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Twilight Hour


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The GCV-Hegemonia made a hard turn and fired several missles, each missle hit its intended target

"6 enemy fighters down.. 2 damaged", Said the captain as he turned in his seat,"Tactical, have you been able to locate Kalshions exact postion"

"no idea sir.. all 4 SC's are cloaked, its hard to pin-", the tactical officer stopped, "INCOMING GAMMULEN REINFORCEMENTS!"

Out of no where, 5 Firestorms and 2 Astroms appeared out of hyperspace, fighters launched from the figher bays and the space around the two Galcom Carriers lite up like a chrismex tree

Back on the Gammulen SC, Kalshion paced back and forth and began to wonder what to do luckily the gammulens where sloppy in there search for weapons, a small stick of C19 was on him. He forced open the door and knocked out both the guards since the ship was in Red Alert no personnel where walking or running about.

He was able to locate a plasma pipe, that ran along the side of the corridor, it was covered up and it took Kal at least 5 minutes to get a peice of armor plating off the pipe, he took the stick of C19 and placed it on the pipe, then put two firing pins in the stick.

"This should bring there attention back toward the SC and give our forces a chance", Kalshion said, he hid down the hull behind a door, then pressed the trigger

Meanwhile.. the battle outside was going pretty good for the Galcom forces, for some reason the GCV-Hegemonia wasn't taking any shield damage, and the GCV-Kranyoa was picking off the fighters like they where nothing

"Sir! im reading a major power build up in this SC", The tacticle officer said highlighting the SC on the tactical display, "Umm Sir.. I dunno about you but the power build up is simlier to-", the tactical officer was cut off when the SC exploded.. a huge blast wave emited from the ship outward and destroyed several of there own fighters near by

"Good God! what the hell was that!?", Yelled the captain

"Standard Issue Elite Force Marine Explosive.. or rather... C19", The tact officer said

"My god.. where did he get that? C19 is only issued to those who know how to use it, plus its only suppost to be used to blast through Capital ship armor.. not blast OUT of capital ship armor!", The captain said as he ordered the officer to scan the debris

Kalshion hadn't expected C19 to be THAT powerful, he was told by the armorery officer that it was only 6 times more powerful than C4, luckily the block of the ship he was in was sealed off the momment the hull was breached by the explosion, he was sealed off in a small section of the ship that was only as wide as a hallway in a house, enough oxygen to last maybe 3 hours.

"If I make it out of here alive, im going to have a LONG talk with that Armorery officer", Kalshion said as he sat down

The GCV-Hegemonia had scaned the debris and found Kalshions location.. but now 9 enemy fighters where baring down on his 'escape pod' and the GCV-Hegemonia was to far to get there in time

"God damn.. there's no way we can get there in time! Jesus! there must be SOMETHING we can do!", yelled the captain as he watched the enemy fighters fly toward there objective


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Lt Karla jerked the stick sideways and killed the engine. The Gammy fighter on her tail slid staight past on the right of the shuttle as Karla hit full thrust again.

She was about to make a close sweep past the 3rd stormcarrier. Hopeing that Kalshion had managed to set some sort of signal for them.

At 100 meters to target she slid the shuttle craft lower under the umbrella of PTA fire. She opened up the scanners and checked everything she could think of, from light paterns to exaughest fumes. Anyway that Kalashion could send a signal. Nothing..... "Wait, Whats that, The marine in the co-pilot seat looked at Karla, "It's a build up. Hang on, The signature is the same as C19..." Karla looked at the Marine stupidly. "In English" she stated. "It means, get out of here!" Karla hit full throtle and pulled up sharply as the stormcarrier exploded. Karla flew the shuttle like a fighter as it was hit with debrie. Karla's heart sank as she started scanning the debrie. "The marine pointed, Lieutenant, There, Human life signs."


Aidan sat in his command chair, The Kindred little more then scrap made a great door stop but could do little more in this epic fleet engagement. Galcom forces were fairing well however, the GCV-Hegemonia, GCV-Kranyoa, GCV-Invader and 3 other BattleCruiser Mk III's were easily a match for 4 stormcarriers. Fighter weaved and dodged as Cap ships launched missles into the fray. However the odds became a lot more even when 5 Firestorms and 2 Astroms jumped in from hyperspace.

