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The HASTINGS Experiment...

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It's time for a rather interesting style of RP...

The way this will work will be like this:

The RP will decide how a written work of fiction procedes. This written work will be created in segments after each section of the RP is completed, and then posted as another thread. (I will of course, be doing the actual writing of the fiction part, but all participants receive the credit for the work.)

The RP will center around the actions of the Violon Carrier, HASTINGS, and the escapades of its commander.

The written work will be essentially a coherent meshing of the combined posts of the RPing into something fit for reading, and thussly, if the action IS confirmed as having happened, I will NOT ignore it.

However, there are certain rules to the RPing itself.

1rst and foremost. No matter how much you guys wanna trash it, the HASTINGS "MUST" come out alive... What good is a story if the centerpiece dies in the first chapter. You can get the hastings torn to smitherines if you want, but it must at least LIMP away with the command staff alive (If critically injured, so be it.), all other crew are fair game, but all crew with NAMES, must survive.

The staff of the Hastings will of course, be the actual UC crew members, (Yep, Resnig.) Therefor, all other ships must have different crew. (Cloning may be on the rise, but I seriously doubt they'd actually CLONE Resnig...While he's still alive)so come up with some crew members.

All ships and vehicles that join the RP MUST start somewhere, no 'I decloak suddenly and blast you from the rear' so to speak. You must post ALL actions you perform so that others know. This may give away tactics, but I can ensure that if SC would do the honors, we can have this fairly monitered and all participants involved will perform fairly.

Participants may control two CCs actively at any given point, so if/when one of them gets destroyed in combat, they don't have to be left out.

Play nicely, I'll be controling the actions of Hastings, so I'll try to think about the gameplay physics as much as possible during combat situations.

You may choose any race or caste at your disposal, and furthermore, you aren't bound by the 'ENEMY KILL IT' type of politics of the game itself, but can, be your own commander. For example, you can be a terran raider that only preys on, perhaps Gammulan Merchants, and thus, not be WANTED by GALCOM, and thus further, be on neutral terms with GALCOM instead of instantly enemy.

You ARE who you play yourself as.

Each segment will be based upon a scenario of the HASTINGS, and thus theming would work well if you try to play along with the theme of things...

Finally, unless the ship you are in is in the same area as either Hastings, or another ship, don't say much of what is happening. Just keep it sketchy, no need for someone to describe a massive ALL OUT ASSAULT on Obsidia when the actual events of HASTINGS are taking place near pluto. However, small notes on major events could effect the flow of the story, so don't be TOO quiet, let us know how things are doing out there in the galaxy, please don't go on a massive starstation destroying rampage...

Next up, the the main ship HASTINGS

:Violon Class Heavy Carrier Experimental Loadout, containing all factory upgrades right out of the shipyard. No Artifacts, all crew at fifty percent. (average) Weapons loadout, 300 Questor missiles. Craft mission, Seccure the spacelanes from all hostiles that wish to prey on friendly or neutral cargo traffic.

Commander: Mathew Hess

CREW: Default UC crew

Second Main craft, GCV POLARION

Megaron class Heavy Carrier, default game start loadout. (This ship mostly acts as a light escort for the HASTINGS, and will be commanded by Hess' friend...)

Commander: Bill Shanty

Crew, to be named as we go... I'm taking Ideas.



Aestrom Class Super Carrier, super deadly loadout, all artifacts onboard and all crew at one hundred percent AI. The ship is commanded by fleet commander Derrek Smart (SC gets a CAMEO! With his permission of course! If you don't want me to use that name SC, I will change it.) and is the Flagship of the Terran Military forces. The commander is extremely cunning and the TITAN is feared even by the strongest of enemy forces. A suggestion for RP players is that if you're an opponent, and the TITAN shows up, RUN.

GCV Regal

Aestrom Class Ship, full loadout upgrades, is the ESCORT for the TITAN. They emphisize on fighter combat. I'll take names for its commander later.

GCV: Emperor

Battlecruiser Mk II, second escort for the TITAN, has dangerous ship to ship engagement tactics, is mildly upgraded. Acts as a missile toting escort, and hauls a LARGE supply of missile weapons.

