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Twilight Hour


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I nodded my head.

"I don't seem to have much of a choice and things have been going in our favor. My sources have been looking into that station commander's past as well. My sources also know were the location of the freighter is. Of course IÔÇÖm not authorized to say who my sources are.ÔÇØ I said smiling a bit.

"So with both of our sources we should be able to find and save Kalshion and maybe even destroy the Twilight Burst along the way. I suggest we move along now. No telling how quick the station commander's ships are."

I got up and we both left the room. Aidan gave his crew orders to stay on station and that his second in command was in charge.

We both took my shuttle back to the Invader.

Back on the bridge the crew saluted me and Aidan.

"Set course to Kalshion's system. Cloak and be ready for anything."

Aye ayes followed and the Invader was swiftly on her way.


Btw my ship is a BC MK2

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"Thank you Ensign." The young women from Elio's crew saluted and left Aidan in the Stateroom he'd been assigned. "Wow, Elio's place certainly is comfortable." Aidan peered out the porthole and watched as stars flew by.

Aidan pulled a knife from his boot and left it on the desk as he powered up his noteputer. Bringing up a star chart he sighed. "I hope Elio is right about knowing the location." Taping a few commands into the computer Aidan tapped into the Invaders Communications system, He hated not telling Elio, But he didn't want him to get in trouble. Apllying a few program changes Aidan sent an encrypted message to Galcom HQ. The message triggered a small Flux Device that Aidan had attached to a power feed supplying the stations docking power. There was enough ships outside Galcom for the few hours of downtime to protect. And those few hours would give Elio and the Invader time to escape before being noticed.

Aidan flipped another switch to patch him to the bridge. "COmmander Elio, Check with your Comms office, I think you'll find Galcom HQ just suffered a random terroist attack." Aidan smiled.

Aidan ducked out of his stateroom and made his way to the fighter bays. Upon arriving the Duty Office in charge recognised the his rank and saluted somewhat confusidly. "Um Sir?"

"At ease Liuetenant. Get me Flight Authorisation from Flight Operations." Aidan was firm and spoke quickly given the officer little time to think. "Sir, We are in Hyperspace, We can not launch at the moment." The office was apologetic. "I didn't ask you to tell me if I could launch on not Lieutenant, I asked you to get me Authorisation to FLY. Do I make myself clear?" The Officer nodded. Aidan suited up whilst waiting for the chain of command to work. Aidan smiled as he pictured Elio on the bridge being asked if this *NEW* passenger could be assigned a fighter.

Secretly, Aidan couldn't stand waiting, If there was a going to be a fight, he wanted to be able to make a difference.

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Day One, location: Unknown

Kalshion was glad the trip went without a problem.. Sharia had reported them being followed by several GALCOM ships, The Invader or Kindrid wern't amoung them, they lost there pursuers pretty quick though when they flew close to an insurgent station

"Sharia, anything else out there?", Kalshion asked over the coms

"Nothing, seems quiet and if there was someone, my fighter pilots wouldn't reported already. We've mined each wormhole that you've come out of", Sharia said

"But wouldn't that allow them to follow us?", Kalshion asked

"Who said I was the only one doing this?", Sharia replied

"Sneaky, im guessing you've got a trail of bread scraps heading toward Credian right?", Kalshion asked

"Yep, all information about where you're heading is to Credian, 4 transports baring you're exact sig.. it would be hard for anyone to find you unless there was a spy on you're very ship or mine.. and you know what happens if we find spys on insurgent ships", Sharia replied

"Yes I do.. thank you very much.. we should be arriving in the system in the next day", Kalshion said closing the com's

There was a knock on the door

"Its open", Kalshion said, the door opened and Hikowa came in. She was wearing the school uniform she would be wearing to the school she was heading to

Kalshion personaly liked the uniform, The scirt was white with pockets.. her shirt was a mixed color of black and blue, making it sorta dark. Her name,grade,class number was on one side of the sleeve while the school emblem was on the other side. He got up and walked over to her, she looked at him

"You look good, this should throw off any suspiosion", Kalshion said putting his hand on Hikowa's shoulder

The rest of the day went by with no problems, Kalshion decided to teach Hikowa a few things about Galcom but also teach her a bit of math and literacy. Kagome then stepped and started her off with some physical activitys, which the marines GLADLY joined in.