Aidan glanced as the Medical Officer. "Hows radiation?" "Not good Sir, We can stand another 3 minutues at the most." Aidan glanced at the bridge viewer. "Come on Karla."

The Kindred hung in space like a dog with no teeth. Waiting. "Kindred, This is SC-1, I'm bringing you a passenger." Aidan jumped out of his seat. "Operations, Beam them onboard now!, Helm gets us out here, Through the flux field and back to HQ. Communications, Inform fleet."

Something in the back of Aidan's mind tingled. "Comms, Tell Elio to get out here and let fleet mop up the rest. I'll explain to him later." Elio wouldn't be happy, Espcially since Aidan was junior to him in experience. But then most people who knew Aidan wondered how he even got in to Galcom in the first place. Aidan smiled at himself. As Operations confirmed the retrieval of Karla and her team.

"Number one you have the bridge." Aidan paced of the bridge towards his new cabin. Though still decorated in Gammy traditon, somehow Aidan liked it. He sat down at his desk and activated the Noteputer. Keying in the password started the short report.

To: Agent Y67

From: X99T

The grass is green.

End Message.

Aidan flipped of the noteputer streched and made hisway to Medical to see Kalshion.

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Kalshion smiled when Karla got him out of his 'escape pod' and off toward the Kindred

He layed back in the chair, his back hurt due to the explosion and the fact that he was blown against the wall.. nothing serious though, When Karla asked him how they treated him he chuckled

"How'd they treat me? like royalty", He said drifting to asleep

Meanwhile, back in the Kindred. Kagome was asleep in the medical bay, she was patched up and ready for action but due to a headach and dizzyness she was allowed to stay. When she heard that Kalshion had been rescued she got up and waited for him

Kalshion had been beamed back aboard the Kindred, the doctor tended to some of his minor wounds. He needed to make a report on his mission but decided to rest for awhile, he knew he would have to explain to Elio about what was going on since he had the right to know


OOC: Elio? oooh Elio?? you there man

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"Message from the Kindred sir."

"What is it?"

"They want us to go and let the fleet mop up the rest."

"Us? But why us and leave the fleet...I'm suspicious about that...."

"He says he'll explain later..."

"Hmm...Get us to the closest friendly station. WeÔÇÖll wait and see."

I wasn't sure about all of us and what Aidan had up his sleeve. But the commander had been making good choices which were enough to convince me.


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Galcom HQ

By orders from the Supreme Commander, Kalshion had to debrief both Aiden and Elio on what was going on. And to tell them they both have a week off due to the operation being a somewhat success

As Kalshion paced back and forth in the debriefing room he replyed the image of the battle in his head

The doctor here told him that Hikowa would be ok, she had internal injurys that the docs on Elio's ship didn't notice. But thanks to a through scan the injurys where found treated

Now he had another problem, Somehow the Gammulens found he and his child had information on the 'Twilight Burst' Weapon System, Galcom would of course want me it destroyed so that it could never be used against them, but on the other hand the Gammulens wanted it so they could destroyed the Galcom forces

Surprisingly the Insurgents weren't getting involed, infact if anything they where helping Galcom forces when ever it involved a Gammulen Fleet, but after the battle it turned right back into a Galcom vs Insurgent skirmish where 80% of the time Galcom would win, mostly due to number though

But it was still a worry, someone within Galcom released information about the 'Twilight Burst' and due to that has put everyone involved in utter danger

When Kalshion brought up Hikowa's profile he was surprised in how big it was

"Age 15, Grade 8th, school lasted attended 'Dihoka Academy'", Kalshion said as he went through the profile, the girl had over 19 different school transfer due to her familys job as traders but when he looked at her family information he found it odd that it was blank

The Supreme Commander had placed Kalshion incharge of this childs safty, why he was unsure of. Maybe the Commander felt this child needed some protection, or maybe it was something more. All he knew was that this girl needed to go back in school and he knew the right place to go to, it was insurgent held but he had a few contacts within the insurgent military. Despit the fact that they where normaly enemys, both sides didn't like killing civilions and weather either side like'd it or not.. they would have to work together at least until this problem is solved

Kalshion heard the door and looked up, a marine private steped in

"Sir! The Invader and Kindred have docked", The private said

"Good.. you're just a private, but relay this order.. I want there ships SEARCHED, every deck every officer screened, check there profiles and check there backgrounds", Kalshion said getting up and walking over to another monitor

"But.. sir only the SC can give those orders, or varify them", the Private said in protest

"Orders have already been varifid, I expect you to follow them", Kalshion said before waving the private away

As the doors closed, Kalshion closed his eyes

"This is a dangerous game where playing, you sure you're up to it?", Kalshion said

"Yes Sir.."

