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Anyone is invited, just use yor imagination!!!


A great ball of scrap was all that was left from the intense fighting that just happend. 2 destroyed fleets millions died in this encounter and no one lived. How could this have happend? Galcom and Gammulans were at war but no one won, this could not have happend.

...TSS... this is scout ship, to mother ship, come in mother ship over....

... This is battle cruiser Ajax, we read you over....

...TSS... Sensors are reading massive alocations of debries, negligeble power readings and no live signs, over...

... Check again, there must be survivors, over....

...TSS... Negative, we do not read anything, over...

... Check the markings, someone could have escaped, over...

...TSS... We already checked them, all ships acounted for, including Gamulan ones, it seems no one survived, over...

"Could they have self destructed?" Asked the commander to his first officer.

... Come in Scout; check for signs of self destruct, over...

...TSS... We just scaned the Blast inpact, some are Galcoms, some Gamm. but some, we do not know, over...

...Have you scanned them? over...

...TSS... Thas a roger, over...

... Thats enough, return to mother ship, we are sending a probe to moniter the area, over and out...


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I'm guessing this takes place a while after the bruha-ha involving the rescue of Akira.



May 13th, 15:12hours


The going was slow as Caine and Jo maneuvered the nightstar-class carrier through the debris field. He had been hired to run escort incase a Gammulan ship was playing dead, and by the look of things he had nothing to worry about. Sparkling debris drifted away like shards of ice as the ship twisted on it's axis to avoid the bridge of a Galcom flagship.

"Leo, this is Ajax. The battleground is cleared. return to primary escort and prepare wait for further orders." The officer's voice was mournful, as could be expected considering the devastation.

"Aye, on our way."

They had hardly covered half the debris. something was up. The LEO's sensor-array might have been a little less in quality than the specialized scout ship, but odd energy signatures were being recieved here and there. After a moment of thought Caine decided to do a little 'independant research'.

"Huber, on the way out see if you can-*"

"Already selected one sir. If we come out plus 0.33 degrees even the scout won't notice. As far as anyone looking would be concerned it would be shattered against the hull."

Caine smiled. Huber was turning out to be a promising officer indeed. He had a knack of predicting an order before it could be given. The human looked down as a light blinked at his console, then Huber flashed a surprised look.

"Caine, Someone's still alive!... At least I think. A pod just dropped onto sensors from nowhere."

Caine ordered a link with the battlecruiser he was escorting. "Ajax, we might have a live one after-all."

"Life support is failing sir."

Caine paused a second. "... you get that? We have a pod still functioning, though it's crashing fast."


Every scene such as this needs a witness right?

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i'm in.


"Sir are you sure you want to do this?" the shuttle's pilot seemed upset and nervous to witness the scene that destroyed two fleets.

"Yes i'm positive." Elio said.

The shuttle entered the debris field, avoiding obstacles as it went.

Logos of the Gammulan fleet and GalCom fleet and many pieces of steel was all they could see.

"Wait a minute what's that on the radar?" Elio said surprised.

The pilot seemed surprised too." That's the UCV-LEO. It's-"

"No i meen that other thing." Elio said interrupting.

"OMG! That's a pod!" the pilot said.

"Get us in closer." Elio said.

The pilot manuevered near the place where the pod was supposed to be. Near it, was the UCV-LEO.

"Looks like they found it too." Elio said.

In an instant the UCV-LEO engaged it's tractor beam and brought the pod into it's cargo.

"Get me back to the Invader pronto. I have work to do." Elio said.

"Aye sir."the pilot said and set the coordinates to the GCV-Invader.


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100 million Miles away.


High Chancelor, the Fleet has arrived.

Good, now they know!!!

Back to GVC - AJAX

Strange, though Cmdr. Pinheiro.

The way the debrie was layed, like it had some meaning. Almost a perfect Sphere. No power readings what so ever, usualy theres some power reading from the explosions but no?!?!

Sir, The LEO and the INVADER report survivors, but, ... not Human, nor Gammulan.

Ask them what race.

Sir, they do not know!!!

What???? A new race???

Get me in touch with them.

Sir, i have LEO, and the INVADER.

Elio, Caine, it seems you found something?!

We did, but we do not know what.

Have you comunicated with IT???

We tried, but as soon that we captured them, they fell into a deep Sleep, like they didn't want to be captured, and they had the pod rigged to explode the minute we enter. Luckely Huber, was able to nd the sequence. But this is not a rescue pod, its a observation post.

Observation post???? Said Hugo.

Yes, it was cloked, but by no aperent reason it malfunctioned.