next day, Location: Unknown

They where almost there.. the trip had gone on for 2 days now, Kalshion was on the bridge when Sharia came on

"Umm.. Kalshion, we have a problem", Sharia said in a shivering voice

"Whats wrong? talk to me!", Kalshion said

"Two Galcom ships are at the planet you're heading to.. the GVC-Hegemonia and the GCV-Rinland", Sharia said.. Kalshion looked at the port monitor and saw the stormcarrier cloak, on tacops he was monitoring Sharia's exact were abouts, her fighters came through the wormholes and docked with her

"Sharia, can you distract them?", Kalshion said

"I can.. but for sometime we've had a problem with the Hegemonia.. what the hell type of sheild does it have? no way it can have an artifact type", Said Sharia as her Stormcarrier went through the wormhole, The transport followed shortly after she jumped

Kalshion thought about it.. she was right, the Hegemonia WOULD be a problem the only way to take it was with a reactor core overload

It took several minutes, but Sharia's ship engaged the two GALCOM ships while she was cloaked, however they made no move against instead.. all fighters launched and headed straight toward the armed transport

"God... wish we had a fighter right about now", Kalshion said jumping out of the command chair and heading over to weapons control, "Overload the PTA system! fire when ready" he yelled as the PTA system activated

Several enemy fighers never even made it out of hyperspace before being turned into debris, one fighter took a hit to its wing and slamed into a mine that was left by Sharia's stormcarrier

Kalshion looked at the view screen, several fighters where now on his tail as he made a break for the station.. however a missle and a PTA beam to the engines provented that, the ship slowly lurched to one side and moved into the atmosphere of the planet

"Damn it! regain control!", Kalshion yelled as his bridge crew disprilatly tried to regain control several sections of the transport began to blow away.. including the engine room

There was a loud BANG followed by the ship making a complete 178 degree spin as he fell into the atmosphere, Kalshion could hear Sharia trying to talk to him but the coms was wiped out by all the alerms and explosions

"Alright, Evacuate the ship! Kagome get Hikowa off of here NOW!", He yelled, Kagome nodded and ran up to Hikowa who was holding onto a hand rail, she ran up to her and told her they needed to go, Hikowa refused to go but a punch to the face caused her to come to her senses

Kagome raced down the hallway, Hikowa close behind her they continued to run for what seemed like hours.. Marines where running on both sides getting to the evac pods

Finially they got to a pod that had two seats left, 4 marines where in there all suited up, almost like they where heading into hell. The hatch closed and the pod fired, Hikowa looked out the hatch, The transport was a blaze of fire and debris which continued toward the ground below

meanwhile, on that burning hulk

Main power was offline, only aux power remained, a small crew stayed to try and land the poor girl

"More power!", Kalshion yelled but there was nothing left.. he heard a second explosion and suddenly ALL power died.. the console he was at exploded and he was thrown back against the wall and knocked unconcious

The escape pods made there way toward the ground, insurgent fighters where in the air heading toward the burning wreak, it seems Sharia had called for an emergency rescue team to get to the transport as gunships where also in the air heading toward the transport

"impact with ground in 10... 9.... 8.... 7.... 6.... 5.... 4.... 3.... 2....", Kagome said in the back her mind.. as she watched the transport nose into the ground. Kagome just prayed that Kalshion made it out alive there was a rumble and she looked out of the pod, The GCV-Hegemonia had come down from space and was firing on every escape pod that had launched

"Thats genecide!", Kagome yelled, "No way the supreme commander order them to do that.. infact.. there was no way he would even order an attack on one of his own", Kagome said now realizing that there must be someone within Galcom who doesn't want them or anyone else to survive

She watched as the Hegemonia fired several missles into the transport, after a few minutes there was nothing left of the transport except a large crater

There pod crashed inside an insurgent base, so did several other pods to, they where wearing insurgent uniforms so they where safe. Kagome looked up and saw Sharia's stormcarrier making a landing, a gunship zoomed overhead and landed near the medical building where Kagome saw Kalshion's body on one of the streachers she smiled, glad that they helped him get off.. despit the fact he was wearing a galcom uniform

Sharia beamed down and looked at Kagome

"Don't worry about Kal, he'll be alright.. I hope, anywho thankfully the Hegemonia and her sister ship cloaked and left they've accomplished there mission, or so they think", She said with a grin, "At least now I Know someone within galcom betrayed Kalshion, and im sure there getting ready to betray anyone who knows Kalshion"

