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Day of Fright

Chapter 1

The shuttle roared as it decended through the clouds on the Empirian homeworld, he had just joined Galcom 2 months ago and was rushed through basic training, then through advanced marine training before finily being put into a squad.Kalshion peered out of the shuttle port hole,"This is the second time I've had to be in bootcamp, the last time I was there was 20 years ago".

Kalshion and his commander where talking together about the weekly reports, about how enemie insurgent forces got through one of the base defenses and stole some vital information, Kalshion and his Commander where just leaving when the base they where at was attacked, both the commander and himself receaved servier injurys, the medics sead that it would take 19 years for them to make a full recovery, so His commander decided to have them both be put in statsis. They where brought out of statsis a year ago.

Kalshion looked around the shuttle cabin, there where about 4 other marines, they where also looking out the port holes, admiring the sunset on the horizen. Kalshion got up from out of his seat and walked up to the cockpit. He had clearence to be there so he took his seat at the controls, The pilot looked at him for a second, wondering what he was going there. Kalshion didn't mind the stare. He was used it by now, He had grown to be 7 Feet 8 Inchs where 20 years ago he was only a small pion 4 feet 3 inchs, witch made him the excellent marine at the time. His commander was now 9 feet 5 inchs but he still looked up to him for support.

There mission was simple, Well to Kalshion that is. There where rumors of a riot that might break out in the main capital of the Empirian Empire. He was rated on the rocket launcher and sniper rifle so he had only those two weapons with him.

The shuttle came into view of the regions docking base (Airport) as the shuttle slowly landed the docking claps rose out of the ground and latched onto the ship. The other marines grabed there gear and walked off the ship. Kalshion waited for awhile. Then he walked off the ship. The pilots started up the engines then took off, His commander was right behind him.

The other 4 marines walked around but made sure not to stray to far from the LZ.

Kalshion looked at his commander, His commander was talking to the base commander of the base he was going to be going to. He over heard there conversation,"There is an Artifact about 90 miles from the base, Reports say its active and building power. Where unsure if its a bomb or just a shield device."

meanwhile in space

The shuttle ascended in space rising up to the cruiser that was in orbit. The pilot kicked back and watched as the cruiser grew bigger in the main viewer.... Clusion alerms then sounded. The pilot got up and looked around the cockpit wondering what was going to hit him. Space around his ship boiled he then saw a Carrier materilzing out of no where. The shuttle smashed into the carrier. Exploding upon inpact.

The cruiser turned all its turrets to bear on the new threat. The carrier fired some type of missle at the cruiser. And for a second the cruiser stay there... It then exploded. Peices of debris exploed outward and fell toward the planet.

meanwhile on the planet

The marines and Kalshion along with his commander heard the explosion they all looked up toward space and saw 2 small explosions. At first Kalshion couldn't make out what was happening, he then saw something that made him shiver.. "thats..... Thats a Gammulan Cruiser!"

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The commander ran up to the rest of us, we where all wondering what was going on. The commander just stoud there looking at the sky, he then turned around and told the rest of us to follow him.

We came across a small building. The commander opened the door.

Back in space

The strange ship, just stay'd there in orbit around the Empirian.

4 Ships came out of HyperJump, 2 where cruisers and 2 where carriers. The 4 ships started toward the unknown enemie ship. The ship slowly turned around to bear its ship, for a second there it just stayed there. A second later 2 missles came stericing out heading toward the Galcom forces. The 2 carriers that had the lock use'd there EMD's, but for some reason it didn't slow down the missles or cause them to lose there locks. The Cruisers Commanders could only watch as 8 shuttles appeared on there radar along with 16 fighters, A bright light appeared where the carriers where, Then it changed color, orange, then red, then cooled and the light was gone."Nuclear weapons!?!?!.. damn I thought Galcom banned the use of Nuclear weapons",One of the cruiser commanders yelled over the com channals.

Back on the planet

The commander yelled at us to get inside the bunker, we didn't know what was going on. This bunker was made to withstand the effects of the R.A.N.D.O.M. weapon that was considered illigel to have.I turned to look at the commander,"Why do I get the feeling that enemie up there is going to use that",I gestured toward the warning signs on the wall," Weapons.","I have this feeling they are. The Empirian government already know about the posible use of this weapons"

Back in space

the two cruisers dualed the enemie ship. But the ships was faster, more manuverable, even though it was 2 times longer than the standard Galcom Carrier."In the heck can a ship that long maintain that speed and still be manuverable", The commanders then notice'd that the ship stoped and its front end swung toward the planet. The cruiser commanders didn't know what the ship was about to do but they didn't want to find out. Both commanders launched there attacks at the cruiser, there missles would hit in 20 seconds.

