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Commander Elio Jason

Operation Cloak and Dagger 2: Resurrection

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sure i bet none of you were thinking of me posting an RP here and one at the BCC forum instead but i've decided i'm gonna give it a go for the last time here.

anyone else who wants to join, you're welcome to.


March 5, 3002 2230

Somewhere along a beach near a beachhouse

Elio slept on his favorite chair peacefully as the sun came down for the evening.

Suddenly his labtop beeped and Elio was awake. He turned on his labtop and saw the message he just received was encrypted.

There goes my vacation. No doubt this is from GalCom. Elio thought.

Once he was done decrypting the message, he read it.

Subject: Mission

From: GalCom HQ

To: Commander Elio Jason(a.k.a Marcus Vandal)

Hello commander. You remember when you used the holograms for Operation Cloak and Dagger? You won't need them this time but a situation within the Credian Quadrant has gone from bad to worse. The planet is Chanis-2 and Falkerie, Valkerie, remaining Gammulan forces, Mandorian, and Kandorian forces are fighting for the Valkerie starbase established on the planet.

Your mission is to get in there, find out what the heck they're fighting for and get back out. I know you must find this unusual for a Terran to go to a alien populated starbase but they tolerate Insurgents and you are going in as an Insurgent. You leave at 0800 hours on a Canlon transport marked as an Insurgent vessel.

Good luck commander.


Here we go again. Elio thought.


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March 6, 3002 0750


Commander Elio Jason waited in line as they made security procedures for the trip to Chanis-2. Elio already had his bags on the Canlon.

Suddenly the alarms blared and the comms said, "Red alert! Insurgent forces advancing towards airport!"

In seconds people were scrambling around in panic. Elio went to the nearest m,ilitary personnel.

"Do you have i fighter i can use?' Elio said.

"Yes. A Raven. Hurry." the man responded.

Elio ran past the man and towards the hangar to where the Raven was.

Outside, Insurgent ATVs where firing at the airports, lowering the shields. Elio got to the Raven and strapped himself in and activated the ship.

The hangar door opened and the Raven sped out of the hangar. There were 7 ATVs, 5 HAVs, and 2 APC 1s.

Elio activated his comms and gave orders to hte fighter craft with him.

"Fighters, this is Commander Elio Jason. Goi after the APC 1s. I'll go after the ATVs." Elio said.

The fighters responded and sped toward their targets. Elio manuevered his Raven towards the ATVs.

He made quick strikes on them, firing lasers and letting out missiles. On his first 2 strikes 5 ATVs were eliminated.

Above him, 2 Battlecruiser MK2s began to fire on the HAVs and ATVs, destroying alot of them.

"OK guys. We got backup." Elio said.

But he noticed that the marines in the APC 1s had made it near the airport.

Elio zoomed in towards the marines and fired a barrage of lasrfire at them, destroying them in one run.

"Good job Commander Jason. Return to base. You'll be late for your flight." one of the MK2 commanders said.


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March 7 3002 1000

Chanis-2 region

On the Canlon's tacops screen, the battle between the Falkerie, Valerie, Gammulan, Mandorian, and Kandorian ships was fierce.

It was a fierce battle with many types of ships. Stormcarriers, Aestroms, Warmongers. Any cruiser or carrier of both side was in a rough battle and it seemed not to be too long before they would be eventually decimated.

"Prepare for planetfall." came the captain's voice over the speaker.

Elio watched from his window as the Canlon made planetfall and he could see the small flares coming from the fierce battle.

But now his mission was to start.

Operation Cloak and Dagger.


[ 03-07-2002, 19:42: Message edited by: Commander Elio Jason ]

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March 13, 3002 1200

Personal Quarters within Valkerie Starbase Medusa on Chanis-2

Elio's labtop beeped which ment Elio had received a message. Elio had landed in the base 6 days ago amid a small skirmish outside the base.

Elio went to the labtop. The message was decypted. Elio took out his decrypter and decrypted the message.

Subject: Small mission

From: GalComHQ

To: Marcus Vandal

Commander, another situation has developed in your area. This is completely important and you must complete this small mission at all costs.

Odd. HQ never told me that I might receive more messages from them. Elio thought

An Insurgent transport carrying 120 Vagrants, 150 Questors and 2 OTS Bugnors is ready to depart in 30 minutes by the time you read this message.

Funny how thye know the exact amount of weapons aboard. Elio thought again.

You will exit the base to a small outpost just outside of it. There your looks will be changed and you will be escorted to another vessel departing at the same time. The change of your looks will take 10 minutes.

Plant a bomb on one of the Bugnors and then tell them your inspection is over and you will be beamed to your original vessel.

Good luck.


"Funny how they didn't tell me what type of transport." Elio said.

Elio exited the room and head over to the transporter room where he was beamed to the outpost. Apparently it seemed the outpost was supposedly Insurgent property.

After Elio was changed an escort arrved to take him to the vessel. Not too long later Elio was onboard an LRT-10. Elio noticed his target was an LRT-15 which was ironically parked next to them.


Chanis-2 orbit

"This is the UCV-Nexus asking permission to make an inspection fo your cargo." the captain said over comms.

"Permission granted." the other captain replied.

Elio was beamed to the ship where he was taken to the cargo room to inspect the cargo.

"Be quick. Tell us if anything is wrong." the man said and then left Elio alone.

As Elio turned to see the weapons laying infront of him, the door bursted open and several men with stn guns charged in and shot Elio, sending him to unconsciousness.


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"Well well well if it isn't Marcus Vandal. Or should I say, Commander Elio Jason."

Elio woke up with a start. He recognized that voice but he couldn't believe it.

"Yes commander. It's me, Mike Douglas, back from the dead."

Elio tried to rub his eyes so he could see better but he had his hands tied to a chair and so he stared at Mike with strained eyes.

