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Fleet Meet AAR in R/P Format

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After Actions R/P Report. The following story is an example of kind'a how I envision role-playing to work within the confines of multiplayer. Notice two things:

1. The story deals with a match already played and reflects what actually happened in that match.

2. I deal only with my own character in terms of thoughts, actions, and consequences. We shouldn't be trying to get into each otherÔÇÖs heads.


Marvin accepted the assignment with a snappy salute.

Trotting toward his command craft, he mulled over the options. A shuttle had been detected in the Gaulan region and his was one of two GalCom ships assigned to destroy it. No reason. No specifics at all. Just destroy that SC.

Stopping by the Alpha Wing Bar, he motioned to his navigator and combat officer, ending what would've been a winning hand of poker for an engineer from another crew. The engineer protested, demanding that at least the combat officer play out his hand. Marvin would have none of it.

By the time they'd reached the boarding ramp to GCV-Asimov, her tactical officer had orders in hand and engines warmed to the ready. "Captain," she said as Marvin snatched the briefing pad, "We're low on cloaking fuel. And, if I read the mission brief correctly, we will need all we can store."

Marvin ordered his poker-playing officers to make a quick detour to their quarters for a one-minute sonic shower. He then followed his tactical officer into the lift. "Make do," Marvin replied. "We don't have time to replenish our supply and, besides, we won't be the only carrier assigned to this mission."

"I know that, sir. Commander Marlowe will be approaching Gaulan ... probably from a different direction. I suggest we take the direct route ... through Castrin."

Propitious timing. At the moment she made that suggestion, the doors to the lift parted, depositing her and Marvin on the bridge. He nodded, saying, "When she gets to the bridge, have the navigator set course."

As the Asimov departed the station, Marvin had his communications officer contact Commander Marlowe. Between the two of them, they agreed that, if they should find themselves together in Gaulan with hostiles in the area, Marlowe would attack the shuttle while Marvin kept the hostiles busy.

The transition to Castrin proved uneventful, the region seemed clear of hostile targets, and so Marvin ordered a jump toward the Gaulan gate. But halfway into hyperspace, his tactical officer reported two bogeys in the vicinity of their destination. The Asimov went to combat status: missiles armed and selected, main gun on line at maximum power, jammers at the ready. "Hold off on the PTA," Marvin ordered, "We don't want to be giving away our position if we're forced to cloak."

Communications flowed quickly between all GalCom ships in the immediate area. Marvin, on a secure frequency, relayed his plan to press ahead and bypass the hostile ships hovering like mosquitoes near the jumpgate. In response, Commander Marlowe indicated that he'd try to engage one or both the ships in an effort to draw fire away from Marvin.

Upon exiting hyperspace, Marvin's tactical officer noted that the hostiles were not in a position to immediately endanger the Asimov. Marvin acknowledged and ordered his helmsman to continue through the gate. "Sir," his tactical officer persisted, "Might I suggest we cloak prior to reaching the gate ... in an effort to confuse the hostiles."

"Probably won't work," mused Marvin, "But I think we can spare the fuel. Let's see how this thing plays out."

"Uh, Captain," the communications officer added, "I think I have one of the hostiles identified. It's Dreada. He's a GalCom priority. Somebody should engage to destroy."

Marvin checked the VDD. "How close to the gate are we?" he asked.

"Twenty-two kilometers and closing," answered the navigator.

"Keep going," Marvin insisted. "Marlowe will take care of Dreada."

The Asimov pushed through into Gaulan and the tactical officer scanned for the shuttle. "I've found it, Captain. It's near the station. We'll need to go in under cloak."

Marvin nodded, looking over the officer's shoulder at the VDD. "How long 'till our engines are recharged?" he asked.

Before anyone could respond, Commander Marlowe's ship appeared on the TRS and a familiar voice announced he was going to take out the shuttle. Marvin analyzed the situation in an effort to assess his own options. While in the midst of his analysis, Dreada's craft appeared ... less than 20 kilometers aft of the Asimov.

"Hard about," ordered Marvin. "Target and engage that hostile."

"Sir, he has us at a disadvantage," admonished the tactical officer.

"Okay, then cloak," replied Marvin.

Rapidly, the crew of the GCV-Asimov responded to the threat. Cloak engaged. Missiles fired. Main guns brought to bear. Dreada's shields began to drop. The battle appeared to be going in favor of GalCom.

Then Marlowe jumped for the shuttle. And Dreada followed Marlowe.

Now, what happened next wasn't a pretty sight. At least, not for Marvin and his crew. You see, Marvin ... being a robot ... must follow his programming. And he has a very specific program for when he plans to attack either a starstation or anything in close proximity. It goes something like this:

[*]0001 charge engines

[*]0002 insert jump target

[*]0003 engage cloaking device

[*]0004 initiate jump

Which is exactly what Marvin did. He checked to make certain his engines were charged ... they were. He inserted Dreada's rapidly receding ship into targeting. He engaged the cloak and then immediately initiated the jump.

That's when he heard somebody say, "Cloak disengaged" ... just before he heard somebody else announce that they had entered hyperspace.

