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Well, here goes nothing, anyone interested just jump in where you see fit


Stardate: November 2, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Somewhere near the Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

Mission: Escorting the UCV Appeal

There I was sitting on my chair on the bridge, staring out the main view port, when I wasn't really needed on the bridge as the mission was so far going as per s.o.p. My XO, Lt Takagewa Sinclair is a very good and competent officer, an officer that has been with me since the very start of my career as a mercenary.

In fact, I could just retire to my quarters and Takagewa could complete the mission without a hitch. But appearances must be kept, and as my mentor used to say "You might be supercargo on the ship for all I care but the Captain must the bridge on any manuevers even if it is mundane and boring, not just for morale but so that your crew knows that the Old Man is there to handle things if and when the shit hits the fan. And trust me shit will hit the fan, just when you relax your guard."

Well, after 25 years of captaining my on ship and being through numerous missions both good and bad, I agree with the feisty old cout.

I turn to the XO.

"XO, maintain current speed and bring the ship 20 degrees starboard and tuck her in formation with the Appeal. We have to show our employers that we're on the job"

"Aye, Aye, Sir," acknowledges Takagewa and barks at the helmswoman, "Helm!!20 degrees starboard at current speed and keep her in formation"

"Aye, Aye Sir!!!," acknowledges the helmswoman, "Coming to 20 degrees starboard, maintaining current speed, Sir"

"Sir, approaching wormhole in 10 minutes!!" reports Lt. Ahmed, my radar officer, another officer that has been with me throughout the years.

"Right, XO, bring us to yellow alert and power up the jump drives. Renaeb, launch all interceptors, standard escort formation. "

"Aye, Aye Sir!! says the XO and barks into a microphone as he pushes the yellow alert button, "Battlestations!!, Battlestations!! This is not a drill!! Engine Room, commence powering up sequence of jump drives."

Even as, Renaeb Lowerstein, my CAG, orders the launching of his standby interceptors, I see my crew stir into motion as the flashing of the yellow alert commences. I guess after a while, any mission will tend to get boring. But at least my boys and girls are on the bounce.

On my chair display I can see all four of my interceptors peel from ship and settling into a forward vanguard formation in front of the Appeal, as we approach the jump node.

I smile as I remember all the times that the other mercs ask me why I insist on wasting valuable supplies and resources by launching all my interceptors into a vanguard formation especially on a standard escort contract like that. Ahh, if only they knew my history, before Riga and I decided to get together and form Intercorp, before civilisation came to the barbarian mercs in a manner of speaking.

I can still remember it so clearly, that god forsaken bloody disastrous convoy duty.

Hmm, I wonder where Riga is now? Most probably somewhere earning the big credits or maybe he's having a "fun" time pulling rank over his member merchants. God save me from penny pinching, miserly merchants.


To be continued....

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Stardate: November 2, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Still somewhere near the Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

Mission: Escorting the UCV Appeal

"Sir!!!Scans are picking up a sensor ghost somewhere port bow of us. Approximately 15ks on a direct approach vector to us" reports Ahmed, "Could be space debris, as we're not getting any electronic emissions."

What the ****!!! I broke off my stare from the main view port.

"Communications?" I asked.

"I've got zilch Captain," replies Lt. Chung my comms officer.

"Takagewa, bring us closer to the Appeal, Renaeb detail a fighter as a forward scout, Ahmed tell me more about that sensor ghost!!!"

"Aye, Sir!!!" acknowledges my XO, CAG and radar officer even as I turn around to see Ahmed's evident frustration in localising the "threat". "I've lost the sensor ghost, Boss." growls Ahmed.

"Well, find it, and do it fast!!!," I snapped, and turned towards Takagewa, "Any known hostiles around here?"

"Not according to the last recon from the Explorer Division, sir," replied Takagewa.

Shit, I hate being in the dark. Looks like we're gonna have some interesting times

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Stardate: November 2, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Where else but somewhere near the Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

Mission: Escorting the UCV Appeal

"Ahmed, what have you got for me?" I asked the increasingly frustrated radar officer.

"Sir, you won't believe this, I'm getting more than one sensor ghost now," replies Ahmed in an incredulous tone.

