quickly.

Every second is vital here people, so now screw ups and no picking wrong doors. We dont need any surprises here."

"Once the TI facility has been neutralised, a mobile transporter will be patched into the power systems of the base and team

two will be transported from the security centre deep into the inner facility where we believe Akira is being held. From that

point on, team one needs only hold the security centre and prevent Earthcom reinforcements from breaching. Now, since all outside communication in this facility has to go through the security centre, they cant put a call out for help in the

conventional way. However, if theres one thing we know about Earthcom, it's that they usually have somthing up their sleeves

to throw a wrench in the works. Expect trouble."

"With any luck, team two will locate Akira quickly and be transported back to the security centre. Providing it's timed right,

the McKendrick will be in position just out of Earth orbit and will be able to snatch us all back at once."

Savage paused at this point and combed back his hair with his his hand.

Time to be honest.

"I know what you're all thinking. You think it's crazy, ill concieved and probably suicidal. You're probably right. Sadly, we

didnt have the time to put together a better, more functional plan. If our estimates are correct, Akira wont be able to hold out much longer. We need to do this now, or not at all. If we dont do it - well, you know whats likely to happen. If we go

ahead as described here, at best we have a 50/50 chance of pulling it off. Im not going to lie to you, some of us are not

going to make it back. Surrender is not an option. We cannot offored to be taken captive. If it comes to it, you know what you have to do."

"Once this briefing is concluded, everyone is to head to sickbay for several anti-tox injections. We happen to know for a fact

that they have access to chem and bio weapons down there, and are not afraid to use them. The injections will also make it

harder for them to break you under interrogation if you are captured, which gives you more time to find a way to terminate yourselves."

Savage allowed them a few moments to contemplate what he had said, then broke the hushed discussions one last time.

"We beam down in two hours. We strike Golgotha in six. If there are any last minute questions, nows the time."


So there you have it.

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This thread is to be posted in by both teams when they are both together. when the teams are separated, use the appropriate threads.

I am confused

Who is "both teams" Am I in a "team"

When are they "together"?

And what are the "Appropriate threads?"

And what part does the 'Leo' play in this? I need to know that way I don't end up messing this up. And I want to avoid embarrassment.

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If you havent read the last post in ACT 4, go read it now. Team one is being led by Savage and is responsible for taking and holding security. Team two is beind led by Chavik, and is responsible for locating Akira. At the start of the assignment, both teams will be together. Everyone will post in this thread. When the teams seperate, they post in their own threads. These two 'Team' threads have not been created yet. They wont be until the teams divide AFTER security has been taken. Make sense?

As for activities outside of the landing parties, use this thread as well. I dunno what the Leo is going to do. I dont know what those who remain on the McKendrick are going to do. Thats up to you guys.

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They had tried to tell Caine a few times that he was to stay on the McKendrick, but he would have nothing to do with it. He was in this as far as everyone else, and he knew he could help. Finally, with a great deal of cajoling and convincing, he managed to snake his way into the briefing.

Caine didn't think he was really noticed by either Rattler, or Blades, or much of anyone else in the room. He was just another face being sent to his demise.

The plan was simple enough, risky, easy to disrupt, and promising of heavy combat.

When the debriefing was concluded, Caine made a quick suggestion in the hopes of getting at least a few men that he could trust behind himself.

"My engineers have volunteered to join the first team, to install the porta-porter. They have combat experience, and are used to working in the field. Besides, " Cane flashed a half-smile, "The fewer of you known officers, the better the deniability of the op."

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Been since right before the evac of the vulture that I posted last. Before I start yammering, anything too critical I missed to dredge me and Hoffman into a team?

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Briefing Room


Operation Golgotha T - 2 hours

The mercenary, Nova, was supposed to stay on the McKendrick at first, but after the loss of the Vulture, and some of the troops (both main and auxiliary), he was one of the few who was let into the briefing.

"..... I'm not going to lie to you, some of us are not

going to make it back. Surrender is not an option. We cannot offored to be taken captive. If it comes to it, you know what you have to do."