"Very well.. proceed to the Credian Glaaxy, Lydon system. Once there you'll be given further orders", Said Kalshion as he took out his pistol

"But sir... what about you and that child?"

"What about us?", Kalshoin said

"Well... I mean... don't you need help sir in protection"

"Look, The SC has assigned 2 squads of veteren marines for protection, they'll be in civvy clothing while where in the citys.. however under those clothing they'll be armed, but we'll be fine.. just take care of you're mission. Thats an order", Kalshion said before putting his pistol on the table

"Yes Sir, I'll report back when my mission is compelte"

As his guest left he couldn't help but wonder if he was doing the right thing, "We've all got our plans, weather back up or not. This plan I hope works" he said before sitting down and waiting for Aiden and Elio to enter


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"Sir, Docking procedures are complete. We have a few problems with incompatable systems due to the alien nature of our vessel. But Galcom HQ engineers think they can get us ship shape with in the week."

Aidan Looked up from his commlink. "Tell the crew that everyone has a week off. I expect them back here at 0400 in 7 days time." The chief looked up from the engineering console with a hurt expression on his face. Aidan smiled. "Of course, if you have nothing better to do, your welcome to continue your duties." The Chief smiled and went back to his console.


Aidan opened open the wardrobe in his quarters on Galcom HQ and removed the single dress uniform that hung neatly. Dressing quickly he adjusted the collar and checked himself in the mirror. "To much pizza" Aidan said to himself as he pated his stomache. His personal commlink beeped. "Commander Tylier, Go ahead."Sir, This is the Chief, I have a bunch of Galcom HQ guys here to search the ship." The chief sounded angry. "Thats ok Chief, Alien ship and all, I was expecting it." Aidan was calm, he knew how Galcom worked. Besides they would find nothing that didn't belong. Atleast that Aidan knew of. "Sir, They also want to questioning every crew member and conduct bio checks." Aidan sighed. "Let me speak to who is in command chief."

The commlink went dead for a second and the voice was replaced by the gruff sound that only years of battle experience could re-produce. "Commander Tylier, This is Lieutenant Jenkison, I have orders from Fleet to search your vessel and question and bio checks on your crew." The voice was arogant but understanding. "Of course Lieutenant, You may search the ship and do your bio checks, However my crew is on leave, You'll have to wait a week to question the crew." Aidan's voice dripped sweetness like honey. "I'm sorry sir, You'll have to call them back." The understanding from the lieutenants voice disappeared. "Sorry Lieutenant, Won't happen. All the crew have transponders on them, They aren't going anywhere and deserve the break. Should I arrest myself or will take my word for it?" Aidan was still the picture of calmness. "Sorry sir, I have my orders." The finality of the voice was as plan as the newly found crease on Aidan's dress jacket. "Well, In that case Lieutenant, Be my guest. Though it might be hard locating them. My first officer, The chief there and myself are the only ones with the codes for the transponders and private numbers to call the crew. I I'm sure you'll find it tough to get them from any of us. Good Day Lieutenant." Aidan flicked of the comm and smiled. Martin Priest the cheif enginneer was a big man, He had no fear at all of his crew being disturbed during it's R&R.

Finally happy with himself Aidan picked up his suitcase and headed to Kalshion's office. The trip was short and uneventfull. Kalshions door was plan except for the Plaque which simply said Kashion. Aidan knocked. A familar voiced answer in return and Aidan stepped in.

Elio hadn't shown up yet. Aidan was 5 minutes earlier as always but Aidan smiled. "Elio Late again?" and laughed. Kalshion was busy with some papers and smiled at Aidan. "I'll be with you in a view moments Commander. Aidan nodded opened his brief case and removed a bottle of Jack Danneils. "I figured we'd need this, And I'm officially of duty........"

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"Docking procedures done sir."

"Good. As of 0400 in 7 days you all have a week off."

