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Twilight Hour


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Details: Fire Base Alpha, a staging point in the war against the Gammulen threat has stopped communicating with any galcom forces in the area surrounding Pluto, at first no one bothered to check it out. But after a month of no contact Cmd Sargeant Kalshion and his squad of vetern marines where sent in to investigate what occured... but what they find could protry the gammulens as being more roughless than anyone ever thought



Name: Kalshion

Age: 34

Postion with Galcom: Cmd Sargeant

Secondary Postion: Alpha Company leader

Name: Hikowa

Age: 15

Postion with Galcom: None

Secondary Postion: None

Name: Kagome

Age: 36

Postion with Galcom: Private

Secondary Postion: None

OOC: Char bios where added since there are 2 characters who are... not real sorta speak, I added them in to add a bit of spice, anyone may join in


The sky was harse, it was covered with dark clouds and was raining. As the wind picked up and dust began to move around, a light appeared in the clouds a second later 6 Galcom Fighters shot out of the cloud cover and down toward the ground

"Alpha One, enemy up ahead"

"Roger that.. open fire"

"Corridor to foxtrout 3 clear!"

"Affirmative! send word to Kalshions company to move in!"

Another ship appeared in the sky, as it ascended toward the ground it began to take fire the marines on board returned fire

The ship came down onto the ground

"Go! Go! Go!", yelled Kalshion

Kalshions squad made there way toward a cliff side, killing a few enemy marines that got in the way

"Charlie! set up near this cliff edge, scan the horizon and lemme know the instant you see something", Kalshion said over the com line

"Bravo! get those tanks up on the ridge!", he continued to bark orders for the next 2 minutes

All was quiet, there insurtion into the Mission Zone went as planed.. the flyboys did there job in taking out the enemys ODS units in 70 miles radius of the drop zone, Kalshion had 5 squads under his command, Charlie was a sniper unit and one of the best, Bravo was the tank unit, they wern't elite marines but they where the best Galcom could give Kal in this mission

There where several other squads, Foxtrot, which was the scouting unit. Zulo, which wasn't a ground unit it was the flyboys above who where taking there orders from Kalshion and Delta

Thanks to a new unit Galcom created, which was a mobile field base, Kalshion was able to mark the area's that each squad was to monitor

"Alpha squad, or my squad, will insert into the base and search for survivors. There are 3 Cruisers and 2 Carriers in orbit, so im sure we'll be safe", Kalshion said before hearing an explosion he flew to one side of the room when he got up he noticed that he was upside down, or rather not him but the vehicle

Kalshion opened the door and looked around, no enemy tanks.. however the shadow cast on the ground scared the crap out of him

"Oh.. crap...", he said not realizing a marine was behind him

"What color, how much, and where do you want it sir?", the private said

Kalshion glanced over his shoulder," Private... shut up, this isn't the time for games", Kalshion said as he reached for the only thing still intact

"Delta! I know you guys are back on the carrier, but we have a problem down here... can you assist?"

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OOC: Hope I get this right. If I don't say so, I'll delete me. (Akin to blackhole collapsing, But sure to entertain none the less.)

"Sir, Zulu is back on board." (Assuming delta is a cap assignment)

"Get the flight engineers to turn em around ASAP number one."

"Yes Sir!"

OOC: For Kalsh (And get the marines back inside I guess. They'll be cold.)

The Kindred was a Firestorm super carrier, The second to carry the name actually. Commander Tylier was 25, Young fit and condifident however right now he was nervous fidgety. Something was wrong he could feel it.

Aidan pulled himself together as a few of his new bridge crew (His old crew having died not a few months previous in a tragic accident.) noticed his discomfort.

"Flight operations, Get LT Karla and LT Pearce in the other two fighters I want them planet side ASAP. Designation Gamma-One." Aidan's command was harsh and to the point snapping the younger offices from their fear and putting them back in action. "Communications, Inform Fleet Command of the Designation assignment and find out if anyone has seen that damned stormcarrier."

The Flight in system has been anything but smooth. Already The Kindreds Shield generator was operating at 75% and several other systems were down completley.

"Sir, Comm from Alpha-One comming through." Ensign James Youngblood screached. Aidan cringed both and the voice and the news. James was young. Too Young, and was worried that he wouldn't be able to handle the pressure.

"Go Ahead Kalshion" Aidan said camly knowing that James was bright enough to patch it straigh through to his comms.

"Delta! I know you(r?) guys are back on the carrier, but we have a problem down here... can you assist?"

"Already handled Delta, Flight Gamma-One is on route, Hold one moment Delta. Flight Operations, Status of Gamma-One?"

"On Route Commander, ETA 2 minutes"

"Two Minutes Delta, Can you hold out?"

The line broke into static, Interfearence Aidan thought as his heart sank.

"James, Inform Fleet Command that Delta just found that missing Stormcarrier. What the hell is it doing?! Get Zulu Flight planet side NOW!"

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The Invader was the second carrier at the scene. Providing overwatch of the situation.

Something on the TacOps caught my eye.

"Sir they've found the missing stormcarrier."

I wasn't really sure why they were searching for a stormcarrier but obviously it held importance.

"Sir the Kindred is sending help to Klashion's group. Tehys eem to have the situation in control as of now."

"Stay alert. I want everytihng on the ship ready."I responded

We stayed in orbit and waited quietly for something or anytihng toh appen.


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Kalshion slamed his fist against the Communications gear,"Damn thing... remind me to get a new box," Kalshion said as he looked up at the enormous carrier above him

"God.. if i would've known that stormcarrier was downhere I would've sent for 6 cruisers, I sure hope Gamma can take it out", Kal said hearing the private in the back ground

"But umm sir.. if they do take it out.. won't it fall on us?", the private said.. Kal's look was indifferent as he turned around and noticed that the shadows of the carrier had been cast over his entire camp

"I hate it when you're currect Kagome", Kalshion siad, which was the first time he had used the Privates real name.. Kal grabed a few smoke granades and tossed them out of the camp, the ground where the some granades landed began taking fire, but it was enough to draw the carriers attention away from the Young Cmd Sargeant and Private as they fleed the scene

The run lasted only 2 minutes, they ducked behind a rock

"Good Luck Gamma," Kalshion said as a friendly tank rolled up next to them

"Sir!", yelled the tank driver, "Need a ride sir? my squad is moving in toward the base it would be a long walk"

Kalshion wasn't sure if he should be glad... or mad, since for the fact that the tank crew failed to notice that large ship hovering near them he just chuckled and told the private to get her ass onboard, strangly enough the storm carrier ignored the tank, when Kalshion looked behind him he watched as what remained of the mobile command center was ripped to shreds by the carriers PTA system


OOC: Damn Aiden! you knew what the ship was right away nice job man

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"Sir, all of the stormcarriers systems are operational!"

