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OOC: sorry for the long relay

I gave the enemie captain to the marines and they took him to the detention hold. I turned around and walked toward my quarters, I took out the box with the infomation in it and looked it over. I stop and turned around and headed to the galley to get something to eat.

I walked into the galley.. no one was there except the cook. I walked up to him and told him I only wanted a drink.. didn't matter to me, he handed me a cup of coffee. I took the cup and sat down near the windows over looking the planet, we where still in orbit. I watched as small little explostions took place at the place where myself and the captain were at a few minutes ago.

I toko out the data box and examined it. I took out a small tool I found on the base in one of the science lab's.. "This is an interesting tool. Wonder what it does", I took the tool and put it over the box.. A second later the tool and the data box glow'd blood red, blood started appearing and flowing out of the cracks in the box. Without warning I jumped back and took out my pistol and aimed it at the box, it floated in the air along with the tool.

The cook at the far end got on the coms, I continue'd to point my weapon at the tool. I fired a shot at it but the laser bullet suddonly stoped in midair. I lowered my weapon a bit, the bullet turned and aimed at me, it fired and I side steped. The bullet grazed my side but didn't go in, instead it went into the wall.

I took cover behind a table just as the cook took cover behind his counter.. the box and tool marged," Something is not right about this.. I've never seen something like this before", I sead cursing to myself. "That things automated... that tool and box must be some tool to something bigger",I watched as the two things stoped glowing and fell to the ground.

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I quickly ran into the galley and saw my cook and Kalshion.

I noticed th blood under the box and a mark on the wall which was a blaster shot.

"We're gonig back home. We need to give this to GalCom's science officers." I said.

I got on the coms and told my nav officer to get us home.

"I think you should get some rest Kalshion. We have all had a long day." i told him

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I looked at the Captain, "Yes SIr", I walked out of the galley, making sure to take one last look at the box before leaving.

<10 minutes later>

The doors parted and I walked into my quarters, I took off the heavy armor I was wearing and placed it on the rack, I laid back on the bed and fell asleep

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GalCom HQ

"So this is the artifact?"

"Yes it is. Very strange what it did." I told the scientist.

I noticed a general walk into the room.

"Commander. Our scientists will take car eof this. You will receive orders from HQ soon." he said.

I just nodded and walked out.

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General Petroyev promptly ordered the artifact to be transported to the GALCOM science facility located on Earth’s moon. The scientists there have had much experience in the realm of ancient technology and should be able to determine the nature of this artifact.

Science Log

Entry 1

The artifact was received from high command at 0530 this morning. We were told this device came from Gamulan space and were given a detailed account its activation on a GALCOM vessel. We will begin metallurgical examination immediately.

Entry 2

All traditional scans on the device are absorbed by its surface which has the strongest molecular cohesion of any material known to our science. The device appears to have different modules for the integration of different parts into its construction, as of yet, we do not know why.

Entry 3

A phased verteron pulse has penetrated the shielding of the device and allowed us to examine the new interior of the box section. It confirms our hypothesis that this was once a fully assembled unit. There are 3 missing pieces to this unit, a cubical apparatus with dimensions of 7x8x11 cm, a circular orb with a radius of 15cm, and a thin rectangular shape dimensions 10x10x1. The attached cylindrical unit is the power supply for the box unit which appears to be some sort of particle emitter. The power core of this device is more powerful than any reactor in the known galaxy.

Entry 4

We have observed and analyzed a similar event to the device’s fusion on the GCV invader. Stimulation of the emitter created a rift in the space time continuum effectively stopping time around it. The device is no longer affected by gravity and any equipment in the distortion radius is frozen for the duration of the impulse. I hypothesize this device could be used to alter one’s position not only in space, but in time as well. Hypothetically, this completed device could allow a vessel to travel to any point in the universe at any time past or future.

Entry 5

It is this scientist’s recommendation that an effort be made to recover the remaining three artifacts and attempt to complete this device. The unit emits a theta band radiation surge at 47 terra cycles when stimulated by a verteron pulse. A standard IOD could be modified to emit a pulse that would allow for the location of the artifacts within a range of 5,000 kilometers. The Gamulans must know about this artifact but we hope they have not discovered a means of locating them. It is imperative we find the remaining pieces immediately!