"Only Elio and Aiden know Kalshion", Kagome said

"Aiden?.. interesting... thats not a Galcom Commander", Sharia said

"How would you know?", Kagome asked

"I have my scources", Sharia said walking toward the medical building

Hikowa walked with her, followed closly by Kagome and several insurgent marines who where wondering just what the hell was going on

medical bay

Sharia looked at the pad

"Memory loss?", She said to the doctor

"Yep, must've happened when the console exploded infront of him, sent a shock through his body.. he'll regain his memory over time but until then best not make any waves, I remember you told me that he was on a mission to protect a girl, he can still do that mission.. but I would feel a lot safer if he was registered as an insurgent instead of a temporary insurgent", the doc said

"I'll see what I can do doc, until then can Kagome and Hikowa get a rid to town? Hikowa does start school tomorrow", she said with a smile

"Well.. I do know a gunship will be leaving here in the next couple minutes inbound for town. Get her on that gunship, as for a place to stay.. hmmm, I have a house in town that I only use when i go on vacation, they can use it", he said turning around and going back to work

"Thank you doc", Sharia said looking over her shoulder at Hikowa and Kagome

OOC: At the momment, no one knows where they are at (unknown means just that..) so I wish ya luck in finding him, however the search is suppost to take awhile

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It all happened so quickly. First I was on the bridge on my way to Kalshion's location when HQ was attacked and then a flux field opened and I found myself where Kalshion was.

Or where he was supposed to be. "Ummm sir...There is no sign of Kalshion. Aidan is also requesting a fighter."

"Hmmm...Contact my sources and tell them. Assign Aidan the spare fighter we have."

"Yes sir. We've also received a message from your sources. They say they were following him when they suddenly had to disengage cloak and were attacked by two fighters. They say by the time the fighters fled Kalshion's ship was gone."

I sighed in frustration. "Apparently we aren't wanted to find Kalshion. Tell them to keep searching. Where are we?"

"Lenon sir."

"Commence planetfall and mine the area. We might as well wait for our sources to find Kalshion."

"Yes sir."


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Aidan sat in the cockpit of the fighter Elio had assigned. His noteputer sat on one of the consoles plugged into the fighters computer systems. "Make sure he doesn't get there, is what he said." Aidan pondered the problem. Time was running out fast.

Aidan tapped some encryption codes into his noteputer, the UFN logo spun on the screen followed shortly by a basic text connection to the UFN Security Database.

[search: Recent Troop Movements Galcom HQ <48 hours]

In a few moments lists of ships filled screen based from Galcom HQ. Aidan scanned the list.

They all looked fairly normal. Wait, The GSV Hegemonia and the GSV Rinland, Both assigned to patrol. Aidan rememered the Hehemonia and it's seemly industructable sheild system. Patroling seemed like an unlikley assignment for those ships.

Aidan tapped a few more commands into his noteputer. This was risky. Aidan had no proof yet. Even the station commander, Whilst he had the threat, The threat meant nothing with out more proof. For all he knew, the Station Commander could of been talking in his sleep.

Aidan sighed smiled and rememered a 20th century Spaceopera "Star Trek". The main character always broke the rules when ever it suited him.

Aidan resolved brought up the Security Database and issued the arrest warrants for The Station Commander and the Commanders of the GSV Hegemonia and the GSV Rinland for High Treason.

Aidan flipped another switch that patched him through to Elio. "Commander, I have just posted the Warrants for Arrest of the Station Commander, The commander of the Hegemonia and the Rinland. There is a 50-50 chance I'm right. I belive the Hegeomia and the Rinland are involved. My Career is over for sure though. But besides that. If I am right, The Hegemonia knows where Kalshion is, or was.... And...." Aidan paused. "The Hegemonia will be looking for us commander. I suggest you prepare yourself."