"Damn. Sneaky Gammulans."

Now I had to come to a decision. We couldn't leave orbit since if we did we'd leave the other ships open to attack.

"Comms call for backup from Beta wing. We need 2 or 3 carriers. Get me on the line with Kal."

Comms gave me a nod and i spoke,"Kal you look like you could definately use another carrier. Mind if I come down and blow that bird out of the sky?"


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Kal layed up against the gun of the tank, the tank commander came up

"Sir.. you got a coms from Commander Elio", said the tank commander

"Elio? didn't know he was here", Kal said picking up the coms

"Kal you look like you could definately use another carrier. Mind if I come down and blow that bird out of the sky?" came Elios voice through the coms

Kal thought about it.. he knew Gamma was on the way, at first he was going to tell Elio that Gamma had things under control but when he saw a flight of fighters and bombers, along with a few gunships come flying out of the stormcarriers hanger bays, he quickly changed his mind

"Sure Elio, we have a party down here, tell you're crew you've been invited", Kal said putting the coms down, he searched the field and saw a small cave then looked behind him, 2 gunships where barreling down on there postion

"Commander, into those caves we can use it for cover", Kal said

"Where not an anti air unit sir", protected the commander

"You'll be one once we get this thing in cover NOW DO IT!", Kal yelled.. the commander shallowed then pushed the tank toward the cave


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LT Karla was sweating as she flipped of the autopilot. "Gamma-Two, Status?"

"All go here Lt, Though I hardly see what 2 fighters is going to do to a storm." Replied Lt Pearce's calm voice.

"Let me worry about that Pearce, For now keep in tight formation." Lt Karla was realing at thought of trying to take a Storm with only her wingmen to help. Time ran out as her sensors came to live with targets. Quickly counting the Green dots she was relived to count most of Kalshions team were still alive if a little flat footed.

Karla Smiled briefly of the dread faces of the marines on the Kindred during her shakdown cruise when Commander Tylier informed them that they had 'Armor Duty'. It had since been a standing joke between the Fly Boy's and the Ground Boy's. Karla's smiled dispeared quickly however when more red dots appeared around the Storm and started streaking towards Kalshion's team.

"Ok Pearce, Lets just try to take someheat of Alpha, Fall back about 2k and try to get some attention."

"Rojer Lt, Elio has just reported that he bringing the Invader down to help out."

Karla Laughed, "I bet Fleet Command *is* happy about that. Inform base that we are onsite and could use Zulu flight down here asap."

Karla and Pearces fighters screamed over Kalshion's position as he and his team seeked cover in nearby caves.


"Sir, TacOps is showing Gamma flight is now on scence and attempting to provide cover."

Aidan noded then frowned almost as quickly. "Why the hell haven't they reported in Flight Operations?"

Aidan had a sneaky feeling something was wrong.

"Sir, Looks like all our comms are down, Sensors are uneffected and all other primary systems are operating."

That can't be...

"Engineering, What the hell is wrong with com...." Aidan's Sentance was cut of as the Kindred lurched forward.

"Report!" Aidan yelled.

"...Um....Sir!... Another Storm carrer sir, Just appeared out of no-where, It appears to be jamming communications."

Aidan winced again at James high voice. "Pipe a message though to Fleet via TacOps Ensign, Inform them of.."

Again the ship rocked violently. "Get Zulu out now, Don't care if they only have one wing left."

The Kindred slowly turned to face off the Super-Carrier.

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Kalshion sighed when the tank rolled into the cave and stopped.. the two gunships that where chasing it hovered outside the gave. Since the cave was dark the closest gunship didn't see the tanks turret move and point at it.. a second later a burst of heat washed over the tank as it fired.. A second later the gunship erupted in flames and fell to the ground below

The 2nd gunship was smart and took off. Kalshion sighed

"Good job", he said getting down

"There seems to be problems up in space", said the tank commander as he handed Kalshion the com's

"Sir! this is Commander Jiko, it seems the gammulens have taken the Kindred by complete surprise", Said Jiko

"How so?", Replied Kalshion

"Gammulen Stormcarrier sir", Said Jiko

"Hmm.. yep that would register as a sneak attack, hold you're postion. You don't have the weapons to deal with that carrier", Kalshion said looking outside

"Sir! we have the explosives though", Argued Jiko

"If you're suggesting a kamakazie attack then thats OUT of the question Commander!", Kalshion yelled

"Yes Sir.. we'll hold postion where about 200 KM from you're current postion shall I send more marines?", Asked Jiko

"No.. where ok", Kalshion lied

Kalshion put the coms away, and heard a sound behind, he spun around on his heels and aimed his ZS10 at the wall the light he had shined on two insurgent personnel, they where unarmed and very frightened.. Kalshion thought about shooting them but when he noticed that they where more scared of him then him being scared of them, he decided against it

Although his orders where to eliminate any threats, he didn't consider the two a threat since they had no weapons, he walked over to them. One of them had blood coming down the side of her face, the other had several brush's on his side

"What happened?", he asked


Commander Jiko didn't like Kalshions decision to just hold postion and not help the Kindred

"Is Kal crazy... why shouldn't we help", he said firing an order to the helmsmen

The Marine carrier, or better known as the GCV-Cresnoya, took off and headed into space along the way they hit something, something HARD, something that was hard enough to destroy the front half of the ship, the Cresnoya lurched to one side and began to fall back toward the ground below

