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Bad day!

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"Sir, incoming Coms from James"

"Put it through" said Demolition

"What can you do for repairs?" said James

"I got what you need, anything else?"-Demolition

Demolition shut of the link and had the supplies shipped over to the Andromeda. He saw her move up inbetween some of his battle cruisers and he had them form into delta formation around him and the Andromeda


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OOC: Demolition my character/AE name is James Smyth not Emmett


GCV Andromeda

Cyron VI

The Andromeda broke throught the atmosphere of the planet and joined the fleet assembled in orbit, on the bridge James sighed a slight relief but he knew this was probably far from over. He allowed himself to sit down....

"Recall our fighters and get some engineers on them as soon as there in the bay I want them ready to go again ASAP."

"Sir I have commander Demolition on the line."

"Put him through"

"What can you do for repairs?" asked James

"I got what you need, anything else?"

"We need parts for the engine and we need medical supplies and are gettting a bit low on munitions at this stage aswell but the engine is the high priority"

"I'll put what you need in a shuttle and send them over immedialty" Demolition replied

"Thanks Andromeda out!"

James flicked the comms to engineering and Faulkers voice rsponded,"Roy the parts we need are on the way can you get them installed as a matter of prioirty."

"Aye Sir"

James took a look at the tactical display nothing except the surronding fleet in the immediate area looking up at the bridgeviewer and then paused for a second

"Helm get us nestled in-between the battle cruisers please at least until repairs are done.....Tactical situation check."

"Tactical screen clear Sir but I'm not sure I think something is still out there but I can't get a fix on it"

"Thank you," James replied,"Keep the ship on alert and get the parts off those shuttles asap I'll be in Medical keep me posted."

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"Sir our shuttle has launched. It's on its way to the GCV-Andromeda. Demolition has launched some of his shuttles with supplies towards the Andromeda." his comms officer said.

"Good." Elio said.

Elio watched the Andromeda shift it's position to be between his group of MK2s and Demolition's Epsilon wing.

'Sedn this message to Demolittion. Be ready for anything. I think this battle isn't over. We are sending supplies to the Andromeda."Elio said.

"And tell James supplies from my shuttles are on the way." Elio added.

"Yes sir."his tactical officer said.

Elio watched his ships do their jobs and waited in silence in his chair.


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GMV Basher

Gartith got the unnerving feeling that he was overlooking something.

'It doesn't feel right. A Terran ship all the way out here? Is it a trap?', he thought to himself and started to walk up and down the dimply lit bridge.

'Do we have any of our vessels in the vicinity?'

'Yes Sir, We've got the GMV-Tyranny jumping to the system right now and the UCV-Mary J is currently leaving the system. No sign of LordDavid yet'.

Garith sat down in his command chair and pondered over that last remark for a while.

'Strange, only the Tyranny seems to be engaging. The stormcarrier probably is toast by now and there's this Mary-J that is leaving the area. LordDavid not around? Sounds fishy to me'.

'Sir, LordDavid on Comms'.

Ok, I'll take it here.

'Yes Sir, Garith here'

'Howfar from the system are you? ETA?'

'4 minutes, Sir'

'Proceeed, the GMV Tyranny is there already and will need your assistance asap.'

'Right Sir'.

'LordDavid out'.

Garith had this unconfortable feeling in his stomage while he ordered the crew to get on with it.

'Let's get us to Cyrus IV, engage'.


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Cmdr Demolition


"Get a message out to James asking him how repairs are comming, also tell him my probes have spotted some Gammulan vessels heading this way, tell Elio the Gammulan vessels are on the way."-Demolition

"Yes Sir"-comms officer

Demolition pondered why the gamms where sending such a small force, he knew they had more that they could send. Was this some clever trap his forcers where being draw into, or or did LordDavid make a serious blunder.

Demolition thought some more on this and hoped it was the latter, but he doubted it. It's not often the Gams screw up like this, they are a warlike race, war is what they do and the do it well.


It's a bit short, but it a great bridge....

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"Sir I have some good news and bad news for you." Elio's comms officer said grimly.

"Good news first." Elio said.

"Firts of all repairs on the GCV-Andromeda are going smooth." his comms officer said.

"The bad news is that Demolition's probes have discovered some Gammulan vessels heading to our position." his comms officer continued.

"Well that confirmed my fears. Put the MK2s on high alert. Tell Demolition that we stand ready." Elio said.

"Get the interceptors prepped and prepare for anything."


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GCV - Andromeda

James stood in medical and looked around as the medical supplies started to arrive much needed medkits were distributed and the worst cases were seen to first. James stood and watched Geraldine as she rallied her remaining staff, she never stopped to amaze him the way she could organise even a handfull of staff into an effective system ensuring everybody got timely and effective care, she was also effectively using whatever extra staff she could get her hands on James himself had got roped in when he arrived in medibay. As he was watching a young MO approached him.

"Sir message for you"

"Thank you" Smith replied as he went to the main office and flicked on the com link,"Smyth here, report"

"Sir unloading of the shuttles is almost complete however commander Jason reports additional Gammulan vessels appreaching the area!" James's face went stern he had a feeling the Gammulans would not let him go so easily Lord David was not that forgiving James had meet Lord David briefly a few years earlier while he was still first officer on the Andromeda and he struck him as a man of conviction. "Repair status!"

"Engineering reports we should have main power back in about 10minutes but the other repairs have not even been started yet."

"Ok fine get the fighters ready to launch and get the shields back up as soon as possible, launch the fighters as soon as their ready and get them on a escort profile, reload the missile bays and get as many marines as are able armed and ready to go I expect to be boarded this time the Gammulans really are pissed with us this time"

"Aye Sir" came the reply james turned off the com link and sat back in his chair after a few moments he rose from his chair and returned to the bridge......

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