"Not dis-engage cloak," he countermanded. "I said TO cloak. Cloak ON."

"But sir," came the subdued reply, "We were already cloaked. When you press 'Cloak' again ... when you're already cloaked ... then you UN-cloak."

One lobe of Marvin's positronic brain blew completely. One lobe went into a panic ... mentally screaming, "Nooooooo!!!" The third lobe took over and realized that, if Dreada was headed for where Marvin knew he was headed, the Asimov was gonna be in deep trouble really quick.

"Attention all crewmembers," he shouted, "Everyone to the escape pods. You ... we ... have less than seventy seconds to eject from this craft."

"But sir," protested his tactical officer, "We're still in hyperspace."

Marvin leaped into the lift and hauled the officer in after him, insisting, "Don't contract two words when one of them is important to the sentence."

His tactical officer looked at him, bewildered. So Marvin, while climbing into the last escape pod available (hey, he's the captain ... last to leave the ship), explained, "You should've said, 'We are still in hyperspace' ... the operative word being 'are' ... 'cause if we don't get out of this ship before we exit hyperspace then 'are' will be replaced with 'was' ... if you get my drift."

His tactical officer didn't get Marvin's drift ... not until, safely floating in a pod about 12,000 kilometers away from the starstation where Marlowe stalked the enemy shuttle, she and Marvin watched as their beloved command craft decelerated and, targeted by the station, promptly became space rubble.

ÔÇ£That,ÔÇØ Marvin explained, ÔÇ£was our ship.ÔÇØ


Something like that. In its own thread. With the R.O.E. posted at the top, as a sticky.

P.S. Notice, also, that I've managed to write it so that I'm still alive.

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That, Marvin, was HILARIOUS! Almost more funny (but not quite) was the look on Cmdr Marlowe's face when his weapons officer couldn't hit a juking shuttle to save his life.

Wow, what a laugh. I have friends who are laughing at you right now who don't even play this game.

Anyways, that was one for the books, here's to you for writing your way out of it man.

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Zane took the words right out of my mouth! That was hilarious, Marvin! Are you sure you are not a writer by trade?

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Guest Remo Williams

LMAO! Ok Marvin so thats what happened today!

I probably should move this to the RP specific forum even though its an MP after action report, because this is an RP IMO. I think I will no offence it should be with the RP's. That way anybody else that played today who wants to RP there take on the action can do so.

Hell after reading Marvin's I may even put my 2 cents in on this one. LOL!

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Originally posted by Zane Marlowe:

I have friends who are laughing at you right now....

You mean with me, right?

Anyway, now comes the disagreeable part ... a discussion on the rules for this kind of R/P activity.

Remember, guys, this is just a preliminary list of rules for role-playing, MP style. Look them over and add your own thoughts, comments, and ... rules.

1. Only players who participated in the specific match can write up an AAR in role-playing format. Other than that, first come - first served. Those who come after can add to the story line.

2. The story must deal with a match already played and reflect what actually happened in that match.

3. Each player must write only about his/her own character ... in terms of thoughts, actions, and consequences. We shouldn't be trying to get into each other's heads. Include other players only when necessary and only to reflect what you actually observed.

4. No participant can be killed within another player's role-playing story line. Only the player, himself, can make that decision. Any of the kills associated with a fleet match will be attributed to a player's ship. Ways to circumvent an obvious kill include:

[*]Use of escape pods.

[*]Cloning of players.

[*]Being, yourself, indestructible (e.g. Marvin the robot).

[*]Using the transporter.

[*]Giving up (not a suggested solution).

The player killed will decide how to come back from the dead, so to speak. For other players who must describe the kill, refer only to the destruction of the ship.

5. No story line should contradict any previous parts of the R/P story. Which mean, if you're going to contribute to the story, you'd better read what's already been posted.

6. To make the story more interesting, certain facts can be added by senior members of the match. For example, in "Shuttle Attack," none of the shuttles have been given a particular reason for being targets; they might be hauling dangerous artifacts or an alliance dignitary might be aboard. These details could be added to give the story more depth. More interest. But such details shouldn't be included without thought to the overall picture ... else they end up restricting what comes after. Which is why a senior member should be consulted prior to adding details of this type.

7. The story line will take place in the multiplayer universe.

As far as Prime Fleet is concerned, Beta Wing need not adhere to this rule so long as their R/P activities remain within the purview of Prime's role-playing structure and posted either in the Role-Playing section of 3000AD or a similar section at Prime. But, either way, stories based on MP events must take place within the MP universe.

8. NPCs, if included in a story line, must not play a major role in the outcome of any part of the story. A player can use an NPC as an excuse for poor performance but only in general terms. Additionally, if you're going to name your NPCs, give them names not used by everyone (e.g. Resnig). The original crew belong to GalCom's Supreme Commander ... the best you could expect from that group would be clones. If your ship's name is associated with a specific group of characters from a book or movie or anime, think about using them, instead.

9. Any major background story must conform to original 3000 AD "history." Again, details will usually result in a more interesting story but, because of the effect it might have on future play, get it okayed by Remo before posting it for all to read.

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