"Damn it! What'd we hit!", Jiko said, his question was answered when a Firestorm decloaked on there starboard side, its PTA turrets tracking them as they fell back toward the ground below

"6000 Feet", said the helmsmen, "5000.... 4000.... 3000...", Jiko looked at his side the Firestorm was close enough to get enveloped in a core overload, he punched the self destruct button and sent the codes to the reactive, its saftys where released and the core overloaded


Kalshion listened to the two insurgents, when they finished he began to think.. but his thinking was cut short when an enormous blast was heard he looked out the cave and saw an explosion the size of 5 nuclear bombs

He cursed to himself, he knew Jiko must've tried to help but ran into trouble.. but he didn't have time to think of that, he turned toward the two insurgents

"So you're orders where to secure the area around Alpha in preparation for an insurgent assault.. but something went wrong and you fleed here", he said

"yes.. yes thats it.. but there where 3 of us.. we had a young child with us.. a female, she got scared and ran toward the base", the female insurgent said

"A child? what the HELL! where you doing bringing a child into a combat zone", he yelled, but the two insurgents didn't answer, Kalshion sighed angerily and looked at the Tank Commander

"Send a message to Elio, let him know that we might have a Civilion child in Fire Base Alpha, tell him to get medical ready for when we find that child.. I fear she might be injured also tell him we found and a Mobile ODS system down here.. not much but we might be able to use to help the Kindrid", he said as he looked out, if he had known a child was involved he wouldn't of ordered Delta and Zulu squads to bomb the area around the base.. now he was wondering if he might be responsible for a civilion death


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Aidan rocked in his command chair and gripped the arm rests, Wether to stay in his seat or somehow hold the Kindred together was in debate.

The Kindred was in dire straights. The shields generators were still active but barely managed to keep the field around the ship active.

"Sir Zulu is out, They are engaging 8 hostile fighters in support of the storm." The Kindred Flight Operations office called out barely able to hear the audo through his headset.

"Negative FLight operations, Get Zulu planet side, Kalshions team is more important." Damn Aidan though, Since when were marines more important. He smiled as a small fire erupted from one of the Secondary consoles. "Now I guess." he laughed.

"Sorry sir?" The Flight operater mistook his comment for him.

"Nevermind Flight Ops, Conn, Bring as about 234 mark 76. Tactical bring turrets to full power and evacuate the Marines, Medics and Flight Engineers to the planet. Chief, What is the status of communications?" Aidan's commands were clear though quick various nods and affirmatives whispered in Aidan's head set over the sound of combat.

The Chief laughed over the comm "Who knows commander? You want shields or to chat to someone?"

"Understood Chief. James send a message to Kalshion tell him that Zulu and Gamma are under his command."

No Reply. Aidan Looked up to the Comms Console and his heart sank as James dead body slumped over the now burning console. "Damn it!" Aidan rocked from his command chair grabed an extishinger and put out the console. Frowning he push James's body from the seat and sat down. Flicking the console to internal power he hoped to god it still worked.

"Kalshion, Don't know if you'll get this, But The Kindred is about to become This planets 3rd moon. Zulu and Gamma are in your care, A bunch of support staff are on their way to you aswell. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Kindred out."


Aidan looked up at the warning claxon.

"Whats left Tactical?" The Tactical officer replied, "Not much sir, EMS is offline The reactor is going to go critical if we don't shut it down."

"Ok Guys, Abandon ship, Take the Techs with you. Patch through what ever is working to the command station." The bridge crew looked at their commander with a mix of fear, Relief and guilt, Some of them refused to listen but another glance at their commander told them that he would probably kill them himself if they disobayed.


Four Shuttles and Six Fighters screamed away from the conflict heading towards the planet. The passengers of the shuttles looked back not a word was mentioned.

The Dying form of FireStorm speed towards the slighty scratched Stormcarrier. It's exaughed flicked off but somehow came back on line. Then as if it was a picture the FireStorms foward swept prongs sliced through the storm carrier and both ships hung in space looking like two lovers embracing for the last time. Secondary explostions rippled through the stormcarrier as the passengers of the shuttles were blinded as the Reactor of the Kindred climixed in it's final embrace with the stormcarrier.

Sergeant Thomas flying Shuttle 3 watch the vid holding his breath. The Stormcarrier was still in one peice but obviously nolonger a threat the fighters that were buzzing around the kindred no longer existed, But the kindred was now in two peices the forward part still clung to the Stormcarrier the rear part slowly floated backwards towards the planet.

"Rest in Peace" mumbled Thomas as the convoy entered the atmosphere.


Lt Karla pulled back on the stick them forward in quick succession The enemy on her six tryed to follow the maneuver but lost track of his target as Karla swung to the right and now lined up her ex preditor and launched a missile. Not that she had any illusions of hitting.

This game had been going on now for about 5 minutes. So far Karla had taken down 1 fighter while Pearce held his own and even managed to take a few shots at the stormcarrier.

KArla Grinned as she saw a flash lept out from the Caves Kalshion had hidden in and an emeny gunship exploded.

"Damn it Bravo, I didn't realize you guys were in the competition!" Karla Laughed.

"Karla, The Kindred is under attack!" Peace yelled over the comms.

Karla looked at the tiny forms of men on the ground and the red dots on her radar.

"Roger Peace, She'll be ok, Lets wrap things up down here and then we go back and help. Damn it where is Elio, It's one thing to say and other to do apparently."

Karla and Pearce continued there outnumbered dog fight. A loud explosioned rocked both the air and the ground.

"Pearce, What was that?!" Scanner her sensors Karla noted the GCV-Cresnoya was nolonger on sensors....

No time to worry now she though. "Pearce?" No reply. Please Pearce, she thought, Answer me....

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We had our own mix of troubles in space. An enemy stormcarrier had appeared. It caught us well off guard but my re-enforcements came in time I was entering planetfall.

"Tell the 2 carriers to attack the stormcarrier while we go down to the planet."

The Invader finally arrived at the scene and its PTAs shot instantly at the enemy fighters about. Right then something strange caught my eye.