Ice Cold

Director, Horizon research facility

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Invader Bridge

"Sir, transmission from General Petroyev."

"Put him on." i said.

"Good day commander. We have your mission ready." the general said.

"Alright. I'm all ears." I replied

"Our horizon research facility has found mroe about the artifact you have come across. As a result we have modified a standard IOD that is modified to emit a pulse that would allow for the location of the artifacts within a range of 5,000 kilometers. I have told your chief engineer the details of your IOD beam. You are to only engage enemies if they engage you first. You will go in, locate the artifacts, and haul ass out."

"Alright general. Thanks for your time. Jason out."

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Kalshion walked around Galcom HQ with his weapon armed while on Patrol, his commander walked up to him,"Seems HQ wants to find those artifacts","I wouldn't be sirprise'd really","Hmm something is not quite right about this discovery.. are you sure the place was ungaurded?","Im sure.. there where no guns,no sensors,no camera's, not even a single guard was there","That is suspouse... ok I want you to hook up with Lt. Commander Sakura, she pilots a prototype fighter capible of cloaking.. however you would have to stay a good distence from the GVC-Invader, keep it in your sights but keep it out of sensor range. The Lt. Commander will brief you on what she is going to do","You sure thats wise?? shadowing one of our own vessels can get use court martialed","No its not wise but I feel something is not right.. why would the Gammulens carry an artifact so valuble and not protect it.."

I walked out toward the hanger with my buffle bag, I saw the GCV-Invader loading up on supplys and extra missles, plus I notice'd something being put on one of her IOD Guns.."Wonder what thats for", I heard someone call out my name and I looked around, I saw a female no more than maybe 20 years of age running up to me, she was smaller than me but in this case size didn't matter.. she held the rank higher than me",Corporal Kalshion reporting as order'd",I sead saluting her, she was calm and shook here head. I lowered my hand,"Ma'am?","Don't need to saluta me", she sead with a smile, The fleet officer for the Galcom HQ Station walked up to her,"As requested we added another generator to your fighter plus unloaded all the missles to make room for the cloaking device, its small and only has enough power to run for 2 hours... after that you will need to power it down and wait another 2 hours before cloaking again","Understoud", she sead saluting the FO,"Well then lets get underway"

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"Sir Gammula is ahead." my helmsman said.

"OK. Open a secure line to our base. Notify them of our approach." I said.

My comms did as she was told but something odd happened.

"Sir. My computer says that the frequency oes not exist."

"That's odd. They might not have there comms up though." I said.

"Establishing planetfall." my helmsman said.

"Tactical. Give me TacOps."

"Tacops system activated."

As the TacOps came up, a shocking image appeared before my eyes.

"There's...nothing." I said, still shocked.

What my TacOps showed was a huge crater. Nothing seemed to have survived what looked like a blast.

"Land. NOW!" said.

Immediately we landed and me and a few marines jumped onto the rockey edge of the crater.

"Look! A survivor!" a marine yelled.

We immeditaely ran to him and when we did, we saw a horrified look on his face.

"Bomb....explosion.....strange machine....." the marines eyes rolled back and he was dead.

I instantly got a comms message.

"Sir. We have located an artifact." the comms messaged blaired.

Suddenly the ground began to shake. Out of no where a bright flash appeared and my vision soon turned to darkness.

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We can around the GVC-Invader, we saw a tall tail sign of a ship at its stern,"Sakura.. that ship is cloaked... how can we see it?","Cause of our sensors.. there tuned to a different frequancy", Sakura loaded up two missles.. we then notice'd the GCV-Invader entering the Atmosphere.. the enemie ship veered off and took up postion behidn them.. when the Intruder was no longer in our sights.. Sakura opened fire.. the Enemie ship ripped and exploded.. 2 missles had peiced the unshielded hull of the enemie cruiser,"Hmm.. Kal give me tacops of the planet","Aye Ma'am", I sead activating Tacops.. she looked at it and saw the GCV-Invader, but also saw something else that frightened her,"Whats wrong?", Sakura turned away,"Take a look", I peered at the Tacops display and saw something that i was hoping I would never see again,"If im not mistaken... thats a crater from a RANDOM weapon..",Sakura looked over the map,"There it is.. the weapon is in the middle of the crater"