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several hours later

Fleet Commander Shivaniva gave an order to turn the Hegemonia around and back toward the planet, she remained cloaked for awhile

In the meantime, the Commander of the GVC Rinland still searched for the Invader

"Any idea where the Invader is?", the FC asked his tacops officer

"No sir, there probably close though. Knowing Elio", the tacops officer replied

"Yea, If the guy learned how to go up in the ranks he'd be in command of this ship and not me", The FC said with a chuckle

"True sir, however if the invader WAS to attack us.. they would be helpless, our shields are better than theres and so is our pilots.. we would down them in no time", The Com's officer said turning in her seat

"Its not the invader im worried about, there was another ship in the battle and it wasn't that stormcarrier", the FC said, putting a finger on his chin and thinking

"I know what you're talking about, It was a gammulen ship.. unknown design", the com officer said turning back in her seat and monitoring com's

Meanwhile back at Galcom HQ

Several marines burst into the command center carrying ZS 10's

The SC turned around and took out his pistol, but the marines aimed there ZS 10's at him

"Station Commander Johnathan, you are herby under arrest for high tresson", Command Sargeant Chlarisa said aiming her pistol at the Station Commander

"Under who's athority?", the SC demanded

"The Supreme Commander ordered you're arrest, the details are not important", Chlarisa said

The SC made a move and fired his pistol, the shot hit Chlarisa in the chest. Her marines fired and killed the SC

Chlarisa layed there on the ground, blood coming from the wound, a marine ran up to her and helped her out

"Take his body away, and send word to the Supreme Commander that the renagade has been taken care of.. now we need to wait for Kalshion's weekly report", Chlarisa said while being helped up and taken to medical

Back on the Hegemonia

"What do you mean he's dead!?", The FC yelled

"Thats the transmission we got from one of our spys in Galcom HQ", replied the coms officer

"God!... errrr, with the Station Commander dead thats going to make killing Elio and Aiden a bit harder", He said slaming his fist on the dash board

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"Message received."

"Commander, I have just posted the Warrants for Arrest of the Station Commander, The commander of the Hegemonia and the Rinland. There is a 50-50 chance I'm right. I believe the Hegeomia and the Rinland are involved. My Career is over for sure though. But besides that. If I am right, The Hegemonia knows where Kalshion is, or was.... And....The Hegemonia will be looking for us commander. I suggest you prepare yourself."

"Alright. I don't know how we can thank you enough. We've just got word of the spotting of two vessels. The Rinland and Hegemonia. Our sources say the Rinland is after us." I paused briefly.

"But the Hegemonia is stationary cloaked but undoubtedly in the region where it was spotted." I switched off the link

"Cloak and set course for the Hegemonia's region. I hope we're making the right choice."

Of course I never headed into battle without a few surprises of my own.


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Aidan was sitting in his office sipping a strong combination of Scotch and water. The Invader was on it's way to the Hegemonia's last known location. On it's way now for 36 hours. One of Elio's Sources has managed to pick up it's location. The Rinland had been shadowing the Invader for last 12 hours. Obviously thinking that Sandwiching the Invader Between the Hegemonia and the Rinland would be easy.

Word had arrived by offical and unofficial sources that the Supreme Commander had supported the UFN's arrest on Galcom HQ's station commander. That came as a suprise to Aidan, But atleast all of Galcom wasn't after The Invader and himself. The Invader and the Kindred were both listed AWOL.

Aidan had been in touch with the Kindreds First officer. She had departed Galcom about 12 hours ago. Though the ship was only 75% operational she promised Aidan that the ship would be fully operation by the time that it arrived.

Aidan streached. He was tired, It had been nearly 3 days since he had slept. Yawning he grabed his drink and flopped onto the rather comfortable matress in the Stateroom. Aidan planned after all this was over to apply to Galcom to make his commission permenant, However he also loved the reposonsibility of Keeping Earth Safe from with-in. Aidan gave up thinking about his future how-ever when he releasied that the odds of the Invader taking on the Hegemonia and the Rinland even with the Kindred's help were small to none. Galcom was large body, Even with the Supreme Commanders support on that one incident, it would be weeks yet before an office Galcom Invesitagation was setup to work out the implications.

Taking the last sip of his drink, Aidan fell into a deep but uneasy sleep.

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Meanwhile, back on the planet the Cloaked Hegemonia is orbiting

Kalshion layed back in the chair, he was released from the hospital a day ago and was finally able to get some rest

The house he was in belonged to the doctor, and the doctor was allowing them to use it for the time being. His memory was gradually coming back, he remembered bits and peices of the battle. But still had no memory of Elio or Aiden

Kagome walked in with Hikowa close behind her, she placed her school bag on the table then looked over at Kalshion

"How are you doing Kal?", Hikowa asked

"I'm ok, thank you for asking", Kalshion said not even looking at Hikowa

There was a knock at the door

"Its open", Kagome said

The door opened and Sharia walked in, she was in civvy clothing

"Nice to see you up and about Kalshion", Sharia said while looking at Hikowa, "And you seem to be having a good week Hikowa, hows school?"