"Crap. We've received word the Kindred is gone...Wait. Now the Cresnoya...ÔÇØ

More reports of casualties flooded the comms. I cursed under my breath that I wasn't fast enough.

But then I got Kal's report,ÔÇØ We might have a Civilian child in Fire Base Alpha."


"Sir the Kindred's ships are on there way down here."

"Call fleet command. Tell them we have a disaster on our hands and to send more ships. Send marines to the base and search for a female civilian child. Evacuate Kalshion's group and pray to god."

The situation was escalating horribly. 2 ships were gone and a civilian the fire base.

"Launch the fighters and tell them to secure the area. Give them all we got."

Meanwhile the Invader was going at the stormcarrier and weakening it. The stormcarrier fled from the area and cloaked. Gone for now.

"Sir our marines have found the missing child!"

"Good get them out of there and evacuate everyone from here."

"Invader this is Fleet Command. 3 BC MK3s have emerged in space and are fighting the stormcarrier. What is the situation?"

"Casualties all over. We are evacuating Kalshion's group and the Kindred's crew."

"Confirmed. Your LZ is clearing up. Land and provide relief on the ground."

"Roger. Proceeding."

The Invader landed its hulk just outside Kalshion's cave. Several marines rushed over and vehicles from the Kindred and others emerged on the site.

"Sir the marine company that was sent to get the civilian is back but....."

"But what?"

"They say they were cornered and had to escape. 5 marines and the civilian herself needed to be left behind. They are not doubt captured."

I cursed under my breath.

"Get all marine crews active. Number One you have the con. I'm moving in with the marines to get the civilian. Give interceptor squadrons orders to escort us."

I immediately left the bridge and hoped the situation wouldn't worsen.


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Kalshion had been listening in on the com's about the situation, not like he couldn't anyway with all the problems that had cropt up

The insurgents here where taken in costody, but Kalshion told them to treat them more like guests.. since they where unarmed and unwilling to fight, he was about to leave when one of the insurgents told Kalshion the name of the child

"Hikowa? thats the name... Japanese child.. that is very rare", Kalshion said to himself as he drove the tank off toward Fire Base Alpha, he had been listening in when he heard that 5 marines and a child had to be left behind.. he cursed to himselve for not being able to get to the base.

It was at that point that Zulo and Gamma squadrons reported in, Kalshion gave a series of orders

"Zulo, continue patrol around the base and destroy any enemys you see. Gamma.. protect the Invader, that Stormcarrier is still around here and the last thing we need is for a 3rd capital ship casultie", he said putting the coms away

The tank hit a dip, then a bump and flew over a cliff, it landed on the ground below and continue'd toward the base as the base came into view he saw several gammulen tanks, and bodys...


Kagome cursed to herself when she saw the enemy tanks turning toward them, she loaded a round and fired the cannon, one of the tanks erupted into flames and debris


Kalshion grined, and sled the tank toward a destroyed building, there they used it for cover.

"This tank is a big target, so lets use it as a decoy", Kalshion said, ordering Kagome to get out, he hit the accelerater and jumped out.. the tank rolled out from behind the building, the enemy tanks opened fire but even seeing Kalshion kneeing around holding a Bazooka

He aimed at the left tank and pressed the firing key.. the missle rocketed out of the barrel and struck the tank's turret.. he then aimed at the 3rd and final tank.. it to went up in flames, he tossed the launcher to the side and picked up his ZS10, the private grabbed him just as several rounds went through the area he had been standing in momments ago

"Thanks Kagome", he said noticing Kagome's expression of scare terror, he could tell this was her first real combat experience and, it was taking its toll on her he patted her on the shoulder and it was at that momment that a Sniper round hit him in the kidney, he flew back and a trio of enemy marines ran over to them


Kagome knew that sniper was still around, but she had made it out without the marines knowing. She crept behind one of the marines and slamed the butt of the ZS10 into the marines neck, several cracks where heard, she then threw the ZS10 to the ground and grabed her pistol, both her and the marine fired at the same time, The marine missed... But she didn't..

She ran over to Kal, who was standing but holding his side


"I guess I owe you two times now", Kalshion said with a grin, Kagome just smiled.. 5 marines ran over to him one of the marines was a medic and placed a patch over Kalshion's wound

"Nice to see you five are alive and in one peace", he said hearing the sounds of ATV's approuching, one of the marines was holding a female child, she had burn's on her body and a cut along her arm, but thanks to medic she was no longer in danger, but the medic couldn't stress enough how urgent it would be for Kalshion to see the Medic on the Invader for treatment.. he just agree'd and waited for the ATV's to show up


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Quiet. Silence....................

Aidan Awoke amid a confused storm of fires, Electrical light shows and the hiss of escaping oxygen.

Comming to his senses, Aidan took in his surrounding and tried to peice together his last memories.

"Damn it, The Reactor." That was of course never the plan but he hoped it the stormcarrier was out of commission. The hissing sound caught Aidan's attention. Making hisway through debries of the bridge he yanked up a rather jamed emergency locked and quickly suited up.

Aidan searched the bridge for any sign of a computer still working. Finding nothing he sighed. "Ok Aidan, Calm down, Your safe from the Vacum in this suit, but when that breach in the bridge gives you'll be sucked out faster then a shot from an ion beam."

A Blinking light caugh his attention. James's station was still in one peice. How ironic that the cause of all this was still working. Clambering over the rubble Aidan Fliped the Comms onto the emergency band. Just enough power for one transmission.

"Mayday, Mayday this GSV Kindred A, Commander Tylier reporting. Ship is currently disabled, Crew has been evacuated. I am at this time preparing to board the enemy carrier."

The comm console went dark. Guess thats it Aidan thought. Making his way to the Turboshaft Aidan pryied the doors open with what remained of something that probably used to be imported. Grabing a hand hold he started hand over hand making his way to the airlock just below the bridge.

3 minutes later Aidan found the hatch marked AR1 and tried the emergency open. To his suprise the door opened freely. The Airlock was spared a lot of the damage apparenty in the rest of the ship. Little did Aidan know that only half of his ship was actually here.