The sound of whispers and murmurs went over the room, as everyone just realized what Blades just said. Most of them had never been in such a secretive mission. Nova definitely hadn't.

Wow, he's being serious. The mission plan really IS tough. I just hope we can pull this off...

The mission truly was tough, and was put together in a short amount of time. Then again, it was the only option this late in time. Blades knew it, most of the people in the briefing room knew it. This would be it. No practice runs, or room for error here.

Oh please don't tell me I'm in Team 2. I am NOT getting into one of those stealth suits. Who knows what kind of crap it'll do to me. I'm not gettin sterile yet....


Hehe. I really don't mind being in either team. In fact, it would make it more interesting to be in Team 2, but it's your guys call. Also, everyone remember I'm still a merc as of this story....

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well, we all need to sleep SOMETIME you know Blades, is the Mckendrick still cloaked? (Although either way it doesn't help much, seeing as the 'LEO doesn't know which ship it's looking for. It's looking for Caine, and they plan on going from there




Jo was finally eating since the beginning of this fiasco, as she sat across the table from one of her engineers, who was giving a brief report.

"... found neither hide nor hair of Caine, despite the help of Maddox. I don't think even he knows what he's looking for right now. The comm panel we got has been properly modified, and Maddox is doing his job so far. The cloack is still up and nominal, but we're beginning to get the pre-emp radiation. Nothing near dangerous now, but we only have eight hours left."

Jo was just finishing her meal as she responded. "How far away are we from the moon?"

"About an hour, maybe an hour and a half, depending on patrolls. We had a close call with another ship on a similar route, but they must have been busy with their own agenda, because if we were detected, they ignored us completely. We ran a check as per orders on it's sig. It's designation was the 'Mckendrick'. There was no sign of Caine aboard."

"Where is it now?" Jo wanted to make sure there was some distance between them if they were going in the same direction. After all, a cloaked ship can only be ignored for so long.

"We slowed, and are holding about two thousand klicks behind them. We didn't have to slow much though, they had a good pace about 'em."


Tee hee.

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Akuma found a seat at the back of the briefing room here eyes downcast and not really attentive. Her mind was elsewhere and not where it should be.

Is she looking at me?

Akuma managed to raise her eyes just enough to see the backs of everyones heads faced frimly forward...All except for Foss.

For some reason Foss was staring directly at her and didn't look away when she glared at him.

What do you want?!

Once the briefing was finished she stood and exited like everyone else making for her quarters. She noticed that Foss was following descreetly behind her and she turned around exhasperated. "What do you want Sir?" She said her voice full of confusion and malace.

"I want to talk to you." Foss said pulling her aside.


Take it away Foss baby!

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A shiver ran down Wold's spine as the gravity of Savage's briefing on the TI sunk in.


You'll need to establish exactly where the TI facility is and take it out quickly.

Every second is vital here people, so now screw ups and no picking wrong doors. We dont need any surprises here.

This aught to be good. Take out the TI in short order or the mission is jeopordized and no one knows where it even is??

Wold was pretty sure he had dug a severe hole w/ Savage anyway so he stands and waits...

With reluctance Savage finally nods to Wold.

"Two questions.... First, you never answered my last question...did you want any coffee or tea?" There was an immediate cough and sputter as the question registered with Commander Foss who was taking and ill-timed drink of coffee. Without much pause, Wold continues, "Second, how are we supposed to 'quickly remove the TI' when we don't know it's location? Why don't we just nuke the area...., why don't we just nuke four or five EarthCom sites? Just add a little Gammulan chatter to the air-waves and they'll think the Gamms hit 'em. If we're going to knock we may as well KNOCK."[/rp]

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Caine beat Savage to the response, shaking his head once as he turned to Wold.

"I'm guessing we want Akira alive. Besides, if we send down a few missiles, and then try to blame it on the Gamms, who's to say Earthcomm won't want to retalliate. Do you really want to start another war with them, just to avoid a different war?"

He had pieced together a lot during his stay on the Mckendrick, and was finding himself more and more concerned with it's outcome. It wasn't just about his survival any-more, it's gotten too complicated for that.

