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Commander Elio Jason

Oblivion's Embrace

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anyone can join in when they feel like it.


May 22, 3031

Loading on supplies at Starpath


Commander Elio Jason stood at the bridge of the Invader. GalCom had yet another mission for him to complete.

Rumor's had it that the Gammulan fleet had set up a base on an asteroid in the asteroid ring. Probe's scouting that are found that these rumors were true.

According to the breiefing GalCom had given him, ground troops and air assaults would be essential in thi mission.

GalCom had told him that Beta wing might be in the mission and thatCommander Demoltion might assist him.

Elio still vivdly remmbers the days he and Demolition fought side by side in furious battles. Demolition was stationed in Polaris. He had a small doubt he would have backup on this mission.

"Zarui?" Elio spoke on his wrist comms to his troop commander.

"Yes sir?" Zarui replied. He seemed a bit tired today.

"Are the troops set?" Elio said.

"Yes sir. Ready for anything." the Empirian replied.

"I'll see you at 0800 hours at the Invader. Notify your troops they have that much time of shore leave and to get ready for the mission." Elio said.

"Yes sir. I'll contact you later." Zarui replied.

"OK. Elio out." and he shut off the comms.

Elio walked down from his spot on the bridge and entered one of Starptah's meeting rooms, which had been arranged for Derrick Anderson, himself, and a few other people.

Elio saw Derrick ordering the survelliance photos.

"Hey Derrick. How do the photos look?" Elio said netering the room.

"The base looks heavily defended sir but it's nothing we can't handle." Derrick replied.

"ETA till the other commanders,my troops, and my pilots get here?" Elio said.

"About 2 minutes sir." Derrick replied.

"OK. I have my speech ready." Elio said.

Elio took the seat at the far end of the table.

Meeting room


In the room Elio's troops and his pilots were engaged in conversations, a joke popping out every now and then.

Elio stood up and motioned for them to be quiet.

"OK ladies and gents. At this time, tommorrow, we are expected to leave for the asteroid ring. GalCom informed me we might get backup. That has not been verified yet however." Elio said.

Derrick stood up and handed Elio the survellience photos.

"There shall be 2 teams on this mission. Team 1 enters the base from the South side.

Team 2 enters from the North. You will land a distance out of their radar range. Your expected to go in, blow the base up, and get the hell out. Do I make myself clear?"Elio said.

"Yes sir!" the troops and pilots replied in unison.

"This mission is essential to prevent a future Gammulan invasion of Earth. It's also essential because there are cloning facilities underground." Elio said.

Elio showed the underground complex of the base.

"As you see, the underground is mainly labs and barracks. Once the snipers have eliminated the guards at the top you guys can go in and silently take the troops at the top out. Once that is done, both teams shall head into this underground complex." Elio said.

"The Gammulans won't be happy when we are done with this so the Invader and our pilots will be backing up your escape. Get your sleep and be prepared for anything. Dismissed."Elio said concluding the speech.

At that moment, the troops and pilots left the room and only Elio and Derrick were left.

"Sir why do I have a feeling were going through the mouth of the beast?" Derick said in a cautious tone.

"We have always gone through the mouth of the beast many times Derrick. This time were coming out there asses." Elio said.

Derrick grinned as they got to the Invader.

I only hope we get out clean this time.


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Star Station Polaris-Bridge

Coms Officer "Demolition, Sir. We have a message from Galcom for you."

"Send it through to my personal Computer."

"Yes, Sir"

Demolition read the report. It said he was to contact Cmdr Elio and let him know what help he could offer.

"Coms, get Cmdr Elio on the line. Tell him, call on me if he needs help, Epsilon Wing will be ready to get him out of a pinch, if its needed. Then tell the wing to prepare for battle, that way if Elio needs help we'll be ready."


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GCV-Invader bridge

Earth orbit

"Sir we have an incoming transmission from the GCV-Eliminator." Elio's commss officer said.

Elio read the message.

"Looks like we'll have help from Demolition again. Tell him to jump to Jupiter. We shall jump to Mars and relay our mission plans to him."Elio said.

"Aye sir." his comms officer said.

We'll strike them hard and fast and Demolition will be on our side once more.


BTW the mission plans are in the first post.

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Cmdr Demolition


"Sir, incoming transmition from Cmdr Elio"-Comms Officer

"Put it through"-Demolition

Demolition read the message twice to make sure he got everything. When he had finished he started issuing his orders.

"Helm take us to Jupitor"-Demolition

"Comms tell the rest of the wing Delta Formation, and onward to Jupitor"-Demolition

"Comms, get a message out to HQ tell em where we're going with who and what supplies we got"-Demolition

"So, its on to Jupitor to fight along side Elio once again."-Demolition

"Comms, send a message to Elio asking if he will require our marines for the ground assualt"-Demolition

In about 3 minutes Epsilon Wing departed Polaris and its home base and went along to Jupitor.

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May 22, 3021

Bridge of GCV-Invader


"Sir we have a message from Demolition. He asks if troops are needed." the Invader's comms officer said.

"Tell him to prepare his troops. We are to take out the air defenses as planned." Elio said.

"Aye sir." and relayed the message.

"Prepare for anything. Some of us might not see each other. Some of us might. If any of you die it will be for a cause." Elio said.

Elio could tell that put new confidence into them as well as fear.

The beast awaits........


[ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Commander Elio Jason ]

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