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Commander Elio Jason

Conflict in Cyrian

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my first RP as a Gammulan grunt. i intend this to be for the Gammulan fleets and a few indepents(from any race) as well as GALCOM(though i doubt any member could get that far).


October 27, 3030

Battle at Pravis against Mandorian ships

12:00 noon

Commander Firo stood at the deck of his Stormcarrier Vulcan. In front of him the Vulcan's lasers penetrated the shields and destroyed the hull, resulting in a huge explosion from the ship.

"1 down." the Vulcan's weapons officer responded.

"Keep moving and stay in fromation with the fleet." Firo said.

"Aye sir." his first officer replied.

Suddenly infront of him, a group of zenstar ships launched from a Mandorian Firestorm.

"I count 17 of those Zenstars sir." his radar officer responded.

"Those fools.....Whip them out..All of them!!" Firo said.

"Aye, Aye sir."

his weapons officer replied.

Next to his ship the weapons from the Stromcarriers fired and the Vulcan's weapons joined in the fire.

In minutes the Zenstars had been termeinated and the ships got in formation to make an attck on the 3 Mandorian Firestorms which were keeping them from the base.

Firo snickered evily. "Destroy them all!!" Firo yelled.

The Stormcarriers moved forward and there lasers fired in a deadly arch at the Firestorms.

The Firestorms turned to retailiate with some fire of there own but there engines had been taken out. The only thing that keep the Firestorms in space where the weapons.

"Fire!!!" Firo screamed.

The Stormcarriers fired and one by one the Firestorms were no more.

Firo grinned evily.

"Notify the GMV-DarkSaber that we have taken out half of the opposition here and to send some more ships to our position." he said.

"Aye sir." his comms officer replied.

Firo grinned evily as he thought:

They shall all die!!!


muahahahaha!!!! bow down to the Gammulan fleet!

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Nice but.....


"Comms Officer, Hail the Offensive Advisor"

"Aye, Offensive Advisor on screen" said the comms officer.

"Jaguar, is there any reason for us to be attacking the Mandorians right now?"

"No there is not, we have more then enough on our plate right now" replied Jaguar.

"Ok, then relocate Cmdr Firo to the Alpha Canis system to better our chances of annexing it. We have been fighting the Syrions and Droidans long enough, lets end this by finishing them off once and for all."


Commander Elio Jason, did you read the appendix for the Gammulans? We are at war with the Syrions and Droidans, not the Mandorians. Want to start over or go on from here? All you need to do is change the location to Alpha Canis and refrences of Mandorians to Syrions.

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