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Check your dates Caine, we're already at war with the Gams.


"Two reasons why we dont use that sort of ordinance, Mr Wold. One point was adequately covered by, ah, it's Caine, right?"

Caine nodded to the affirmative, and the fleet commander continued. "Caine. Good. The second reason is even simpler :- We're not here to murder everyone. We go in, hit them hard and fast, but we try to keep casualties at a minimum. Those poor bastards at the tunnel entrance and in security cant be helped, but unless we're forced to do so, we are not to shed blood needlessly. We're human, not Gammulan butchers. Remember that."

It only took a moment for another Insurgent, Savage couldnt recall his name, to point out that if they are positively identified by survivors it could come back to haunt them another day.

Optormistic of you, thought Savage. We're still probably going to die down there. Why worry about that now?

Savage answered quickly. "Providing we all do our jobs quickly, we'll be able to shut out reinforcements and prevent them from IDing us. Also, once we have control of security, we have full access to every security terminal and data storage device linked to those systems. We can purge the entire system before we leave. It's by no means complete, but it's better than nothing."

Savage paused and awaited further questions.


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Um, heh...Chalk it up to his being out of the loop for two years I guess.


Caine nodded, unsure of whether his question was answered or not. (About bringing the engineers that is )


[ 07-26-2001: Message edited by: Caine ]

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As Savage is finishing his answer to Wold the briefing room door whisks open. Entering the room is a crisply dressed Ensign looking nervous enough to be on his first tour of duty. The Ensign was gently carring a heart-shaped silver platter. Upon this silver platter were 2 hot pink, heart shapped tea cups accompanied with matching dessert plates. As each step brought the Ensign closer to Savage, his face seemed to get more and more flushed. Upon reaching Savage he gently placed the plater on the table snapped to attention stating "Sir, here is the tea and crumpets you requested, Sir!" With that, he snapped a salute, about-faced and hastily headed for the exit.

"Hummm, interesting taste there, Sir." quips Wold, "But I was being slightly sarcastic about the nukes. Obviously we can't nuke 'em because of the inocents that are there. Several points.

1. If we go poking around trying to find that TI building we may as well be dropping nukes 'cause that's how much noise we'll be making. Unless of course you expect to find an X marks the door for us in the first security hit?

2. As Akira is 4 kays buried, a nuke wouldn't hurt him. If they think that an Insurgent or human rescue is under way, they'll ice him. However, if they think a Gamm probe is occuring, EarthCom and GalCom will ignore Akira and counter where they think the probes are hitting simply because the Gamms have no apperent use for Akira.

3. Us Insurgents are mostly ID'd and are on the screwed list anyway. You and your cohorts aren't. Any of you get ID'd some morning you'll wake up in the slammer.

Suggestion: We got enough Gamm crap from that attack on our transport that we can imitate several Gamm pre-attack type probes.

Have your more trusted officers carry out these fake attacks, to cut down losses. Have the McKendrick's records show that she has been hunting those Gamms that trashed our ride. Just b4 the attack to the security have the McKendrick broadcast that a Gamm attack is immenent and patch through some 'tapped' radio communications from ground locations to prove this. EarthCom and Galcom would respond by going to full defense alert but won't leave their posts 'cause they don't know where the attack is coming from and the McKendrick will already be 'acting' at this hotspot. Have the McKendrick or ground team pop a static bomb to disrupt communications. To stir the pot more, have a probe emmitting a Gamm BC 'burst' out of the static area heading for a jump point. Meanwhile keep the McKendrick on the edge of the static to keep some comms coming through.

Let the Insurgants and Mercs carry out your rescue plan of Akira. When the smoke clears it will appear that, in desperation, Rattler and the Insurgents teamed up with the Gamms to rescue Akira. Also, it would appear to EarthCom and GalCom that you and the McKendrick attempted to stop the rescue and just barely failed. As such, you and the McKendrick will be given the hero's welcome, instead of the guilotine."