"What!! Where the **** did they come from?Are they from the same locus point?," I barked as I ran towards the tacops screen.

"No sir, I have confirmation of multiple electronic emmissions from the same locus," replied Ahmed.

"Renaeb, bring the interceptor..." my orders trailed off, as I saw the my interceptor IFF just vanish from the tacops screen. Vanished, as in kaboom, blown up to bits kind of vanished.

"What the hell is happening?" I asked, without even realising that I said it out loud as I looked up to the bulkheads for an answer. "Sir!!!, I'm getting multiple communications on all frequencies, something about the UCV Balmung," Chung pipes up.

UCV Balmung!!! That's Riga's ship, my god, it is exactly like the first time we met.

"Sir!! Appeal's IFF seems to be flickering, odd, it looks like their changing their IFF," said Takagewa. "Sir!! I've discovered a encrypted communications laser from the Appeal towards Ahmed's sensor ghosts," Chung continues.

TRAP, it was bloody god damned mouse trap

"XO, go to Red Alert bring the shields and PTA to 100% pull us away from the Appeal, Renaeb, pull back your interceptors and get them into defensive formation around us, Chung, raise Velari starbase, tell them that we have a suspected commerce raid, tell them that the Appeal is a prime suspect, repeat prime suspect," I said calmly.

"But Sir!!!" my officers protested simultaneously.

"Just do it," I barked.

God, I hope I'm in time. And may the Lord protect us


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Cmdr Demolition


Velari (Polaris-2)

"SIR" In coming transmission from the UCV-Rising Sun. Shes under fire and request imediate assistance. She suspects that the attacker is the UCV-Appeal.

"Get imediate docking clearance and send Cmdr Desolator a message to get the Wing ready, we going on a rescue mission." i shout

Epsilon Wing is under way within 15 minutes and is heading towards teh UCV-Rising Sun at top speed.

"Deploy interceptors, send to to help defend the UCV-Rising Sun and leave 2 to protect us.

Tell the rest of teh wing to do the same"

"Aye Sir!"

"I hope we make it in time"

"Get me a cumunications link with the

UCV-Risind Sun, i want a status report from her imediately. I also want an update on what has happened since last contact."


Hope that suits the story

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Right, time to do my bit


Stardate: October 31, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Polaris 1.

Location: UCV Balmung

Riga was sitting in his chair, silently, gently stroking his hair. He sat in his quarters and held a book in his hand. Not that he was reading it, he just held it as if it were the most valuable thing that existed while he let his mind running free, remembering old times.

'Riga?', the intercom cracked at him with the usual distorted sound he had become accustomed to so much.

'Yeah Aloia, I know, I'm on my way' and he carefully put away the book he was still holding.

The door silenty opened when he moved his hand over the doorpad. He stepped outside and started his way to the bridge.

'Funny that those raiders are this quiet. It's just not normal. Not even one vessel out, and we're not escorted this time'. Riga was really confused.

Normally he was escorted, but he found that he could take the risk of trying to outrun them. Ever since Velari had been taken over by Prime fleet he had not very much to fear on the Polaris 2 side of the wormhole.

'Hiya, had a good one?' Aloia mumbled when he entered the bridge.

'Boah, not bad, didn't sleep though' he answered and took a quick look at the instruments. They were on autopilot.

'Anything while I was away?'

'Nah, except for some unexplained shaking, but of a very gentle kind. Might be some spacedust, dunno, whatever...'.

Riga went to the food dispenser and got himself a coffee.

'What's the ETA for the wormhole?'.

'Well, about 2 more minutes I guess'.

'right, almost home' Riga though while he sat down in his command chair.

Deep inside the the cargohold a hand was strugling with the ropes that held the cargo in place...


No more time, will continue shortly

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Stardate: October 31, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Polaris 1.

Location: UCV Balmung

‘Where’s everybody?’ Riga asked Aloia.

‘Targis and Vaqghin are in their quarters. Dunno about Adam.’ she replied shortly looking up from her instruments. ‘Their systems are set to automatic, but not much to do anyway. Not without any raiders in sight’.