Together these three ships make up the Special GALCOM ship group... essentially, these guys will smack anyone around, and engagements with the Hastings try to happen when they aren't lurking in the area. These ships will come to the rescue if the situation is getting horrid and players aren't supporting Hastings well enough, but as things go, I'll see how this goes.

Sorry if these rules are a bit long, but this is a LARGE experiment. Let's have some FUN shal we?

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Alright, second post, but the one to get the ball rolling.

Scenerio One:

Shakedown cruise.

The mission for the Hastings is for it to make a successful trip out to Luna (THE MOON!), and back to GALCOM HQ. Unfortunately, things aren't always that simple in space...


The hasings has made a successful hyperjump out to the Luna Jumpgate. No events so far, as no one wants to get involved with TITAN, REGAL, and EMPEROR sitting up near the Pluto Jumpgate. In the EARTH AREA, no static pops show any signs of cloaked vessel activity, as all know the TITAN would pick them up if they hung out in the system cloaked.

Hastings approaches the Jumpgate, commander Hess listens to the diagnostics from Kendric as they prepare to jump to the Luna sector. The ship enters the gigantic cone shape of the jumpgate, and soon they reach the stablized fluxpoint, and everything seems to stretch to infinity, before almost instantly snapping back to normal...

Hastings has jumped to Luna...

(Alright, first part ready, who will appear first? Friend, foe? Ally? Fiend? Or will some light frieghter just drop Hess a line? The choice is yours.)


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UCV - Diligent

Generis Armed Transport

Somewhat experienced crew (50-60%)

Commander Antaeus Galatae (ok it's not a real name, but at least it has a first and last name...I hope this isn't a problem)

Exploration, Mining and Trading vessel, and also provides freelance logistical support (spare parts, crew transfers,...) for Galcom and Earthcom.

The Diligent has been heavily damaged in a raider assault. It managed to limp back to Luna, but raider forces are in retreat.

//RP Mode

"Call.... GCV-...ings...UCV-Dili.... Suff....Raider attack....Engine...heavy...dam....Request....and rescue....*Signal Lost*"

//RP Mode

Sensors show that the Diligent's engine has been heavily damaged, and it is unable to make another hyperjump. It's shield are down to 5% and it appears to have a reactor breakdown in progress. Radiation leaks on several decks.

Moments later, 3 raider heavy fighters and a Warmonger arrive to finish off the Diligent. It must be carrying something important...

It is estimated the raiders will reach the Diligent in little under 3 minutes.

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Almost the moment the Hastings picked up the emergency distress call, the klaxon goes off, alerting Commander Hess to the appearance of a Warmonger in the system, as well as several Raider Fighters.

The warmonger jumps, ETA to the Diligent, roughly under three minutes, but the fighters will get there in thirty seconds.

HESS: How fast can we get to them?

LANNA: We have a ninty second jump time sir. We'll never intercept those fighters.

HESS: Scramble our fighters on orders to DEFEND THAT SHIP!

In seconds, four combat-ready fighters catapulted from the rear runnerdecks of the Violon, from there, they oriented towards Diligent, and jumped.

HESS: Open a comm channel Sandy...

SANDY: Channel open.


"Jump Paramiters Computed."


"Inputing NAV coordinets."

"Engaging Hyperdrive Profile."

The timer began its countdown even as the raiders cleared hyperspace at the end of the jump. The warmonger was still minutes away.

Something couldn't be right.

HESS: Kara, what kind of fighters are those?

KARA: Those are L Fighters. A heavier attack craft.

HESS: The other ship's a Warmonger right?

KARA: Yes Sir, a WARMONGER couldn't carry those, it's not a carrier.

HESS: I'm afraid there may be something lurking out there somewhere.


Anyone gonna take the roll of raider? Or are we just gonna call that one NPC?

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Since nobody replied yet, I guess I'll just continue myself...


As the raider fighters closed in with the Diligent, the transport's PTA system suddenly came to life. It seemed that the system was still fully operational, and the Diligent wouldn't go down without a fight, even if it was crippled.

