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BC timeline (non rp)


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Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the following threads are located in Role Playing Discussions.

In December of 1998 DeSylva announced his plan(s) to compile the now legendary RP Timeline in Battlecruiser Role-Play Timeline and Other Projects. Two and a half months later, the first version was completed and posted in BATTLECRUISER 3000 AD TIMELINE RELEASED.

The discussion to which Blades referred in post #8 (8th reply), of the thread to which I am now posting, unfolded in Timeline - 3000AD to 3015AD.

The official timeline and/or history for Multi-Play (MP), Single-Play (SP) and Role-Play (RP) in this game series is found in either the current game manual, or a future update. Such updates are strictly controlled by the Supreme Cmdr (aka. Derek K. Smart), as indicated in post #18.

DeSylva's work is now the unofficial timeline for RP. You can find it and a wealth of other information at DeSylva's original site: <a href="http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arena/9206/iss/" target="_blank"><a href="http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arena/9206/iss/" target="_blank">http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arena/9206/iss/</a></a> . I plan to base my stories from this.

Thanks for the updated link Cmdr Nova! I'll compare the two versions.

Another helpful thread is: General Discussions - The Rubbish Pit ┬╗ BC Timeline & RPG stories

As for non-timeline-related RP rules, ask in: RP Rules/Methods.

Role Playing is my favorite aspect of the forums. Time permitting, I'd like to get involved in this adventure that Derek has allowed us to undertake.

Updated Feb 9 2008, 8:04PM

Ben Zwycky has generously uploaded DeSylva's timeline to ICC and ISS.

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That link of mine is DeSylva's work, not my own. It's my work just making sure it isn't lost through server transitions, lol. Which is the only reason it's still around and not lost to the internet forever.

Yeah, I used to operate a very nice RP information website on the Orion Fleet server, when it still worked. I'll see if I have any of that info still around.

That ISS website of Desylva's is a very very old rendition of the ISS Fleet site. The last I saw of the ISS website, it was hosted on some other free server that was hosed sometime in 2002. However, I manage a few files before it was lost, and thus that timeline I have is (as far as I know) the latest copy of DeSylva's work.

A proposal in the Orion Fleet Forum (also lost when the Orion Fleet server went down) was to have two separate timelines/histories, because of discreptancies between the official and several RP stories. Or rather, regulations for RP to change and allow alternate stories--rather, stories that don't conform 100% to the official timeline. There was an RP council on the Orion Fleet Forum set up (the forum itself was set up at one point during an exodus from the 3000AD forum) which decided upon the validity of DeSylva's RP timeline. (However, the lime green portions are not technically RP timeline, and are only DeSylva's personal ideas. They aren't part of the real history AFAIK.)

If I get really bored one day, I'll edit and revise the DeSylva timeline. There ahven't been many new developments in the RP board anyway.

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