‘So, she noticed as well’ Riga thought. Normally there would be some activity in this area. Not that they usually paid any attention to the Balmung but it was strange nonetheless.

Adam was working on the main entry door in the cargo bay. It was jamming since last Friday and he wanted it fixed. Not that he had to do it, but he was bored to death and had nothing better to do. Little did he know about the figure in the shadows that was silently coming his way and he would never know. His body silently slid onto the floor without any sound.

‘One down, two to go’ the figure in the shadows whispered as he walked towards the door. He opened the door panel, wired it again and locked the door behind him while he made sure that it would remain shut.

Riga was looking at the Perscan display.

‘Strange, why would Adam go to the engine room?’ he wondered. The one minute warning that signaled the end of the hyper jump sounded and he directed his attention to the bridge again.

’30 seconds to end of hyper jump, 15, 10, 5, now’. The Balmung appeared 75 km from the wormhole to Polaris 1.

‘Another few minutes and we’re home again’ he though to himself. ‘Aloia, full ahead’. Aloia pressed some buttons on the console in front of her.

‘Hey, the engines do not respond’, she exclaimed in a surprised tone.

‘What?’ Riga responded and immediately started checking the console in front of him.

‘The engine is offline, what the…’ and he looked in surprise to her.

‘The engine has been taken offline by Adam and…, wait a sec, has been taken offline by Adam. Why the hell would he do such a thing’ so calmly stated.

‘Cool as ever’ Riga thought and pressed the button of the intercom.

‘Adam, what the hell do you think you’re doing?’

Adam did not respond.



He switched the display to Perscan. Adam was heading towards the personnel quarters.

Adam’s location slowly changed from the corridor, to the turbolift and finally to the personnel quarters.

Riga intensely watched the console as it reported status and location. Targis, status: dead. About thirty seconds later Vaqghin was reported dead as well.


Riga jumped out of his chair and ran toward the bridge’s door but was held by Aloia who jumped in front of him.

‘No, think, think goddamnit. There’s a killer out there, and I’m sure it’s not Adam.’

‘I don’t care, he’s mine!’

‘Listen to me!’ while she slapped him in the face. ‘Calm down, you gotta calm down!’

‘NO, I will…’

‘Intruder alert, Intruder alert’. The alert cleared Riga’s mind.

‘Check Perscan!’

‘Cargo Bay 1, 8 intruders. Adam… or whoever is heading for the cargo bay as well. He’s in the turbolift right now.’

‘Cut all power except here on the bridge, that will hold them a while. At least it will hold that murderer.’

‘No dice, controls do not respond and I cannot override’.

‘Ok, where are they now?’

‘Still in cargo bay 1, but they are on the move’.

‘How about evac?’ Riga asked, but he already knew the answer.

‘Cannot reach it without passing them and controls to the one here are jammed’.

‘Transporter room?’


The murderer reached the cargo bay door and took Adams communicator in his hands. No longer having use for it he tossed it away and started to disassemble the door panel. Once opened he reattached the wiring and opened the door.

‘Goodday Commander’ he said in a soft voice.

‘What’s your status?’

‘Three intended targets are down. The two remaining are on or around the bridge. They cannot escape this vessel, all means of escape have been disabled’.

‘Right, well done. Ok people, lock and load…’ the leader shouted to the group of soldiers behind him and started heading toward the bridge.


So this thing is 2 days before you started (heh, I like flashbacks) but I will catch up shortly. You will not find me among those vandals anyway

EDIT: changed raiders into soldiers. This way Jeffery and Demolition can decide what to encounter.

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Stardate: November 2, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Still somewhere near the Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

Mission: Escorting the UCV Appeal

"Sir!! Velari starbase has responded a Cmdr. Demolition from Glacom's Prime Fleet has asked for an update of the situation. He is deploying his wing now," Chung said.

"Good!!! I hope they get here in time, prepare to transcribe message,"I said.

"Ready , Sir," said Chung.

