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Alright, forget all the strange twisted idea's I previously had for this thread, everyone is welcome to join in.

God I need something to do while I wait for BCM


The Bridge


Location: IO, Sol System

Date: 12 December, 3017AD

Time: 20:57

"Sir, the shields are failing" Shouted Jessica Henry, she frantically pressed buttons on her console trying to draw more power from the reactor to the shields.

"Get them online Lt. Commander," ordered Keenan sternly, "or this is going to be the shortest battle we've ever participated in!"

"Yes, sir!"

She glanced quickly at Keenan. 'What the hell does this guy expect from me? Miracles?', Jessica thought quickly before turning back to her task.

The ship shook constantly; enemy fire was impacting the hull, flakes of scarred armour floated away from the ship. There was a huge explosion by the bridge; Navigations officer Charles Henry was thrown from his chair when his console exploded.

"Medic to the bridge," grunted Keenan into is wrist-com.

Keenan straightened his uniform and shifted his attention to Lieutenant Commander Timothy West, the tactical officer.

"Report, lieutenant commander," ordered Keenan. His voice was muffled by another explosion behind the bridge. Tim changed the display on his console to give the ships status.

"Shields 2% and rising, hull strength is 82% and integrity is at 77%," answered Tim.

The ship shook hard, two larges explosions erupted across the hull. The shockwaves blew away armour shards into the void.

"Tim, get rid of that bloody Solnar tailing us!" shouted Keenan, smiling as he did so.

"Yes, sir!" Said Tim, an evil grin appeared on his face.

"Cassy, hit the reverse-afterburners!" ordered Tim West. The Cassandra Flemming did so and the massive Galactan battlecruiser raced backward, the Solnar quickly overtook it.

"Piece of cake," murmured Cassandra as Tim fired a volley of STS-Vagrants into the Solnar's shield. The colour changed quickly from a dark blue, to a lighter one and then to blood red. After a few impacts on the Solnar's hull, the Insurgent craft was reduced to a pitiful field of floating debris.

"Open a channel to the First Light," ordered Keenan. Communications officer Ensign Loren Anderson, located the ship in her VR Visor and opened a channel to it on her console. In Keenan's VR Visor appeared the face of Fleet Commander Gareth DeSylva.


Enjoy everyone!

[ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]

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Originally posted by demolition:

Galactan battlecruiser?

those are in BC3K, but not in BCM

in BCM there are MK1, MK2, MK3

i suggest you adjust that

i'll rp in here shortly

Constellation = Battlecruiser Mk 1

Galactan = Battlecruiser Mk 2

Starion = Battlecruiser Mk 3

Get it? Got it? Good!

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Originally posted by Jerold Keenan:

Constellation = Battlecruiser Mk 1

Galactan = Battlecruiser Mk 2

Starion = Battlecruiser Mk 3

Get it? Got it? Good!

Wow! I'm impressed. Someone actually pays attention that stuff. 100% correct you are.

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Let me see, the Starion is the new ship technolgicially advanced Heavy Carrier, nice and fast and doesn't really sacrifice armour or weapons. Few are allowed to have them in ISS (By order of FC DeSylva, because their suppose to be in demand or something )

Then their is the good old Galactan, the Battlecruiser Mk II which you fly in the original game bc3k. And my favourite, not only does it look kewl, it's a nice average Heavy Carrier... unfortunatly it doesn't have the firepower or speed of some of the larger Heavy Carriers such as the Megaron or the Starion.

Oh and Finally, the good old Battlcruiser Mk. 1... and only those who have ever read the old RP threads or the bc3k appendix I think would know it's other name is the Constellation. It's pretty kewl looking, however it's one of the weaker heavy carriers I think... not sure, haven't checked it's stats in a while... Still, It's supposed to one of the faster and more maneuverable of the heavy carriers.

I'm thinking I may loose my Galactan sometime and go with a Megaron or Starion... not sure, i'll try them out when I get the game...

If I ever do get that bloody game! Urgg!

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