Grabbing a Rifle and a handheld comm unit Aidan triggered the opening sequence. 60 seconds later he was looking at what remained of his command.

The Kindred's Nuculear Reactor had blown spliting the kindred in two about 2/3 the way down the ship. The 3 PRonged forward struts had peirced the enemy carrier locking it tight with the Kindred. Aidan could see that Storm's turrets were not moving and it's engine exaughst was a dark dull color indicating no power. However besides the puncher marks and burnt hull plates from the explostion the storm had held up well. Lights still flicked through plasteel portholes around the ship.

Sighing Aidan deactive his mag boots and leaped towards the Stormcarrier. "40 Marines, 20 Medics, 20 Flight Engineers, 20 system engineers, 9 officers. 109 Gamies all up. Assuming that half of them died on inpact plus explostion. That leaves 54.5 gamies. 20 of them are medics who are to busy trying to save the wounded, That leave 34.5. 9 on the bridge leaves 25.5, 20 Flight Engineers will be busy trying to fix and damaged fighters that came back, And preparing shuttles in case of evac leaving 5.5 and 20 System Engineers trying to fix the ship. LEave -14.5. 1 on -14.5 Now this should be easy..............................."

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I was outside on the ground. Seeing things from my TacOps and issuing orders.

"The ATVs are there and you the girl is safe? Good. What? Kalshion is injured badly? Get him back to my ship ASAP!"

I saw the ATV carrying Kalshion rush over and go up the InvaderÔÇÖs ramp into the ship.

"Medical get ready for a casualty. It's Kalshion. He needs immediate attention."

Medical responded with Ayes and Rogers so I went back to my TacOps.

That was when I got Aidan's message,

"Mayday, Mayday this GSV Kindred A, Commander Tylier reporting. Ship is currently disabled, Crew has been evacuated. I am at this time preparing to board the enemy carrier."

"Does fleet command know?"

"Yes sir. They are preparing a boarding party and a way to get Aidan off."

"Good. Send a message to fleet command and request orders. How is Kalshion?"

"Already treated and healed sir. Orders?"

"Stay down here and be alert for anything else. We'll be returning to space if HQ approves."


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Ducking under the warped beam from the collision with the Kindred, Aidan entered the enemy ship. A dead Gammy floated and it took Aidan a few minutes to relax his finger from the trigger of his Sabre SAR. Looking about he examined the ship. The highest prong of the Kindred entered and penetrated about 15 m's into the Stormcarrier. The atmoshphere inside the ship escaped but most of the larger objects still remained floating around inside, Unable to get past the plug the kindred formed.

Reactivating his mag boots Aidan moved along down a corridor that seemed to be mostly intact. 30 seconds later arrived at an emergency bulkhead that seperated the damaged section of the ship to the intact section.

"Ok, Now what?" Aidan mumbled to himself. "I need to find an airlock. or..." Aidan looked around again. "There!" Spotting what he was looking for Aidan again made his way back down the hallway to a closed door. Strange markings on the door indicated what was inside, but it was the icon of a gammy being beamed that gave away the rooms true intention. Aidan Laughed, "Nice of them to include pictures for all us foriegners."

Looking around the outside of the door for a control panel or override switch Aidan become frustrated. "To hell with it." Leveling his SSAR Aidan pulled the trigger. Nothing but a scratch. "Damn it!! I need to get in!" Aidan's Jetpack tonned once to tell him that it had finished recharging. "Wait, That'll work." Aidan removed the jetpack and fastened it to the door. Though jet packs were mostly solar power they still used a small amount of fuel to actually propel the user forward.

Standing back Aidan fired at the Jetpack and was blown down the corridor from the explostion. Reactivating his Mag Boots he made his way back down to the now open hole in the side of the corridor. The Transporter room was very similar to that of the Kindred. A large platform and a control panel were the only things Aidan was interested it. The Console flashed at Aidan though pleased that there was power he frowned at the gibberish on the console. "Right, Ok lets see, That has to be the flow controller, These three must be the co-ordinates." Shrugging Aidan set co-ordinates for where he assumed the bridge to be. Stepping onto the platform and setting his rifle to overload Aidan set down the rifle and listened to the high pitch whine as the Capacitors of the Rifle began to overload.

"Now, If I am wrong, The gun won't go anywhere and I'll cease to exist." Closing his Eyes Aidan slaped what he assumed was the "Go" button. Blue light filled the room as the Transporter disassembled the gun. The room was quiet. Aidan Listened intently waiting for the bang. All he got was a slight virabration of the hull. Pressing the "Go" button again Aidan stepped upto the platform himself removing a standard issue knife from his suit. The room Faded away to nothing.

The Bridge of the Stormcarrier was a mess. A few moans could be heard as Shocked or stunned Gammy shook there heads trying to clear the fog caused by the blast. Aidan looked around frantically and leaped at what he assumed was the Captain. One of the Gammy's came to his senses and drew a strange pistol from its holster but it was to late, Aidan wrestled the Captain and held his knife to his throat.

"Put your weapons down!" Aidan screamed. Not sure what he was saying the Gammies hesitated until the now captured Captain uttered somewords. The officers on the bridge dropped their weapons.

"Alright Captain, So you speak english, Good. Get your comms open to the public frequency." Aidan's voice dripped venom. "You won't get away with this Commander. I have 80 men aboard. You will die!" Aidan held the knife tighter and drew a thin line of blood on the Captains neck. "So will you Captain. Open the comms" The Captain signaled to one of his officers and Voices lept online from various transports in the system. "This is Commander Tylier of the GSV Kindred B to Fleet Command Sol System. It would appear that my new ship is infested with Gammies. Request support." Aidan Grinned. "Now Captain.... Lets talk Business...................."

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Still on the planet I was relieved to hear Aidan's voice,"This is Commander Tylier of the GSV Kindred B to Fleet Command Sol System. It would appear that my new ship is infested with Gammies. Request support."

"That's the go ahead. Beam the marines."

"Aye sir."

Within minutes the ship was full of GalCom marines storming the halls.

"Marines report ship is under control. Apparently the whole crew was injured."

"Good. It seems the situation in space has cleared up. Any word from fleet command?"

