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What's the Culture on Lennen?

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...or any of the other planets, for that matter. Am I correct in assuming that no one has ever indicated this in any way? If I am, does anyone mind if I make some stuff up? Clothing, Transportation, Food, Architecture, etc.

BTW, what are the names of guns in the BC universe? (i.e. PSG1 sniper rifle, MP5K submachine gun, etc.) Or can I make that stuff up too? Thanx in advance for all you're help

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They've got personnel weapons on the BCM Appendix. Link Here

Anyway, I'm not sure what to say, Chris. I've stayed out of that subject, for those reasons (it hasn't been done, there hasn't been a BC 'norm' on civilian life)..... I wanna see what some of the older vets say.

[ 10-22-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]

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