The crew cheered. It was a vacation we all needed. Right then a few marines entered and saluted me.

"Sir, my name is Lieutenant James. On orders from fleet command we are to search your vessel, question your crew and perform bio checks."

What would they get besides a tour?

"Very well James. Do make your search and checks quick. My crew is ready for leave."

I then punched in a message to the crew telling them to stay onboard and let the marines question them.

I handed them a notepad with my info and went to my quarters to get changed.

I left a few moments later and arrived at Kalshion's office. I knocked on the door and heard his voice.

I walked in. "Sorry IÔÇÖm late gentlemen. I don't seem to be punctual today." We all laughed a bit and I took a seat next to Aidan who was opening a Jack Daniel's.


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The paper work wasn't the only thing that gave Kalshion a tad bit of a headach, but every bio scan was routed to his computer. So far everything was ok, which was what Kalshion wanted

He opened a security folder and made sure that all security locks where in place, no one would be getting out of either docks without his explisent premission or unless they wanted to be shot

Kalshion closed the security folder, then walked over to another monitor. He was to busy to think about drinking or eating, infact it had been hours since he even had anything to eat he was to busy making sure everything was alright

There was another dock at the door, Kalshion wasn't expecting anyone else, Aiden and Elio where already here. He placed his hand on his pistol and told them to come in

Private Kagome entered the room, she was wearing a dress uniform which made her stand out from anyone else

"Sorry to disturb you sir, but I was asked to give you these", the Private said walking over to Kal and handing him a pad

Kalshion looked at the pad, sighed, then looked at Kagome

"Are you sure this is what they want?," Kalshion said, his expression of uncertainly

"Yes Sir, since the SC assigned those marines to us it seems he wants to make sure there living in luxury, personaly I beleave it'll just bring more attention to us but orders are orders sir", Kagome said uncertain if she said the right thing

She was right though.. orders where orders and these orders where clear he sighed the pad with an approval sig then handed it back to Kagome, she salute and left

Kalshion walked back over to the computer and typed in a few commands then stud

"Thank you for coming commanders", he said to Elio and Aiden, he hit a few keys and a picture of a cannon appeared on the monitor

"This, gentle is called the 'Twilight Burst', first sighted back in 2087. A mining colony on the moon was the target, surprised the moon wasn't destroyed when we finially found out the weapons true power. Think of a RANDOM.. now think of the power of 5-10 RANDOMS put to together", Kalshion said

"Any question before I continue", Said Kalshion as he loaded up the schmatics on the proposed weapon design and what it was made of.. although it was all 'thoery'

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Aidan listened as Kalshion started explaining about the Twilight burst. "Any questions before I continue", Said Kalshion

Aidan's commlinked beep twice softly. "Excuse me gentlemen." Aidan flicked on his comm "This better be good." The Kindreds First officer replied. "Sir, They won't let any of us leave the station." Aidan nodded, not remembering he was talking over a comm. "I'll get back to you Number one."

Kalshion looked at Aidan intently. "Problem?"

Aidan sighed. "Brass is holding my crew prisioner......"

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Kalshion walked over to the computer and loaded up the Bio Data... there was nothing wrong .. no one was under suspiosion

"If you'll excuse me for a second", Kalshion said as he walked into another room, the door closed

in that very room

"Alright Lt.. give me a good reason why you havn't released Aidens crew", Kalshion said, frustrated

"Well.. umm sir, you're right that there are no problems, However the brass wants to keep them on station in case something turns up", The LT said

Kalshion thought of sending a message to the brass to shove it, but knew that would land him in the brig instead he responded with, "Release Aidens crew, send the data to the science team on the Moon. That is all LT"

"Yes Sir!", The LT said

Kalshion sighed and was about to leave the room when his com link went off again

"Yes? What is it? can't you see im busy", Said Kalshion

"Yes Sir.. however you've got a priority coms from one of our S-Fighters", The Com officer said

"Alright alright, patch it through", Kal said

A hiss was heard, followed by the com line changing circuts then another voice came through

"Kalshion? Sir? you there", Came a voice

"Yes im here.. whats you're status? im damn sure you're not already at Credian", Kalshion said

"No sir.. it would appear the Terren Police are suspious of why I have a prototype S-Fighter, and umm.. I kinda forgot my ID papers back in my office sir", The voice said