"Cmdr Demolition, I am Cmdr Jeffery Eu of the UCV Rising Sun we were escorting a "trader" the UCV "Appeal" when my radar picked up some sensor ghost, one of my interceptors sent forward as a scout has been destroyed. I suspect that the sensor ghosts are starships under cloak, furthermore I suspect that the Appeal is not actually a trader but a ploy so that "sensor ghosts" can travel to Polaris 2 without being detected by following the Appeal. My communications officer have detected a communications laser beamed into the general locus of the sensor ghost and furthermore, the Velari is switching IFF. I am attempting to pull away from the Appeal without any engagement. We have also caught some encrypted communication which we are still attempting to decrypt. All in all, we need help fast. Jeffery Eu out" I said into the recorder. "Chung, send out in all frequencies."

Just as Chung turns around to obey my orders as loud burst of static emmits from the communications panel. I wince as I realised that I was too late, our communications were jammed.

"Sir!! Ships decloaking to starboard, I counting 10 - 15 ships and on increasing velocity towards us!!!" said Ahmed. "Attempting to indentify!!"

Great, just great, that's all I need right now. The shit has hit the fan


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Nov. 2, 3020

Polaris-2 on course to the UCV-Rising Sun


Mission: Find and Defend the UCV-Rising Sun

"Sir, in comming message from the UCV-Rising Sun"

"Put it through" said Demolition


"What the?"

"Sir, the message is being jammed"

"Close in on their position Max Speed"

"Aye Sir!"

As Demolition closed in on the UCV-Rising sun he notived 10-15 ships uncloak and head towards teh UCV_Rising Sun

"Hope we make it," said Demolition silently

"Have the wing form up on me, Delta formation. Send Velari a message to dispatch its capital ships to the UCV-Rising Sun's current coordinates."

"Yes, sir"

As Epsilon Wing came into Delta formation the UCV-Rising Sun came into view.

We're almost there, Demolition thought

"Eta till arrival of the interceptors?"

"1 minute, Sir"

"Whats our ETA?"

"2 minutes Sir"

"Damn, we may be to late."


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This will bridge the gap between Oct 31st and Nov 2nd. My next post will be on Nov 2nd as well.


Stardate: October 31, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Polaris 1.

Location: UCV Balmung

Riga was looking Aloia straight into the eyes. He shook himself to the here and present and started to think clear again. Running to his chair he shouted ‘Lock the doors. Make sure that nobody gets through’. Aloia started to move towards the door panels while he reached his seat. Taking a quick glance to his display he started to plan his next move. The situation was bad, but maybe not hopeless yet.

‘Where are they’ Aloia demanded.

‘Just leaving the turbo lift, heading towards the bridge’.

‘Any ideas?’

‘Working on it’ Riga replied grimly and started to push some buttons on his console. ‘Controls are jammed at the console at the engine room. Dunno how, but they knew what they were doing. Hold on… They’re not moving anymore’.

‘Where are the environmental controls?, the leader demanded.

‘Round the corner, on the left wall’, the assassin replied. He had scouted the area when he first went to the personnels quarters to assassin the crew. He had spent quite a bit of time on these type of vessels and allthough this was the newer type it was easy enough for him to find his way around.

‘Then get along with it’ the leader ordered. ‘First squad, come with me, second squad, get to the engine room and stand by for my signal’.

The assassin walked over to the environmental controls and took a small gas cilinder from his backpack. He quickly removed the covering wall panel and screwed the cilinder in the hole that was now exposed. A hissing sound reveiled that its contents was inserted into the main ventilation shafts.

‘Put on your masks’ he said to the soldier that was standing next to him. The soldier dutifully repeated it in his communicator.

‘What do you think they want?’ Aloia asked Riga.

‘Dunno, we not transporting anything valuable, and this is no ordinary raid. It’s planned … too careful for that.’

Aloia had trouble thinking. Everything seemed to happen more slowly now.

Riga sat down in his chair and started to feel tired as well. ‘Can’t be because of the … cargo and we are not … that important. The corporation had … redundant …’. Riga took a look at Aloia, who slowly slided onto the floor.

‘Gas …’ Riga thought before he passed out.

‘Get that torch over here’, the leader mumbled as he reached the door that lead to the bridge, his voice sounding strange because of his mask. ‘Open it up!’

Ten minutes later the UCV Balmung was floating through space, empty. Even the dead crewmen were gone.