All of a suddon there was a huge charge on the enemie ships aft weapons pod. A beam came out, slicing the missles in half and sivering one of the cruisers into two.

The enemie ships front end opened up to reveal a cannon. The last cruiser reconized the design,"R.A.N.D.O.M.!!!", he yelled in horror the commander got on the com's and reported this to HQ, everyship near him now was on an intercept course for the enemie ship. However the commander was out of options.

The enemie ship fired its main cannon and a small projective only about the size of a fighter can out of the cannon and headed toward the planet.

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Kalshion waited outside the bunker looking up and watching the firefight up in space, he watched as 2 ships exploded and rained down debris on the planet. Something caught his eye though... a ship... to small to be a shuttle, but big enough to be a fighter,"What in the world is that?", he sead trying to get a better look at it. His commander came out of the bunker and grabed Kalshions arm and pulled him inside. "Damn fool you want to get killed out there!", Kalshion was confused...

Back in space

A enemie ship fired its cannons, the small projectile rushed toward the planet, the lone cruiser commander could only watch in horror as the projectile struck,"Damn it...... Lt. Hualer get me HQ!! NOW!!!", The Lt. typed in the commands, but he accidently typed in ALL CHANNAL instead of HQ.."This is Commander Lilakona to Galcom HQ we got an unknown enemie ship in the Empirian Homeworld... We've lost 4 ships now to this enemie.. The enemie is using an illigel weapons called the R.A.N.D.O.M! Get some help over here at once-

The channal then got cut off, as the enemie ship turned. A blue beam appeared for 1.9 seconds The cruiser was sliced in half from stem to stern.

Back on the planet

The projectile hit, The ground turned to Lava and exploded. Everything, trees,people,citys, everything was destroyed.

Kalshion the rest of the marines stoud there, Kalshion however was no scared. He had gone through this same event 5 times before. So he was used to these planet busters. The marines listened as they heard people outside yelling and screaming while there flesh was being burned off. The marines could only listen.

It seemed like hours before it quieted down. The Commander checked the Oxygen levels outside,"Damn... all the oxyen has been striped from the planet. All we have are these bottles to help us".

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The Arival

A jump anomaly opened near the Empirian Home World. Over 53 Galcom ships ranging some small troop transports to super carriers came out, When they arrived all they saw was the remains of 2 shivered cruisers and a baren planet.

back on the planet

Kalshion took apart his rifle and reassembled it they heard the roar of an engine. They heard it land outside the door, they then heard something like a tube being carried across sand. Next the door opened up and a marine steped through,"You all ok?",he sead rifle in hand, Our commander walks up to him,"About bloody damn time, we've been waiting here for 4 hours. What took you?","Sorry Sir. Reports came in that 7 other planets where attacked, The attacker was scared off though. However it seemed he destroyed 4 out of 7 planets not including this one.", The commander was ferious now,"Very well. Come on men.", We boarded the shuttle. the doors closed and the shuttle lifted up into the air. It seemed like hours before we got back to space where we saw dozens,and dozens of ships in orbit. Transport going down to the planet to the other bunkers that litered the planet surface.

The shuttle docked with one of the carriers.. it was a huge carrier. Its armor was better than that of the other carriers, witch ment that it was either an Admirals Carrier or some other high commander.

The shuttle slowly powered down and the doors opened. Another person was standing there waiting for us. "Welcome aboard"

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The Arrival

A jump anomaly opened near the Empirian Home World. Over 53 Galcom ships ranging some small troop transports to super carriers came out, When they arrived all they saw was the remains of 2 shivered cruisers and a baren planet.

GCV-Invader was among this group. One of the GalCom ships out on patrol, I was shocked that this planet had been hit.

"Number one ativate TacOps and look for survivors." I imemdiately said.

There was no reply from the crew and I was sure they where shocked as was I.

As I looked over the now barren homeworld I thought who we needed to blaim.

"Ok what was the last transmission we received from this area?" I said.

"Sir here it is." my first officer gave me the message we had received and I viewed it myself.

"This is Commander Lilakona to Galcom HQ we got an unknown enemy ship in the Empirian Homeworld... We've lost 4 ships now to this enemy.. The enemy is using an illigel weapons called the R.A.N.D.O.M! Get some help over here at once-"

"The line was cut off." I said.

My first officer nodded his head yes and turned off the message.

"OK. Ready the crew and pilots. We're going to go into a fight soon."


GalCom ships still flood Centris space and I continue to wonder when we will get the go ahead for an offensive.

As minutes went by almost like seconds the confusion of it all became clearer. A total of 7 planets where attacked and it became clearer someone or something out there wants the universe to be the former blackness it was.