"No sir. Shall I send another?"

I nodded my head yes.


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Kalshion walked out of Medical and gave a curtious nod to the medics

He always liked the medics on these ships, they where fast and well trained, unlike the medics on the surface

He had asked his private to monitor any coms from the Kindrid

As he walked down the hall one of the medics ran up to him

"So she's ok then?", Kalshion asked

"Yes she is.. and she would like to see you, did you by change tell her you're name?", the medic asked

"My name? when we found her she was unconcious.. so there was no way I could've told her my name", Kalshion said looking out the port hole

"Well she knows you're name.. she said something about you being in Las Beuios, Pluto awhile ago", said the medic

Kalshion glanced over at the medic

"Beuios.. that city, I remember it.. my company was ordered to that city when the gammies attacked, we evacuated several children from the city, no adults where left alive it looked like the gammies where only after the children there", Kalshion said, realizing that he was breaking his orders

"Well.. is it possible this child was left behind?", asked the medic

"It certainly is.. the fighting got to a point where Fleet Command ordered my company to evacuate from the city, and to take any evacues with us", Kalshion was about to say more when Kagome walked up to him, he nodded then walked off toward the guest rooms.


Hikowa layed against the wall, she didn't remember much about the battle or who rescued her from the city. But she did remember the name of the marine who rescued her from the gammies back in the city

"Kal..shon...", she tried to memorize his named, "No.. thats not it" she said looking at the door


Kalshion smiled when the door opened, he walked in and told the private to stay back.

"Yes Sir", Kagome said steping out of the room, her ZS 10 held high she stud guard.. even though that wasn't really needed

She didn't really know how long she had been waiting outside, but it felt like hours.. in reality it was only 6 minutes, when Kalshion came out she noticed a very worried look on his face

"Whats wrong boss?", Kagome said

"I thought it was a myth, in the books I read back in high school.. it WAS a myth, but if what that girl told me is correct. Then this mission just got difficult, Kagome fire off a message to Fleet Commander, I want all data they have on a weapon called the 'Twilight Burst'", Kalshion said walking off

"Umm.. certianly sir but umm.. what shall we do with the girl", Kagome said

"Protect her, I have a feeling she knows more than what she's letting on, don't forget she was in Gammulen custody for a couple months", Kalshion finished and ran off toward the bridge

"I gotta ask Elio if i can take a fighter up to that Disabled Stormcarrier, very smart of Aiden to ram it.. if what the girl said is correct then looks like that carrier might hold some information we need", Kalshion said running to the turbo left.. the marine there told him he was not allowed on the bridge, Kalshion cursed. He heard a voice behind him and looked over his shoulder, the Cmd Sargeant in charge of the marines on this ship waved the marine aside, the marine nodded and Kalshion was allowed on the bridge

"Maybe I shoulda changed... dents in my armor, blood on certain parts.. and burn marks.. oh yea im going to make a perfect 1st impression", Kalshion said with a snicker


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Aidan Stood on the Bridge of the Disable StormCarrier. Most of his Bridge crew was busy fixing new labels on various controls as the discovered what things did. Aidan had already named the StormCarrier the Kindred B. Wether Fleet would approve or not he didn't care.

After the Marines Arrived from Elio's command, the Kindred's A crew had returned from the surface and begun to get things in some order on the stormcarrier. The old kindred had been removed from her side and towed backed to HQ. It was little more now then scrap.

With a little help from some interpretures they were now in the process of getting the stormcarrier ship shape.

"Sir!, We found something!" One of the technicians that was working through ALien databases called out. Aidan walked over to the technician. "What is it?" Aidan asked. "Looks like a scematic of some sort." Aidan looked at the diagrams, "Thats not Gammulan. What language is that." One of the interpretures of heard and walked up behind Aidan. "May I sir?" "Certainly Aidan replied."

The Interpreture was silent then in a very shaky voice. "I don't know sir,,, I can read and write every language we know of sir. And I have never seen that before."

Aidan sighed. "Inform Fleet Communcations. Get someone overhear now that actually knows something. Chief, How long till I can move this tin can?" The Cheif replied. "Besides some costmetic problems, I *think* we can move it now."

Aidan Laughed. "Replace the Food packs and prepare for departure."

The Comms office looked at Aidan. "Sir, Fleet informs us that Kalshion is on his way over here."

"Good, Clear the bridge, All no essensial personal to duty stations."

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We were finally back in space. Having left that hellhole of a base.

I had earlier given Kalshion permission to take a shuttle and I gave him one of the Kindred A's shuttles since the Stormcarrier would need a shuttle.

"Sir fleet commandÔÇÖs message ahs arrived. They say we are to stay on station until further notice."

"Typical." I sighed.

"Get me a casualty report."

I stood on the bridge monitoring my TacOps. Nothing was happening at all.

It was all too quiet. I had been in this situation before but something told me something bad was about to happen.

"Power up all systems. I have a bad feeling."


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Kalshion landed the shuttle in the stormcarriers hanger bay, the crews there took the shuttle in

Private Kagome decided to go with Kalshion instead of staying behind on the Invader, although she also knew that Hikowa wanted to come along, but Kalshion feared there might still be enemy marines left, hiding and such on the ship so he told her to stay behind. So did just that

Kalshion walked onto the bridge, Aiden was there looking at what the translater was trying to translate

Under normal circomstances Kalshion would've saluted, but in this case he walked over to the control consal and waved the translater to the side, he then sat down and took out a disk. The disk was labeled 'CLASSIFIED' however the computer couldn't read it

"Typical Gammie systems, Gotta love the galcom encrption software", Kalshion said as he typed in a few commands that unlocked the encrption, he then turned toward Aiden and the rest of his bridge crew

"What you all are about to see, must not leave this bridge.. doing so is grounds for immidiate court marshal, amoung other things", he said turning back toward the screen

A symbol appeared, it was a tri-shape star symbol, it had 4 swords protruding from the middle and spear at the top pointing down