"Schools been ok, a lot better than what I had back on Pluto", Hikowa said with a smile, she looked over at Kalshion then turned around and ran to her room to study

Sharia smiled, then looked at Kalshion

"Seems she's enjoying herself, you know you're still part of Galcom... yet you're enjoying this wonderful life as an insurgent civvy", Sharia said

Kalshion looked at her, "You're right.. I am enjoying this, but like Kagome said, im a Marine and Loyal to the Supreme Commander. Once everything is back to normal I'll return to active duty AS a marine, unless of course this drains me"

Sharia smiled

"Sharia, you didn't come here to ask how me and Hikowa where doing huh?", Kalshion asked

"You're right.. 3 days ago the Galcom HQ Station Commander was shot for resisting arrest, we just got word that 7 fleet's of cruisers,carriers and marine transports are headed toward this planet and get this.. they are NOT carring Galcom insignia, they are carring a DIFFERENT insignia", Sharia said

Kagome lifted her head taking interest in the conv, "A different insignia?? must be a rogue group.. just great" Kagome said, Sharia looked at her then told her she needed to leave, she then walked out the door and closed it behind her

"Kalshion, if she's right then the Supreme Commander NEEDS to know", Kagome said

"Yes you're right.. type up a message and give it to Commander Buko, he should still be at the insurgent base, tell him to get the message to Galcom HQ. If the Hegemonia attemps to stop him, DESTROY the message and get the hell out of there", Kalshion said

"Yes Sir", Kagome replied

Kalshion then looked out the window, "Why do I get the feeling this war has just begun.. it'll be 9 days before that fleet arrives thankfully, and if intell is right Elio will be here before they even get to Sol Space"

Kagome nodded, she had never seen Kalshion so worried it was as if he knew this battle wouldn't go to well.. 7 Fleet's, possible 4 carriers and 8 cruisers and at least a few marine transports PER fleet.. this would prove very interesting

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We arrived at the system cloaked.

"I assume my contacts are still here?"

"Yes sir. Before we left to go they said they'd remain on station."

"Good. Some more firepower."

I had heard all the rumors about the Rinland and Hegemonia. After going through the Omega operation I thought this shouldn't be so bad.

I didn't know the condition of Kalshion or who else was with him other than the girl but I knew it was imperative to get him out of there.

"Sir more re-enforcements have arrived cloaked."

"Good. Send a message on a tight line to hyper to the planet and to disengage cloak on my orders."

"Yes sir."

And so it began.


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As always, Aidan got the good job. Galcom forces were about to engage Galcom forces in the middle of an insurgent strong hold.

Aidan punched in a few keys on his fighter. "Your mission should you choose to accept it...." Aidan muttered to himeself as flicked on comms to Elio. "Good Luck Commander, I'm heading down to the planet to see if I can find Kalshion." Aidan flipped of the comm and replaced the panel to the sensor system. He had been working on removing the Galcom IFF. So now he would come up on everyones sensors as. "Unregistered." Which probably wasn't all that much better.

The comm come to life. "Commander Tylier, You are clear to launch sir." Aidan slammed the throttle full foward and cleared the launch bay, pushing the stick down hard and rolling back 180 degrees his fighter slipped past teh underside of the Invader towards to planet.

"Wont Kalshion be supprised to see me?"

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several hours before the battle of the century

Kagome looked out the window, Kalshion was over looking the sensor scans

"Kagome, contact Sharia, I want her to do me a favor", Kalshion said

"A favor? um sure sir", Kagome said

Several minutes passed before there was a knock at the door, Kagome opened the door and Sharia walked in

"Sharia, nice to see you.. its been at least 2 days, how are you?", Kalshion said

"Im fine thanks Kal, but you didn't call me to talk about the weather or how my day went", Sharia said

Kalshion handed Sharia the reports, she looked them over and was a bit surprised

"I see, im guessing you would like me to help out galcom forces?", Sharia said

"I already know the nearest Friendly Galcom fleet won't make for the next couple days", Kalshion said, "And I know for a fact that the insurgents owe me and my marines a favor for saving there butts several years ago"

