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ITF Act 5 - Operation Golgotha | Team One Only

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This is for team one postings only. When both teams are together in the same engagement area, use the main ITF thread. Otherwise, use this.

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It all happened too quickly for the Orion Fleet Commander to take in.

Through the scope of the rifle, he first watched one, then another, then yet another of the Earthcom guards fall amidst a shivering distortion into invisible arms.

It had begun.

In a matter of seconds, he rotated the rifles sight a mere inch to either side and counted several more downed guards vanishing mysteriously out of sight, taken by invisible thieves.

When the yelling started, he nearly lost his nerve and hesitated for what could be a fatal half second.

"Man down! Man down!" came the cry from somwhere inside a concealed section of the barracks. Savage immediately steered his rifle in the general direction from wher the cry had originated, but failed to visually identify his target. The building itself obscured his vision, shielded the proverbial spanner in the works from a quick, clean kill.

"Caine! You got a bead?"

"Negative!" came the reply from the Commander perched in the tree beside him.

Savage took aim and held his breath.

Fire spat from the rifles muzzel, and a single shell blew it's way into the building.

"Miss!" came a cry over the radio. "One up, four to the left."

Savage compensated, squeezed the trigger.

"Radio out! Target on the move, heading to closed doorway at the right edge of the building."

Savage shifted the rifle again. "Call it Chav."

Two seconds, maybe three passed before the Insurgent replied. "Now!"

Again the rifle spat into the building. Another shell ploughed through the wall.

"Contact down!" cried Chav from the lash unit.

At the same moment, a shot echoed out from Caines perched position in the tree. A fraction after it bellowed, Savage pivoted the rifle once more, and scanned the barracks for Caines intended target. He saw a body groggily stepping amidst a splurt of blood from a neck wound. It took a second shot from Caines rifle before the Earthcom guard was properly put down.

A third - perhaps the final missing target stepped briefly into view. Savage made him, lined up on his head for an instant then relaxed his finger as the man violently spun round, twisted, and fell backwards clutching his chest.

Nicely held, thought Savage as the brief distortion that appeared behind the guard again returned to stillness. Almost killed me a ghost.

It took nearly another two minutes of searching and scanning before Chavik radioed back and announced the all clear. The stealth suits were deactivated, and the six ghosts returned to the land of the living. Immediately, they took up holding positions around the barracks and held there until Chavik radioed through again announcing it was time to come to dinner.

Savage pulled back from the cliff face, tapped twice into his lash and awaited the rest of his team to pass through the cave exit and join him.

"That." he said as they began to huddle, "is our next objective. Team two have secured the barracks. We will join them and then procede through the gateway and down into Golgotha. Move out!"

Team one dispersed, and headed to join their comrades at the barracks.


Short and sweet, I got a 4 day weekend commin up so I'll be havin a big update soon. Once you goons are back with team two, use the original thread.

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Aah... combat. This is where I shine


Caine was scanning the field before him when the man-down alert came up. Instantly he was looking for the target, yards flashing up and down as the scope fought to keep up with the rifle's motion. He saw a guard disappear around a corner, a hand to his helmet. But he was gone before Caine could take the shot.

"Caine! You got a bead?"

"Negative!" The merc was once again longing for his own equipment. Or at least the advanced thermographic scope he had collected during an early mission.

Blades' gun barked, and a piece of wall removed itself from the barrack where their target hid. Just then he remembered the tower, and cursed to himself. The scope swung around, and the auto-focus brought the pair to crystal clarity. One was firing up the radio while the other was scanning the area below through the window. Caine's rifle cracked, a sparking flash exiting the muzzle. The bullet bounced off the thick glass harmlessly, sending a spiderweeb crack centered on the face of the man that was observing. Caine cursed and fired again, three bullets barking as more cracks appeared in three other positions on the glass. Time was pressing, the radio had to be on by now.

A final bullet impacted the center of the cracked window, and the glass shattered inwards, showering the pair. Another bullet smashed into the radio, destroying the device and showering the officer in sparks and smoke as he was thrown back. A second and third shot rang out, dropping the two officers.

Once again he resumed scanning, and caught another oficer just as he was shouting orders to the few remaining nearby. He rushed the shot, and the hot steel of another bullet caught the man where neck met shoulder. He had to take aim again on the stumbling man, and a final shot tore through the chestplate, sending carbon-fibre shrapnel into his heart.

Caine lifted the rifle to his shoulder, and let out a hard breath. He didn't understand why, but a wave of weakness flashed over him for a moment. After shaking his head clear, he attributed it to the adrenaline high of combat and rejoined the others.


Come on guys! you're missing all the fun!

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