Kalshion sighed and walked over to the desk, he knew that if the police were to search that fighter it would be all over to both him and that pilot

"Very well.. I'll see what I can do hold on please", Kalshion said

He switched lines and was able to get ahold of a Freighter Convoy in the area

"Freighter Convoy Delta, enroute to Galcom HQ.. can you hear me?", Kalshion said waiting for a reply

"This is Captain Skioya of the Freighter 'Kan' what can I do for you sir?", Skioya said

"Can you do me a favor? I need you to distract the police long enough for my friend to get throught the wormhole.. any idea's?", Kal said.. he heard a slight 'hmmm' in the background

"Yes there is something... Captain Wallen and I are already fighting it out and he wants to see who's freighter would make it to Galcom first.. the police here have told us countless times not to race.. im sure they'll come after us if we where to disobey there orders", the captain said

"Very well.. Thank you, I owe you one", Kalshion said switching back over to the other com line

"What the hell is up with these Freighter Kal? there.. racing... hold on. .getting a coms from the police", Kalshion said the line cut, then a second later the pilot came back, "Cool sir! there letting me off with a warning.. hmm wodner why there so interested in these two freighter.. oh well they just bought me some time", Kal smiled when he heard what the pilot said, then he cut the line

Kalshion let out another sigh and opened the door, then walked over to the monitor

"Now.. anymore interruptions? Elio, do you have any questions", Kalshion asked, curiously


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Kalshion scaned his system, he looked up the data that he had and reviewed it

"According to eye-witness accounts and data collected, it varies.. the Colony on the moon was only destroyed, yet the moon remained intact.. I suspect it can be used to destroy whole worlds, but as of yet we havn't seen any evidence", Kalshion said displaying the image of the destroyed colony on the moon, "Even though its been years since the destruction, the site was preserved so that people can see the total destruction this weapon can cause"

Kalshion sat down in his chair and scrolled through more information, smiled then got up

"Any more questions", he ask


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Kalshion thought about that question, it was true they didn't have the reason.. but did the gammies really have it? that was a question he couldn't realy answer without more proof

"All I can say is that each side might have a portion of the weapon, I wouldn't be surprised if we had the defense components locked into some of our ships, and the gammies have the offensive components.. but it could very well be the other way around, or none at all", Kalshion said.. expecting another question to be asked by either Elio or Aiden


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Aidan pondered on this and scratched his chin which he had forgotten to shave. "A sight I must be in dress uniform but with out shaving." he thought to himself.

"Ok, So they get the guns, we get the shields. I guess the next obvious question is, what did they find on my new stormcarrier? Maybe there will be a hint of some sort as to where the other parts are."

With out waiting for Kalshion to answer, knowing it would take sometime for him to think over the implications, Aidan pulled out a small Alien looking hand held recorder and handed it to Kalshion. "Sorry to keep this from you, It's the Captains log from the Stormcarrier. I haven't had a chance to translate it yet, Though portions are suprisingly enough in english."

Aidan was disobeying orders, Orders that neither Elio or Kalshion knew of, Indeed the orders didn't come from Galcom. But at was confident that his explaination later would be aceptable.

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Kalshion took the recorder and inserted it into a drive on the system and started coping the log, in the mean time he looked up the information needed to answer Aidens question

The information on what was found on the stormcarrier was vague, and Kalshion could tell that some of it was being held back away from his viewing. He just sighed and sent the nessisary codes to the command center, a second later he was granted access to the information

He let out a whisle in his mind, interesting data however it was classified so he couldn't talk about it.. he just looked at Aiden

"Im afriad what you have asked is classified information, you're engeenering chief might know what was found or might not, either way I can't tell you without the premission of the Supreme COmmander", Kalshion said as he noticed the flashing word across his screen Complete he smiled and took out the log, then handed it back to Aiden

"Thank you Commander, I hope you can explain why you kept that away for so long", He said walking back over to the monitor and taking a seat

"Anymore questions?", he said waiting for either another question, or a no


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Aidan took the recorder of Kalshion and gave him a puzzled look. Kalshion was unlike a lot of Galcom military personel he had known, or investigated in his years. Replacing the the log back into his bag and glaced quickly over to Elio who was giving him a strange look. Aidan had forgotten about Elio who had been quiet to the point of disappearing.