After a few moments of concentrated fire ripped trough the shields of the lead fighter, punching straight trough its hull, and killing the pilot. One down, two to go. By now, the Hasting's fighters had arrived at the battle, and with support from the Diligent's PTA, they quickly mopped up what was left of the fighters. But the Warmonger was still HJ'ing, and was now tracking both the Diligent and the Hasting's fighter complement with FATAL. However, the Hastings beat the Warmonger to the Diligent, and it brought all weapons to bear on the cruiser as soon as it came out of hyperspace. The barrage of lasers and missiles from the Hastings, Diligent and four fighters ravaged the pirate ship within seconds, although it did manage to damage one of the interceptors.

Diligent: "Good to have you, Hastings. We thought we were gone for sure. We were on a spec-ops mission for Galcom, under command of Commander Smart himself. We stole the prototypes of a new type of cruise missile from these pirates. That's all I'm allowed to say. If you'd be so kind as to tow us to Galcom HQ I'm sure Commander Smart will apreciate it."

Pirates with cruise missile technology? That seems a little too advanced for them. They must have stolen it themselves. But from who? And why?


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"Tow you? Too risky..." Hess stated. That would leave us both vunerable.

It was true, in the Diligent's current state, it wasn't even safe to put the ship in a tractor beam. And since they seemed to be carrying a hot item, lowering the shields of the hastings could be dangerous.

"Put two marine's into a shuttle and send them over to Genesis," Hess stated to Resnig, who was currently inspecting one of the assault rifles he had.


Resnig jumped, and the rifle went off... Hess looked slightly over his shoulder at the hole in the bulkhead behind him.

"I thought I told you to take the ammo clip out of that thing before you inspected it," Hess admonished.

"Slipped my mind sir," Resnig responded, quickly shoving the rifle under his seat, it went off again, the round narrowly missing Kara's right hand. She yelped as her panel sparked.

"It's called a SAFETY," Hess stated, rubbing his forehead. "Anyway, put two marines in a shuttle and send them to genesis. We need repair parts for Diligent."

"YES SIR," Resnig responded. He was reliable and loyal, but none too bright.

A few minutes later, two marines in a shuttle made the short hyperjump to genisis. Four fighters and one Violon fanned out and began running a patrol around Diligent...

There was a slight wave of static on the sensors, and Hess frowned.

"Someone's out there," he muttered. "And I'm afraid he's up to something..."


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GCV Starlight Megaron Heavy Carrier

New crew on shakedown cruise

Commander: Patrik Vanda

Current Mission: Patrol of Luna engage any hostiles and protect civilian shipping.

The craft is currently cloaked and carrying out recon of the region.


"Commander we have several craft in system, sensors report one is an armed transport in need of repair" stated the newly graduated comm officer finally glad to have something to say.

So far it had been an uneventful first mission for the crew of the GCV Starlight, after the hustle and bustle of station life space seemed big and very empty.

"Decloak and open a hailing frequency, lets see if they require assistance" barked Commander Patrik Vanda and all the staff on station began to prepare for contact.

Finally something to do thought Patrik as the Starlight prepared to close on the as yet unknown vessels....[RP]

Hi guys I'm new to this so any pointers would be very welcome

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Hess watched his moniter cautiously. Even as the Starlight decloaked. He knew better than to lower his guard. The same event had happened before. People had been on alert for a cloaked vessel when a friendly had dropped his cloak due to high radiation levels. The Insurgent ship that was also in the system cloaked had jumped both vessels with their guards down, from behind, with a tractor beam on and shields lowered. Hess remembered the screams of 'core breach in progess!' and the howling of terror as the otherwise simple Battlecruiser Mk1 had smashed missiles into one ship, and ripped the other apart with main weapon fire. Hess remembered everything up until one moment. After that, all he could remember was a blur of rage and fury. At the time, he had only been a pilot. But he watched his friends die from a cheap shot. No one had ever seen one single pilot out fly four enemy fighters, an active PTA system, and destroy a Battlecruiser Mk1 and its fighter compliment. No one ever saw that. But the system computer on his small fightercraft had five confirmed kills from that engagement.

Hess snapped back to reality and continued scanning the scopes, even as the Starlight opened a comm channel to the Diligent...


Hess is one helluva pilot. He can make a Violon move in ways no man thought possible. Hess has that instinct that keeps the good pilots alive. He can sense trouble, and can come out from horrendus odds with a massive snarl and huge explosions.