"This... is the symbol of Twilight, or rather how it is depicted in old earth books, according to history a weapon called the 'Twilight Burst' was being made during the 3rd World War, however it wasn't completed in time", Kalshion took a breath then punched in a few more keys, the symbol disappeared and an image of a weapons system came up on the main screen, Aiden let out a long whisle as he looked at the firepower of the weapon

Kalshion couldn't help but be amazed at how calm Aidens crew was being, either they wern't worried, or they didn't know that this weapon had the firepower of 4 RANDOM combined

Kalshion layed back in his seat and turned toward the bridge crew, Kagome stud near the door with her rifle high almost like she was expecting something, "Now.. in myth this weapon does not exist, however signs of it have shown up in history", Kalshion typed in a few more commands and a timeline came up, he layed 4 area's on the time line where this weapon had been used

"2087, 2154, 2653, and 2998", he said opening a file that listed the information

"All those years.. and yet no ones really seen the weapon in action?", Aiden asked

Kalshion turned and looked at him, "Oh im sure people have seen it... but just arn't around to talk about it" He said

"What area's where attacked? I mean like planets.. bases", Aiden asked

Kalshion smiled then turned toward the display

"2087, a small mining colony on the moon was attacked, the moon wasn't destroyed as we can all see, but the colony was no where in sight after scientist's reported a large blast wave that eimited from the moon, it disrupted communications on earth", Kalshion said as he changed to another display

"2154, again the same thing.. this time on Jupiter. Then in 2653, this base here on Pluto was attacked it was only a research outpost then and it was researching enchanced engine drives, however communcations was lost with the base.. no investigation was launched", Kalshion took a deep breath before continueing

"2998,roughly two years ago,this time the attack was on a small research ship. the GCV-Endenvor, the ship was stationed in the Credien Quadrent.. it was on a planet, which I have no clue.. but what I do know is that the GCV-Excaliber and GCV-Yamato, where in the area when an entire planet exploded.. traces of the Endenvor where found and returned", Kalshion said getting up and straching his back

"The attack that occured 2 years ago is still very fresh in most minds, however Galcom has chacked it up as being a RANDOM attack however", Kalshion knew more about this weapon.. but decided to end there due to protocal, but it was also cause Kagome had been peering out the door. He was about to walk up to her when she dove from the door, a second later it exploded and 8 Gammulen marines rushed in

Kalshion went for his ZS 10 and openned fire, Kagome dove behind a control panal and fired on the gammulens, in only 15 seconds, 6 gammulens went down.. a couple seconds later the last 2 died by Aidens hands

"Aiden! fire off a message back to Elio, it seems we have a-", The ship shoke violently, Aiden grabed hold to the rails

"Don't tell me we have a stormcarrier out there!?", Aiden yelled

"Yes Sir! it seems the Stormcarrier that ran from the battle on the surface is up here now", said the Tactical offcier

"Are Weapons online?", Aiden shouted over all the alerms

"Checking.. no sir.. no weapons", The weapons officer said

Kalshion could tell Aidens face, he wasn't scared but rather worried about weather he would have another brush with death

Although she was only a private she still held some responsiblitys, Kagome ran toward the door and looked down the hallway, she heard the hull on the ship buckling she turned back

"Sir's! we have a problem", Kagome said point at the hull down the hallway that was beginning to buckle


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"Better take a seat Kalshion, This is going to get rough." Aidan turned back to the bridge View. "Helm gets us out here, Head for the Invader. Comms open a channel."

The communications officer noded then held his thumb up.

"Commander Elio, Sick of my voice yet? I need your help." The comms went to static as the ship rocked violently. Aidan looked questionly at the Comms officer. "It's gone sir." Aidan nodded, "It's alright son, I'm used to not having comms. Scramble the fighters and cross your figures that Elio doesn't have anything better to do........."

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"Damn I knew it! All ships direct your fire towards the stormcarrier! Launch the interceptors all at the stormcarrier. Every single shot a tit."

But somehow something inside me thought this wasnÔÇÖt all. One carrier against all these ships was suicide. Unless.....

"Comms call fleet command and request back up immediately!"

I knew the Gammulans too well. No doubt they had something up there sleeve.

"Be ready for anything and take out that stormcarrier!"

With a compliment of 3 BC MK3s fleet sent us and 3 cruisers we charged at the stormcarrier guns blazing.

I knew this would only be the beginning though.


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Kalshion kept his weapon up and so did the private

The battle lasted only 6 minutes and the stormcarrier surcomed to all the firepower combined, it's reactors shudered under the inmense pressure, then overloaded and exploded.. the resulting blast blew everydeck of the ship to peices.

Kagome smiled and looked at Kal, she noticed a look on his face

"Tac officer, zoom into the 45 degree area of the debris", Kalshion said

The tac officer did so and brought up the view, a device was there floating, it was triangle shaped with 3 other connecters on the side, as it floated it emited a strange pulse of energy

However, when one of the BC MK1's tried to get close to the object to scan it, the BC MK1 began to take serious damage, the captian of that BC decided to back off a little

Not knowing weather it was a good idea, or not.. Kalshion decided to take a shuttle out and check and see if his thoery was correct, Kagome joined him like always


Hikowa had been watching the battle, she was most impressed with how well the Galcom forces fought, she watched as a shuttle screaming out of the SC Hanger bay, oncourse for the artifact, she then saw 4 shimers near the artifact itself.. and let out a yell, but quickly found out that Kalshion couldn't hear her

She keyed the coms and yelled into it

"Get Kalshion away from that artifact! Gammulens are right on top of him!!", she yelled, but her yell was a little bit to late


Kagome had a bad feeling, again it wasn't the type she liked as they brought the artifact back into the shuttle bay she looked over at Kal

"I knew it.. for some reason the armor of a Capital ship absorbs the pulse's from these artifacts.. there for causing damage, however the armor of a shuttle is a bit different from that of a capital ship", Kalshion grined

That grin fadded when 4 gammies beamed on board Kalshion rose and got his weapon but felt something hit his back, he then blacked out

Kagome spun on her heels and fired two shots, one gammie went down before another one fired a shot right back at her, she felt a rise of pain as the shot penetrated the middle part of her chest, she fell back in pain and watched as the artifact and Kalshion were beamed out of the shuttlecraft. She then blacked out from the pain


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3 of the New Kindred's out of 7 fighters returned to the Scorched Fighter bays of the Stormcarrier. Aidan Cursed. "5 Fighters in one operation gone." It wasn't the fighters that bothered Aidan it was the 5 pilots. 2 of them had ejected saftley and were on the list for RAR (Rescue and Retrival) But 3 were dead.