I let out a sigh in my quarters and stared out at space.

God help us

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I woke up in the med bay, wondering where I was. The commander sead I fainted after we got off the shuttle. Kinda strange, I never fainted before.

"So.. whats the situation?",I asked the commander,"7 worlds gone, casualy reports are in the billions.However the world leaders on this planet where safe, they got to the bunkers in time. However the projectile fired is gone.","hmmm,I find it odd though...","Find what odd?","There attack. First they left the cruisers alone till they saw a shuttle docking. Then they fired, Then they don't attack the two crusiers that came out of HJ. Again they don't fire ti'll the cruisers do...","Im not geting you","This enemie is only being defensive.","It doesn't Matter Kalshion, Galcom now has an unknown enemie. I want you to go with one of our EF Pilots, Im sending you on a Covert Op mission into enemie terriorty, Sensors picked up the enemie ship heading into Gammulan controled space. We suspect the enemie to be there,","Sir im sure you know just as well as I do that a Fighter only has enough fuel for 2 days, it'll take me at least 7 to get there."

The commander thought about that,"Hmm we need a carrier or at least a cruiser to help you out, perferably one that can cloak.I'll send a petition to command and ask them if there is any ship who wants blood... sorta speck","Blood sir? I thought you sead I was going covert.","Blood as in when you get in trouble, the ship would have to come after you, Get your butt out of there, then they would have to fight there way out,Don't forget a cloaked ship is a deadly ship","We both know that."

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Personal Quarters

"Sir message from Prime Fleet HQ." it was mother.

"OK i got it. I'll read it." i replied a bit tired from just getting up from sleep.

Dear Commander Jason,

Our sensors picked up the enemy ship heading into Gammulan controled space. This is a covert Ops mission and you will have the Cadet, Kalshion, with you on this one. We are sending you into Gammulan territory so your cloak will be necessary. You should probably receive more instructions when your cloaked in Gammulan space.

I opened a comms message to my first officer Derek Anderson.

"Derek? Get the crew ready. We have ourselves a cover tops mission on our ahnds. I'll met you on the birdge in a few minutes>" i sent the message and got a response.

"Al right sir. Crew is prepped and everything is ready. Derek out."


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Command Orders

My squad commander gave me a few items before I left, and told me a few things "Remember, even though you'll be on the ground alone, The captain is still your commanding officer, if he says things are getting dicey or out of hand, you get the nuke and get out of there. Also, if its posible get aboard that enemie ship and if you have time, place a beacon somewhere on it. Never know when we might need to locate it again.","Sir im not a child, I've been on 10 covert op missions before. I know how to handle muself","Just reminding you who is in command and your objective, Your weaponing will be simble.

You'll have a WristLaser,a ZS10 Combat Assault Rifle, Speacil modal though Silencer type. A few Smoke Nades and a Silence BMP-9 Sniper Rifle.","Sounds like im going up agaist an army.. But alright I'll use those", I sead with a hint of excitement in my voice.", I got this cleared with Galcom cause we need the info. If you fail they won't like it. Nor will I for that matter, Don't kill anyone if you can help it. If it seems you have to kill them then do it silently.","Yes Sir!"

The Pilot that was going to fly me up to the GCV-Invader came in, He salute to the commander, The commander gestured to salute to me as well... The pilot hesitated for a second then did as he was told, I returned the salute."Sir! The shuttle is ready. Your equipment is loaded. We have 4 fighters outside ready to escort you to the GCV-Invader","The GCV-Invader, doesn't that ship carry a special Cloaking Device?",I looked at the commander,"No matter if they don't have it, then Give them the Artifact that I placed into your device bag. Don't worry about it Kalshion everything beens covered.. Lets just hope both you and the GCV-Invader return in one peice.",I began to walk out, I turned and looked at the commander,"Sir... that cloaking device you put in my bag... whats it called?",The commander Smiled,"Trans-Matrix Cloaking Device, One of our exploration vessels found it in the wreakage of a pirate vessel that had been floating in space for over a hundred years... Quite funny if you ask me. An artifact that has sat there for so long yet no one finds it.",I smiled but it quickly vanished, I walked out and toward the shuttle bay.

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Command Orders

Sir the shuttle with Kalshion is begining its apporach vector." Derek Anderson gave me a quick report and i nodded.

I watched as the shuttle came towards my M.K.2.

"Comms. Signal the shuttle that she is clear to dock and which landing bay to dock in. I will meet Kalshion in the landing bay myself. Derek you have the con." I gave swift orders.

Derek took the bridge and i headed to the shuttle bay.

Shuttle Bay

I watched as the shuttle came to a stop in the shuttle bay and I saw Kalshion step out of the shuttle.