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Antaeus walked nervously across the the decks of his ship, giving out orders and helping in repairs himself wherever he could. Half his crew had been wounded or disabled in the battle, and the threat of a reactor meltdown was far from over. His biggest concern was the cruise missile though. It had been beaten up pretty bad, and if things got worse, it might detonate, giving him and his crew a one-way ticket straight to hell. Not to mention it would cause considerable damage to the Hastings and the Starlight. Another plasma conduit ruptured, and Antaeus was forced to lock down the bulkhead, dooming another two of his crew to a fiery death. If this kept going, he would have little choice left then jettison the missile in a cargo pod, hoping the Hastings would collect it, and then abandon ship. Antaeus let out a sigh of relief when his chief engineer, John Keith, reported that the reactor breach was under control. They were still waiting for the Hasting's spare parts for the engine though, and it would take several hours in the drydock to get the ship back to optimal conditions. "When this is over, I'm going to have some modifications installed", Antaeus mumbled to himself, "this was way to close for comfort". As he arrived on the bridge again, he first looked at his TacOps computer. He couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't over, and the Starlight's presence in the area was a little to convinient (sp?). Why didn't they respond to their distress call in the first place? Something just wasn't right.

The Hastings' shuttle had arrived, and began transferring the supplies to the Diligent. After another 15 minutes, the ship's drives were once again within operational parameters.

"Thanks for the help, Hastings. It looks like we're able to hyper again, and we'll be heading for galcom as fast as we can. I'm sure we'll meet again. Diligent, out."

The Diligent alligned with the Earth jump node and entered hyperspace..


Welcome to the game, Vanda.

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"Fighters to escort the Diligent," Hess ordered Kara. "Let's see if we can lure whomever's still out here into the open." Diligent made its jump. The fighters shot out ahead and came out of jump right near the earth gate.

"That's odd," Sandy stated. "I picked up the strangest transmission burst... I couldn't pinpoint it."

"And?" Hess questioned.

"It's a text message, it says 'Do not Meddle in the affairs of dragons'."

"Reply with 'For you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup'." Hess stated. Same frequency and burst.


Hess smiled knowingly.

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back on earth in the dark dark chambers of a mission zone, someone with a very powerful voice spoke.

where is my prize, these credian outcasts were supposed to be loyal to the gammulians!

we need that missle then the plan to rule this pityful sector will be archeived the profit in this for all you dragons will be great but are you sure that hotheaded pilot of the flame was loyal


just trying to help your experiment

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come on, i think someone should post, i mean this storyline looks quite promising, but unfortunatly no one wants to be the raiders, i can understand why, cos the hastings is going to beat it to hell.

its been several months.... im sure the cloaking thingy would have run out of iridium

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UCV Feral

Solnar Crusier

Competent Crew led by a natual commander.

Pirates, Raiders and anything else they makes money.

Commander Markus Allias


It was quiet, too quiet.

The Feral was clinging to one of the support struts of the Luna jumpgate, all systems running in silent mode, passive sensors sweeping the inky blackness........

'I don't like this' muttered the helm officer under his breath, 'Galcom seem to be out in force today'

'Part of the game, my friend' replied Markus from his command chair.

He looked far too relaxed, if the truth be known he enjoyed these cat and mouse games with Galcom.

In five years of raiding ships around the SOL and neighbouring systems only once had the Feral suffered severe damage and he didn't have any plans on repeating that incident any time soon.

'Just hold it real steady and keep all systems in hot standby, Galcom don't even know where are here, we are just part of the jumpgate'.


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ICV Flame


crew 50% AI

Hacker detachment of the insurgents working with the raiders.

Commander Jake Tomerson(Hotheaded pilot)


cmdr jake was in engineering trying to bring the computer hacking device online.

while george resnig (paul resnigs evil twin) was fidling with the cloaking device

"i thought the commander said dont touch that or he will go beserk"

"the commander says a lot of things"

the ship annoncement system said

"the hacking device is online, ready to destroy the hastings"


can hess prevent the hackers from overloading his reactor coolent system, or will his ship turn into a fireball

find out when the admiral responeds........

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