[OOC] I'm about to make some assumptions here on the UFN based on the history file with BCM. If I'm wrong grossly wrong, I would appreciate a Moderator killing my post and PMing me how I got it wrong so I can re-do it. [/OOC]

Trying to recall a bio scan of Kalshion and Elio he had read before attending this meeting Aidan sighed.

"I'm sorry Commander Sergeant, But there are somethings that I can not go into. Due to matters of trust however and the fact that this is more serious then internal conflict between the arms of goverment, I am at liberty to say that I represent the UFN Security Council."

Aidan waiting for a reaction. "The only remaining question I have, Is what do we do about this threat?"

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"Do?", Kalshion said while looking Aiden

"Easy.. we wait and see what develops.. its possible we'll find the components before the gammulen military does", Kalshion said before getting a call

"Sir! you're needed in the command center", the voice said

"Well gentlemen.. im afriad I gotta go, you are dismissed", Kalshion said, he grabed a disk from the monitor and shut it down, then walked out of the debriefing room and headed toward the Command Center


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In an undisclosed location....

"So how was your meeting?"

"Routine. Except we got a new superweapon on our hands. The 'Twilight Burst' they call it."

"Indeed. We've been searching for that thing for awhile. Any known location?"

"None. We aren't even sure which side has it."

"Very well. We'll continue searching for it and our strike team will stand by."

"Good. I'll see you later then."


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Kalshion arrived on the command deck

"Command Sargeant Kalshion, reporting as ordered sir!", Kalshion snaped a crisp salute to the station commander

"At ease son, come here please", The station commander said gesturing toward him

"Yes sir? you called me away", Kalshion said

"Yes I know, sorry about that but when you accessed the data on what was recovered I felt they where beginning to ask to many questions.. Can't have them doing that now can we?.. anywho, Hikowa is ok, she's ready to go. But I still would like to know how you managed to get her into an Insurgent School when the insurgents are at war with us", The Station commander asked, curiously

"In the past, there was a woman I saved she owed me one and she soon retired from being a starship captain and became the director of education on that planet. I got in contact with her and asked for her help, at first she said no, but after awhile she agree'd to help", Kalshion said

"What about the marines who will be going with you?", The Station Commander said

"2 squads of marines, 6 per squad. They'll be in civvy clothing with there weapons under the coats.. there orders are to protect Hikowa and myself while where planetside", said Kalshion

"Very well.. the marine transport is ready when you are, Hikowa is already on board, the uniform for that school already arrived by a galcom fighter.. which was piloted by an insurgeant mind you, glad no one noticed the insurgent tag", The SC said with a chuckle

"Umm yes sir.. thank you sir", Kalshion said

"You are dismissed.. report in every 2 days please", the SC said, As kalshion left the SC turned, "By the way, one more thing Kal"

"Yes sir?", Kalshion said, he stopped at the door

"The weapon, who controls it?"

"So far no one sir, im sure if the gammies find it they'll use it against us, but if we find it we'll destroy it.. however I think it'll be impossible to destroy seeing how the components for the weapons are either buried underground.. or being used by ships on either side", Kalshion said

"I see.. very well we'll continue our search for the components.. we recovered a component from the Kinried and Invader, the GCV-Hegemonia also has one but there under orders to protect it.. no one is to remove that component without the Supreme Commanders premission, and your's to", the SC said

"Very good sir.. now I must go", Kalshion said leaving the command deck

The SC turned and looked at the displays

"You got the information right? he'll be arriving on the planet in the next two days.. make sure he and the girl vanish before making it planetside", the SC said to someone

"Yes Sir", another person said

"Kalshion is to close to the truth, this weapon will prove useful to Galcom, the SC is willing to destroy it.. how pathitec", He said looking at his command crew, they all agree'd with him and didn't want to say a word

Galcom Hanger Bay 5

Kalshion walked up to a marine, the marine saluted and Kalshion returned the salute

"Welcome aboard sir, we'll be leaving soon.. is everything ok?", the marine asked

"Yes.. everything is fine.. is Kagome aboard?", Kalshion asked

"Yes sir.. she is piloting the transport, Hikowa is also aboard she is on the bridge. Apperently she is very energidic about the whole thing, going back to school and finally getting away from all this hell", The marine said