OK, you both stay there and better to put them in STASSIS, I'm going to GALCOM HEADQUARTERS, keep an eye out for more GESTS! Oh, try and understand why are the debries are ... Strangelly putted, said Caine.

Right, said Hugo.

I'll contact you again in 1 day!

Please don't get Killed, we had already too many. Keep and eye out for GAMMS, they are sure to send someone to investigate, HUGO OUT!!!

I hope we are not too late, thought HUGO


[ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Hugo Pinheiro ]

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Im pretty sure I need not remind you gents that the creation of new races is a big no no around here? Drop me an email or PM if you're unsure about somthing.

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A mystery indeed!... whatever happens I'll roll with it.



Battlezone perimeter

Cargo-bay two

"What the hell do you mean Huber? ... in english this time?" Jo Shtann stood over the man as he dusted his hands.

"Exactly what I said. We can't open the damn thing because the edstruct is still active. All I did was cause a power-surge and force it to reset. It was a gamble, but it worked."

Jo straightened and slowly strode around the perimeter of the over-sized pod, hands clasped behind her feline form. "And you can't determine race, not even from the tech used?"

"No I can't." It was the third time she asked that, and he was getting frustrated. "The design seems to be purposefully neutral. The steel used is too common to narrow anything down, the energy sig is completely new, the cloaking device I can't even get at, we're up the creek untill this sucker gets cracked."


Jo froze mid word, hesitating a moment before activating her comm. "What is it?"

Caine's voice came through from the other end, and by it's tone he had been having another conversation.

"The Ajax is heading home to report. We've been given baby-sitting detail to the ball of trash out there." Caine paused a moment, and the faint sounds of tapped commands came from his end. "We're going to alert status for the duration. It's likely we'll be getting visitors."

Jo Aknowledged and signed off, then returned her attention to the cursing Huber. "Have fun, just don't blow us up."

The man was half-gone inside a panel he managed to sneak off the pod, and his response was muffled through a few layers of plating.



The lift doors slid open in front of Jo, and the Vesperon smoothly strode to her chair beside the concentrating Caine.

"What's wrong luv?" The tips of her canines showed over her smiling lips.

"The whole situation, Jo. What kind of a battlefield has no weapon or energy signatures? What is holding the trash where it is?" Caine couldn't stand mysteries. He was a fighter. There's an enemy so shoot it. Things like this grated on his nerves.

"I'm about to come on shift anyways. Why don't you have pea warmed up and go for a fly-by. I'll let you know if anything comes up." Her disarming smile flashed again. She read him like an open book. Such was the way with those you loved he supposed.

Caine smiled, then tapped a command in the arm of his chair. "Launch one, status on my ship?"

A woman's voice came from the other side. "Shields are at half specs still, but we got the holes out of her and power is back to nominal."

Caine smiled to himself. Indeed the last fight had been a doozy. At least he got three more kills to his name from the deal. "Good enough, warm her up would you?" An exasperated 'aye' came from the other end, then the channel was closed. Caine stood and left the bridge, leaving Jo in charge.


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Several minutes passed before the void gave way to Caine's ship, with the crossed sabers decaled on each wing.

"This is saber launch one, ship is clear."

"Roger that sir, try to bring it back intact ok?"

Caine chuckled from inside the cockpit. The only people that cared more about his ship was the engineering crew that had to maintain it after combat. Mostly because it was often in need of extensive repair. "I'll try. Besides it's quiet as the tomb it is out here. I'm heading to the center of the debris field to see what I can see. Out."

Caine flipped off the radio, and after hitting another command music began playing. A combination of concert and electric instruments played a classic symphony of the mid 2990's. One meant for war. Engines flared to life, and the ship jetted through the debris, weaving around at reckless speeds as he dodged about. He could already feel the tension running from him like water.


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GCV-Invader bridge

"Sir message from GalCom for you." Elio's comms officer said.

Elio read the message and new what he had to do.

"Derrick you and the crew are on shore leave till I get back. Get me Ander Mason on this one." Elio said.

"Aye sir." Derrick said and relayed the orders to the crew.

In moments Ander Mason was on the bridge.

"Science officer reporting for duty sir." he replied.

"Follow me to the shuttle we are going to GalComHQ." Elio said.

"Aye sir." Ander said

GalComHQ-Launch Bay

Commander Elio stared at the words on the new TarinMK2 he had been assigned too.


"Sir are you ready?" Ander said

"Yes. Let's go." Elio said.

UCV-Alexandria Bridge

"Set destination to the derbis field. Be careful. Activate the PTA to be safe." Elio said.

The crew did their orders and the UCV-Alexandria was finnally on it's way.


[ 12-21-2001: Message edited by: Commander Elio Jason ]

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