Sharia moaned, he was right. Kalshion and his marines had saved an insurgent city from Gammulens forces when there original objective was to destroy that city, but sharia didn't need to know that

"Alright Kalshion, My fleet was going to stay out of this since it only concerned Galcom forces. However, this would be a perfect time to show off our fleets might", Sharia said with a grin

"Elio is part of this attack, he won't even LET you guys show off, im sure he has his own plans on taking care of a large fleet", Kalshion said to himself. His original mission was to protect Hikowa but rumors where spreading around about that components of the weapon, the GCV-Hegemonia was the only ship left that still retained its shiled components. The others have all vanished, which made Kalshion wonder... is it possible that this battle will turn into a defeat for his side, is it possible that the rogue group found out how to assemble the weapon

No, that can't be it. If they had found out how to use it they would've used it on Galcom HQ already. Something wasn't right

Kalshion thought about it. The battle would start in a couple hours, and the nearest galcom fleet with enough firepower was 2 days away. The insurgent fleet, which was only half the size of the enemy's main attack force was standing by the repell any attacks on the planet.

"I sure hope elio has a card up his sleeve, cause breaking Hegemonia's shield will be hard. I know that captain enough to know that he will not accept any SOS's and anything that approuchs his ship, weather civvy or military will be fired upon.. this will be an interesting battle", He said looking out the window

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"Sir we have arrived. As expected it is cloaked sir."

"You remember the EMP pulse we had during the Omega operation?"

"Yes sir."

"Well I hope the scientists did all the changes we need and installed it on every ship. Send a message to our ships and tell them to get ready and fire the EMP as soon as the ship gets close."

"Yes sir."

The preparations were made and we'd hope luck would go our way.



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An alerm blurred and the captain of the GVC-Hegemonia got up, several ships decloaked off the starboard bow

"Sir! Enemy ships have decloaked! ITS the Invader!!!"

The captain smiled

"Give Elio our reguards.. FIRE all missles

Somewhere near that area

Sharia sat in the command char of the fleet carrier 'Kilotye' the carrier was up-to-date and featured some of the most advanced weapons system.. it more like a stormcarrier on staroids than a normal carrier

"Ma'am, Elios group has engaged the Hegemonia, looks like she's putting up quite a fight.. any normal ship would be dust by now", her tacitcal officer said

Sharia smiled,"Then what I read in Kalshions report was right", she said bringing up his report, she had gotten the report via an agent in galcom. It listed everything that Kalshion had said at the meeting with Elio and Aiden

"Tactical, how much longer before the main enemy fleet arrives?", Sharia said

"Roughly 40 minutes ma'am, however the ships that where chasing them where destroyed. So I have no clue weather there here already or not", Her tactical officer said, uncertain

"Great.. which means for all we know they could be around Elio's fleet, I hope elio has a trick up his sleeve cause I really don't want to get us involved", She said

There was a dozen flickers on the tactical display, and Sharia got up. She barked a few orders. Her fleet of 24 ships started moving toward Elio's postion

It wasn't long before the Hegemonia's captain found out that Kalshion was infact alive, several shuttles left the Hegemonia but where shot down by the Invader before they reached the atmosphere

meanwhile on the planet

Kalshion was laying against the chair when the door burst open, several enemy marines began firing on those inside. Hikowa took a few shots and went down while she was running upstairs

Kagome took out her ZS10 and fired on the marines, however she soon learned that there where dozens of tanks outside... it was now clear to her and everyone else.....

The City was Under Seige, and the ones they where after was Kalshion,Kagome and Hikowa

Back in space

The battle wasn't going to well for Elio's group, his group didn't lose any ships or had taken serious damage, however the Hegemonia wasn't taking ANY damage at all

There was a sudden flash of light on the farside of the system. A strange ship appeared out of no where, it had an Elongated bow and the main body of the ship looked like that of an advanced stormcarrier.

Sharia's tactical officer zoomed in on the ship

"Ummm Ma'am.. what the HELL is that thing!", her 1st officer yelled

"I have no clue, however I Think its best you fire off a message to elio and tell him to-", Sharia said'

"TO LATE! ITS FIRING!", Yelled her tactical officer

The strange ship suddenly became a blur of light, red enveloped around the ship, at the core of the light there was an orange ball of energy

The GCV-Hegemonia was to busy fighting elio's fleet to even notice the strange power build up at the edge of system on board the ship it was a very different story

"Shield generater is taking damage sir! no clue how!"