"Well.. think of this as a vacation, marines will be allowed to do what civvy's normaly do but you'll be rotating guard duty on Hikowa and myself", Kalshion said saluting then walking onto the transport, the Marine smiled then walked on board and closed the hatch

Kalshion walked toward the bridge, the door opened, he didn't like transports due to how small the bridge was. But it would have to do, he gave out orders and requested clareance to leave, it was granted and the transport slowly eased out of Galcom HQ's Hanger Bay and toward one of the wormholes


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Aidan sat in his chair in his newly furnished stateroom on the Kindred. The door buzzer chimmed. "Enter" Aidan said simply. Sally Crow the new Luietenant that was taking over afters Jame's death entered. "Sir, Priority comms from earth for you. I think." Aidan looked up, "Why didn't you just pipe it through?" Aidan asked with a forced puzzeled expression. "I'm sorry Sir, It wouldn't pipe, Infact, I couldn't save it or anything. For some reason the computer must be malfunctioning, It simply wrote it self to disc." Sally said apologetically expected a rempremand. "Thats fine Lt, Give me the disc and return to your station." Sally put the disc on the Aidan's desk, Saluted and left.

Aidan looked at the disc. Aidan had already installed the secured module into the communications system. It allowed the Kindred to recieve comms normally, however specially tagged messages were simply recorded to disc encrypted and then deleted. Flipping on the playback device again Aidan listened.

"You got the information right? he'll be arriving on the planet in the next two days.. make sure he and the girl vanish before making it planetside" The recorded voice sounded grainy, which is a common effect hiden recording device have.

"Damn it." Aidan said to himself. The Kindred was being repaired as he spoke, But wouldn't be space worthy for days yet. Even if it was, He still had no idea of where Kalshion was heading, Only that it was 2 days travel away in a frieghter. The problem with any large organisation, "It starts to eat it self."

Aidan flipped a switch on his desk. "Comms, Patch me through to the Invader." In a few moments the Invaders Comms Office answered. "This is Commander Tylier, Please convey to Commander Elio my gratitude for his Aide and formally invite him to dinner tonight onboard the Kindred. And tell him that I have some lose dishes that I need to secure..." Aidan hoped the criptic message was enough for Elio to realise something was wrong, but not so obvious as to raise suppiscious from any of the numerous people that monitor public comms.

Aidan pushed back in his seat, Going over in his mind, what to do next.

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Kalshion layed back in the command chair, they hadn't entered hyperspace yet. Everyone there was wondering what he was waiting for

"Sir?", Kagome said while looking at the tacops display

Kalshion glanced at Kagome, "Don't worry private, where just waiting for someone"

"Who sir?", Kagome asked, curiously

Kalshion looked about, a finger to his throut told the com's officer to kill all the coms on the ship, inside and out

"Where waiting on an insurgent fleet commander, her name is Sharia", Kalshion said, thats all they needed to know

Kagome thought about that "A fleet commander? within the insurgent fleet.. but how would they know Kal or for that matter, why would they work with a marine", the question continued to race in Kagome's mind, she was confused as to why he said that

Hikowa came in and looked at Kagome, she was in deep thought, so Hikowa only smiled

"Hey Kal? how long is it before we reach our destination?", Hikowa asked

"Hmm... 2 days, parhaps 3", Kalshion said looking at the tacops display

"I see... and are you sure we'll be safe? I mean we are heading into insurgent territory", Hikowa said

"True we are heading into insurgent territory", Kalshion said getting up, "But I just beleave we need bit of an escort thats all"

That said a wormhole on the farside of Sol opened up and something came through, it was cloaked so no one could really see what it was

Kalshion looked at his com's officer

"Sir! where being hailed", Said the com's officer

"Secure all communications, make sure there is no one monitoring this line", Kalshion said

"Yes Sir",replied the com's officer

"This is Fleet Commander Sharia to Insurgent Freighter 'Diho', what the hell are you doing here in galcom space? explain yourself before I open fire", said Sharia

Kalshion just grined, "Sharia, nice of you to arrive", Kalshion said enabling the video screen, Sharia's image appeared, his bridge crew looked at the image.

