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Baptism of Fire

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Guest aces155


This story revolves around my Gammulan AE, Terrik Durlun, and his ship, the GMV-Thundercloud... He will meet many people on his way, and if you would like to add your own personal touches to his experience... Feel free to do so. Also, any advice on the story progress, and or compliments will be appriciated


[rp] The tactical officer turned from his console, "Sir, we have three Warmongers and a Nightstar closing on our position! All terran.."

I quickly relayed my orders, "Lieutenant, prepare a volly of starfire missles. Ahead one-quarter impulse power, see if we can get behind them." I turned to my console. "Engineering, this is the bridge. Prepare the system crews for repairs, fire up the cloaking system, and give me everything you can out of the engines." I turned to the Marine Sgt. "Sergeant, get your men ready. Prepare for boarding parti...." An explosion rocked the ship, bukheads and moniters began to explode. I was thrown to the deck and my helmsman lay dead in my lap. "STATUS REPORT!"

"Sir, shields are down and we have lost the main gun. Reports comming in of casualties from all decks... We have lost life support on decks three and five... Sir, two torpedos incomming...." Another explosion hit and I watched as the monitor went blank... "Sir, I am getting reports of hull breaches across all decks! Life support failing, we have taken heavy damage to the core.... Sir, she... She's going criticAAAALLLL!"

A fireball came through a newly developed hole in the floor... Plasma seering my body... I looked down with the last moments I had to see my legs, charred and melted to the floor.... The pain...


I shot straight up in bed, my face dripping with the cold sweat of terror. I quickly calmed my breathing and walked to the bathroom for some water. My hands still shaking as a reached for the glasses... "Great.... Three days out of spacedock and I am already having anxiety attacks.... Calm yourself down man... It's not like they are putting your new ship on a suicide run your first month... Like the commander said. It is just a routine patrol of the Gammulan sector... Nothing to worry about." I walked over to my desk where the offical notice of orders was still being displayed apon my computer console.


Gammulan War Council

Gammulan Military (Gamma Fleet Command)


Offensive Advisor Jaguar (Diplomacy Fleet)

------ { Message Header } ------


Cmdr Terrik J. Durlun


Diplomacy fleet


As a graduate of the Gammulan Fleet Academy, commanders school, you are hereby authorized the command of a Stormcarrier class Super Cruiser. The GMV-Thundercloud is a newly commisioned carrier, and thusly you will be her first captain. In light of your exemplary academy record, I am forgoing the normal shakedown cruise and are putting you on immediate assignment.

You are assigned to patrol the Gammulan sector, in and around Cyron, Regulas, and Omega Centauri systems. You are orders are to scan for any anomolies, military incursions, or any otherwise hostile situation and deal with it in any way you see fit. This patrol will last for no less than three months, and no greater than one year.

If you perform well in this duty, I will have you immediatly transferred to the First Assault Group, of the Diplomacy Fleet

Again, good luck, and glory to the Gammulan Empire!

Lord David

Supreme Commander

Gammulan War Council

Gammulan Military (Gamma Fleet Command)

I had read this document over and over by this time. Each time it renewed me with a sense of pride I had never felt before, but at the same time... A sense of forboding... I knew that somthing bad would happen while I was in command of this vessel, and I hoped me and my crew would be ready...

I was just about to slip back into bed for another few hours when the comm system went off. "Commander?"

"Yes, what is it bridge?"

"Ahh, your awake good. We have just arrived in the Cyron system... The command of the Cyclone base is asking to speak with you. You are needed on the bridge for final docking operations."

I staggered lazily to my feet and walked to the closet to retrieve my uniform. "Are they sure this can't wait till first watch?"

"No sir, he says that he has some other classified matters of which he needs to speak with you directly."

My voice catched in my throat... I just knew somthing like this would happen.

"Alright I am on my way."

This was the start of a very interesting day.

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