As Wold finished another thought crossed through his mind and all us Insurgents will be on the ground w/ enemy guns front and back... Is Savage really on the level in trying to get Akira rescued?[/rp]

[ 07-27-2001: Message edited by: Wold ]

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Savage shook his head at the Insurgent commander before he had even finished his speech.

"We are not deviating from the plan. You might not like what we've got, but it's what we have prepped for. We have people in position who have risked their lives to get us the sort of intel we need to even have a shot at pulling this off. The present plan stays, and Im pretty sure you will find Rattler is in full agreement with me."

On cue, Wold averted his glare from Savage and regarded his CIC. Rattler simply stared back from behind those mirrored glasses of his and said nothing.

I really hope he's still in agreement with this plan, thought Savage. We really dont need any more complications at this point.

"... and now we have that cleared up, are there any last minute operational questions?"

Savage stood back and awaited the next, and perhaps last question.


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Nova stood up. Blades addressed him, and he began to speak.

"Sir, what would the expected time window from the time Team 2 is transpoted to the inner facility, up to the time we rendezvous back with the McKendrick? I'm just taking a wild guess, but EarthCom's Facility is most likely heavily guarded, considering they're probably holding Akira, in the deepest sections of the building."

It would be a bad surpirse to find Akira, only to find out that the McKendrick already passed by, and picked up the first team.


[ 07-27-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]

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Savage looked down from the podium to the man he recognized as Nova and gave him a wry smile.

"By the time we have beamed down, made contact with our people on the surface and geared up for the op, we will have a grand total of two hours to hit the barracks, breach the tunnel, take control of security, deactivate the transport inhibitors, assemble the mobile transporter, recover Akira and beam back to the pick up point. The McKendrick will already be on it's way back to us when we strike the barracks, and when she passes overhead, we have to be at the extraction zone. That answer your question?"

Savage paused a moment then added "Providing we take security and block outside communications, we wont have to worry too much about external forces comming from behind. However, if we dont block off reinforcements from the base itself immediately after we take security, it's going to get messy."

Savage looked around the briefing room once again and then checked his chrono. "Right, we have time for one final question. Any takers?"


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Guest Mikel



Thoughts swirl in Nimitz's mind, "Will this be another FUBAR? Will the humor ever end? Did someone just spit some coffee on me? He took a glance around to see if someone else would ask his questions for him...


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My next post will have the GNN Headline News update


Gallion and York were situated next to Chavic during the Blade's operations brief.

The plan had holes in it, but what plan didn't? At least that was Gallion's experience. A plan was nothing more than an outline and only lasted until first contact anyway - so why go through all the trouble to go into detail?

Bah! Gallion snorted to himself, which drew a questioning look from Chavic and a chuckle out of York. He looked at Chavic with a grin and said softly, "Piece of cake this mission will be Deer, not to worry. And beside, there will be a way out for us ye know."

"Just remember what we talked about in th elibrary. My offer stands," Gallion concluded. The plan was a risky one fer sure but nothing ventured equated to nothing gained. York nearlly had a corenary when he caught wind of Gallion's lastest scheme - how York found out Gallion did not know. Mayhaps the bulkheads had eyes.

They listened to Blade respond to Wold's queries. Valid points there Wold. Gallion thought, but not all who wonder are lost either.

..."Right, we have time for one final question. Any takers?"

Gallion couldn't resist temptation any longer. He just had to fuel the flames one more time before entering the kennel.

"Ya, I got one fer ye Blades," Gallion said, "supposing we - that being you and me - get out of this scrap alive, will you drop them bogus charges ye made against me?"

Gallion waited a few seconds for the question to sink in. He noticed a slight response from Rattler, though it may have only been a twitch. Mayhaps he to had caught wind what was said in the library. He motioned to York to follow and said to Chavic, "We better get started, time is a wasting. I'll meet you in 10 minutes, bring Wold with you too, he has some interesting gizmos that we will be a needing I'm sure."

Gallion left the briefing without waiting for a response from either Blades or Chavic. For you see, Gallion already knew the answer to the question he threw at Blades.

There would be no homecoming for Gallion or the crew of the Graf Spee with Galcom after this mission is complete.



[ 07-29-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]

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Thanks for that Gallion.