"Kalshion? THE Kalshion? the one who saved my ass several years ago from some Galcom Marine's who wanted to use me for target practice?", Sharia asked

"Yes.. THAT Kalshion, so.. what is Sharia doing? she seems to have made it to Fleet Commander Status, and as I can see it.. you never said anything about that little inccident", Kalshion said

"Thank you, I made FC awhile back. Now what can I do for you? all I know is that you need safe passage to one of our systems, a bit paranoid are we today?", Sharia said with a grin

"We have a VIP on board and quite frankly, I don't want her to be harmed.. I have reason to beleave that elements within both earthcom,galcom, and several other militarys might want her dead", Kalshion said

"That would warren a escape, alright we'll stay cloaked and follow you. Just don't try anything ok? the last thing I need is to have the Supreme Commander get on my ass", Said Sharia as the image died

Kalshion laughed,"Still the same sharia I knew back in school", he said as the bridge crew looked at him

"You knew her sir?", Kagome asked

"Long story, will tell you later.. anywho we have several hours before we reach the wormhole, check everything, weapons,sensors, com's make sure there ok", Kalshion said as he got up and walked off the bridge, Hikowa looked at him then back at the bridge crew, then followed him


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"Sir you are being invited over for dinner on the Kindred. Aidan says he "has some loose dishes that I need to secure."

I understood what he ment there. Something wasn't right.

"Thank you comms. Tell him i'll be there.z'

Later that night...

"Docking with the Kindred. Stand by..."

I forgot just how massive Stormcarriers were. I was too used to blasting them.

I arrived at the dinner table moments later.

"Good to see you Commander Tylier. You wanted to discuss something?" i said as i sat down


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Aidan finished playing the disc Sally had given to him earlier. Amougnst other things, It Authorised him to break Galcom orders for a period of one week, In which time the Security Council would clam orders of Plantary Security in dealing with a large drug cartel. Aidan signed. "Poor excuse, But an exuse none-the-less." The Door Chimmed, a young ensign, Aidan's aide entered. "Sir, Commander Elio of the Invader to see you." Aidan got up from his seat as Elio entered. "Ensign, Tell the Cook to serve dinner in here please." The ensign nodded and departed.

"Elio, Good to see you again, Please take a seat. I'll get straight to the point. Please understand that what I'm about to tell you is Classified by the UFN has nothing to do with Galcom,,, Yet. Please also understand that I can not order you to keep quiet. Indeed I can't even order you to go."

Aidan noticed Elio's face looked grave, as he looked around the Alien Cabin. "Different isn't she?" Aidan smiled as Elio nodded and sat down.

"This afternoon, after our meeting with Kalshion, he was called to a meeting at the Station Commanders office. He has been sent on a high priorty escort mission to protect the little girl you saved. However, the UFN Security Council has had there eye on the station commander for some time now, and our information revels, that he has plans to murder Kalshion and to try and steal the Twlight burst and claim it for Galcom instead of destorying it."

Aidan waited for what he said to sink in before continuing.

"Kalshion departed this afternoon for an unknown planet, all we know is that Kalshion using some Insurgent contacts that owe him for his safe keeping, which means he is heading into Inusrgent teritory, and that his trip will take 2 or 3 days. In that time, the Sataion Commander has organised a strike against the frieghter carrying him."

Aidan sat back and sighed. "I'm asking you Elio to break an oath you took to Galcom, and to save Kalshion. I'd take the Kindred, But most of the crew is young and the ship is not in the condition to head into insurgent territory. I'll go with you if you say yes."

Aidan looked intently at Elio. "If you say no, I'm authorsied to steal a ship. Either way, I'm certain to be arrested by Galcom on my return. And things won't be much better for you."

Aidan finished his speach and waited for Elio's response.

[ooc] Feel free to describe me following you back to your ship if you say yes Elio. [/ooc]

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The freighter proceeded toward the wormhole, Kalshion walked down the hallway, Hikowa followed him as he went into an observation room

There he inputed some data on the planet they where headed to

"Hikowa, once we land the freighter im going have some marines with you while they take you over to the school, they'll be acting as you're parents and they have all the information to do just that ok?", Kalshion said looking at Hikowa

"Alright", replied Hikowa

Kalshion sighed

"Kal? where about to jump, anything you want us to do before hand?", Came Kagome's voice over the intercom

"Nope, just jump", he said

The ship into hyperspace and proceeded toward the wormhole


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