The UCV Balmung is ready to be found in about 2 days time . Be careful with it...

Demolition: You'd better be in time to reach the UCV Rising Sun, I do want to be rescued

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mind if i join in?


November 2, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Centris

GCV-Invader bridge

Commander Elio Jason stood at his post on the bridge. 2 days and we have seen no action he thought. If we don't see action soon i'm gonna- "SIR! Message from the UCV-Rising Sun."

"What the? How old is that message?"

"Just cam in sir." his comms officer reported.

"OK. Get the interceptors preped. Raise the shields. Activate the PTA system. Set IOD TO 100%." Elio barked.

"Aye, Aye sir."

"Derrick, ETA on the UCV-Rising Sun?"

"It's being atatcked sir. They say the prime suspect is the UCV-Appeal. Coordinates are Polaris-2."

Damn 2 fricken womrholes and a jumpgate "Set coordinates to Polaris-2. Get us there quickly. Get us on high alert."

"Yes sir."

With that the GCV-Invader's bridge went red and the alarms went off.

"Battlestations. I repeat Battlestations, this isn't a drill."

Now things get interesting.


sorry it was short. i really gotta go.

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This is just one idea I had. If it's to complex, just tell me, then I'll post the other idea and remove this one. Like the twist tough...


Stardate: November 2, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Polaris 2.

Location: UCV Appeal

Riga slowly opened his eyes. He had a splitting headache, but the lights were dimmed so it quickly faded. Once he had cleared his head a bit he glanced to his left and saw Aloia. She was lying on her side with her back towards him, breathing shallow.

‘Where am I?’ he thought and reached out with his right hand to wake Aloia but was stopped immediately by a chain. Some groaning on Aloia’s part alerted Riga that she was waking.

‘What happened?’ she mumbled as she tried to reach her face with her hands. A metallic sound told Riga that she was chained too. ‘We’re in a bit of a situation here, Al’ he softly said as he heard footsteps approaching the door at the far end of the room they were lying in.

The door slid open and a tall figure occupied the entrance.

‘So, sleeping beauties are awake’ he said while he entered the room. ‘You don’t know me, but you do know my employer. He’s very happy to accommodate you for a visit. Probably the last visit you will ever make, but since the other person required to attend is not yet … available, you both will have to wait a little longer’. The tall man was clearly amusing himself.

‘My employer has, in the past, had dealings with your organization. And frankly had bad experiences with it. He would like to correct the wrong doings that have been done to him and invites you and commander Eu to join him in an open discussion.’ An evil grin showed on the man’s face.

‘You’re aboard the UCV – Appeal’ he explained further, ‘which name was borrowed from the real vessel, which currently no longer is, ehh, servicable. Currently we’re in the process of inviting commander Eu. The welcoming party consists of 14 ships and will invite hime shortly.

While the man was ranting on, Riga frantically tried to remember all people he had dealings with in the past. He couldn’t think of any.

The man finally finished. ‘Well, enjoy your stay while it lasts, I currently have other important things to do’. With that he stepped back and left the room.

‘What do you think?’ Aloia asked.

‘I really have no idea. Must be something that happened when Jeffery and I started Intercorp. Cannot think of anything else’. An image started to form in Riga’s mind, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, not yet.


EDIT: changed location and spatial coordinates.

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i was off for the weekend.


November 2, 3020

Spacial coordinates: Polaris-2

Mission: Assist the UCV- Rising Sun

A flash came from the jumpgate and the GCV-Invader came out of it.

"Sir, their's the UCV-Rising Sun."

"Activate the TacOps computer." Elio said.

"Aye, Aye sir." his tactical officer replied.

Infront of him, the bridgeviewer changed and showed a display of the planet Polaris-2 and the ships in the area.

"Is that Demolition's ship?" Elio asked.

"Yes sir. Seems they got here before we did."

"Condition on the UCV-Rising Sun?"

"Ships are closing in on it."

"Engage hyperdrive and get us near the Rising Sun." Elio said.

"Yes sir." Derrick answered.

With that the ship suddenly rocked and it flew across space .

A few heartbeats later, they came near the Rising sun.