Gallion left without ceremony. Savage watched him go, then looked down at Chavik, across to Rattler and then back to the mass of confused looking faces seated below him.

Not MY charges, Corsair ... im just a wittness and an officer doing my duty. I didnt pull the damn trigger. You made your own bed ... it's way out of my hands now ...

"Well," started Savage. "I guess that concludes the briefing. You have sixty minutes to get yourselves psyched and down to sickbay for your chem treatments. In exactly 70 minutes, I expect to see you all in the transporter room. We'll beam down en-mass the second the McKendrick is in position."

He paused there, and once again looked over the faces assembled below him. Some of them he knew as friends, some of them he knew as enemies. But for today, they were all comrades, about to embark on probably the most dangerous (Perhaps foolhardy) mission of their lives, with the fate of an entire civilisation ballancing precariously on their shoulders. Failure was not an option. Whatever the cost - they had to succede.

"Good luck to you all," said Savage. "and may the fates smile down on you this day. Dismissed."

Golgotha awaited.


You know the drill by now ladies. Im going to assume everyone gets down to sickbay for their jabs and then onto the transporter room unless you post otherwise. Please, dont make things confusing for me now unless you can help it. Almost there now. Onwards!

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GCV Mckendrick


Caine wasted no time in getting to the Medibay for his 'shots', which were administered by an acting CMO that seemed to be giving him a sour look. It was like the man knew him, and hated him for some reason. He just hoped that didn't mean something special was put in the cocktail.

In short order, Caine appeared in the teleporter room, wearing a suit of standard issue light armor, it's ceramic and steel plates shining dully in the room. He carried a small-arm on each hip, and strapped across his back was a basic over-under rifle, with a scope attached neatly to it's top. In a clip-sheath at his back, his oak-handled dagger sat ready as well, it's lazer-sharpened carbide blade sharp, and freshly oiled.

He took a quick around himself at the others that had already gathered, each wearing a variety of armors, some repainted, others standard issue like his. He then threw the helmet over his head, slid down the visor, and snapped it in place. He heard the slight hiss of the air filter as it began to do it's job, and took his place. it looked like they were going to beam in groups of eight or twelve, meaning it would take a couple times to get everyone down.

He looked around again, trying to see any familiar faces, but most of them were locked behind the reinforced plastic visors. But a few seemed to be gathered near him, he had no idea who they were, or how good they were, but it appeared they were beaming with him.

"Alright, it's show time girls." He muttered to himself, then he spoke to the ones near him. "Anyone have experience in this type of a fight?"

A couple nodded silently, but three of the people he was teamed with stood still. "Alright then, We do this right. Standard leapfrog, half move while the other half covers. We switch up once the movers get twenty yards ahead. For those needing the math, that's forty yards to a stage. Got it?"

Everyone nodded.


Caine reached for the nearest man, and slammed their helmets.

"Let's have some fun then." Laughing, he took his place, a wide grin on his face.



Nearing terra

"Status huber."

Huber replied casually, as if they weren't anywhere near the hive's queen, waiting for the rock to hit the nest.

"Cloak nominal, minor rad, but easily managed, status of lead is unchanged, it's heading for earth, no word from the Graff Spee, status of search for Caine is unch..." The man stopped for a second as an indicator lit for nearly a second, then vanished.

"Check that, just got a brief signal, but I lost it again. It came from close by though."


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A cursary

glance indicated that everyone, bar those that Chavik had selected for his team were present.

Oh great big bloody boogers. Thought that meant I wasn't there as well. Post is ready but now needs revision. Be back shortly.

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Hope I fixed it. Here goes. Do as you can Blades. Others allowed to volunteer.


Slightly before Blade's briefing.

Gallion pointed to a chair and Chavik took a seat. He listened to Gallion's idea and shook his head more and more. There were far too many holes in it. Beaming down wouldn't work as there would be an immediate search for the transporting vessel. Shuttling down was even worse. If they used one of the McKendrick's shuttles that would immediately indentify which ship was in the area. An area it was not supposed to be in at all and that would raise suspisicions as well. Hell, that would raise an all out alarm. If they used one of Chavik's shuttles that would raise almost as many suspicions. Then there was the matter of who would masquerade as the capturing officer. Chavik was out of the question so it would have to be a marine. But for Gallion to "give himself up" was ludicrous in the extreme. No, it simply wouldn't work.