"I thought the shuttle's thrusters took you out Mike." Elio said grimly.

"Well you could say that but then you could also say that the Insurgency has an Ace up it's sleeve." Mike responded.

"Really? A R.A.N.D.O.M missile?" Elio said.

"Nope. What if i said i could help you and GalCom in this Operation of yours." Mike said.

"You betrayed GalCom once Mike. I wouldn't want to kill you so easily-"

The sentence was stopped by a punch to Elio's stomach and a hostile response from Mike.

"Look commander, it wasn't my idea to go on a goose hunt out here."

"Yep but out here this is the only place where the geese chase you." Elio responded.

"Where all a bunch of geese hre Jason. It's the Gammulans who are the hunters." Mike said.

"The Gammulans? Didn't we rid them in the First Gammulan War?" Elio said surprised.

"Not fully commander." Mike said.

"You won't be alone on this mission Jason. We've seen the Gammulans make moves to our base of operations before so we can't take that risk. If they finish their R.A.N.D.O.M the oncoming fight will become a slaughter." Mike said.

"The're developing a R.A.N.D.O.M?" Elio said.

"Indeed and it's been codenamed "Resurrection"." Mike said.

"Now comes the assault area of the operation commander. We will supply you and our own operatives with you many weapons and i will fight along side you." he continued.

"How can I trust you?" Elio said.

"If I wanted to kill you I could've done it now commander." Mike said.

"Thanks anyway." Elio said.

"Yeah whatever. Release him." Mike said.

Elio was freed from his constraints and one of the guards walked up to him with a case of weaponry, armor and explosives.

"Take this. You'll need soon." the guard said and walked away.

"Let's go get suited up commander. We have a job to do."


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March 15, 3002

Outside Valkerie base

Elio checked the magazine of his rifle. He, Mike, and a few of his Insurgents troops made an exit outside of a Insurgent transport vehicle.

"You 2. Go up there and provide us with cover fire." Mike said pointing to the high spot they where going to.

The 2 troops where there and they began to fire at the base.

"Intruders! Get them!" guards where yelling. They returned fire to the 2 men but they held there ground.

"OK now's our chance. Go!" Mike said as Elio and his group stormed into the base running past the distracted guards into a building.

"OK. Now let's make a mvoe to that power plant." Mike said pointing to the power plant across from them.

They sprinted towards there destination but where fired upon by ATVs. They took cover near a silo.

"Damnit. 3 ATVs is going to be hard to get through." Mike said

"Don't worry I have a plan." Elio said.

Elio jumped out of the hiding spot and headed towards the opposite direction of the power plant and fired at the ATVs.

"Hey! You want a piece of this?" Elio screamed at the ATVs.

The ATVs moved forward firing at Elio. Mike and his troops make it to the power plant.

"You have the missile launcher?" Mike said.

His troop nodded yes and gave him the weapon.

"I'll take out the ATVs." Mike said over the comms to Elio.

The ATVs continue firing on at Elio and suddenly, several missiles hit one ATV and destroys it.

The 2 remaining turn to look and another ATVs gets blasted by the rockets. In the middle of all of this Elio rushes to the power plant. By the time he gets there, the last ATV is taken out.

"This is the place?" Elio said.

"This is the place." Mike said and they headed into the building to destroy the R.A.N.D.O.M.

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March 16, 3002


Inside the power plant

Commander Elio Jason and Insurgent Commander Mike Douglas patrol the insides of the power plant searchign for the Valkeri'es R.A.N.D.O.M.

A marine walks up to Commander Jason and salutes. Elio salutes and then speaks.

"Status Ensign?"

"Sir. After a thorough search of the power plant, we have found no R.A.N.D.O.M device." the marine said.

"How can it not be here? Our contacts said it was here." Mike Douglas said.

"We confirm that it was here. They have moved it soemwhere no doubt." the marine said.

"Damnit. They must be prepping it for a trip to Earth." Elio said.

"That's not good. Thank you Ensign." Mike Douglas says.

"No problem sir." the marine salutes and walks away.

"Let's get our ships and marines out of here. I'll rendezvous with the Invader." Elio says.

"And I'll meet up with my Megaron. We make contact at 1500." Mike Douglas says.

"Make sure you make contact with me first so i don't blow you up." Elio says grinning.

"No problem. See you soon." Mike Douglas says and walks off with his marines.

"Commander Jason to Invader. I'm patching you the coordinates to beam me up from. I'll meet you later. Out." Elio says.


[ 06-24-2002, 03:13 PM: Message edited by: Commander Elio Jason ]

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March 17, 3002

1500 Chanis-2 Orbit

The meeting

"Sir. Commander Mike confirms that the R.A.N.D.O.M device was in the power plant." says Invader's comms

"OK. Tell him to gather a few Insurgent ships. Tell them that GALCOM is on there side for this one. Also tell him that one of our probes has seen a Valkerie/Trader MK 1 on it's way to SOL in the Barnard's Star region. It also had fighter escorts." Elio says.

The message is sent.

"We don't have much time. Notify GAlCom high command we are in pursuit. The vessel was stocking up. We go to Lenenn and from there Intercept the vessel." Elio says.


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March 17, 3002



Double doors open and a man walks into a dark room.

"Welcome to my office." the dark figure sitting at his chair says.

"Everything is going as planned sir." the man replied.

"Good. What of the footage?" the dark figure says.

"It's on it's way sir." the man responds.

"Very nice. It's imperative you take out the only threats to your mission." the dark figure says.

"Yes sir. I will take care of them easily." the man says.

"Did you handpick your ships?" the figure says.

"Yes sir. 5 Nightstar carriers." the man says.

"Excellent. Dismissed." the dark figure says.

The man bows and then leaves the room.


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