We entered orbit and scaned the planet for sirvivers.. we detected one but it faded fast."im also picking up an enegy spike in the lower atmosphere","Somethings going on here... lets enter the atmosphere and land.. watch them and make sure they leave ok", We entered the Atmosphere and proceeded toward the ground.. and landed behind a rockey ledge.."If there are any after effects then..", the ground began to shake.. The ship was tossed back and forth.. then a rush of CM radation came over the ship.... Sakura and Myself blacked out soon after.

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I woke up slowly but painfully. My ack ached as did my whole body.

But I was still alive. I tryed to get up but my muscles refused to almost like they where paralysed.

I saw my marines. They where unconscious but they where alive.

I was able to turn my head to see if I could see the Invader. i felt like the only one awake.

I walked to my ship, collapsing several times along the way.

When I got there I saw she was on her side but it looked like there was no damage.

I got in. I saw my crew unconscious as well.

I stumbled towards the radar station. Feeling my strength coming back, I pushed buttons in and saw a TacOps of the area.

Nothing caught my eye on the radar. Just the same way it was when we had arrived.

I sw my crew getting up as well. It seemed to be an ECM pulse that would temporarily paralysis a person's muscles. I knew my crew would be up soon.

I left a note on the bridge and returned to the site. I went to the middle and picked up the artifact. A white light blinked a few times but then it went out.

I saw my marines now. They where up and walking. I gave a hand signal to return to base.

Invader bridge

"Do you think this artifact caused this explosion?" my scienc eofficer said.

"Probably. We need to take this back to HQ. It may be another one." I said.

"Sir. Gammulan vehicles approaching the crash site." my tac officer said.

"OK. Eliminate with extreme prejudice." I said.

The Invader did not start however.

"What is wrong now?" I said.

"Sir the engine are not responding."

"Crap. Get my marines and quickly establish a quick defense perimeter around the ship. Start her shields up. How many targets?" i said.

"15. Closing fast. A bunch of jeeps and a few tanks."

We immediately established a perimeter. We immediately fired at the jeeps and tanbks. I wathed as one tipped over and crashed into a nother one.

The tanks where still approaching.

"Anti-tanks! Now!" I said.

Instantly anit-tank rockets where unleashed and we wiped out several tanks.

"Again!" I said.

The enxt salvo took out the remaining tanks, along with the jeeps.

"Fighters! 10:00!" a marine yelled.

"Take cover!" I said.

The fighters passed overhead firing at us. Now the Invader was righted by now however. I wondered if she was back online yet.

Several defiant turrents lashed out at the fighters.

"Marines! Reutrn to base!" I said.

Back inside the fight was intensining. However our PTA turrents proved too much for the fighters and they came down like flies.

"Incoming!" my tactical yelled.

I saw a suicidal fighter coming straight at us.

"Fire the main guns!" I said.

Instantly the fighter lost its course and crashed to the ground.

"Cloak and get us the heck out of here." I said.

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Sakura and I both woke up the sound of explosions, my musles ached as I got up and looked out of the cockpit of the fighter.. there where 2 tanks with there turret guns aimed at us.. I creeped slowly out of there sight, they pivited back and headed toward the invader.. Sakura got up and walked over to the firing controls, I put my hand on her hand,"Don't.. while where on the ground where sitting ducks",she only nodded. We watched as a fighter going on a sucide run was hit and crashed into the ground.. then the Invader Cloaked,"Can you track her?","I can track her as long as she doesn't have the advanced cloaking device.. but if she does then it'll be close to imposible to track her","What about the fighter?","She's ok... it was only an ECM pulse... thankfully nothing extensive", Sakura started up the fighter and proceeded toward the atmosphere. sense we didn't see the invader we wern't sure if they spoted us or not.."I saw a team on tacops carry what ever it was back inside the ship.. its posible there taking it back to Galcom HQ","Then lets head back.. the data recorder and sensor recorder should give them the information they need"

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