I went to him. We both saluted.

"Greetings Kalshion. I am Commander Elio Jason of the Invader. I welcome you to the mission." at that instant, after the last word came out, i noticed the bag in his hands.

"Sir pleasure to meet you sir." replied the cadet.

"OK. What is in that bag Kalshion?' i asked in curiosity.

"It is the Trans-Matrix Cloaking Device artifcat sir." he replied.

"I see. Although this ship has a cloaking device ana rtifact won't be so bad either." i replied.

He nodded his head.

"Lieutenant. Take Kalshion to his quarters for today. I will get this artifact installed instantly." i said.

Kalshion and my lieutenant saluted and walked off to find Kalshion's room.

I opened a comms with my chief engineer.

"David. We have a new artifact for the ship. Can you get me some engineers to install it?"

"Right away sir. Give the artifact to my nearest engineer for safekeeping." he replied.

I gave it to the nearest engineer and sped off to the bridge.

Invader Bridge

"OK. Is everyone settled in for the mission?" i quickly barked.

"Yes sir everything is ready." Derek replied.

"Nav set course for Gammula. I'll give the signal to cloak." i imediately replied.

The GCV-Invader's engines came to life and we sped off towards Gammula.

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Mean while in his room

I uncoupled an extra small bag I had attached to my back, the commander put it there for safe keeping. I opened it, "Hmm ok my rifle witch can break apart is in here, hmm The pistol is here also... Perfect. Now lets hope we can get to Gummula space in one peice."

I opened up my journal and began to write, while writing I thought about the lives of those who where killed without warning."Who are they.. what are they.. and why are they here..", I looked out of the port holes and watched as 4 shuttles carring whats left of the population to a nearby Emperion Planet. Galcom forces now had stricter patrols around the Emerpion system and other systems. Small skirmishs where starting all around the galaxiy between Gal. and Gum. forces.

"Hmm I still don't see how this small little can, can cause so much damage within a 900 Mile radius.. I hope the commander knows what he gave me." I sead with a hint of worry in my voice.

"If the captain finds out the commander stored my weapons in this small bag I'll be in big trouble.. thankfully this bag adherds to where i place it. So I should be fine." I sead zipping the bag back up and placing it on my back, where it cloaked and made itself look like my back.

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Commander's Personal Quarters

"Sir the new cloaking device has been successfully installed and the missile bays are loaded with Questars sir. As requested." rpeorted my first officer

"That's good. We will need every single one of those Questars when we get into trouble." i replied.

"Why do you say when sir?" he said puzzled

"Just be ready for anything. The cadet is tasked with a few things that are not simple and no doubt we have to be VERY careful." i said.

"Yes sir. We are now a few planets away from entering Gammulan space." he said.

"Good. Get ready to engage the cloak. I'll be up in awhile." i replied.

"Yes sir."

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I felt the ship move a little faster, "We must be getting near Gammulan space.", I sead to myself while assembleing and disassembleing a sniper rifle. "Hmm this type of bullet should be good to penetract there armor", I disassembled the weapon and put it back in its case, zipped it up then placed it back on my back,"A jog around this deck will do me some good." I sead walking out of my room and begining with a small walk, then I gradually sped up to the jog state.

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In the heart of the enemy

"Sir we are now in Gammula's space." my first reported.

"OK. Is Kalshion ready?" i replied.

"Yes sir he is about ready." he replied

"OK set in the coordinates Kalshion requires. Klashion's commander notified me more about his mission that he might possbily have to get on the ship. But i told him i would take the job myself if Kalshion would be on the ground." I said.

"Ok sir. You specialized armor, which should keep you hidden from the onboard sensors, is ready. They have it at the trans[orter room." he said.

"OK. I'll go down there ASAP. If Kalshion gets in trouble let him finish his job if he can and get him out. I'll have to find some other way to sneak off this ship. If worse comes to worse i'l give you messages on the emergency frequency: 1168." I said.

I left the bridge and went to the transporter room and found Kalshion.

There was no time for us to talk at that point, so i watched as Kalshion was beamed to his position.

"Here you go sir." it was my chief engineer and I put the specialized suit on.

I checked my silence pistol, which would be my only gun.

I gave them a thumbs up and they beamed me to the ship.

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I materialized just outside the enemie base's sensor range. "They won't detect me untill I set off some explosives, but right now my main objective is to get to there communication building and download ther required info." I took out my Assault Rifle, Armed with a silencer and I crept toward the end of the wall.. I looked around."Man.. there must really be something important here, to have THAT many tanks. Damn to many enemie marines near that Com Building."