The fight was over, It would take a week to get his ship fully operational. "Stand Down from Red Alert. Those of you that are nessessary for ship survival get some sleep." Aidan thumbed off the ship intercom system and looked upto the comms office. "Did that work?" the comms office smiled and nodded. "Yes Sir, Ship intercom is about all thats working." The Cheif looked up from his post. "Well actually sir, Comms are back online. I used the comm gear out of one of the shuttles and hung the antena out the side of the launch bay." Aidan laughed.

Aidan examined the strange device on the main bridge viewer that Kalshion had ordered shown. At that time one of the Kindred's Shuttles leaped onto the viewer as it approached the Artifact. "Well isn't that interesting." The science officer looked up at the Commander. "Well actually sir, It wouldn't be that much different then....." The science officer was cut off when "Get Kalshion away from that artifact! Gammulens are right on top of him!!"

Aidan looked at the viewer and couldn't see anything. "Operations, Are transporters online?" Aidan demanded. "Yes sir but" Aidan cut the young officer off. "Helm gets us in transporter range." Aidan yelled. "But sir!" "I said Do it!" Aidan's voice could be heard down in engineering.

The Kindred moved towards the shuttle. "Operations get get 5 marines to meet me at the transporter room." Aidan leapt up from his seat and ran down the corridor leaping over supports that been destoryed in the combat. Reaching the Transporter room 5 fully geared up Marines were already on the platform. Aidan Joined them and signaled to the Transporter officer. The Six men faded away into nothing.


Kagome eyes fluttered then opened. She strugled trying to recall the final moments before she had blacked out. Bolting straight upright she saw several figures and reached for her rifle.

"Kagome, It's ok. It's Aidan. Where is Kalshion?" Aidan's voice was re-assuring though there was the common hint of fear/dread."

"They,,, Took him." Kagome collapsed again.

"Aidan to Fleet. See if you can locate a vessel in hyperspace. They have taken Kalshion." Aidan clicked of his personal comms.

"Get her to sickbay." Aidan told one of the Marines.


Aidan Paced his bridge. "They found anything yet?" The comms office who was monitoring radio traffic shook his head.

Aidan signed and slammed himself down in his command chair. The medical officer walked up beside Aidan. "Perhaps you should get some sleep. You look like death warmed up." Aidan looked up and the Doctor. "Thank you for your concern Doctor. I'll consider it."

"Sir!, Fleet reports no traffic but the Flux F03 just spiked." The comm office reported. "Helm set a course." Aidan ordered. "Sir, Fleet is saying we are no condition to mount a rescue. They are dispatching Elio and few others."

Aidan thought about this for a second. "Anyone aggree with that?" There was no reply. "Thats what I thought. Set a course anyway Helm. We have someone to save."

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Kalshion opened his eyes and noticed he was in a room, 2 gammulen marines where in the room with him.

"So.. the ugly have got me..", Kalshion said receiving a reply to his insulting comment

The gammulen interigater walked in and started speaking to Kal, but Kal couldn't understand a single word

The interigation only lasted 3 minutes, due to Kalshions resistence the interrigater got frustreted and left, Kalshion chuckled a bit

"Gammulens don't have any patience", He said getting up and walking over to a porthole, the ship was in hyperspace heading to one of the flux field that darted the system

"Hmmmm, 3 SC's escorting this single SC.. why do they want me? if its anyone they want it would be what's in Aidens ship", Kalshion said hearing what sounded like an alerm, the ship came out of hyper space and went through a flux field

On the other side of the flux field, two Galcom Cruisers where waiting outside the field

"The GCV-Hegemonia and GCV-Kranyoa, and I thought Galcom still had those ships in production, if I had known they where out on patrol I would've requested there assitence", he said while waiting to see what the gammulen's would do.. and it wasn't long before the 3 escorts opened fire on the two Galcom Cruisers


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The hull groaned and creaked, Aidan looked around him a little apprehensive. "Chief, I'm sure thats not normal even for a gammy ship." Aidan expressed his concern. "She'll be fine commander, Hull integrity is holding at 63%." Aidan nodded to the Chief and concentrated on the VID image of the Flux field.

"Helm ETA?" Aidan's voice was edgy. "2 minutes sir, The Hyperdrive is having a hard time. The invader and the rest of fleet will be their in a little under 45 seconds."

Aidan cursed. "Damage report." he stated. Reports flooded in from all over the ship showing that most primary system were operational though damaged. The most concerning to Aidan was the Hull at 63% and the shield generator at 50%. The reactor held steady at 75%. There were only 3 fighters left, which was just aswell for there was only 3 working fighter bays. All 4 shuttles we accounted for.

Lt Karla walked onto the Bridge, Aidan hadn't seen her since since he had ordered Pearce and Karla planet side hours ago. Pearce unfortunatly never returned. Karla snapped to attention and Aidan returned her salute a little informally. "You requested to see me sir." Karla walked upto Aidan.

"Yes Karla, I have a mission for you. We will be arriving at the battle a little late. As soon as we jump in system I want you to take one of the shuttles and locate Kalshion. It won't be easy to do in the middle of a fire fight. Take as many marines as you think you need for the job." Karla nodded uncertainly. "Sir, How do we know what ship he'll be held in?" Aidan sighed. "We don't Luietenant." Karla nodded grimly and jogged off the bridge.

"Chief, Is the cloaking device operational?" Aidan crossed his fingers. "Yes sir, But it's damaged the Radiation will be 4 or 5 times higher then expected." Aidan Noded. "Medical, Prepare to handle radiation illness."

The Kindred came of of hyperspace and promptly disappeared from radar as slipping through the Flux field. A single shuttle left the Kindreds Shuttle bay on it's impossible mission.

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