"Engeenering is reporting plasma leaks on all decks!"

"Sir! RANDOM Weapons is overheating! we got-"

Suddenly a thin beam of light struck the GCV-Hegemonia, the beam intensified and the ship was gone, the only remains of the ship was its shield core which rotated in space and soon fell back toward the atmosphere

Meanwhile, everyone on Sharia's ship where confused as hell

"Could that be the weapon Kalshion was talking about?", Sharia said

"Has to be ma'am, details and stuff are exact! it IS the weapon", Her tactical weapon said

"Get a message to Kalshion! Tell him that we've found the weapon and get a message to Elio and inform him that the Insurgent 3rd fleet will stay here and help defend", Sharia was interrupted when her tactical officer reported that the city Kalshion was at was undersiege she cursed to herself and sent several shuttles packed with elite force marines to the surface

First Battle of Ikalo - Success

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The steady beep of the ship board computer ceased and was replaced by the low insecent pulse of a locked missile. Chuckling to himself. (Aidan found that he laughed a lot these days during battle and reminded himself to see a counciler about it back on earth as soon as he got back.)

"Nice one, Insurgent forces. That Fleet commander friend of Kalshion's is good. But her comm officer needs to be shot."

Aidan listened on the Insurgent Shuttle Band as several shuttles were dispatched to a city on planet that was under siege. "Hense, That must be where Kalshion is. He might trust her, But I sure as hell don't."

The missile launched from the tube and streaked towards a Tank that had taken position in the front of a 4 story building. Several other tanks were surrounding it. Aidan pulled back on the stick to avoid a STA missile and banked to the right around the building. Flipping the loud speakers on. "Kalshion, If you are in there, You have about 30 seconds to get to the roof!" Aidan's borrowed fighter settled onto the roof of the building, the guns covering the door way to the roof.

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My fleet was fighting a very difficult battle. We had been face-to-face with the Hegemonia only to have that ship destroyed by the very weapon we had been searching for.

My fleet had cloaked to keep ourselves safe from the weapon. We weren't sure what its intentions were.

We didn't know whether it was on our side or not. Meanwhile we had sent shuttles of marines down to help Kalshion. The Invader had some of the most battle hardened bunch of marines in GalCom so no doubt they would not fail.

I sat back in my chair and prayed for the best.


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Kagome heard Aidens voice

"Kal we should get going!", Kagome said

"Aiden doesn't realize where all these enemy shuttles came from does he?", Kalshion said

"What do you mean, all I see are a few tanks,some enemy fighters, a shimmer in the air, some enem-", Kagome said startelled at what she said,"A shimmer in the air.. a cloaked ship"

"Thats right, Aiden doesn't see it but he will once we open that door. If I was to make a guess that ship has its guns trained on Aidens fighter, if we where to open that door this building will be destroyed.. and we'll be dead", Kalshion said

"Then how do we get out of here?", Kagome questioned

"The enemy tanks are the least of our concerns, the enemy marines are what im worried about. The tanks won't risk destroying this building since they need Hikowa and myself alive", Kalshion said walking over to the window and perching a sniper rifle on the window sill, "Until Elios marines arrive send a message to aiden and tell him to drew the enemy fighters away, Sharia's marines are on the outscripts of the city. However if Aiden can draw those fighters outside of the city, then Sharia's marines and missle tanks(as he calls them) will be able to take out the enemy fighters", Kalshion said taking a round and loading it into the sniper rifle

"And what will you do kal?", Kagome said

"What else? give em hell", He said with a smile, he pulled the trigger

Hikowa was on the staircase she wasn't scared at all, if anything she was very calm which made Kagome feel uneasy

Outside in space

Sharia leaned back in her chair, her tactical officer was keeping close tabs on the unknown ship. It had entered the atmosphere and was proceeding toward Kalshions location. Her com officer was able to hail the vessel but what it sent back was not english to say the least. He assumed the ship was on no ones side but would attack anyone who attacked it