I walked back around and saw a concealed door. I put my hand on it and worked my way around the wall. I soon found a switch and pushed on it. The door opened.. Instantly the alerm went off."Damn that wasn't suppost to happen. That door must've been a trap.",I sead firing a hook line into the rafters. I pulled on the rope. making sure it was tight. I then climbed it to the top and retreived the rope.. just in time to, a small group of base marines ran into the room. They searched around.. "Well they know im here",I sead in a whisper,"I midus well do some damage",I opened up my pouch and took out a fragranade and pulled the pin,"1......2...." I tossed it down.. It exploded, There screams where so loud it penetrated through the sound of the nade exploding.

I Jumped down from the rafters and ran down the hall. I took out my assault rifle and nelt near the door, I opened it and found a group of 10 marines standing there observing some data,I took out a probe and snaked it through the door. I connected the other end of the wire to my helmet and listened.

"Sensoray data comfirms it then, Galcom sent a ship out here not to long ago, Although we can't find it now. Its last known heading was toward this planet.",The base commander sead,"Then its posible it might still be here.. The orbital guns can't fire at something they can't see or detect. Maybe we should scater radiation up there.","Good idea.. but that would cause problems with the targetting computers on the stations","Then why not just have our fighters go up there. If there cloaked our fighters can detect them.","Good idea"

"So they know theres a ship up there... well I can't allow them to get to it."I took out a smoke granade and throw it into the room.It exploded and I ran in and opened fire on the com terminal witch exploded. I then ran out of the room. The marines in there didn't even know I was there till the smoke cleared.

I double timed it across the base and toward the NOW undefended communications building. Follow'd by a battallion of Elite Force Marines.

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In the heart of the enemy

As i came back to form i found they had beamed me into the cargo bay. I turned on my nightvision in the dark bay and proceeded towards the door.


I quickly reacted and lay prone on the floor. A marine walked into the cargo bay.

Gammulan i whispered to myself

The marine looked towards me. Probably heard the comment.

He began to move in my direction and I quickly but silently crawled to the opposite direction and stood up.

The marine shone a flashlight and found nothing. Before he knew it my pistol met his head and he fell unconscious.

I switched into his gear and silenced him for good. No use in trusting a temporarily unconscious marine. I kept his life readings that they had on his vest and hid it somewhere good.

I put my pistol away and walked out of the cargo bay, rifle in hand.

I found myself near the bridge. I could hear Gammulans conversing already. I put in a special probe to listen in on the conversation.

"Sir the planet reports sensors picked up a GalCom ship here. And we're the only ship available." i heard a Gammulan

I was glad i had learned Gammulan.

"Number 1, meet me in my quarters and we will discuss the recent events in private."

Lucky me i thought

I heard them coming towards the door and jumped onto the ceiling and hung on, staying quiet as they passed.

I followed them and soon i was outside the commander's room.

I placed my special probe into the room again.

"Sir, the attack on GalCom has been successful. The requested amonut of planets have been hit. Billions of casualties have been registered." he said.

"Good. With GalCom unsure of where we might hit next. Gammulan command has informed me that-" they heard a thud outside the door

I noticed that my pistol had hit the wall while trying to get in closer to hear some more.

I immediately jumped onto the ceiling and took out a gas grenade.

The two Gammulans walked out. Baffled.

I threw down my grenade and they where asleep.

I put there bodies into the room and set off for the weapons bay.

I was there and quickly placed mines onto all the weapons.

A marine walked in and I quickly silenced him permanently with my pistol.

I ran to the reactor room and shot all the engineers as quickly and in a swift motion.

My adrenaline was pumping now and I latched a mine onto the reactor.

I let my mines in the weapons bay explode and the ship lost it's underside.

I presurized my suit and found the hole.

2 marines behind me. I shot them both quickly and jumped right out the hole. Into space.

I turned off my iff and flew away from the ship.

I let my mine in the reactor room explode and the ship was no more.

I floated around space forawhile.

Was i the first human to actually be floating in Gammulan space? I don't know but the alien world of the Gammulans was so wondrous.

I brought ymself back to reality and opened a comms to the Invader.

"Elio Jason to Invader. Ready to beam inside."

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I ran into the building and threw a smoke nade behind me. The battallion of marines where blinded by the smoke as I ran back outside and opened fire'd with my Assault Rifle. 5 Marines fell instantly the others ran for cover. I ran back inside and fired the control pad witch slamed the door shut.

I smiled.