"Launch the Interceptors. Tell them to keep in close formation with us." Elio said.

"Interceptor 1 launched. IC-2 launched. IC-3 launched. IC-4 launched."

"Turn off the TacOps display." Elio said.

The TacOps display disappeared and showed the Rising Sun infront of them.

"Make contact with Demolition. Tell him we are here to help." Elio said.

"Aye, Aye sir." his comms officer replied.

NOW things get interesting


Looks like Demolition isn't going to be your only rescuer, Riga.

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Mission: Rescue teh UCV-Rising Sun


There is a ship coming through the jump gate."

"Who is it?"

"Its the GCV-Invader"

"Hmmm. Cmdr Elio, Staff Chief of Beta Wing"

"Did he bring any support with him?"

"None that we've picked up, Sir"

"Incomming Message from the GCV-Invader, sir."

"She on her way to the Rising Sun to help"

"Shes requesting a Status report."

"Give her an update, imediately."

"Aye Sir"

"ETA, till the rest of our support arrives?"

"One minute Sir."

"How many ships left?"

"10 sir."

Demolition ponders the situation for a minute before switching to Tacops and taking command of the situation. He isiues his orders to hiw wing and the supprt being sent from Velari, and tells Cmdr Elio the plan.


We're getting there......

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Stardate: November 2, 2030

Spacial Coordinates: 30,000 kilometers from Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

Mission: Evading engagement with unknown raiders

IÔÇÖm really beginning to hate the Chinese saying, "May you have interesting times." My crew and I were hired to escort the trader UCV Appeal to Polaris 1 on a simple trading mission. Just as we were approaching the wormhole to Polaris 1, all hell broke loose and now my crew and I are evading pursuit from at least 10 ÔÇô 15 unknown ships which I assume to be raiders. Worse yet, the UCV Appeal is somehow involved in this and I have no idea what. All my crew and I have is a destroyed interceptor, some snippets of a encrypted communication about the UCV Balmung, jammed communications and a lot of hostile ships looking for us.

"Sir, we have transporter signatures throughout the ship!!" cried my XO.

"Seal all doors and standby to repel boarders," I barked to Takagewa as I turned on the ship wide communications net. "All crew be advised that an unknown number of boarders have been transported aboard the Rising Sun, prepare to repel boarders. Master-at-arms Alex break out the weapons."

"Sir!! Unable to seal doors, the engineering section have been breached!! WeÔÇÖre losing power fast." Said the XO grimly.

"What!! How did that happen......" I was cut off by the opening of the bridge door and the firing of weapons. I whirled around to see Ahmed being gunned downed by 5 heavily armed.

"I suggest that you stand down your crew, captain," barked one of the boarders, "We do not want to hurt anybody, but we will do what we must."

I saw red and rushed the boarders, and from the corner of my eyes I saw Takegawa, Chung and the rest of the bridge crew at my side, just ten seconds, thatÔÇÖs all I need to get to them. Ten, nine, I noticed that Chung was gunned down, eight, seven, one of the boarders pointed his weapon at me ....... Darkness descended on me


[ 10-15-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

[ 10-15-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

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Stardate: November 2, 3020

Spacial Coordinates: Unknown, probably still near Polaris 2

Location: UCV Appeal

The room Aloia and Riga were held captive in was dimly lit. The wall they were chained to felt damp and cold and clearly intended to make them feel miserable. The faint smell of oil started to give them a dry and irritated throat and the chill metal floor did little to conform them either.

‘What do you make of it?’ Aloia asked.

‘Dunno yet, could be a number of people, but only two come to mind. There are others as well but I don’t think that they have the courage or resources to pull off something like this’.

They both remained silent for a while and listened to the sounds that come from outside the room. ‘Sounds like a battle out there’ Riga remarked and Aloia just nodded.

‘Only Marcus Bra’ah or Curt Fisher would be daring enough to get both Jeffery and me in one go and believe that they could get away with it. They got away with at least half of it already’ he had to admit.