"Tactical.. what is that ship now?", Sharia said

"Over the city ma'am, he taking up firing postion right above 2 galcom cloaked firestorms.. god, that city has firestorms all over it, I count .... 1..... 2...... at least 6 firestorms all cloaked in different area's of the city", Her tactical officer said

"Making a rescue mission impossible due to there PTA system, damn.. galcom must've been planing this all along. But how the heck did they know where to find him", she said to herself. She put her finger on her chin and started to think, she glanced over at her Com Officer and noticed he was acting very odd. She began to wonder if he was up to something

Meanwhile back on the planet

Kalshion had been taking shots at the enemy marines. Kagome had just gotten the message through to Aiden and was hoping aiden would do what he was told, since no one would make it out alive otherwise

Hikowa rushed over to the window and looked up, Kalshion looked at her for a second and was wondering what she looking at, he took out a mirror and made it so that he could see what she was seeing when he saw this strange ship up in the air he knew things would get interesting real fast


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Aidan sighed. "Goto the Airstrip at co-ords blah blah" he said to himself as he put his fist through the Comm unit in the fighter. Shaking his hand in pain he leaned behind him and grabed a standard issue pistol. Quickly punching in a few commands to the autopilot and grabbing a small electronic pulse generator. Aidan looked up at where the Cloaked ship was supposed to be. "Still can't see anything." Sighing once more Aidan popped the emergency hatch at the bottom of the craft and slid through it.

At the same time the autopilot engaged and it's lift rockets fired. Scortching Aidan's Uniform. However the smoke provided the perfect cover. Aidan sprang for the Door on the roof and slammed into it, His shoulder giving way luckily at the same time as the door did. Clentching his teeth in pain he rolled and looked up at his fighter. The Cloaked ship has given away it's position as PTA fire leaped towards his fighter as is buckled under the energy being released upon it.

Suddenly the fighter opened fire, Stoped fell, Spun and head back to the building. Sweving around the building and flying low in the street. It was soon out of sight. "That should draw some fighters away."

Well, what used to be stairs. The Damage to the building was extensive. "I'm suprised the roof held the fighter weight in the first place." Looking down the gaping hole the level below looked somewhat in tack. Lowering himself over the edge Aidan dropped down the top floor and looked around. The North and West sides of the floor were gaping open from tank fire. The Elevator was well and truly out of commission as were the stairs. Jogging to the Elevator door, Aidan pried it open and peer down. The passage seemed clear. Holding his breath Aidan jumped out to the hanging cable and grabed hold of it. Lowering himself down hand past hand. "Level 4" Aidan Said. "This is where they should be." Holding the cable with one arm Aidan Grabed a hold the tiny platform infont of the door and trigger the emergency Release. He was almost shot for his effort when Kagome Leveled a rifle at him. "Some one order Pizza?" Aidan Smiled.

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My marines had finally landed on the planet when I got word that a cloaked ship was in the sky.

"Damn. That'll make Aidan's job tougher. We have to drive it off. If we destroy it it'll crash into the city...Set course for the city now."

The still cloaked Invader moved to enter the atmosphere and the other ships stayed behind to keep an eye on the weapon.


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Kagome sighed, "Damn it, I almost shot you!", she said lowering her rifle. She saw the smile on Aidens face

Hikowa hopped down from her hiding spot and looked at Aiden, then grined and walked over to Kalshion

Kal glanced over his shoulder, "I was wondering who was coming down", he said, the building shook violently and beams and walls fell apart ,"Looks like we've overstayed our welcome" he said shouldering his sniper rifle and gesturing for them to follow

Kalshion shot open a door they had wielded shut, the stairway down to the 1st floor was secure it took them only 7 minutes to get to the ground level

The ground shook again and Kalshion looked up, the cloaked ship came alive with PTA and Missle fire.. the building began to fall apart and PTA beams sliced through its weakened beams

They sprinted toward another building that was still intact, when they got in Kalshion looked behind him, Hikowa,Kagome and Aiden where with him. "Now lets see how long it'll be before they find us again"

Meanwhile,in space

Sharia had been watching the tactical display, the cloaked ship had opened fire on the building but she could see 4 people leave the building

"Ma'am, that cloaked ship that attacked the Hegemonia, it just... vanished.. and reappeared in orbit above the city", Her tactical officer said in disbelief

Sharia glanced back at the display, "Hmmm monitor it, im sure there going after the enemy but still.. best to be safe than sorry"


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