I then look at the picture and words on the wall."Well now im in the communications building",I sead with a hint of happyness in my voice,"Now time to get to the terminal and download the data",I ran toward the terminal. It seemed like hours before I got to the top of the building to where the communications room was. I put the CD into the system and typed in the commands to download the infomation. I then heard an explosion, then the alerm went off,"Damn they got through the door.. but sense they set off the alerms the blastdoors leading up here will now close... wait a second.. if those doors close then I'll be traped up here.",I looked at the counter, 45% complete,"Come on.. come on...",67%.. a third explosion.. door number 3 was down.. there where 6 doors,"Come on come on!",I grew impatient as I readied my assault rifle at the door. I also placed charges on the door... .I looked back at the counter, 87% I heard another explosion."This is taking to long... they got the 4th door now.. only 2 more doors"

I ran up to the ternimal and found a satalite uplink that was abandeneded... it was Galcom.. although the satalite was very very old and it seemed like the Gammulens didn't even know it was there.. "Hmm maybe I can reach the Invader." I typed in the commands and got an uplink to the invader. Just then I heard the beeping sound letting me know the download was complete.. follow'd by another explostion... I grabed the disk and stuffed it into my pocket and swung around just in time to see 9 marines running toward me from the farside of the hall.. I layed prone to the ground and started firing at the enemie marines.. They returned fire.. a bullet puncherd my armor and went into my arm.. I didn't stop firing though.. I grabed a frag nade and throw it while I was still firing.. not even realizing the com line to the Invader was still open and they could hear me firing. I took two more bullets.. one to the leg and one to the hand. I finialy got up and took out a rocket launcher that one of the Mobile Inf Marines gave me in case I ran into trouble with tanks. I fired one rocket and the hall exploded.."Great... that w....orked....." I sead lossing conciusness. With what strengh I had left I placed two beacons... one to call in for Evac another to call in for a OST strike

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As i was bemed onto my ship again i was rushed quickly to the bridge.

"Sir! Kalshion is calling for an evac. He's lost consciousness!" my first officer reported to me

"Ready the medbay! Beam him up!" i quickly said

It all seemed to pass by very slowly. I could see my first quickly typing in the instructions and everyone trying to do things in a hurry.

"Sir we can't lock on to him the terminal is blocking!" my first said.

I ran out of the bridge saying "Beam me down to the terminal. I'm going to get him out."

I was soon in the transporter room and was transported down as quickly as possible.

I came down amid marines frantically trying to open the doors.

I saw one of them open it. I shot him dead and his fellow marines dead in an instant and ran into the door quickly.

I saw Kalshion on the floor. He was unconscious.

I heard a big explosion and saw the tanks where hitting us hard. I grabbed Kalshion's rocket launcher, loaded a rocket, and let loose a rocket at a tank.

It expldoed into shreds and i loaded another rocket.

I repeated the process on the second tank.

"Elio to Invader. Get the coordinates set. I have Kalshion." i said.

I picked up Kalshion and got him outside the terminal. I saw a few marines appooraching me.

I put Kalshion down and shot the marines. These marines where good and duck and covered while firing at me.

I ducked while they shot at me. My next shot didn't miss and the marine fell down dead.

Just as I was about to shoot the next marine everything around me changed and I quickly found myself on the Invader.

I fainted as soon as I was onboard.

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I woke up in the Medibay, The Doctor walked over to me,"Your awake.. good." he sead checking his board. I looked over and saw the commander still asleep,"Is he..","He'll be alright.. he only fainted.Oh... your ok to leave right now. Your wounds have healed up, However when the commander wakes up I want you to report to him. Got it?",I put my wobe on and looked at him,"Aye aye", I sead leaving the Medibay. I Dug into my pocket and took out the CD and looked it over,"Not a scrach on it",I sead.

I entered my quarters and touched a button that cause'd my backpack to reappear. I opened it up and took out a small computer.. about the size of a hand and capible of supporting these disks. I placed the Disk into the drive."Lets see... this information was highly cripted so it must have some importantace...",Something caught my eye,"Whats this... a weapon... a missle type weapon... RANDOM!.... but where did they get this weapon.",I scaned through the files and founds some mission logs from a GALcom transport,"Interesting..",I played the logs.

We found the Artifact that our Gammulan Profieters wanted.. it was in a GALcom Military Base that had poor security. There where other Artifacts being held there but only one was of interesting to the Gammulans. The jump cordinates for our Gammulans Randevous is +++++++++++ we should arrive there soon

I looked at the + signs,"Damn... they encripted the jump cords.. And I don't have the knowledge to decript them.. only those spokes at GALcom intell can do this",I sead frusterated at my lack of not knowing how to unincript certain codes.

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i woke up slowly. I found myself in my own medibay.

"Sir welcome back."a medic said.

"Ugh. What happened?" i asked

"You fainted sir. Soon as you got on the ship. You had 2 wounds ffrom guns on you. We patched you up quick." he replied.