Gallion slowly tapered off as Chavik shook his head. Chavik handed him the datapad and let Gallion begin reading on a different subject matter. Gallion nodded at several items and whistled at others. He looked up and said, "You do realize that half this stuff be useless do ye not?"

"I know," replied Chavik. "I was trying to prepare for several contingencies."

"That ye did, that ye did," Gallion commented. "What be this?" asked Gallion as he pointed to the stealth suit listing.

"My trump card, one of Akira's special toys we have been working on. I believe you saw them in the early stages before several flaws were worked out. Allow me to demonstrate," said Chavik as he switched the unit on.

Gallion paled as Chavik faded from view. He jumped up and shouted, "I knew it! I absofrickingly knew it!! Does ye know how long I has been trying to figure that out? How long that has haunted me? " Gallion slumped back into the chair. "You be bringing back the ghosts."

"No, not ghosts Gallion; Spectres. Very much like Wraiths in their ability to fade from view."

"So the Deer has found a new place to hide."

Chavik de-activated the suit, "No, just a different method. We all have ways to hide Corsair. And yes, places, I suppose. I wonder what else we are hiding?" Gallion remained silent. Chavik knew there was something else but decided to let the question drop for a while. As they discussed things a while longer Gallion slowly beat around the bush until Chavik was sure his suspicions had been correct.

The old Corsair was wily that was for sure. Chavik outlined his plan to Gallion who nodded agreeingly. The stealth suits added a major amount of secrey to the operation and Gallion thought they just might have a chance even with the limited number of suits available. He added several suggestions to which Chavik agreed.

Chavik then beat around the bush a bit. "So ye think?" Gallion asked.

"For a while at least," replied Chavik. Gallion nodded and began to discuss once again.

A double back up plan began to emerge. Almost as hairbrained as Gallion "giving himself up" but ingenious for its shock value. The Wraith could become a Banshee if needed. Finally they ran out of things to talk about and both of them stood up. "Ready to set sail pirate?" asked Chavik.

"As soon as you get to the harbor."

During Briefing:

Chavik found himself seated next to Gallion. Should anything strange come up he wanted to consult with him.

Blades began his discourse. He showed the layout of the base and outlined the plan. Gallion reminded Chavik just how easy this mission would be then said to him, "Just remember what we talked about in the library. My offer stands."

Blades finished and Gallion threw a question at him. Blades did not answer and watched as Gallion left.

After briefing:

Chavik had some doubts about Gallion but the old man trusted him. And he did seem sincere though that sgt seemed about to have a fit.

Chavik himself just shook his head and wandered towards the medibay. Chavik arrived in the medibay only to find several marines and even a few of the remaining mercs waiting. He had not expected this. After explaining the situation most still wanted to volunteer. Far more than there were suits for. Far more than was advisable for a small strike team.

After several minutes of interviews things began to get nasty. The mercs began insulting the McKendrick's marine and vice versa. Chavik finally managed to get them calmed down. He went to a commlink and signalled Blades. "Uhhh Blades, we got a problem. We don't have enough toys for the people who want to play. Could I have a hand down here?"


Ok last chance to actively voluunteer for team two. I wrote around the briefing best I could. There is still time to write around this faux paus if you really want to be on it.

So far I see Myself, Foss, Gallion, and three NPC's. Liev's android would be a great addition though

Otherwise it will be we 3 and some NPC's (merc's/marines) that blades will hopefully take a few sentences to assign.

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Guest Mikel



Nimitz felt the sharp prick as a cold needle penetrated his upper right arm. A few seconds later, the needle was removed and the medic waved him away.

They tell you, "Never volunteer!"...Why not? There's a low chance of me coming out of this anyway you look at it.

His mind set on a decision, Nimitz lounges around with the marines...[/rp]

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