‘Both crossed our path when we first started Intercorp. Bra’ah was introduced himself as a trader and applied for membership. Little did we know at that time and we accepted him. That turned out to be a mistake. He actually had strong ties with a band of raiders and we ran into an ambush. He used his membership to pretend he was running a trader vessel and that way ambushed mercs. We intercepted a mayday transmission that all but wrote it out for us. Immediately we started to chase him, but he took refuge in a raider star station. No touching him there’.

Aloia remained silent so Riga continued.

‘The other guy is called Curt Fisher… Curt was, ehh, at least appeared to be an asset to Intercorp. He ran through GalCom Academy but left after some alleged theft. He came to intercorp shortly after and became a member. He successfully served mercenary contracts for at least three years. We did not know any details but all parties seemed to be happy with his services, or at least in the beginning. Trouble started in his third year at Intercorp. His employers started to question his methods since more and more the loss of life seemed to be excessive. In the end he became a murderer for pleasure and he changed identity.’

‘Of both I fear Curt the most. I keep a little book that contains information of each and every member of Intercorp, past and present. I use it for identification purposes since every now and then we find one of our members killed after an attack by for instance Raiders. He changed identity, but I could identify him with that information. He certainly does not like that fact, not at all! Worse, he knows that I’ve got that book’.

Outside the noises started to fade away…


Sorry guys, I don't know how that battle outside will turn out, so this is just some neutral backgroup stuff.

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Mission: Rescue the Rising Sun

"Sir, Intruders are boarding the Rising Sun"

"Damn, we still got some of that Nock out gas on baord?"

"Yes sir."

"Fill the Rising Sun with gas, after a few minutes Air it out and send in a Squad of Elite Force Marines to take car of the intruders bodies as well as get the ship back under control"

"Yes, Sir"

"How many ships are left"

"8 sir."

"Damage report?"

"Small damage, Sir, most shots are being deflected by our modified shields."

"Hows Elio doin?"

"He is in no Serious danger now, but his vessel cant take as much punishment as ours."

"Sir, support craft coming into firing range."

"Tell them to open fire imediately."

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Mission:Assist the UCV-Rising Sun

"Sir there are intruders boarding the Rising Sun.'

"Damn. AR ethe troops preped?"

"Yes sir."

"Get them ready. Derrick keep us in formation with our interceptors. Make sure you keep this ship maneuverable and shooting."

"Aye, Aye sir."

"How's Demolition fairing?"

"He's fairing good, especially with his modiifed shields."

"Sir troops are prepepd." Zarui reported.

"Ok get them to their shuttles. Get them to board 2 of the enemy ships."

"Yes sir."

In moments the shuttles were launched and 2 of the enemy ships were taking without delay.

"Notify Demolition we got 2 of the enemy's ships under our control."

"Aye, Aye sir."

The ship shook, fire comnig from the ship in front of them was hititng them.

"Derrick! Keep us moving!"

"Yes sir!"

With that the Invader moved into range and blew the enemy ship into smithereins.

"Tell the marines to stay in formation with us."

"Yes sir."

"How many ships left?"

"5 sir."

Let's hope were not too late


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Mission: Assist the UCV-Rising Sun

"Sir, Elio reports hes doing fair and that he's taken control of 2 ships."

"Good, how many left?"

"5 sir."

"Staus on the UCV-Rising Sun?"

"Intruders are in the brig, some of the crew are dead, but we know that the Cmdr and most of the bridege crew are alive."


"Lets take out the trash."

"Aye sir!"

Together Demolition and his wing along with Cmdr Elio finish off the rest off the ship, except for the UCV-Appeal. She is tractored and taken to the station. There she is boarded and inspected. All officers and crew are questioned and we're gathering the details for our report to Galcom.


finish her off

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On November 2, 3020 the UCV-Rising Sun was attacked by the UCV-Appeal. At the same time ships uncloaked and were moving in to take the UCV-Rising Sun. Commander Demolition and members from Epsilon Wing were the first to respond and I went in shortly after. 2 ships were taken over by my marines and we were able to disable the UCV-Appeal and bring it in for questioning. We aren't sure who orchestrated this attack but we should have the info as soon as the crew has been done questioning. I myself have asked Demolition to let me get repairs at his station.

"Commander Elio Jason-over and out."


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