"Kalshion?" i said

"He's ok. He's in his quarters." the medi said

"Does he have anything else useful from the mission on Gammula?" i said

"Yes sir. He found a transport's files. They where encrypted." he said.

"OK. Get me my encrpyter and let's go to Kalshion and encrypt the message." i said

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I folded up the computer and put it in my pocket. I opened my bag and took out two canisters,"My orders are clear thoough,get the infomation then level the base. But as I see it the Invader hasn't launched any attacks..",I sead putting the Canisters into my pocket and walking out of my quarters toward the Transporter room."Im glad these orders where cleared by GALcom.. well according to the order papers I got from my commander",I walked down the hall, I heard foot steps behind me so I stoped and looked... no one was there,"I must be hearing things", I Sead turning around and walking,I heard it again, I unstealthed my pistol. And turned around... again i saw nothing, I began walking toward the source of the sound,"Alright.. I know someone is here.. show yourself",I heard a voice... At first i couldn't make it out. But then it became clear,"Gammulan...",I sead in a whisper,"Nice of you to attack our base and steal the info.. Now give it back like a good little galcom puppet","Puppet you say?",I sead in a strange voice,"Now you going to give it to 'us' or will we have to take it from you with force","The captain would hate me if I was to start a fight on his ship..",I moved my hand to a com link on the wall... without the Enemie realizing it I turned it on. Now the entire ship could hear me and the Gammulen,"But then again. Im sure if I give it to you, you will still kill me","Your smart.... but not smart enough",A shot rang out and it missed my head by a few inchs. I sidesteped and ducked behind the wall and took out my assault rifle and returned fire.

Both sides started exchanging fire... plus insults and other words..

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I checked my pockets again jsut to make sure I hd the encrypter since i was close to Kalshion.

I heard gunfire. I gave the marine that had been quietly following me a hand signal to hold his position.

I crept forward staying along the hall. It was dark. Had gunfire hit the lights?

I could still see well though and continued forward.

That's when I saw a Gammulan and Kalshion fighting.

Kalshion saw but i gave him a hand signal to shh.

I crept up behind the Gammulan. I took out my silenced pistol.

I immediately swung the butt of my pistol at the Gammulan. He had quick reflexes so he rolled quickly forward into a wall that blocked our gunshots.

Without thinking I rolled a gas grenade towards him. He fell to the ground asleep.

The marine came behind me and got hold of the Gammulan.

"Take him to the prison. I'll give you an update what to do next." i told the marine

He did his orders and took the Gammulan away.

I put my pistol away.

"Let's go Kalshion. GalCom has authorized an attack." i said.


"OK. TacOps confirms the base having plenty of anti-missile defenses. As well as some tanks and elite marines." my first officer said.

I slung my rifle over my shoulder and said, "OK. Beam us to this position. I'll give you a heads up when we're ready to come back." I said.

Transporter Room

Everything seemed like a blur to me now. I found myself in the transporter room with 8 of my best marines and Kalshion.

I gave a heads up for transportation.


We quickly found ourselves on Gammula.

"Team Alpha will go in and elimnate mariens and tanks. Bravo team takes the anti-missile defenses." I quickly ordered

I had put Kalshion in charge of Bravo team.

I could only hoped it would all work.

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The base,by now, was crawling with tanks. Attemping to secure the area. I was in charge of Bravo so I made it my mission to take out the SAM sites and other air sites that where around the base.

We sneaked around enemie tanks and stay behind a few, ti'll we got to where we were going.

I looked toward one of the indicated sam sites,"hmm a laser turret is the only thing guarding it,"One of the marines can up to me,"Sir.. a well placed rocket shot could take out that sam site","Yes and if we began firing off rockets we'll alert this base and posible get the captain killed",The marine hung his head in forgetting that."Instead we'll use remote C14 its powerful enough to take out that sam.. we have enough to take out about 10 sams.. there are 15 here some are hiddin inside buildings so we'll have to take those out be taking out the core of the building","The beams that hold it up","Right".

I sent one marine to put a charge on the sam site.. minute seemed like hours, we watched as the marine crawled closer to the sam. He placed the charge on, His pistol sliped out of the holder and hit the ground with a matelic ping. The laser turret turned and looked at pistol. The marine slowly crawled right back toward Kalshion."One sam site charged, a few more to go.","Where proceeding to slow..", The same marine came up to me,"Why not split up sir? cover more ground","Hmm.. alright once all the sam are charged return the teleport randevous","Yes sir!"

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I checked my area. I saw about 20 taks and maybe 100 Elite Marines.

"Ah. Just a wealk in the park." I said

"We;ve been throught tougher." one of ym Marines commented

I gave a hand signal to ready for attack.

2 Marines readied there missiles. I gave another hand signal to fire.

I saw the rocket leave it's launcher and smack right into a tank. It was in flames in an instant.

Another hand singal and my other marines fired at Elite marines. I soon jonied in there fire. We keep ourselves close to the Anti-tankers to keep em safe.

I heard a few more explosions and knew more tanks where gone.

In some minutes we had whittlesd down 100 marines to about 5. The tanks where all scrap now.

"OK team. Take out the radio post." i said

We saw a marine running for the radio post. We gunned him down quick though.

"Hit it with rockets." I said

The Marines fired rockets at the building and it was soon burned to a crisp.

"OK team. Split up. Place explosives on every building. Basically, hit everything. Randesvouz at the transporter point." I said

We split up and began tagging the targets.

I took a look around. I saw many, many dead Gammulan bodies lying on the floor. I also saw many tanks in flames.

"And we didn't even use a R.A.N.D.OM." i sighed.

I placed my explosives where I need to. Including a nuclear plant.

"Sir all buildings have explosives in them." I heard a marine say.

"Don't place any in the main base. We can use this as a front for attacking the Gammulans." i said.

"But sir. We'll need re-enforcements to help reenforce the base." he responded.

"I know." I said.

In instant GalCom troops, tanks, and supply vehicles surrounded the base.

"OK everyone. When all explosives on all buildings have been placed. We detonate them." I radioed my team and the re-enforcements.

So far so good.

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I ran toward one of the Sam sites. Placed the explosive and ran back to where I was before. I double timed it to the communications building and waited.. I looked at the groud and noticed air rising,"Thats odd",I sead running my fingurs over the crack. A marine came up to me and looked at the crack,"Do you have a wristlaser?","No only the commander does","Give me your pistol", The marine took out his pistol and handed it to me. I searched the crack and found 4 claps, I fired at all four. The small square plat blow open. We looked down and saw a Ship... A cruiser,"Sir.. thats a..","Questar",I took out a repeling rope, as soon as I did the marine grabed me and pulled me back.A second later 6 hot laser shots went through the hole."Thank you",I sead sirprised,"How did you?","Im sure they know that where on this base. So im sure they knew someone would try to get in there","Interesting observation. But we gotta take that ship out, If we don't then there'll be a big sirprised instore for our ships and tanks,"The marine took out his rocket launcher and handed it to me, I spon over the hole and fired 4 rockets... I looked over the hole and 4 explostions. I repealed down to the ship and snuck on board. I took out the pistol the marine handed me and proceeded to the bridge. I put on my Translater.

I ducked in and out of corridors making sure not to be seen. There where 5 syseng's repairing one of the turrets I blew up, I ran past them with them even realizing I was there. I got the bridge doors and stuck a camera through a small hole.

"How long?","At least 5 minutes sir, The cannons are charged and ready. Our missles are armed, and the base's self destruct device is in place, All we gotta do is send the order and a 5 minute count down will start.

I was about to blew the door open when the ship lifted off. he blasted through the ceiling and up into the air,"Damn it im to late",I blew the door open and fired on the enemie officers, The commander spun around and returned fire. I took out a smoke granade and tossed it at the commander. He ducked and returned fire, The nade exploded and the bridge filled with smoke. I put on Infrared Goggles and spoted the commander, I went around him and hit him upside the head, Knocking him out.

A thought came to me,"wait a second.... if the helmsmen is dead.. whos flying this thing", I suddenly felt my stomach rise as the ship plutted toward the ground.. I ran toward the shuttle bay with the commander over my shoulders.

I blew open the doors to the shuttle bay and shot the flghtengs that where trying to stop me. I opened the shuttle crafts doors and placed the commander agaist the wall and closed the doors, I ran to the cockpit and readied the shuttle,"Lets see... 50% charge that should be enough",The doors where closed. I opened the shuttle doors and ran to the the shuttle bay doors and placed explosives on them. I ran back to the shuttle and got in, a second later the doors exploded and I could see air. The shuttle lifted and flew out of the Quester. I looked back and watched as teh quester broke up as it plumited toward the ground.

"Well thats one ship the Gammulens won't be using for a long time",I flew the shuttle back to the Gammulen base where the commander was. I landed it where the teleporter point was.

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I saw Kalshion coming towards our spot at the transporter location. I hadn't failed to noticed the Questar that he had obviously blown up.

"OK team. We're going back to our ship. Ou rreenforcements will probably make this an official base on Gammula." I said.

I instantly gave the order to beam us up. We where in my ship in a blink of an eye.

"OK team. Let the explosives detonate." I said.

We all pressed the buttons for the explosives we had layed down.

"OK. You guys should get some rest. We should get a message from GalCom Command soon. I'll be on the bridge." I said and walked off towards the bridge.

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